The Return of the Sage.

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The Kyūbi no yoko. The greatest of all the Bijū. A demon of destruction renowned for it's power by the greatest shinobi the world had to offer more namely Hashirama Senju and his rival Madara Uchiha.

The foxes power was so great the the Shodaime Hokage made it a priority to suppress and control it's power during Madara's fight with Hashirama where it later became a prisoner to the Uzumaki and Senju clans.

Was at the moment fuming in it's cage. The fox was known to be nothing but vile hatred compressed into a physical form but it wasn't fuming with hatred but anger. Not merely a few minutes ago did an apparition appear to the beast as tall as the Hokage monument, well it was no longer as tall as the mountain after losing half it's power and might thanks to the despicable Yondaime Hokage who sealed the beast using the Shinigami.

But the anger it was feeling was nothing it had felt before.


"You truly don't remember me."

the figure stepped into the light but his face was still shadowed preventing the fox from seeing the mans features. However the Kyūbi was able to see a white, high collared haori (full-length coat). A necklace laced with six red magatama. And he had the symbol of the Rinnegan along with nine red magatama structured into three rows on the back of his coat which the fox was able to recognise without trouble for he had seen that coat from long ago in the past. Even though his face was a silhouette the Kyūbi could see two tufts of hair that resembled horns or rabbit ears and he had a long beard to boot.

The man was currently wielding a Shakujō, a buddhist ringed staff usually meant for prayer but could also be used as a weapon and a katana was currently strapped to his waist it's scabbard resting idly on his side.

However it was the mans eyes that were the most attention drawing detail on him. They were a metallic purple in colour almost like an empty void and with numerous concentric, ripple patterned rings that surrounded his pupils which were small. To the fox it seemed like it was looking into a continues ripples in a small pond.

The Kyūbi no yoko was unsure if it should feel elated or cowering in fear. For standing before the massive beast was a person who could split the world in tow if he wished. The one person the ninth tailed beast loved, respected and feared most. His creator.

"jiji?!" spoke the fox as he stared at the man with bated breath and wide eyes. The person who the fox refered to as 'jiji' chuckled a little. It wasn't everyday that the man who was supposedly a god was called such a casual title although, the man himself much preferred the title the people of his era called him.

The Sage of the Six Paths.

"It brings me nothing but joy to know that to this day you remember me, Kurama." spoke the Sage to his imaginative creation.

The fox was flabbergasted, this man had been dead for thousands of years the fox was there when he died. So how was he standing here before him. The Kyūbi who was now known as Kurama could remember every second he spent with the forefather of shinobi the man that created ninjutsu and brought about a cataclysmic change to the world.

"But how can you be here? I-we saw you die and we witnessed your scions repugnant and petty conflicts, desecrating your teachings, your legacy and your lessons. I have Witnessed it all. The cycle of war and hatred that you and your mother fought to so hard to soothe. But still just how?" questioned the monster fox who was trying to keep a calm composure in-front of the man.

"Well, I'm not really here." stated the Sage that confused Kurama even more. "I'm merely a shadow of my original self, when I created you and the other Biū I stored some of my chakra into you so I could pass on a message that was for your own ears and your ears only." continued the Sasge with Kurama listening intently.

"It's about your jailor, the one your power and body are sealed into." spoke the Sage which in turn confused Kurama even more. "He is but a boy who will become... newly aware of himself, his light will shine as bright and brief as the setting sun... for already he has awakened a power that you yourself have seen, and from now he is my eye and I will see the world, it's people, it's beauty, it's innocence and it's future through him, with him and beside him."

Kurama snorted at that. What was the old man insinuating that this boy was his heir.

"Just because he has your eyes, the Rinnegan, doesn't mean I like or trust him, I don't care anymore about humans and their eyes. For my trust was broken long ago when they made me their weapon, I don't care if he was your own child, I don't care for I have hated him ever since I was sealed by that wretched father of his." snarled Kurama at the Sage.

The Shinobi no Kami frowned at what the fox said but he couldn't blame him either. But he had to get his message through.

"My mothers arrogance and sins unleashed a malevolent creature upon this world. She was blinded by the wars in her time that she didn't possess the wisdom to foresee the consequences of her actions... I tried to rectify her follies and mistakes by defeating that beast and bringing about peace in a more pacifistic way than merely conquering all other wars that threatened the world by creating the ninshū and spreading my ideals and religion to every corner of the world where I was successful but even I was arrogant myself... I believed for a time that only I could bring about peace, although my arrogance was hidden behind a veil of love it wasn't until after I had ended the wars did I realise this myself and that brining about true peace is not something that can be done alone." confessed the Sage. "But I just want you to trust the boy, I know he will bring a change to this world and... he might even change you."

Kurama growled menacingly. No one could change it for the fox was hatred incarnate, he would never allow itself to be changed by a mere human no matter if the boy had the Rinnegan or not.

"I won't change and no human will change me." growled the fox. The Sage sighed wearily at the accumulative mass of chakra.

"I had hoped you to be more accepting. I sealed my chakra into you believing that you were worthy of leading your brethren the other Bijū but it seems I was wrong. Maybe I should've have sealed my chakra into Shukaku instead." the Kurama roared at the name believing that the Ichibi was nothing more than a weakling. "You are too filled with hatred to understand and accept the message I have

given you, the very thing I had hoped to undo in the world, until you learn to rid yourself of hatred then you won't know what true strength is." and with those last words the Sage of the Six Paths retreated back into the leaky and flooded hallways of Naruto's mindscape leaving the fox alone who was roaring and pounding itself against the bars of it's cage in anger.

Flachback end

after the Kurama had finished it's temper tantrum it thought back to the Sage's message and what it could mean. The fox wasn't stupid nor was it a mindless beast.

There was some connection between the Sage, it's host, and the fox's original form. 'it's' host just suddenly gaining the Rinnegan for no reason at all was more than just coincidence. But even if the boy had the Rinnegan, Kurama wouldn't trust him. He believed that the Uzumaki heir would just march up to it rudely and demand it's powerful chakra in exchange for allowing it to be housed in his body.

When Kurama's thoughts travelled to Naruto he didn't trust the boy nor would it. And what was even better was that the Uzumaki was still unaware of it's existence. But still, the Uchiha training the Jinchūriki. The fox hated any Uchiha no matter who they were.

He didn't like Itachi because he had the eye the Fox hated most. The Sharingan. However the fox could sense that the Uchiha had yet to give into his clans curse of hatred created by his ancestor the oldest son of the Sage.

Hatred was a powerful thing and the Uchiha thrived for hatred, it made them stronger, they thirsted for it like water. So the fox was patiently waiting for the day the Uchiha boy would fall into his clans curse.

Every Uchiha was cursed in the Bijū's mind and all have hatred within them. It was that simple.

For now the beast would bide it's time and think about the Sage's words and if there was one thing the fox was stubborn and patient.

At the Uzumaki mansion things were quite peaceful. Instead the loud blonde owner was surprisingly quiet and was currently meditating under a tree to improve his focus and concentration and patience with a hint of anger management.

Naruto was bored. He hated meditating. He had too much energy for it. And he didn't like sitting still for long. But Itachi had taught it to him so to at least know how to meditate and could possibly help him some day.

But Naruto in fact actually wanted to read up more on the Rinnegan. He wouldn't stop looking for information until he's read over every source twice. The only thing he did know what the Rinnegan did was have control over gravity and the ability to use all five nature transformations. Right now Fire nature was his best with the help of Itachi who then said that they would work on Water afterwards since Itachi had a natural affinity to Water.

After the academy Itachi had made it perfectly clear and understandable to Naruto that he musn't show his Dōjutsu to anybody. If Danzō ever got word of it, he could send his ROOT agents to kidnap Naruto where he would be turned into an emotionless drone who would only obey Danzō himself and if the Konoha elder got Naruto then Danzō could use the boy to oust Hiruzen Sarutobi and have Danzō or one of his lackeys take over as Hokage where the village would become the opposite of what the Yondaime and Shodaime envisioned it would be.

And Danzō was not someone you could trust and he was the only person Itachi openly hated. The man was a war-hawk who used under-handed tactics to gain a foothold over the other villages by using his ROOT soldiers. He openly opposed the Sandaime's policies and ideals believing that it made shinobi weak and pathetic while also declaring the image to be soft and powerless.

But enough about Danzō we go back to Naruto sitting under the sakura tree meditating when he felt a leaf land on his sun-kissed hair.

He opened his eyes and removed the leaf from his head where he looked down upon it in his hand. Itachi had told that he had poor chakra control. But it's not his fault he just had too much for someone his age.

But he briefly wondered about something regarding the Rinnegan. He was taught a chakra control exercise by Iruka by teaching him focus as well as it served as a punishment.

He tried to stick the leaf to his forehead using only his chakra without his Rinnegan active. And the result was expected since the he had trouble trying to keep the leaf on his forehead.

Next he tried it with his Rinnegan active. But the result mildly surprised him. Instead of falling off the leaf stayed connected to his forehead with little to no trouble. It stayed right in it's position. Never falling or appeared to be falling.

Thats when it struck him. He would have to learn about the Rinnegan's other abilities by himself. There wasn't an instruction manuel on how to use the Rinnegan so he had to learn by himself and through hard work, he could accomplish that.

He returned to his meditation with his Rinnegan active and the leaf sticking to his forehead.

Itachi was at the moment getting ready to meet Naruto. Itachi too had been studying on the Rinnegan, of course he had found nothing. But the Uchiha heir did have suspicions. He couldn't shake off this feeling that the Rinnegan and Sharingan were somehow related. He didn't believe what the Hyūga's said about how the Uchiha clan and the Sharingan sprouted form the Hyūga clan. That was utter bull, no doubt to elevate their status by forging false history. Itachi knew that it was false as the Uchiha's history predates that of the Hyūga clan and it's more likely that the Hyūga clan and Byakugan sprouted from the Uchiha clan. (Thats made up by the way no one knows where the Byakugan come from it's just there).

Itachi had looked through all he information the Uchiha clan had on the Rinnegan and he found zip for once in his life Itachi was frustrated. He couldn't ask his father otherwise he would get suspicious. If he went to the ANBU commander he could report to Danzō. Itachi was running out of options. But then the thought came to him.

The Naka Shrine.

A secret meeting place for the Uchiha that no one outside the clan knew of. Not even the Hokage was aware of the shrine's existence.

Within the Shrine lies a mysterious stone tablet that only someone with a Dōjutsu can decipher. Written on the tablet is the clans secrets and among other things. Itachi had read the tablet and discovered the power of a forbidden dōjutsu that only two others within the Uchiha's history have awakened.

Maybe Naruto could read what the Uchiha can't. After the academy today he would take Naruto to the Naka Shrine in secret to see if it held the secrets of the Rinnegan along with anything the tablet could tell the person.

It was the last source of information. Only a Dōjutsu wielder can read it. More specifically only someone with the Sharingan can read it. And even then it revealed very little of what was transcribed on it.

It was settled the Naka Shrine secrets would be known today.

Itachi was brought out of his thoughts by a knock on his door which barricaded his room from the rest of his house.

"Itachi, breakfast is ready, you're going to need it so you have enough energy for your mission today." spoke the voice of Mikoto Uchiha, Itachi's mother. Itach smiled a genuine smile. He loved how his mother went out of her way to make sure he was okay.

"Thank you, mother." whispered Itachi which Mikoto heard where she then left.

Itachi fully equipped in in ANBU gear and weasel mask tilted on the side of his head walked into the dining room of his home. He beheld his mother, father and his younger brother Sasuke sitting by the table eating bacon and eggs.

When Sasuke saw his older brother he got off his seat and ran up to him where he hugged his fellow family member.

"Hey Itachi-nii-san... are you going on a mission today." asked Sasuke with glee. Itachi smiled at his brother and he was right, in a way.

"Yes I am going on a mission today ANBU business so it's classified." spoke Itachi softly.

"Ohh and can you help me with my shuriken practice today?" asked Sasuke happily.

"Sorry Sasuke, my mission will take up most of my time today and I will be unable to practice with you." lied Itachi through his teeth as he was going to take Naruto to the Naka Shrine.

"You're a big fat liar you know that." mumbled Sasuke with a pout as he crossed his arms. Itachi waved his younger brother over as he sat down by the dinner table. Seeing this Sasuke joyfully ran to Itachi where he was met with Itachi's fingers poking him in the head.

"Forgive me Sasuke... Again, next time." apologised Itachi as he cut up a piece of bacon and started chewing.

"So what will you be doing at the academy today Sasuke?" asked Itachi trying to start up a conversation. Fugaku also payed attention to what Sasuke had to say, for he was generally interested if Sasuke would become anything like his brother.

"Well we're gonna learn about the concept of chakra along with shuriken training, minor chakra control exercises and taijutsu spars... then we move on to some ninjutsu training." answered Sasuke trying to sound intelligent so to impress his father.

"Study and practice hard if you want to be good as your brother one day." spoke Fugaki with slight authority. Sasuke grew depressed a little at his fathers words, he was always being compared ti Itachi in everything. To him it was always 'Itachi this' 'Itachi that' 'Itachi's proving worthy of the clan'. He just wanted his father to look at him for him but to Sasuke the only way he thought that would happen if he was trying to be Itachi himself.

Itachi hid a well placed frown at what his father said. But growing up and pampering the next clan head was important but also spending time with his youngest son was also important.

A few minutes had passed and the family ate silently together and Mikoto was busy washing the dishes after all the breakfast was eaten.

Itachi was about ready to leave for Naruto's mansion when he noticed his brother standing next to him with a sullen look on his face.

"What's with the face?" queried Itachi. Sasuke looked up at his older brother.

"Tou-san's always comparing me to you." stated Sasuke moodily.

"Who cares what he thinks." replied Itachi.

"I'm different from you... I just want him to acknowledge me as me and not you." bit back Sasuke.

"The only person's approval you need, is your own... yes being acknowledged is good and it can make you happy but theres a prerequisite, you need to first acknowledge yourself before others acknowledge you." spoke Itachi with wisdom.

Sasuke stared up at his older brother with awe that only a few had for their hero's.

"But before people acknowledge you." continued Itachi capturing Sasuke's attention. "You need friends."

"Tou-san says I shouldn't need friends." pouted Sasuke.

"Well he's wrong. Who else are you going to trust and who else will support you aside from family." said Itachi with a small smile. He was hoping for Naruto and Sasuke to be friends since thats what both their mothers wanted.

"Just be yourself and not an emo and you'll have friends in no time." continued Itachi causing a shout form Sasuke claiming he isn't emo.

Soon both brothers bid farewell to each other and parted, going their own ways. For Sasuke it was the academy and for Itachi, Naruto's mansion.

When Itachi had arrived he found the young Uzumaki heir getting everything ready for the academy that day.

"Hey Itachi-nii-san, I discovered something cool about the Rinnegan." said Naruto as he saw his guardian walk towards him.

"And what would that be?" questioned Itachi as he placed a hand on his hip.

"That my Rinnegan gives me perfect control of my chakra." stated Naruto. Itachi raised his eyebrow in curiosity. At least he wouldn;t have to teach Naruto any chakra control exercises.

"Ok then... now com one, you don't want to be late for the academy." spoke Itachi as he placed his mask on and left in a shunshin. And Naruto ran out of his mansion and onto the streets of Konoha excited for the new day.

Naruto as always made his way through Konoha and like before he could hear the people's harsh comments about him. They hurt of course, but he steeled himself and continued running towards the academy.

Itachi was trailing behind Naruto through the rooftops making sure to keep out of sight and yet watch Naruto at the same time. Itachi was aware that Naruto could make friends easily and urging Sasuke to make friends from Itachi also helped in the process. Maybe Sasuke and Naruto won't be lonely.

Every student within Iruka's class was filing into the room in a orderly fashion. Most of the students took their normal spots in the class while Naruto took a seat next to the window where he could view the village and probably plan out his next prank.

Sasuke took the seat next to Naruto. Where the blonde merely glanced at him before looking out of the window again.

Sakura took a seat in the far back where she would have a good view of Naruto. Her investigation into the ripple eyes she had witnessed weeks ago was not going well. She hadn't found any evidence on the ripple eyes even existing. It's because she was looking in the non-fiction section of the library when the fictional side had anything on the Rinnegan. Because many people believed that the Sage of Six Paths was merely a myth, they regarded the Rinnegan as a myth also.

Naruto placed his bag onto his desk and took out a book from his clans library on Fūinjutsu, more specifically his clans Fūinjutsu. And that was another thing that bugged Naruto. He read that the Uzumaki were blood relatives of the Senju. So would he inherit everything that was the Senju's since Tsunade was the last of the clan. It saddened him slightly that his distant cousins were now on the brink of extinction.

The Senju clan took a heavy toll in numbers during the First Shinobi world war. Where only a few members remained afterwards, including Tsunade and her brother.

He would talk to the old man (The Hokage) to see if he could inherit the Senju's possessions's because of his blood rights.

Sasuke out of the corners of his eyes saw what Naruto was reading. Normally he wouldn't be interested in what the dobe was reading, since he originally thought it would be a waste of time. But Sasuke caught a glimpse of what Naruto was reading from one of the pages and it looked excessively difficult. Sasuke didn't the heads or tails of the seals Naruto was looking at, however the Uzumaki understood them like fish in water or a bird in the air, thanks to his Uzumaki lineage.

"Hey." whispered a voice next to Naruto. The blonde turned his head to see Sasuke whispering to him. 'What are you reading?" asked Sasuke simply. Naruto raised his eyebrow a little, but since it was a harmless question and the fact that Naruto doubted that Sasuke could understand a third of the book.

"Uzumaki Fūinjutsu." answered Naruto where he turned his attention back to the book. Sasuke raised his eyebrow in realisation, Itachi did mention sometime that the Uzumaki were sealing masters without equal. Curiosity getting the better of him Sasuke just to inspect the book over Naruto's shoulder, trying to catch a glimpse of a simple seal.

Naruto caught Sasuke peeking over his shoulder like a hawk. The Uzumaki was a little peeved at the Uchiha's blatant rudeness. If he wanted to read the book he could have just asked. Naruto sighed and put the book away when his academy teacher Iruka walked through the door carrying his necessary teaching tools and books.

Sasuke stopped looking over Naruto's shoulder and returned to his original position. Sasuke noted that Naruto wasn't as bad as he thought. Sakura however kept her eyes trained in the blonde enigma.

Far from the academy room directly opposite them was a shadow with coal black eyes and dark hair wearing a weasel mask. Behind his mask was a small smile at the start of Naruto and Sasuke's friendship, even if both of them couldn't see it.

"Alright class, today we're going to talk about the concept and theories of chakra." spoke Iruka as his eyes glazed across the room from student to student. His landed on the sun-kissed mop of golden hair that belonged to Naruto Uzumaki. Iruka was at first a bit awkward around the boy, considering that the demon fox housed in his body killed his parents. "Take out your textbooks and turn to page thirty seven." commanded the academy teacher with every student scrambling about with their bags to retrieve the certain book. The only students who didn't have the book was Shikamaru, Chōji and Kiba. Surprisingly Naruto brought the book with him more often. Some scolding from Itachi was needed and a kick up the ass known as discipline proved to be quite helpful.

"Now can any one tell me what chakra is?" asked Iruka with a smile already knowing the naswer before hand. But something was very wrong, well nor for Iruka or his class but wrong for Naruto.

The blonde Rinnegan wielder started feeling strange sensations etching itself into his mind. It wasn't painful nor was it pleasurable, it was discomforting and annoying. He started seeing things that he had never seen before. Images from a different perspective, through another's eyes. Thoughts that weren't his own yet felt like he had relived them before. The images bored their way into his brain and it felt like memories, someone else's memories, he looked through another's eyes and saw what appeared to be people listening to him explain something to them. It felt like he knew the answer to Iruka's question and more.

Instinctively the Uzumaki heir raised his hand to answer the question, his body was on autopilot when the movement occurred. Everything felt surreal to him.

When Iruka saw Naruto raise his hand he frowned believing that Naruto was going to use the opportunity to showoff again for attention. Many who saw Naruto's hand go up also had similar thoughts believing that the boy was just going to be a showoff.

"Yes Naruto, can you answer the question." stated Iruka who still had his frown.

"Chakra is a form of life energy all living things in this world naturally produce. Many have believed that chakra is a power that has existed in this world as long as we have known it." spoke Naruto who wasn't even controlling what he was saying. "Chakra is the resulting form of two other energies mixed together, the physical and spiritual, or simply Yin and Yang. The physical energy is collected when the body's cells and can be increased through training and exercise while the spiritual energy is derived from the mind's consciousness and can be increased through studying and meditation. Having these two energies become more powerful will in turn increase the reserve and power of one's chakra therefore allowing more powerful jutsu and the amount of times one can perform the jutsu through repeated use and practice."

Now everyone. And I mean everyone was flabbergasted by what Naruto said. He not only answered Iruka's question but even went as far to continue onwards on the purposes of chakra and it felt like Naruto read it straight from a source of material.

Itachi himself was surprised by Naruto's thorough explanation and yet applauded him for keeping it simple.

Getting over the stupor Iruka calmed himself down and quickly performed a genjutsu release hoping to have the underachieving blonde back.

The class continued. But not before Iruka gave Naruto a look of wonder and amazement.

Later during the day everyone went outside to practice their shuriken aim.

Each student lined up in a row of three before three archery targets. You had thirty shuriken and you were to hit the target as many times as you can by firing with three controlled bursts.

Iruka checked off the names one by one as each student had their turn of throwing the shuriken.

He counted the results from each toss on his clipboard.

Shino got seven out of ten from the first wave, eight out f ten from the second wave and seven out of ten on the third.

Shikamaru was too lazy to do it so he gave up on it. Causing Iruka to slam his clipboard on the back of Shikamaru's head.

Chōji was a similar case where he instead gorged himself on his potato chips, clearly lacking any motivation. Iruka instead pinched his nose in frustration at the lazy clan heirs.

Kiba hot six out of ten on the first wave, five out of ten on the second and seven out of ten on the third.

Ino got four out of ten on the first wave, three out of ten on the second and four out of ten on the third.

Sasuke got nine out of ten on the first wave, ten out of ten on the second and nine out of ten on the third. It caused his fangirls to cry out in joy and the Uchiha's prodigious talents. Sakura wasn't impressed since her eyes were trained on Naruto who was to her left.

Hinata got five out of ten on the first wave, seven out of ten on the second and four out of ten on the third. She pressed her index fingers together hopig that her crush Naruto was watching. Where she looked behind her and saw that Naruto was instead staring at a butterfly that landed on his finger which caused the Hyūga heiress to deflate somewhat.

Sakura was called up and she got three out of ten on the first wave, five out of ten on the second and five on the third.

And finally was Naruto who slowly walked up to the archery targets and readied his shuriken. However the same thing happened again like in the classroom. The sensation was back which caused him to view flashes and experiences again. Only this time instead of people listening to him he was met with flashes of battle and conflict where he saw many people cut down from his point of view.

Naruto readied his arms and flung the shuriken at the posts with extreme precision. To many Naruto merely moved his arms in such a way that they were unable to keep up, even Iruka had trouble detecting Naruto's arm movements.

And in less than five seconds Naruto had thrown thirty shuriken and each one had hit it's mark without showing an signs of fault.

Iruka was slack-jawed and everyone was too. Just how did the dobe, the deadlast get a higher mark than Sasuke the top student.

Naruto himself was surprised as suspected as usual he would merely miss the targets as he and Itachi had to yet go over it since they were focused on discovering the Rinnegan's powers and to condition Naruto's physical capabilities and taijutsu.

Itachi himself was surprised although he merely surmised that Naruto had been practicing without his supervision.

Again everyone got over there stupor and Naruto merely stared at the archery targets. What happened to him it's as if those memories weren't his own, he never had them before, so how was that possible.

The class later gathered around Iruka as they started their next exercise. Chakra control. Naruto shuddered on the inside. Chakra control was his worst subject aside from the basic clone jutsu. Then a sudden idea and realisation. He would use the Rinnegan to improve his control and pass the exercise.

Iruka handed every student and leaf and were told to use their chakra to keep the leaf on the forehead.

"Shouldn't be too hard considering your large forehead, bill-board brow." taunted Ino to Sakura where tickmark pulsed on Sakura brow at Ino's jab. For that moment the pink haired girl had no good comeback and would later plan her revenge on the platinum blonde.

Everyone sat down cross legged on the floor trying to keep a leaf to their forehead.

Only Shikamaru and Chōji were the only ones not trying, since they were too lazy. Iruka decided not to reprimand them and just kept inspecting his students chakra control.

Naruto was having trouble just to keep the leaf on his forehead. He would be sneaky and just use the Rinnegan to help his chakra control. He sent chakra into his eyes where the concentric rings and the metallic purple appeared.

Itachi sensing Naruto had activated his Rinnegan had to act fast before anybody discovered Naruto's Dōjutsu.

'the fool, if the villagers found out he had the Rinnegan there would be an uproar and would most likely kill him for fear of his new ability.' thought Itachi hastily as he placed a genjutsu over Naruto's eyes making them appear like his natural blue.

At that moment Iruka walked by and saw Naruto deep in thought but with his eyes open perfectly keeping the leaf on his forehead. Iruka was amazed and impressed by Naruto's abilities today. Was his student pretending to be an idiot? Over the past weeks Naruto had changed and for the better I might add which made the academy teacher have an ego boost bringing about preferable results now if only he got Shikamaru, Chōji and Kiba to work harder as well.

The exercise had ended and they were now moving on to taijutsu spars. Itachi would 'discipline' Naruto later about blatantly using the Rinnegan in public and he would have to get the lesson across in a way Naruto would understand without revealing that he's the Kyūbi-Jinchūriki.

The taijutsu spars were in full swing and the results were mildly expected many of the students did poorly while some were too lazy other did alright for academy students. Now it was Naruto's turn who was paired up with Sasuke. Many of the fan-girls cheered for Sasuke. While Hinata and Sakur awere silently worried about Naruto.

"Alright, you know the rules, this is a spar, this is not a competition to prove who's better nor is it a show of skill." spoke Iruka as Naruto and Sasuke were standing opposite each other. "Make the seal of concentration."

Both Naruto and Sasuke made the seal. And Iruka started the match. But of course something was wrong. Like with the shuriken practice Naruto was starting to see strange things, flashes of days and years compressed into mere seconds.

Experience being downloaded into core. It felt surreal and yet bizarre.

When the flashes were over Naruto saw Sasuke charging at him ready to hit him in the face with his fist. But as if his body was obeying someone else's. Naruto slapped the fist away and then grasped Sasuke's arm. And punched him in the chest where he threw him over his shoulder causing Sasuke to tumble a little.

Many of the fangirls who witnessed this shouted out that Naruto was cheating and Iruka payed them no mind as he watched the fight and saw no signs of cheating.

Sasuke was astonished. No one had ever been able to do that to him before. The punch did hurt but since it was a spar it was to be expected.

Naruto was also astonished. How did he do that just now.

Sasuke charged at Naruto again where he prepared another punch. However Naruto blocked his punch effortlessly and performed a palm strike on Sasuke's throat where the Uchiha was now wheezing and his throat burned throat from the hit. And he couldn't counter the leg sweep that swept him off his feet. When he looked through his teary his eyes, he saw Naruto with his hand planted on his chest and his fist ready to strike. Sasuke hadn't felt so outclassed before in his life. Just how did the dobe just suddenly get better than him.

Many of the others were also wondering that. Of course the loyal fangirls tried to defend Sasuke saying that Naruto cheated. By Sasuke shouted at them saying that he lost fair and square and that Naruto was just better than him. Many of the young girls pouted at this and tried to say something else if it wasn't for a stern look by Sasuke.

After that the academy finished it's day and the students went their own way.

Sakura was walking back to her home. The girls mind was a maelstrom. Just how did Naruto do and know all those things? It's as if someone or something implanted their memories into him.

Maybe she could ask her parents on what they knew on the Rippled eyes. Parents were always the first choice when it came to questions.

And when she arrived home. She found her parents squabbling as usual. And when time passed when their argument was over it was about dinner and Sakura had the perfect opportunity.

"Hey Tou-san, Kaa-chan." spoke Sakura gaining Mebuki and Kizashi's attention. "Have you ever heard of a third Dōjutsu? One with a ripple pattern?"

Kizashi and Mebuki were pleasantly surprised by that. It wasn't the type of question someone like Sakura would ask unless she was extremely curious.

Kizashi rubbed his chin in thought as he tried to recall any information. 'a third dōjutsu, I think I remember someone mentioning it a long time ago now what was it called.'

Mebuki bit her nail in thought. Like Kizashi she was also trying to recall some information on the third eye. 'an eye with a ripple pattern, I swear I have heard of something like that somewhere but a ripple pattern.'

Realisation hit them both as they remembered that specific eye.

"The Rinnegan." spoke both of them at the same time. Sakura raised her eyebrows at what her parents said.

"Yeah it is the Rinnegan, Sakura, but it's nothing more than a myth, a fairy tail that parents tell their children. There are only two Dōjutsu not three." spoke Mebuki as she denied the existence of the most powerful eye.

"I think I remember my father telling me about the Rinnegan in some bed time story when I was a boy." said Kizashi. "You should think nothing of it sweetheart, it's a myth and will always be a myth. Now it's getting late you should go to bed."

Sakura nodded a little downcast and in denial.

'I know what I saw, that was definitely the Rinnegan, it matched their description, but they said the Rinnegan was a myth and every other story about the eye have said the same thing, so how does Naruto have it?' thought Sakura as she pondered over her thoughts on the attack a few weeks ago.

She later went to bed where she succumbed to sleep dreaming about the eyes a certain blonde had.

Somewhere else two people were practicing their taijutsu with a friendly spar. These people were Itachi and Naruto.

When the two arrived at the mansion Itachi was fuelled with rage that Naruto was so reckless and gave him a massive scolding on to be more careful around others with the Rinnegan.

But Itachi also wondered how Naruto was able to do the things he did today. But he stored that in the back of his mind.

"Naruto..." spoke Itachi ensnaring Naruto's attention. "There is a place I want to take you."

"Really, where is it." queried Naruto.

"It's a secret meting place of the Uchiha clan... one that holds secrets only our eyes can see." continued Itachi. "We'll leave in five minutes."

Dusk had crept over the village hidden in the leaves. The only light that pierced the darkness was the moon radiating over the world in a warm embrace. The wind blew the tree leaves softly as if they were feathers and the leaves danced in the wind with such elegance that they made swans jealous.

The silence of the night was heard throughout the village. No sound was heard nor will anything break the silence.

Itachi Uchiha was currently running along the roofs of the village. His steps made no sound like a cat hunting a mouse.

Upon the Uchiha heir's back was the Uzumaki heir Naruto. The two had swept across the village through the streets from the Uzumaki's mansion in the night so to reduce the chances of being seen. Their goal and destination was at a secret location known only to the Uchiha clan. A shrine built by the Uchiha for the Uchiha.

The Naka Shrine.

Not much was known about the shrine but it was built by the Uchiha's earliest ancestor's in the village. However within the shrine itself was a relic that only few can read. Written by an entity long forgotten, the relic had secrets and obscure texts that only Dōjutsu users could read. And even then, their eyes could only reveal so much.

The two conspirators arrived at their destination and walked into the sacred place without qualm.

They walked into the main hall where they approached the seventh tatami mat on the far right. Where Itachi chanted a password allowing access into the the rest of the shrine.

As Naruto and Itachi walked down the stairs leading to the relic. Naruto could feel unease in the air around him. The place was creepy in his opinion.

And there standing before Naruto and Itachi. Was a tablet with an unknown dialect transcribed on the artefact.

"Ok Naruto-kun I need you to activate your Rinnegan and see if you can read what is on that tablet." ordered Itachi who had yet to take his eyes of the relic.

The blonde nodded at what his older brother figure said and activated the most exalted Dōjutsu the world had ever known. The concentric rings sprouted from the pupil and the metallic purple washed away the blue and white.

The gibberish on the tablet was being traded in for words. And Naruto could understand every word as if he was reading a book.

The contents on the tablet felt like they were directly out of a book.

"Can you read it Naruto-kun?" questioned Itachi.

"Every word." stated Naruto as his eyes flickered from each line to another.

'In a era of endless wars, there was a tree, known as the Shinju (god tree) it was the progenitor of all life and power in the world, the tree was worshipped as a god for the mighty it had over life itself, the tree itself was a sapient being and it watched all the wars transpiring around it, however the tree had little quarrel over the wars and did not involve itself. One day the Shinju bore a fruit that only appeared once every millenium.' recited Naruto as he red over each word with his Rinnegan.

'This fruit like the deity tree was worshipped as a demi-god and held the tree's power within itself therefore it was forbidden to devour the fruit of the sacred tree. However one person decided to dismiss the forbidden law and ate the fruit of the tree. A Princess known as Kaguya Ōtsutsuki. She believed that by attaining powers far above the realm of godhood would end all wars that were plaguing her era.' continued Naruto, he thought this Kaguya Ōtsutsuki was extremely arrogant for doing such a thing.

'With the power, far above a gods, Kaguya ended any and all wars and quickly crushed any that seemed to be sprouting. This power would later become known as chakra.' Naruto gasped. The power every being had originated from her, well it was more to say that it was wielded first by her. 'Kaguya would later fall pregnant and she gave birth to a child, a boy born with the same powers as her and more. And she named him Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki. I was that child. I am Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki.' so many emotions were going through Naruto. First of all the writer of the tablet was the princess's son. How old is the Uchiha clan? If they had 'this' (tablet) locked in their basement.

'However since the Shinju had it's own consciousness and enraged that the arrogant princess ate it's seed, underwent a metamorphosis. It's appearance and power mirrored it's rage over the theft of it's might and became that which many would christen it as the 'jūbi (ten tails)' with it's new form the Jūbi was determined to reclaim it's lost strength which was taken from it, the Jūbi itself also went by many names 'Ame no Hitotsu no kami' (One-eyed god), Datara and Deidarabotchi were among the few.' Naruto was scared of this beast and it basically was a giant pissed off tree. He wondered if the Jūbi and any connection to the kyūbi and the other Bijū.

'The Jūbi rampaged across the land it created countries, swallowed oceans with it's maw, split the land and earth with it's clap, upon it's back carried mountains, it's breath splintered tore through armies and plagued the air with fear and severed the sky with it's roar and it's footsteps created earthquakes, tsunami's and hurricanes on a scale not thought possible, the world heaved with it's torment, it's kingdoms quaked beneath it's rage, it's hatred seeped into the hearts of all living things and everything burned beneath the shadow of it's tails and it's chakra alone immersed the world in despair and brought destruction to the upon anything that existed.' ok next time Naruto would be more conscious about how he treated trees in the future if this single tree was able to do everything written on the tablet.

'Seeing the the imminent reduction of existence itself, I stood before the beast, the first person born with the Shinju's power. The gifts my mother and the tree would ensure the worlds survival, so I fought the beast in single combat with the power of my chakra and the mastery of my eyes, the Rinnegan, after an arduous and vigorous battle that literally tore the earth apart beneath our power, did I strike down the beast. However I couldn't kill it, the Shinju is connected to nature as is nature connected to it, therefore it was immortal. I instead sealed the beast within my body becoming a human sacrifice to prevent the world from being turned into nothing. And my already cataclysmic powers soared to new heights under the influence of the Jūbi.' Now Naruto didn't have anything to fear.

'Because I was born with chakra flowing through my body was I able to understand chakra and unravel it's mysteries. I an effort to bring peace to this world, in a way my mother did not. I created a religion and ideals that people could aspire to and believe in. I brought knowledge and understanding to the people of my era where they called my religion the Ninshū. My great virtue in defeating the Jūbi and bringing about peace in a way that no wars were required to end it and with my power and the power of Datara did the peoples of my age worship me as a god. And they called me the Kono yo no Kyūseishu (saviour of this world). Although they more commonly called me the Sage of the Six Paths. Which in my opinion had a better ring to it.' Naruto chuckled a little and he could feel nothing but gratefulness to the Sage, because it was because of him that everywhere Naruto looked was existing because of Hagoromo.

'But Datara's reign of terror would rise again someday. I knew that even with my power that I was still human, mortal, that I could die like any other human. Upon my death, Deidarabotchi would be released and no one in my time or this world could stop it. So I performed three actions to ensure that it's revival would not be brought about. And those actions would forever change the fate of our world. Near my end of days I took the Jūbi's chakra and split into into nine constructs each with their own identity, characteristics and name. I dubbed these constructs the Bijū for each had a different number of tails. The second action I took was more difficult, in my life I fell in love for someone who didn't see me for my power but as my own person and she sired me two sons who I loved greatly, I gathered my sons and asked them a question, I asked on which way would true peace be brought about, my older son who was born with my 'eyes', spiritual power and and chakra answered that power was the only way to ensure peace, but his peace was not the peace I had envisioned for he was talking about peace between nations and from war, while my younger son who was born with my 'body' physical energy and life force spoke about how love was the true way, seeing as how my younger sons ideals and beliefs matched my own and knowing the disappointment it would bring to my oldest, I chose my younger son as my successor and his sons and daughters would follow his ideals, despite the protest from my oldest.' Naruto was right the Jūbi was connected to the other Bijū and he couldn't fault the Sage for choosing since he would have chosen the younger son also.

'But the third action I took, was the largest factor. Upon my deathbed I received a vision. A vision of the future. Where I saw someone that would bring about a change to the world, this person would be guided by younger sons ideals and a descendent of my oldest who had broken away from his curse. He would bring about the things I nor my mother were able to do, a balance to all things. I told my creations the Bijū that they would also assist this person in some way and even with all the precautions in place, that they would return to their original form yet not as they originally were and that this person would lead them on the right path and show them what true power is. That person is you Naruto.' Naruto had to hold back the gasp, somehow the Sage of the Six Paths new about him.

'I saw you, I saw you, your life, I saw it all. That even though you possess the Rinnegan, it is merely a tool to help you achieve what myself, my mother and my youngest son, your ancestor all failed to do... I will not explain what you shall do, but I will guide you in the best way I can. For you have something that I never had. You will experience hardships, you will know anger, sorrow, fear and despair and above all you will feel hatred. But I know you will overcome those for you are my sword and my staff but above all I know you can bring about what I could not.' Naruto could feel tears gathering in his eyes and his lip quivered a little.

'Because I believe in you.'

And the wall which was Naruto's tears broke, they were silent tears there were no sobs, no shriekds of sadness. These were tears of happiness and love. Someone believed in him. He acknowledged him. Happiness isn't the correct word to describe what he was feeling.

He felt a hand on his left shoulder and looked towards Itachi who was smiling softly at him. Naruto brushed his tears away and smiled his foxy grin. He turned his eyes back to the tablet

It then moved on to the secrets of the Uchiha clan. It didn't bother him since he wasn't part of the clan. But it also had the knowledge of the Rinnegan and it's abilities. He was about to say something to Itachi when the Uchiha said something else.

"Don't tell me anything." spoke Itachi from beside Naruto. The Rinnegan wielder turned to Itachi. "Whatever was written on this tablet was for your eyes and your eyes only." continued Itachi. He patted Naruto on the head.

"This tablet has knowledge on the Rinnegan from powers to abilities. So it would be good to write it down." squeaked Naruto as he finished drying his eyes. Itachi nodded and took out a blank sheet of paper and some charcoal ANBU would use to plan out attacks on other shinobi. Naruto showed him where to sketch the paper and charcoal where the Rinnegan's abilities were recorded. And with that. Both parties left the Naka shrine with Naruto having a small smile all on the way back to his mansion.

Naruto said goodbye to his older brother figure and walked through his gates. But he stopped in his tracks when he felt something on his shoulder which almost felt like a hand gently touching him and reassuring him in a way that it didn't require words.

He smiled again knowing he would never be alone again.

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