The Return of the Sage.

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The Samsara Eye.


The village hidden in the leaves. The oldest and strongest of the hidden villages. Many shinobi legends were born and raised within the village. Such as.

Hashirama Senju: The Shinobi no Kami (God of shinobi).

Madara Uchiha: the Eye of Hatred.

Tobirama Senju: The Water Lord.

Hiruzen Sarutobi: The Professor and the Sandaime Hokage.

Danzo Shimura: The Shinobi no Yami (Darkness of the shinobi).

The Densetsu no Sannin: Jiraiya, Orochimaru and Tsunade Senju.

Dan Kato: the Spirit Man.

Konoha no Shiroi Kiba (Konoha's White Fang) Sakumo Hatake.

The Yondaime Hokage, the Kiiroi Senko (Yellow Flash) Minato Namikaze.

Shisui Uchiha of the Shunshin.

Kakashi Hatake the copy ninja.

The prodigy of the Uchiha clan: Itachi Uchiha.

And now a new legend will join their fold. It's time for the return of the Sage.

A young blonde haired boy was walking through the village streets. This boy was subjected to glares and sneers along with harmful comments thrown his way, among these comments were 'demon' and 'fox brat' and other hurtful things. This boy is Naruto Uzumaki. He wasn't your typical seven year old boy, far from it.

To many Naruto was a happy child always with a smile on his face, he was rambunctious and loud and quite boisterous. Some called him hyperactive and a bit of a show off, he is also a bit naïve when it comes to certain things but he just seemed like your ordinary boy.

But that wasn't who Naruto Uzumaki truly was. Naruto is lonely and depressed individual. For his entire life he had only know the hardships that boys his age shouldn't experience. The only people that claimed to really know were the Sandaime Hokage and the Ramen Ichiraku chefs. He was a boy who would desperately seek attention which is why he performed pranks so he could get attention but most would look at him as if he didn't exist.

He didn't know why people looked at him like that. It's not like his pranks hurt anyone. They were just mischief on his part. But why did people look at him like that? Not knowing the answer to it was more painful than anything, of course he asked the Sandaime about it but he claimed he didn't know, but Naruto was far smarter than he let on. He knew that the Sandaime knew why everyone hated him or didn't want him around.

He could barely scrape by with living in his current conditions. Whenever he went to stores to buy food the shopkeepers would overcharge the price to unbelievable levels or they would sell him rotted, decayed food that was far from inedible or they would just force him to leave saying that they 'didn't want their store to lose it's reputation'.

He had of course tried to make friends with other children his age. But they would avoid him because their parents told them to. Or they would bully him saying it was the 'right' thing to do even his academy teachers would encourage his peers to humiliate and belittle him.

When it came to shinobi skills Naruto was not the greatest student in the world. He didn't have natural talent and no matter how hard he tried he would result in failure, and of course because of his hyperactive nature with his large amount of energy and small attention span causes him to be easily distracted and not being able to sit still for long periods of time much to the annoyance of his teachers.

Thus because of his below average skill in shinobi arts his peers of labelled him the 'dead-last' or 'dobe'. But he would show them, he would show them all that he will surpass their expectations and by doing that he would have to become Hokage, the leader of his village.

Naruto was a small boy around the average height for someone his age. He had bright blonde spiky hair and ocean coloured blue eyes. But his most prominent feature about him is his three whisker-like marks on each cheek, giving him a vulpine appearance.

As Naruto was walking on the streets something in a garbage bin caught his attention. When he walked over to the discarded item he picked it up and inspected it.

It was a kimono in-fact two kimonos with the same design but different in size.

The kimonos were white in colour and had circular patterns with blue lotus flowers in the circles on the design along with gold branch like patterns. The trim of the kimonos were black and the obi were also gold in colour. Naruto had to admit that they were very beautiful kimonos. So why would someone just throw them away? And Naruto could tell that the clothing wasn't cheap from what the fabric was made of.

Deciding not to look a gift horse in the mouth. Naruto scrutinised the streets behind. He could probably guess that if someone saw him with these kimonos they would probably claim he would steal it. So Naruto folded them up and hid them within his jacket and scurried off back to his apartment.

When he arrived he immediately stripped down into his boxers and tried on the smaller of the kimonos. He noted that the formal wear was a bit big on him but that didn't matter since he would grow into it.

But still he wondered why someone would just throw away such nice clothes? But then he decided that it didn't matter since one mans trash was another mans treasure.

Hiruzen Sarutobi was sitting in his office attending to all the duties a Hokage must do. Which was paperwork.

God he hated the position he couldn't wait to give someone the special hat and go on a holiday. His thoughts then travelled to a hyperactive blonde boy. He tried to convince the village that Naruto wasn't the demon fox people believe he is. He tried to honour the Yondaime's last wish but the peoples ignorance and lack of faith in their leader clouded their minds.

He tried his best to be supportive of the boy but if he showed him too much attention the council and the his shinobi would claim he was showing favouritism or he was plotting against the village in some wild conspiracy theory. Some people were just idiots.

He sensed a presence behind him. He knew this individual very well.

"You summoned me Hokage-sama?" asked the person. He had black hair with two bangs fallong on the sides of his face and a long ponytail. He was currently wearing ANBU armour and had the signature mask which was the face of weasel.

"Yes I have, I have decided that you will be protecting and watching Naruto Uzumaki from any threat within the village... for a while." spoke the Sandaime.

"From who? Hokage-sama." said asked the ANBU agent although he had a good guess who it was.

"The civilians, the shinobi... Danzo." said Hiruzen cautiously. "I trust that you will do your duty Weasel."

'Weasel' nodded at the old Hokage and disappeared in a flock of crows. Hiruzen sighed, he always had the feeling that Naruto was always in danger it just depended on who wanted to hurt him.

The Next day Naruto was walking through the village to the academy wearing his new kimono which he was able to shorten to suit his size. He wasn't aware of the shadow that was tailing him like a predator. He was completely oblivious to his surroundings because of this itchy feeling in his eyes.

Of course the boy was subjected to glares and looks of surprise of surprise . The young Uzumaki had grown use to it but it still hurt like like a dagger cutting into flesh. Naruto rubbed his eyes in annoyance, why were they itchy today and no matter how many times he rubbed his eyes the itchy feeling was still there.

Naruto arrived at the academy and he was the first one there other than Shikamaru, who was sleeping soundly his head resting on the table. The Nara opened his eye to see a blonde haired boy wearing an gorgeous kimono. He quickly deduced that the boy was Naruto since he was the only blonde boy in the class.

He muttered a "troublesome" and went back to sleep.

Naruto took a seat at the far back next to the window and he was greatly liking his kimono. It was comfortable and the sleeves were just the correct length and the colours suited each other tremendously. Today he finally brought a textbook. He opened the book at a random page.

But his breath hitched at what he read.

'The Uzumaki clan.'

"Uzumaki?" whispered Naruto which wasn't loud enough for Shikamaru to hear.

Naruto read everything he could on the Uzumaki clan that the textbook could offer.

'This clan of shinobi were one of the strongest the world had to offer because of their expertise in ninja arts and mastery in fūinjutsu... The Uzumaki fought in the era of the warring states where they assisted the Senju clan, who were their... blood relatives and because of this the two clans had extremely strong ties with each other... it is said that the Uzumaki were as strong as the Senju, Uchiha and Hyūga clans, however this has never been proven but since the Senju were their blood relatives it's commonly believed to be true and also the clan had more members than the Uchiha and Hyūga and had extremely strong bodies and chakra coupled with amazing healing abilities and long life span, the Uzumaki were later nicknamed 'the people of longevity' because of their cockroach like life force... their close ties with the Senju were only increased thanks to the marriage of Hashirama Senju, the head of the Senju clan and Mito Uzumaki the daughter of the clan head of the time... after the founding of Konoha, the Senju invited the Uzumaki clan to be part of the village, however the Uzumaki politely refused and created their own hidden village, Uzushiogakure, the two villages had close ties because of the blood shared between the founding clan of the village and their close bonds...' thought Naruto as he kept re-reading the pages. He then travelled to the next page intent on reading it.

'The Uzumaki clan were so powerful and their ties with the Senju kept Konoha and Uzushio's enemies at bay whenever threats of war were to arise... but during the Second Great Shinobi World War a joint force of Kiri and Kumo forces attacked Uzushio believing the village to be a threat... most of Kiri's and Kumo's forces were killed in part to the whirlpools and maelstroms that surrounded the village and at least half of the forces were later lost due to the Uzumaki clans mastery in ninja arts and Fūinjutsu... however Uzushio fell against the onslaught of the villages and the survivors fled to the corners of the world... because of the friendship between Uzushio and Konoha as a sign of respect and fellowship the shinobi of Konoha emblazoned their uniforms and flak jackets with the clans symbol and do so now in memory to the fallen village.' continued Naruto. How he never noticed that the Uzumaki clan were famous and revered is something that will remain a mystery.

Naruto then turned to a page on Mito Uzumaki.

'Mito Uzumaki, daughter of the clan head of the Uzumaki, Tsuyoi Uzumaki and wife of the Senju clan head Hashirama, the First Hokage... not much is known of Mito before the founding of Konoha but being an Uzumaki and growing up during the days of the clan wars it is believed she was an exceptionally powerful kunoichi and was well versed in fūinjutsu... Mito made extensive contributions to Konoha during and after it's founding, she was the founder of many organisations in the village that contributed to trade, she also established trade agreements with other nearby non-shinobi villages as well as a trade agreement with the capital of the Land of Fire. She was also responsible for establishing the Konoha evacuation protocols should the village ever be attacked and created libraries within the village where people could access information, knowledge and education and she also set up the curriculum for the academy after the Nidaime Hokage created it and later the Hokage residence was formed, where the Hokage and their close family would live in but her largest contribution in the village was the creation of Konoha's orphanage because even today children still become orphans.' thought Naruto. Naruto could not help but admire Mito and all she had done (although he was annoyed by the academies curriculum) but he also felt proud for being related to her albeit distantly.

But something struck him. The Uzumaki were close to the Senju and are also blood relatives so... why didn't the Hokage tell him of his clan heritage and when he thought about it, didn't being an Uzumaki make him the heir to the Senju clan aside from Tsunade being the last Senju because he was distantly related to the Senju. But since the two clans were close and Mito lived in the village wouldn't there be some kind of Uzumaki residence in the village and if so why was he living in a shitty apartment.

Deciding to question the old man (The Hokage) later about his clan because only he could answer his questions and maybe he could find out about his parents. Naruto scratched his eyes again for they were still itchy this had been happening all day so why were they still itchy.. When he looked up he saw a bunch of bewildered faces looking at him as if he was a ghost. The other students must have arrived when he was reading the textbook.

'Is... is... Naruto reading a book? and where did he get that kimono?...' thought Iruka in astonishment.

'I've never known the dobe to read a book so... how? And where did he get that kimono? he actually looks hot!' thought Ino.

'troublesome.' thought Shikamaru.

Only two students were looking at Naruto in awe and admiration. Hinata Hyūga and Sakura Haruno. Hinata was looking at Naruto and a large bright blush etched it's way onto her face while she was tapping her index fingers together.

Sakura was looking at Naruto as if he was a complete mystery. She was able to tell that Naruto wasn't 'as' dumb as people thought and she could also tell that all of his problems stemmed from the fact that he had too much chakra and not enough control and the teachers not properly teaching him. She's going to talk to the blonde later because whenever she looked at him he was always lonely and had this pained expression as if he was a wounded animal.

After everyone got over their shock of Naruto actually reading a book they then went back to their lesson which was on chakra affinities. And Naruto was rubbing his eyes all the way through it.

Naruto was on his way to the Hokage tower to speak with the Hokage who he had dubbed 'jiji'. Unfortuantely Naruto's itchy eye problem was still there except it was much worse where they stung a little but he put that at the back of his mind. He needed to know more of the Uzumaki clan and the Hokage was the only one who might know.

He then felt something impact against his forehead which caused him to drop to his knees and clutch his head in pain. When he looked around he found the item that hit his head. It was a rock and there was some blood on it. He looked down at his head to find blood dripping from his forehead like a leaky tap.

He got back onto his feet and restarted his trek back to the tower his hair overshadowing his eyes which were still stinging.

When he arrived at the tower, he walked into the Hokage's office to find the aged shinobi sitting behind his desk tending to his paperwork.

It took Hiruzen a few moments to realise that the blonde ball of energy that would visit him regularly was standing in front of his desk like a statue.

The first thing Hiruzen saw was a lovely kimono with blue lotus' and gold waves patterned on the fabric with log sleeves and a black trim. He craned his head some more to see a mop of golden blonde hair which was slightly red.

And there was Naruto standing in front of him with a sad frown on his face. Then Hiruzen saw the blood which had yet to be cleaned and the Hokage bolted up from his chair like a bullet which was remarkable for someone his age.

"Naruto... come, sit and lets get that wound cleaned up." said the Sandaime with a kind smile. He ushered Naruto into his chair. He cleaned up the wound with some tissues and later used disinfectant and unsurprising to the Kage the wound was already starting heal.

After the wound was tended Sarutobi asked what Naruto came here for.

"So Naruto was is it you need?" said Hiruzen with the same kind smile.

"Am I really of the Uzumaki clan?" questioned Naruto. Hiruzen widened his eyes a little in surprise but the then remembered that the Uzumaki clan were practically famous throughout the world they even had a small compound in the village along with a forbidden temple.

"Yes Naruto you are among the last of the Uzumaki clan in fact I believe you are the last of the clan." said Hiruzen as he puffed on his pipe.

"But the Uzumaki are near royalty here in the village! So why did you hide it from me?!" queried/shouted Naruto. Hiruzen sighed the blonde wasn't making it easy, at this rate he wold have to tell the blonde about his parents.

Ultimately deciding to answer the blondes question Hiruzen was aware that the human curiosity could be easily quelled.

"Naruto what I will say must not be repeated outside this office am I clear." said the Sandaime cautiously. Naruto nodded his head at the old man and rubbed his stinging eyes.

"I hid your clan heritage so to protect you, I will not reveal your names but your parents were strong shinobi and they made many enemies, they died during the kyuubi attack and if their enemies were to find out you were their son, the enemies they made would have done anything to kill you." explained Sarutobi. Naruto nodded at the man who was the closest thing to a grandfather he had.

"Can I at least know about one of my parents?" asked Naruto. Hiruzen could see the sadness and the loneliness in Naruto's ocean blue eyes. Hiruzen sighed once again.

"You mother's name was Kushina Uzumaki... and she was the most stubborn, fiery, impulsive, tomboyish and fearless woman I have ever known... but she was also level-headed and cheerful as well as kind but had quite the temper that could rival my former student's, Tsunade." said Sarutobi fondly.

"Did my... mother love me?" deadpanned Naruto. Sarutobi looked up to see Naruto looking at the ground.

"To her you were the most precious thing in the world and she loved you unconditionally." answered the Sandaime. He could see some tears prickling at the corners. Then Naruto lifted his face and a massive foxy grin was plastered on his features like a neon sign.

"If she loved me then thats all I could ask for!" shouted Naruto happily and Sarutobi was able to see that the smile Naruto wore was the real thing and not a fake he would usually receive. "But about my clan." said Naruto as his smile faded. The sandaime sighed since Naruto was the heir to the fallen Uzumaki clan he would gain all the clans assets, jutsu, money and 'that' temple truly belonged to him. Even though Tsunade was part Uzumaki she wasn't actually part of the clan so she couldn't inherit all the assets that the Uzumaki clan had.

"If you wish to take full control of the clan and it assets... than you can Naruto." said the Sandaime. Naruto happily nodded his head at this.

"Very well, tomorrow I will inform the council that a new clan has joined up with Konoha since the Uzumaki are not technically a Konoha clan... Weasel!" shouted Sarutobi. 'Weasel' appeared behind the Hokage via a shunshin. "Please help Naruto in moving out of his apartment and into the the Uzumaki mansion." commanded the old Kage. 'Weasel' nodded in affiramtion.

"Meet me at your apartment, Naruto-kun." said 'Weasel'hat Naruto ran out of the office leaving Hiruzen alone with his paperwork.

Naruto was walking to his apartment, he finally, at last knew one of his parents it was even better knowing that his mother loved him and when he thought about it, how the sandaime described her personality, it was similar to his.

He was currently ignoring everything around him he was just relishing in the fact that somebody loved him. Everything to him was a blue

The blonde was currently unaware of the darkening sky, black clouds were sweeping over the blue sky like a plague while flashes of red were dotting amongst the black. The thunder resounded like falling hammers impacting the earth and shaking the foundations of the land.

Naruto could then feel this malevolent force seemed to wash over him. He rubbed his eyes again but instead of stinging they were burning like fire. The pain coming from his eye's were not the only problem.

Where he looked he could see angry villagers all around him. He continued rubbing his eyes and through his half lidded orbs he was able to discern some blunt weapons among the crowd.

"This is the day you die demon!" yelled one of the villagers.

"I will avenge my brother!" said another villager.

"We will become hero's!" said another. Naruto figuring out what their intent was did the only logical thing a person could do in his position... run. So he ran because he was an academy student he was more agile and faster than the villagers but only a little.

Out of the corners of his eyes was he abel to identify that there were no children on the streets. This was planned, the adults likely didn't want their children to see such horrors befall the 'demon'.

'Weasel' was patiently waiting at Naruto's apartment. He was currently thinking about the blonde ball of energy and if he should help the kid some more. 'Weasel' knew of Naruto's plight and was also aware of his dream to be Hokage. Unlike the villagers 'Weasel' knew the difference between a scroll and a kunai.

He was thinking over if he should train Naruto, the Hokage ordered him to protect the blonde, he didn't say anything about training him.

Suddenly he heard yells and cries coming from a street not to far away. His shinobi senses were yelling at him that something was terribly wrong.

'Weasel' shunshinned away from Naruto's apartment to the disturbance on the streets.

Sakura Haruno was walking around the village enjoying the peace and quiet that came with it.

Her thoughts then travelled to the blonde enigma that was Naruto Uzumaki.

When around people Sakura could tell that Naruto was always forcing a fake smile. But when he was alone she would glance at him and she could see, practically feel all the pain and loneliness in his being. She didn't know why people hated him, they just did.

Ino warned her to stay away from him. But the human curiosity it not easily quenched, a fact many people were aware of.

Then she started to hear yelling coming from a street near her. She also noticed that she was the only child on the streets and also where were the villagers?

She quickly began to run to where the commotion was.

He was running at break neck speeds, why did this have to happen to him. How did this happen to him. He didn't hurt anyone so why was he punished for something that he didn't know about.

"Get back here you demon!" yelled one of the villagers that was chasing after Naruto.

"We will avenge the Yondaime!" yelled another. He felt tears pooling at his eyes. Why did they call him that why did they glare at him. Why is it that he has to suffer.

All his life he had known hatred and depression, he had never known the love of a parent, he never had any friendship. The amount of people that truly smiled at him could be counted on his hand.

Living his life is almost unbearable. How he could take all their anger and sorrow and yet make it seem worthless was what kept him going, his dream he had to fulfil. To be Hokage, thats his dream.

He only wants to be accepted. To be viewed as a person. To be viewed as someone vital to the village.

But would he ever accomplish that.

Naruto kept running until he was panting, he saw an ally in between two stores that could probably lead to his escape. He turned into the alley and beheld a dead end.

He was trapped, sandwiched between a wall and a mob of angry villagers. He couldn't run anymore, he had no place to hide.

He then began to think about what people said. About how ones life flashes before their eyes. He knew that he wouldn't come out of this alive. But he had achieved so little, he had so much to look forward to. He just wanted to be loved to even be looked at with a smile.

He then started to cry, he turned to face the mob who were standing at the entrance of the alley all with looks of anger carved into their visages. He continued to cry all the while his eyes were burning in his sockets.

This was the end. All he did was meaningless and now he was going to die.

He dropped down on the ground and at that moment the rain started to fall, muddying the ground and soaking everyone on the street.

The mob drew closer unaffected by the rain and the boys tears.

'I just wanted, to have what people called...' thought Naruto to himself as he cried silently. The mob drew closer and closer readying whatever weapons they were carrying. '… a family.'

He looked up to see the mob charging at him, the burning in his eyes was becoming too much and he screamed while clutching his eyes.

"NOO! PLEASE DON'T HURT ME! PLEASE!" shrieked Naruto. Fear overcoming him. The swarm of furious villagers were now right on top of him ready to end his life and let the shinigami take him to hell.

But to Naruto time seemed to slow down. His pupils dilated and black rings sprung from the dot and his eye colour now took on a metallic purple colour.

"SHINRA TENSEI!" yelled Naruto and at that moment an invisible force surged from his body towards the crowd of people. Everyone caught in it was blown off their feet and the sides of the alley was torn as if thousands of blades cut right into the walls and at least half the of the shops were torn asunder as if an earthquake happened. The villagers were thrown about like rag-dolls under the force of the technique and a large layer of dust was created from the effect clouding everyone's view.

When the dust cleared you could see what happened. Villagers were lying on the ground you couldn't tell if they were unconscious or deceased. There were large marks upon the ground as if someone carved the ground like a sculptor.

The young seven year old boy was peering at the devastation that was wrought. Just how did that happen. The burning in his eyes was now gone so that was good. But did he do all the damage he was viewing. Just how did it happen.

The kyuubi was stirring in it's cage. It opened one of it's eyes slowly. The red slitted orb was scanning it's surroundings. He could feel this strange power coming from his vessel, it was foreign yet familiar at the same time. He couldn't place it's claw on it. He closed it's eyes and reigned in it's curiosity.

"What is this power?" said the Kyuubi outloud.

'Weasel' had just arrived at the scene. And all he could see was carnage, he had hoped the kyuubi's seal wasn't broken. He was a fool to leave Naruto alone. He should have been there the villagers wouldn't have attacked him if his presence was known.

He then traced the point of where the desolation happened and he found. A blonde haired boy with whisker marks and a kimono. He had been crying and his eyes were red and puffy. But the thing that shocked the ANBU the most was the purple, ripple patterned eyes where the ocean blue were supposed to be.

And he knew that what he was observing was none other than the fable dōjutsu of the god of shinobi.

"The Rinnegan." breathed 'Weasel'. He had believed that that certain eye was nothing more than a legendm, a myth. The Samsara eye was real and Naruto was proof of it.

'Weasel' ran up to the academy student. To many Naruto looked dead but 'Weasel' knew better.

"Naruto, Naruto are you ok?" questioned 'Weasel'. Naruto looked at the ANBU agent before hugging him and balling his eyes out again. It took a few moments for 'Weasel's' mind to register what had happened. The Blonde battery known as Naruto Uzumaki the 'happiest' boy in the world was currently bursting into tears and shaking like a leaf.

'Weasel' embraced Naruto in a hug in an attempt to comfort him. And it seemed to have worked because Naruto's muscles loosened and he became less tense and he was now reduced to sobs instead of crying.

"Lets go and get you settled in your new home, Naruto-kun." said 'Weasel' as he tried to comfort the boy. Suddenly a team of ANBU appeared and surveyed the area. 'Weasel' explained everything but left out the part of Naruto's Rinnegan, which was now deactivated and later both the elite agent and the fox host left.

But unknown to the two parties a mop of pink hair with emerald eyes was watching them. She didn't show up until after Naruto unknowingly attacked the villagers. The questions running through her mind were.

'What happened to Naruto? Did he do all this? Does he have a dōjutsu?' were only some of the questions.

After they had gotten a few things of value from Naruto's apartment 'Weasel' and the fox were now standing before the Uzumaki mansion which was owned and built by Mito Uzumaki and later Kushina Uzumaki.

"This is where we say goodbye for now, Naruto-kun." said 'Weasel. But Naruto spoke up wanting to know something.

"Before you go... can you tell me your name?" said Naruto. 'Weasel' was a little surprised by this request but complied nonetheless but not before checking his surroundings first.

"My name is..." said 'Weasel' as he was taking off his mask. "Itachi Uchiha."

"Cool name." commented Naruto and they both bid farewell bit not before Itachi promised himself to speak with the Hokage about being the permanent protector of Naruto.

And so the Sage has Returned.