The Return of the Sage.

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Family, Friends, Foxes

Milling about in the Village Hidden in the Leaves were the people. Going about their daily lives with little care for anything else. The smell of Spring in the air and the light of Summer illuminated the village with an angelic glow.

The children were playing their games as children do. Their innocence reverberated the area, the adults watching them were reminded of the purity of the children. Their parents watched with love and happiness as they laughed and smiled as they ran around the village pretending to be ninja. But that was their downside, none of them knew what shinobi were meant to do. They just believed that happiness and glory came with the job.

They were ignorant over the fact that many had fought and died and bled for the village. Others would say that was their duty others, that they were never meant to die.

Those were the thoughts of Hiruzen Sarutobi. A man that had lived through all that and more. Hiruzen was a man that ad many many mistakes and he himself felt that he was unworthy of being Hokage as there were just things he was incapable of doing. He had sent many shinobi's to their deaths during the shinobi world wars.

Their sacrifices still weighed heavily on his soul. He wished to spare any shinobi from death, but even he knew that such a thing was impossible. Death was predetermined before even birth. All living things were meant to die. Not even the greatest shinobi in the world could sway death such a thing was impossible. Those who were called 'Masters of Death' were named that not because of the death they caused but rather the inevitability and finality of such a thing. People who understood this were true Masters of Death.

But still Hiruzen could not help but teach the next generation of the villages will and it's ideals. Death was a lesson. A lesson for the next generation to inherit. The ideals left behind by death was something that would never truly die, so long as a single thought of the Will of Fire existed it could never be destroyed no matter how much hatred corrupted the world, because that is the Will of Fire.

So now Hiruzen was in his office tending to his duties as any Hokage should be doing, how he just wanted to leave his office and talk to young girls. Maybe he could use that transparency jutsu Jiraiya created to spy on girls. Maybe.

His thoughts then travelled to a certain individual who was like a grandson to the old Hokage. Naruto Uzumaki, the wielder of the Rinnegan, the fabled dōjutsu of the Sage of Six Paths. All the evidence was in front of him, right in his face, a part of him wanted to refuse to believe it, the other couldn't help but accept it.

Why did the blonde ball of energy, Naruto Uzumaki, possess the Rinnegan, a god like instrument itself. The irony of it was suffocating. Naruto wasn't the greatest student in the academy, nor was he a prodigy with great potential, he was a slacker, goof, loud, hyperactive and overall annoying. But the ripples manifested themselves in his eyes, did the Kyūbi have a role in it's appearance. Hiruzen doubted it as such a thing never happened with the Kyūbi's previous Jinchūriki, Kushina and Mito Uzumaki.

The Uzumaki clan. The Third was a little apprehensive of allowing Naruto full inheritance to his clans worldly items and possessions. The Uzumaki clan were infamous around the world as master Fūinjutsu users and their unbelievably strong bodies which made them perfect for housing the Kyūbi in their own beings.

Naruto himself despite not inheriting the common traits of the Uzumaki clan such as their red hair, his chakra basically screamed to the entire world that he was a member of that clan. His chakra had the raw density and power of the Uzumaki while it's signature was more akin to that of Minato's. Which felt like water flowing like a river.

Sarutobi after discovering that Naruto had the Rinnegan tried to study it as much as he possibly could from what little information his successor and predecessors had on the eye. All Sarutobi could muster was that Naruto could use all five nature transformations. However Hiruzen could also use all five nature transformations but his affinities were Fire and Earth, he trained himself thoroughly in the use of the other three. Lightning, Wind and Water.

However he theorised that unlike him Naruto's cold use the natures as if they were his own affinities and possibly combine them to exceed the the power of the Kekki Tōta such as Dust release that the Tsuchikage were able to perform.

But other than that the eye itself was a mystery. It was like smoke and mist in a maze, leading you to different ends and getting lost, that was what was happening to Hiruzen, his thoughts getting lost in smoke and mist. He wished that things could be easier for himself, by finding a book with the words 'Rinnegan instruction Manual' then everything would be ok and he would stop thinking and getting himself confused by it all.

He wondered briefly what his fellow Hokages would think of Naruto possessing the eyes of the Sage of Six Paths. Hashirama would most likely want to know be an inquisitive oaf and would pester Naruto on everything he knew about the Rinnegan. Tobirama would raise an eyebrow, question Naruto why he had the Rinnegan and would ask to report a detailed analysis of the eye. Minato would probably have a heart attack or faint, or would sputter around like a headless chicken.

Hizuzen thought, no believed that the Rinnegan was the most powerful kekki genkai in the entire world and the most powerful to ever exist. He believed that the powers of the Sharingan and the Wood Release had little power over the Rinnegan. From the vague texts and legends left behind by others, the Rinnegan had the potential to literally control life and death as if it were a pencil in one's hand.

Hiruzen feared if a child could control such power. But one thing he needed was faith in Naruto's will and Itachi's teachings.

In that moment Hiruzen felt a presence behind him that he knew to well. It was one of his greatest operatives, the agent that had been watching over Naruto.

"Itachi." spoke the wizened man with a small smile. Itachi walked past the mans desk to face his Hokage directly.

"Sandaime-sama." said Itachi with with cold emotion something of which the young Uchiha heir was noted for. Itachi had decided to come to the Sandime regarding something of importance and now he would have the chance before he would go visit Naruto and help him train in the use of the Rinnegan.

"What is it that you need?" spoke the Hokage as he stuck his pipe in his mouth and alit the pipe with flame from a match allowing the tobacco ti seep through him.

"I wish to discuss something of importance and I wanted to ask your permission before I do." simply stated Itachi which made Hiruzen quirk an eyebrow at the youth.

"What is it Itachi? Despite your blank face I can see a hint of anger within you." said Hiruzen carefully trying to deduce what Itachi would say.

"I wish to tell Naruto of his family... and the fox that resides within his body." said Itachi a little hastily. That sentence made Hiruzen pause. Of course Itachi would ask such a thing from him. He wants Naruto to know his heritage as the son of the fourth Hokage since the blonde was already aware that Kushina was his mother since the Sandaime himself told Naruto of his mother. But the father was something Hiruzen intended to hide.

It was bad enough that Naruto was a near mini-Minato when it came to appearance with his sun-blonde hair and ocean-blue eyes. If Kumo and Iwa were to discover Minato's son was not only alive but vulnerable then the drive for revenge would be great, and the bloodlust greater. If such a thing were to happen Ōnoki would be screaming to the heaven's for Naruto's head on his desk as a spit to the face of the now late Yondaime Hokage.

Hiruzen would never allow that to happen, ever and especially to a child. He wanted to tell Naruto and he also wanted to blurt it out to the whole world. But he just couldn't, Naruto's safety came before anything else.

"Absolutely not. Naruto must never know who his father is until he is strong enough to defend himself. And you will also not inform him of the Kyūbi no Yōko for any reason as it may back fire and cause him psychological pain. These aren't requests Itachi, they're orders." Spoke the Sandaime harshly intent on not letting Itachi having his way with vital information.

"Orders I disagree with." spoke Itachi calmly staring at his Hkage without even a shred of fear. Hiruzen narrowed his eyes a little in anger trying to understand the Uchiha heir in front of him.

"No matter the order, you are a shinobi of Konoha an order from your Hokage is absolute, do I make myself clear?" questioned Hiruzen the look in his eyes becoming more dangerous.

"I have ears, I heard every word in perfect detail but..." said Itachi continuing with his reasoning that Naruto should know who his family is and what he was also. "Despite being Hokage you lack something important for being a true leader... the foresight of the consequences of your actions and choices."

"Excuse me!?" spoke Sarutobi with his voiced raised obviously angered by the choice of words.

"You have ears too, since you heard what I just said. You are unable to see the longterm consequences of your actions such as when you prohibited the village from even whispering about the Kyūbi. However in the longterm you did not foresee the villagers, although not speaking about the Kyūbi but rather passing on their beliefs to their children which in turn made Naruto a social outcast among the children of his age group, I have even seen parents approve of their children bullying him and making his life difficult. Words and actions are two different things you may have made a law for words but the actions you cannot undo." spoke Itachi with the wisdom of a Hokage even greater than Sarutobi. "Also, if Naruto doesn't know what he is, he will grow to hate the village, not now but in the future, if you see with your eyes, all the hatred aimed at Naruto, actions that doesn't require words. If he doesn't know the cause of the hatred than Naruto will hate the village without cause also, he will feel no amount of loyalty to the village and could possibly abandon the village all together. And coupled on with the fact that if he doesn't know who the Yondaime Hokage truly is to him than even if he knows he's a Jinchūriki he will despise the Yondaime and the same thing could happen over again. A Hokage must have the foresight into all of his actions before he even puts his plans into fruition. And even now, you don't know the amount of cruelty your choice has wrought on Naruto."

Hiruzen's anger at the Uchiha in front of him increased with every word that came out of his mouth. Without words even being required Itachi disappeared in a puff of smoke signifying that Hiruzen was talking with a shadow clone the entire time.

But still the Hokage was also stubborn and he stuck by his choices in life although he did feel that there were times that he failed as a Hokage, like the times with Orochimaru and his inhumane experiments, the Third Great Shinobi World War, his sensei's the Nidaime Hokage's sacrifice, The Kyūbi no Yōko's attack on the village and Minato and Kushina's death as well as Naruto's upbringing. Hiruzen was a man of many regrets but he never let those regrets overcome him.

But he was still adamant of Naruto not knowing what he is or who his father is.

Back at the Uzumaki mansion. Itachi was sitting under a tree meditating over the Sandaime's refusal of the Uchiha revealing the most important facts about the blonde. Itachi sighed, the while conversation went exactly as planned, badly.

But Itachi was right about everything, it was unbelievably cruel not revealing the most well kept secrets surrounding the blonde Rinnegan wielder by the name of Naruto. Itachi would never wish anything upon the boy nor would he want to experience it himself. But he was always left in awe of Naruto's fortitude, he could take any hit and insult, be pushed to the ground and stomped on like dirt, but he would get back up and take it all again.

Most Jinchūriki don't have such things they either become emotionless, psychotic killers with no morals or hesitance and the hatred they feel for their villages grows with each sin hurled at them. But Naruto took it in stride, although they wounded him they couldn't scar him. That was one of the things Itachi admired about Naruto Uzumaki.

Under Itachi's guidance Naruto potential was already starting to soar. Although he didn't understand some things given the fact that nobody really wanted to teach him anything. But because of that Naruto was not the sharpest knife in the draw. But When he tried, to master what was taught to him, he wouldn't give up until he mastered it. And that determination would ensure he would get through the most trying of times.

And regarding the Rinnegan Itachi was right about the Nature Affinities. Unlike the Sandaime who had mastered all five transformations he only had affinities towards Fire and Earth but with the Rinnegan Naruto had affinities to all the natures and with enough skill and practice he could probably combine them to form jutsu greater than that of Kekki Genkai and Kekki Tōta. The Rinnegan was truly an instrument of salvation and a harbinger of destruction.

But right now Itachi was content at the pace the blonde was going at. Of course like great power he couldn't jut become godlike in a snap of one's fingers Naruto would have to train for something like that to happen.

So now Itachi was watching Naruto who was trying another of the jutsu associated with what was called the Deva Path. From what Naruto was able to decode from the Naka Shrines sacred tablet, the Deva path allowed Naruto to control repulsive and attractive forces as well as the manipulation of gravity itself one of the most powerful forces in the universe. If Naruto mastered the Deva Path well lets just say that the thought made 'the' Itachi Uchiha shudder.

Lined up on a small table were multiple empty cans which would be used for target practice for Naruto's path. What Itachi had discovered was that there was an interval to when Naruto could use a respective jutsu of the Deva path. Five seconds was the bare minimum and it wasn't a lot of time either.

Among the messages from the tablet to which Naruto decoded and then put into a book to which he called 'The Rinnegan Instruction Manual for Dummies' there were other paths to which he could use. There were about five other paths excluding the Deva path.

The Asura path which made use of mechanised armour and weaponry which Naruto could use in battle forming powerful weapons where the situation called for it as well as chakra oriented weapons for chaotic damage.

The Human path could allow the user to read the mind of any target by placing their hand on their head or their body allowing them to extract information but at cost of sucking out the users soul effectively killing them while it could extract any and all information no matter how well the secrets are guarded the effects would still be the same.

The Animal path which would allow Naruto to summon various creatures and animals to aid him in battle and it was a lot more versatile since the summoning required no blood sacrifice or handseals to summon the animals toward the user. And it's versatility would be useful as Naruto would be able to summon the animals filling many ways of defence and offence. It could also be used to summon other things as long as they had certain requirements.

The Naraka path granted Naruto two main abilities : Interrogation and Restoration. Which summoned a being known as the King of Hell. To interrogate a victim the user would apparently summon the King of Hell and would be judged how this happened Itachi was still unaware of but he knew that if they lied in front of the King of Hell the person would die or if they were telling the truth they would be spared although left exhausted afterward.

And it could heal others by apparently ingesting something into it's mouth and the person would be rejuvenated.

The final path, known as the Preta path which would allow Naruto absorb any and all types of chakra in any shape and or form. It served no purpose other than defence and it was powerful not only that it could also absorb peoples chakra and add them to their own chakra increasing their own levels of chakra as well as rejuvenating the body where even if the person is exhausted the will continue fighting so long as they get chakra.

The manual also made reference to an Outer Path but Naruto refused to tell Itachi of such a thing but the Uchiha understood, everyone requires aces up their sleeves.

The abilities granted by the Rinnegan were extraordinary and if Naruto trained in them to their maximum extent they were godlike. But right now they were focusing on a single path but the progress was slow but the chakra nature training was underway at a smooth pace. And Naruto's taijutsu was gaining effectiveness as well.

But back to the present with Itachi watching Naruto train.

"Banshō Ten'in (Heavenly Attraction of all Creation)!" Yelled Naruto trying to make the cans come towards him, but nothing happened.

"Banshō Ten'in!" Yelled Naruto and like before nothing happened, in fact the cans didn't even twitch. Gaining a tickmark and face faulting at the same time while gritting his teeth in agitation at the results of his practice.

"Banshō Ten'in! Banshō Ten'in! Banshō Ten'in! Banshō Ten'in! Banshō Ten'in!" shouted Naruto as he kept saying and repeating the jusu name but nothing like before happened, Naruto was so angry that it got to the point that Naruto stating stomping on the ground like spoilt.

Itachi lets just say he was amused by the scene, amused by it so much that he let out a chuckle which made Naruto's ear twitch and his face to adopt even more anger. Why was he training like this? Why train in something that doesn't work?

And now he had to listen to his older-brother figure snicker like an idiot at his impatience. Why couldn't things be easier for him? Why can't he use the jutsu properly? Ah all this thinking was making him dizzy.

He heard Itachi walking over and seeing the opportunity for revenge for Itachi snickering at him he decided to take it.

When Itachi was close enough Naruto cocked back his leg and swung it at Itachi's only weakness. Hitting it's mark in-between his legs.

The two boys didn't say anything other than stare at each other however some steam was smouldering from the point of impact. Itachi showed no signs of visible pain but it was every man's weakness so he 'must' be in pain.

"That was for laughing at me!" yelled Naruto as he removed his leg. Itachi noted that Naruto's temper could possibly get him in trouble some day. However Itachi reigned himself in and proceeded to inform Naruto on what he was about to say.

"I think I know why the jutsu you were using isn't working." spoke Itachi which made Naruto widen his eyes at him.

"REALLY!" yelled the boy in glee at the prospect of learning the jutsu correctly. Itachi smiled slightly at the enthusiasm of the blonde the blonde got as giddy as a child on Christmas, that was another thing that Itachi noted was that Naruto was a perfectionist, he wouldn't stop learning something until he completely mastered it. The young Uchiha also noted Naruto's personality was almost identical to that of Kushina Uzumaki a friend of Itachi's mother.

Get over the memories of the vibrant red-head Itachi decided to continue training Itachi.

"Naruto what are you thinking of when you perform that jutsu?" questioned Itachi which made Naruto scratch his head in thought at the question. What was he thinking of?

"Well, it's the Deva path so I was thinking of pushing." spoke Naruto in a confused state with his eyes squinted at the thought of the question. Itachi sighed at that, he was actually expecting that answer honestly.

"In the Rinnegan manual it says that the Banshō Ten'in is pulling items and people toward you and catching them off guard." said Itachi matter-of-factly. Which made Naruto face-fault at the answer. "You think of pushing when you use the jutsu but in actuality it's pulling you should be thinking of. Try again." spoke Itachi as he went to go nap under the tree again.

Naruto just stared at Itachi's retreating back with confused squinted eyes.

"Alright, pull not push." whispered Naruto to himself as he faced the cans again. He brougt his hand up again and aimed it at the cans. 'Pull not push.'

Naruto with his Rinnegan active stared at the cans his ripple pattern almost mesmerising.

"Banshō Ten'in!" yelled Naruto as the cans in the row came flying towards him at break neck speeds. But what he didn't count on was all the cans hitting him in the face at roughly the same time which launched his small body back and his face to skid across the ground and to develop a nose bleed wit his eyes wide and white.

Itachi chuckled at the sight as there was a large red marks in the shape of cans all over Naruto's face and a trail of saliva was leaking from the corners of his mouth. The Uchiha wasn't sure if Naruto was knocked out or dead but he was sure it was the former.

Itachi walked up to the unconscious blonde and hefted the boy up and laid him on the Uchiha's back now carrying him piggyback. Itachi smiled as the now sleeping blonde was undisturbed by the sudden movement. Itachi walked back into Naruto's mansion where the Sharingan wielder walked into the blue eyed boys room and laid him down gently upon his soft bed where Itachi tucked him in as if he was a fragile toy.

Itachi wouldn't lie to himself if he said he didn't care about Naruto. In fact he loved the child as if he was a second Sasuke. Although he that no matter what happened in the future and no matter the tragedies that would scar him, he just hoped that the blonde never changed.

But he was still young, so he had time when something happened to him. Whatever it would be Itachi just got the feeling that it would be debilitating to the blonde. As a shinobi Naruto would have to be forced to do things he would question and not agree with. But thr for the good of the village he would have to follow his leaders orders.

He would have to sacrifice many things as a shinobi as it was required of him. Itachi decided to leave for now and return later when Naruto awoke from his rest.

At the Konoha library Sakura Haruno was picking books of the shelves until she was carrying a complete tower of of books of various topics and authors but the one thing they had in common was each had at least one mention of the Rinnegan.

She had learned from her parents the name of the fabled Dōjutsu straight from legend. Sakura knew nothing about the Rinnegan aside from it's appearance which was a metallic purple colour with black rings resembling ripples surrounding the pupil and that it was the most powerful dōjutsu in the world easily overpowering the Sharingan and Byakugan, well at least thats what the stories said.

She had asked the kind librarian on what knowledge she had on the Rinnegan whoever the librarian had dejected her by saying the Samsara eye was merely a myth. But Sakura knew what she saw, Naruto Uzumaki definitely had the Rinnegan, it wasn't a lens flare nor was it her imagination she knew what she saw and it was the Rinnegan.

However she was afraid of asking the source aka. Naruto Uzumaki. She didn't have the courage to face him. But she needed to know he mind thirsted for knowledge on what the Rinnegan offered. So she opened the first book she had chosen from the library.

'Shinobi clans and Kekki Genkai.' She had chosen that book because she believed that the Rinnegan was a Kekki Genkai so therefore it must have been found in the Uzumaki clan. She flipped through the pages on the shinobi clans such as the Hōzuki clan and the Kaguya clan until she found the Uzumaki clan.

However, the information she was looking for was not in the book there is no recorded knowledge of the Uzumaki clan having a Kekki Genkai the only thing close to that was their strong bodies, chakra and life force which was almost akin to a Kekki Genkai. But there was also information that the Uzumaki were distant blood relatives of the Senju clan.

So she flipped over the pages to the Senju clan but she received the same thing. The only ability of the Senju which was near considered a kekki genkai was the Shodaime Hokage's, Hashirama Senju's Wood Release.

But it had no connection to the Rinnegan in any way so she decided to research the only shinobi clans that had Dōjutsu. The Uchiha and Hyūga clan.

First she studied the Uchiha clan, their past and their abilities. However all there was, was Sharingan this, Sharingan that. There was no mention of the Rinnegan only the Byakugan which many believed that the two Dōjutsu were connected to each other.

And she found the same thing in the Hyūga clan some said that both kekki genkai were connected to each other.

Whatever she was looking for it wouldn't be located in the shinobi clan section.

So instead she turned to a book on Kekki Genkai. And travelled towards the Dōjutsu section. But there were only two which were of course the Sharingan and Byakugan. However, there was atleast one mention of the Rinnegan. With her eyes glued to the book she read every word and there was only one mention of someone having the Rinnegan. The Sage of the Six Paths.

Knowing where she needed to go next Sakura went to look for a book on legendary shinobi figures. She went t a certain sectoin of the library and looked for the book but she couldn't find it. She then felt the presence of the librarian behind her.

"Hello sweety, are you looking for a certain book?" asked the kind librarian. To which Sakura nodded and smiled at the kind woman. "Well which book are you looking for?"

"Famous shinobi's and kunoichi's." answered Sakura innocently with a smile. The librarian reached up and plucked a book from one of the shelves and read the cover before handing it to Sakura who ran off to a secluded section of the library.

When Sakura opened the book she saw many people with photo's of said shinobi's and kunoichi's. Such as Tsunade Senju, her grandfather Hashirama Senju, The First Kages of the shinobi villages, the rest of the Sannin, Jiraiya and Orochimaru, Sakumo Hatake and his son Kakashi Hatake, Hiruzen Sarutobi which had a picture of him when he was younger, The Yondaime Raikage, and the Third Tsuchikage, Madara Uchiha and his brother Izuna Uchiha along with Tobirama Senju the Nidaime Hokage, Chiyo and her grandson Sasori, Kakazu and Deidara. There were so many shinobi's that it was hard to remember them all but Sakura found the one person among them that she was actually interested in.

The Sage of the Six Paths. Sakura inspected the only image on the near mythical figure (near mythical since the Rinnegan proved he existed). You couldn't really see the mans face since he was just a silhouette but there were noticeable features. Such as he had spiky hair with two distinctive parts of his hair spiking up resembling horns or rabbit ears. He carried around a Shakūjo and wore a coat but in plain sight was what she was looking for. The Rinnegan, in his sockets and he had a necklace with six red magatama. Other than that nothing gave away his appearance.

She then read about his history where it said he was a monk, a priest who sought peace in all things and would later invent the Ninshū to the world where peace was attained through his religion, apparently today's modern depiction of Ninshū is ninjutsu. And that he had the Rinnegan, the strongest of the Dōjutsu and that it allowed the sage to master all forms of ninjutsu. Also nothing else was known about the Sage other than it simply mentioned that he defeated a great monster that threatened the world. To Sakura it did sound like he was a myth but she had all the proof, she did indeed have proof that he was real.

But there was one more excerpt in the text that if the Rinnegan were to ever surface again that person would be a saviour that would end all evil and bring nothing but goodness and peace to the world. Or he would be a harbinger that would hasten the grip of hatred and evil on the world and would bring about the end days.

Sakura to be honest preferred the former option. But from the text she knew at least one thing. Naruto would either be the saviour or the destroyer that is foretold to come. Though whichever one he was, that, was what she was frightened of.

She turned the page to see a woman with flaming red hair with a round face and violet eyes. However Sakura was taken back by the sheer beauty the woman had and her face had this softness to her that she had never seen, not even to her own mother. She even rivalled maybe even surpassed Tsunade in beauty, a woman who's said to have no equal in looks alone.

Sakura read the page and what she discovered shocked her. Her name was Kushina Uzumaki, 'was' since she died the night of the Kyūbi. But it was her last name that struck Sakura with surprise. Uzumaki, like Naruto Uzumaki.

Could the two be connected somehow, now that Sakura looked at her, there were similarities between the two such as the shape of their eyes and face. But other than that, there was little to no resemblance. Her curiosity was peaked, could Kushina be Naruto's mother, since they shared the same last name the pinkette knew that they were connected in someway. But the question, how were they related? Were they cousins or was she his aunt or something. She needed to know more.

She closed the book and placed it back where it belonged and later went to a book containing a list of all recorded shinobi in the village. There were many, and given that Kushina died during the Kyūbi attack she would have to trace back the woman to at least seven years ago, so she flipped through the pages trying to find someone with red hair, which wasn't common in their village to begin with. Her craving for the truth and answers was her main driving force in trying to uncover the secrets of the Rinnegan.

And there she found the page on Kushina Uzumaki, all it said was regarding family was that they died when her home village Uzushiogakure was destroyed by invading forces who feared the prowess of the Uzumaki. However, funnily enough, it did make mention that around the time of the Kyūbi attack she was at the time, with child, there was no mention of the child or the father after that, almost as if the knowledge of the child was erased forever.

This was so frustrating for the girl, since whenever she thought she had discovered something only more questions would pop up in her face, why couldn't things ever be simple, but no, it was do this, to get that while also doing those and one you've done that you will get what you want, to many things at once.

She closed the book and put it back where it belonged, however there was still one person that Sakura had not read up on, someone who bore an uncanny resemblance to a Rinnegan wielding blonde.

She later went back to reading the book on famous shinobi's where she passed by the page on the Sage of the Six Paths, and thats where she found it, the picture of the greatest hero of the Hidden Leaf Village. Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage, a man whose powers and talents were so legendary that it earned him the moniker of Kiroii Senkō (yellow flash), and because of his efforts in the war and his popularity and charisma made him a perfect candidate for Hokage once the Third had stepped down from his post.

Now that she looked at the Yondaime, the resemblance was easily distinguishable. From the golden blonde hair and the ocean blue eyes as well as their similar skin tones. However, this didn't confirm anything other than that Naruto and the Yondaime were somehow related, as sometimes nephews and nieces and grandchildren could look more like their other family members than their own parents.

The only way that could confirm her theories of the Rinnegan and Naruto's relations was to confront the boy himself and demand answers from him, of course she had predicted that Naruto was going to deny everything she said. She had a fiery determination and stubbornness that rivalled only a few.

She couldn't go to the Sandaime Hokage about this as it would cause more trouble and she felt like she was already violating some classified village secret that was far too dangerous to even reveal.

And she would also have to avoid the ANBU members that were guarding him, she felt like that something as important as the Rinnegan would need protection and conditioning to hide and control it. But she was determined to crawl into every nook and cranny that was Naruto Uzumaki.

He opened his blue eyes wearily, his surroundings were unknown to him, did he recognise this place? Or was it just a mystery to him as everything else. His head hurt slightly almost as if something smashed into it, it was throbbing slightly irritating the groggy child, he could hear nothing, but the wind scraping against the land outside and the symphony of the cherry blossoms dancing upon the wind like performers on a stage, the air around him was soothing it's euphoric smell enchanting his lungs and almost putting him to sleep, like a mother singing a lullaby.

His vision coming back to him, he could see a shadow, standing over him, like a crow perched on a branch, watching him with darkness swallowing eyes and hair that could rival night. The shadow was almost like a gargoyle warding away evil.

His sight became less blurry and he was now able to make out the form of his guardian, Itachi Uchiha. He was watching over with wit ha soft and protective gaze and a small smile, possibly finding solace from watching the blonde sleep.

"Itachi-nii-san." said Naruto getting up from his sleeping position and rubbing his tired eyes, everything was now less of a blur and was more clear to him. "Please tell me you have a good reason for being in my room?" queried Naruto as his messy hair was even messier because of his bed head.

"Well, at least you haven't lost your sense of humour." replied Itachi with a smile finding what Naruto said funny.

"So yeah, why are you in my room?" questioned the blonde as he sat himself and crossed his legs. "Are we going to be training some more, I'm gonna master the Deva path today, I know it. But anyway, how did end up in here when all I remember was training with you?"

"You used Banshō Ten'in on some ans and one smacked you in the face and knocked you out, which was pretty pathetic." spoke Itachi casually, which was rarely seen from the Uchiha heir, the black head then saw Naruto sulk in self-pity at being knocked by a can, nit a punch but a can. I mean really, how can you knock yourself out with a can? "I carried you to your room, you've been sleeping for three hours now and it's three in the afternoon. Plenty of time for more training." said Itachi, but there was still something on his mind, something which he wanted to tell the blonde, but did he have the nerve to defy the Sandaime? Would he be able to tell Naruto of his true heritage of his village ties.

The blonde deserved to know, Itachi had to tell him not only for Naruto's protection but also the village's protection, if Naruto ever mastered the Rinnegan then he would be able to destroy the village and wipe it away from the face of the world and histroy itself, Itachi if he were to be honest with himself and those around him, he was afraid of Naruto's potential and power, the Rinnegan in itself was a force of nature that could level cities and take away lives for those who possess that eye can control the boundaries of life and death as if they were a child's playthings.

The power of the Sage of the Six paths was not somethig that should be abused.

"Naruto." said Itachi gaining said blonde's attention. "I have to tell you something that regards you greatly. Something you may have mixed feelings about."

"Itachi, what is it?" said Naruto a little worried about what Itachi was talking about. What could his guardian be referring to? Was it a good enough reason for the mood to suddenly change and turn sour, this wasn't like Itachi, if he was happy about something you would only see a few signs on his face and body language. However, Itahci was taught to never show anything both on and off the battlefield, it was impossible to tell what the Uchiha was thinking but you could get a few subtle hints.

Naruto had never seen Itachi like this before however, it was unnerving and a little intimidating, given the fact that Itachi was one of the least intimidating figures in the world, appearance wise. But still the Sharingan it almost felt like you were staring into hell rather earth. And the Sharingan had certain powers that Rinnegan did not posses, such as predictive abilities.

"Naruto, what do you know of your family?" asked Itachi honestly, he wanted to know the full extent of Naruto's knowledge of his clan and his father, if he knew that Naruto was aware of his father then maybe there was little need to explain his father's actions of making him what he is. But still, it didn't hurt to know.

"I, only know of my mother, her name and her clan, my clan. And only the things jiji told me." said Naruto trying to find the answers to Itachi's question. All he knew was that the Uzumaki clan were masters of Fūinjutsu and that they had their own village that was closely connected in friendship to Konoha, they were exceptionally feared for their powerful bodies and chakra coupled with their immense life force which granted them unnatural longevity. The clans vilaleg Uzushio was destroyed by invading forces and the survivors scattered to the wind, he himself being born after it was destroyed.

He knew very little of his mother other than she had the characteristic red hair of the Uzumaki and that she loved him immensely. He knew little to nothing about his father other then he knocked his mother up, resulting Naruto.

Although Naruto had this sneaky thought that he inherited most of his father's features rather than his mother's.

"Wait do you know my father Itachi-nii-san?" said Naruto in shock and understanding making Itachi purse his lips a little. He was even surprised to find out that Naruto was able to deduce that fact from Itachi, although he still didn't know who his father was. But he would soon.

"Your father was one of the most gifted shinobi in the world, he was so powerful that no one today matches his prowess. It's because fo him, that we didn't lose the Third Shinobi World War, he saved your life the night of the Kyūbi attack." started Itachi informing Naruto on the basic knowledge of his father. "His name was Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage."

Naruto didn't make any facial expression nor did he move from his spot. He couldn't believe he just couldn't, he was the son of the greatest hero and shinobi Konoha has ever produced. The mn so powerful that he was able to face the Kyūbi all alone, with no help at all. His role model and hero, the Yondaime was his own father. He just couldn't believe it, but then ut came to him, his uncanny resemblance to the man, why it was kept secret from him.

Minato Namikaze, really was his father.

"I know you're shocked." said Itachi which made Naruto jolt. "I would be in your situation. But there's more I have to tell you. More about you that you still don't know or understand."

"When the Kyūbi attacked and no matter how powerful the Yondaime was, he couldn't kill the beast, Bijū, like the Kyūbi, are masses of foul chakra, given shape and form, you can't kill one, it's chakra would merely disperse and it would be revived later on." said Itachi making Naruto a little enthralled at what he was saying. "I order to stop it's rampage and save his village and you, your father did the only thing he could, seal the tailed beast within you. Making you a Jinchūriki."

And with those words, everything around Naruto seemed like it shattered like glass, it explained everything, why the civilians hated him, loathed him like poison. It was all because he housed a creature that took away their families and friends and loved ones. He knew why they looked at him with those eyes filled with nothing but hatred and malice, he was the Jinchūriki of the Kyūbi. So many emotions were spiralling around in his mind, he didn't know what ti make of this news. So instead he wept, tears trailing down his cheeks and his sobs were quite visible.

"Naruto, I can understand why you would be angry, but your father only had the best intentions, he didn't wish to force this burden upon you, but you were the only person he could trust with such a power, even if you never forgive him, just try to unders-." however he was cutoff and Naruto wiped away his tears.

"No, I'm happy, happy that my father is the Yondaime, and although I'm angry at him for sealing the Kyūbi within me, I understand why he did it, I don't hate him, and I don't hate the Kyūbi either, but thank you Itachi." said Naruto as he cried more and leapt into Itachi's arms and poured out even more tears, staining the ANBU members clothes and causing a smile to sprout on his face. "Thank you Itachi."

"There's no need to thank me, I don't need it, when I have you." said Itachi as his hold on Naruto tightened and both hugged there for a little while longer.

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