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Chapter 1

Beastboy was standing in his room looking at himself in the mirror.

"I'm sixteen years old and still look like a kid"

Sadly it was true, 5ft 5, hardly any muscle to him and lets not forget..he's completely green. Even Beastboy was realizing that the jokester personality is getting boring now and weighing him down. Every time there would be training he would complain and fail every time, looking like a fool.

Two days ago it was sparring time and yet again he' s against Robin. Robin kept choosing Beastboy to spar with saying it was so Beastboy can get a better "training session to unleash is full potential" but that was complete crap. He would only choose Beastboy because he knew that he'll mope the floor with him and look good in front of his girlfriend.

"Narcissist" Beastboy would mumble every time he was beaten in front of everyone, wiping the blood off his lip while everyone else would leave him in the training room all alone.

Beastboy carried on looking in the mirror angered by those memories.

"I'll show them..I'll train even more, yeah that's it i'll train instead of playing games all the time" He smiled at the thought.

"And then I'll start getting respect" Beastboy ran to the training room but as soon as he got there.

The all familiar red sirens rang.

"Titans trouble!" Robin's voice echoed though the tower.


Beastboy ran in the common room met by his teammates who were waiting for him

"What's the problem?" he asked

"Nice for you to actually get here on time" Raven replied in her familiar bland voice

Beastboy didn't even bother to notice her, there's more important things to worry about then someone giving you criticism when they don't even bother to smile

"Anyway" an irritated Robin spoke up "Cinderblock is causing trouble downtown, Titan's go!"

Cyborg, Beastboy and Raven were in the T-Car and Robin and Starfire were on the R-cycle

"Just wondering..why arn't me, Starfire and Raven flying there?" Beastboy asked

"Just focus on the mission Beastboy" Robin replied

When they got to the scene, everything was damaged, the ground cracked, cars flipped over and lots of civilians running around in fear

Cyborg was looking around and noticed something

"Where's Cinderblock?"

As soon as he said it Cinderblock screamed from the top of the pizza place that the Titans are very familiar with and then he jumped, planning on landing on the Titans

"Titans move!" Robin yelled as he dived out of range from the incoming impact, everybody followed Robin's direction and managed to avoid getting squashed by the concrete monster

"Using brute strength as always" Raven mocked

"Oh she can say something and not get yelled at, but me?..oh no that's not allowed" Beastboy mumbled to himself

Robin spoke up "Raven's got a point" the leader looked at the goth funny and she returned the favor

"..Wait a minute?" Beastboy continued to mumble to himself "Something isn't right about this" he choose to ignore it and carried on with the fight


Someone unrelated to the scene was walking down an alleyway heading to the street where the battle was taking place. The person didn't notice by the sound of it, they were carrying an acoustic guitar and humming what seemed to be the tune of Rock of ages by Def Leppard.

As soon as they reached the street that's when the light shown on them

It was a man, he looked to be in his mid thirties, had long brown hair past his shoulders and a full beard that was about neck length. By the look of his clothing..he seemed to be homeless. He was wearing a black T-shirt with a dirty dark brown trench coat that was ripped at the bottom so the coat didn't go past his knees, slightly ripped forest green camo combat trousers, a pair of black boots which the trousers was tucked into and a pair of black fingerless gloves with a black bandanna wrapped around his forehead with his hair going over.

"What the fuck is going on here?" he thought to himself as he slumped the guitar over his shoulder. He then noticed Beastboy dodging the fist flying at him by Cinderblock

"Kid's fast, this could get interesting" he then walking over toa water fountain and sat down with a perfect view of the fight which he was dangerously close too, he didn't seem to care, that he started strumming a tune with his guitar seemed to prove it


Starfire was flying above the fight firing star bolt at Cinderblock, she got a direct hit to the back of his head which made him fly forward into Beastboy who managed to just avoid the monster. Robin noticed this and wasn't happy.

"Go dammit Beastboy! Focus! You're suppose to be a hero not an idiot!"

"Fucking asshole" The hobo mumbled but was heard by Breastboy with the help of his super hearing, making him look over at the guitar playing homeless man

"Is he insane?!" Beastboy immediately ran over to him

Cyborg looked over "Beastboy what are you doing!? Get back to the fight!" Beastboy didn't listen though, he just carried on running over to this mysterious man

"Can I help you?" The hobo said

"Dude you need to get out of here, it's dangerous"

The hobo looked at him "Let me give you some advise kid"

Beastboy looked at him funny "..Uhh..ok?"

The hobo stopped playing his guitar and looked at Beastboy seriously

"One, never judge a book by its cover, for all you know you could be in more danger here than me, even with your powers. Two, always let the enemy strike first, the best offence is a good defence and third, never turn your back to the enemy. Never! You're going to learn the mistake now" He then point to something behind Beastboy making him turn around

"Oh shit" Beastboy said as soon as he saw Cinderblock charging at him. Beastboy then turned to look at the hobo again but he was gone, nowhere to be seen "Where did he go?!" Beastboy then quickly turned into a Rhino and charge at Cinderblock, not that it did much good. Cinderblock only caught him and threw Beastboy straight into Raven.

"You moron!" Raven shouted as she pushed Beastboy of her

"Look I'm sorry!" Beastboy shouted back

"I don't have time for this, I've got to actually help this team" Raven then flew off to continue fighting Cinderblock

"I'll show you!" Beastboy then turned into a cheetah and ran towards Cinderblock and as he got close enough he jumped a turned into a gorilla and grabbed a hold of Cinderblock and threw him into a building. He then changed back

"Oh yeah go Beastboy go Beastboy" he started doing a victory dance


The hobo was watching from the roof of the pizza place shaking his head with pity

"Rule number three kid...never turn your back to the enemy" The hobo knew this wasn't over and dread to think what was going to happen


"Beastboy stop dancing, you making yourself look stupid" Cyborg said with a hint of anger

"We don't know if he's defeated yet" Robin walked over towards the hole in the building "Hey where's Starfire?" Everyone looked around

"Starfire?" Robin said loudly

"Hey I'm getting a signal from her communicator" Cyborg then walked toward the direction the signal was coming from and then noticed something

"What's wrong?" Raven asked

Cyborg was standing at the entrance of the hole in the building "The signal leads in there"

Beastboy walked over "No way dude..that's where I threw.." he then stopped from the sound of footsteps..large footsteps

Cinderblock was walking out of the hole with an unconscious Starfire, his hand was wrapped around he neck, the titans were all in shock at the image that was in front of them. They were even more shocked when this happened

Cinderblock looked at Robin and for the first time..spoke "You can thank your Green friend, if it wasn't for him I would've of never caught this pretty little butterfly" he then looked at Beastboy "And you know what I do to butterfly's?"

Everyone remained silent and just stood there

Cinderblock then laughed silently "This" he then crushed Starfire's neck and dropped her on the ground, her body was lifeless

"NOOOOOOO!" Robin yelled and went straight to Starfire's body, the rest of the Titans did the same. Except for one..Beastboy.

He just stood there, looking at his teammates crying over Starfire's dead body. He then looked at Cinderblock walking away, he thought he should catch him but didn't, he didn't want to screw anything else up. He then started thinking about that homeless man..who was he", why was he there?

He came back into reality when a fist collided with his face. Beastboy landed straight on his back and saw Robin standing over him with a face full of Rage

"You...you're the reason she's dead!" Robin then started punching Beastboy in the face, luckily Beastboy managed to cover his head until Cyborg pulled Robin off him

Beastboy then stood up and spat th blood that was in his mouth on to the floor

"You're out" Robin then said and held out his hand "Give me your communicator now" Beastboy looked at him with shock.

"But dude? I didn't mean to-" Beastboy didn't finish his sentence because of Raven's powers throwing him into a wall

"Shut up" was all she said as she used her powers to grab Beastboy's communicator and hand it to Robin

Beastboy just led there, looking at his now former team

"You are no longer a member of the Teen Titans" Robin said with disgust and then walked over the his bike

"But..w..what do I do? Where do I go?!" Beastboy got up slowly because of the pain

Cyborg looked at him and got in the T-car and drove off, Raven used her powers to teleport her and Starfire's body to the tower

Robin drove up next to Beastboy "What you do is your problem but as the where you go" Robin then grabbed Beastboy by the collar "You can stay here in Jump City if you please..but if you come near the tower or any of us again..I'll kill you" Robin then drove off leaving a bloody, teary eyed Beastboy

"Poor kid" was all the hobo said as he disappeared into the slowly approaching darkness of the night


Beastboy was walking across the Jump City bridge away from Jump City, he wasn't bleeding anymore but was badly bruised, he then stopped and looked at the water under the bridge. Good thing he wasn't afraid of heights because it was one hell of a drop

"Hm..a fall like that could kill someone" he said to himself, he then looked at the tower which was in perfect view from the bridge and then he remember what Robin told him "If you come near the tower or any of us again..I'll kill you"

He then looked at the water again and gripped the rails of the walkway "I could use the help of that drop right now..quick..instent and I get the fly one last time" he looked at the tower again "I just won't be landing safely this time"

"Well well well..look what we have here boys" A rough low voice said

Beastboy turned around and looked at the 5 small time thugs standing in front of him, three hat baseball bats, one had a crowbar and the guy who seemed to be the leader was holding a knife

"What do you guys want?" Beastboy asked with no fear showing

The knife holder laughed "Well..your money and clothes with be a good start or we can just skip to your skin" he laughed again "A lot of people will pay good money for the green skin of Beastboy of the Teen Titans"

"I'm not a Titans anymore" Beastboy thought to himself

The knife holder got in Beastboy's face "What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?" All the thugs started laughing but stopped when they saw their leader fall to the ground. Beastboy punched him square in the nose

"Ah you son of a whore! you broke my nose, get him boys!"

All the thugs crowded Beastboy and started beating him with the weapons. Beastboy knew he didn't have a chance in his condition but he didn't care anymore, he had nothing to live for anymore. Beastboy was almost about to lose consciousness but then he heard a familiar voice

"Hey assholes!"

The thugs turned around to see their leader being held up by a hobo with a bloody knife, they then noticed that the leader had a slit throat. The hobo then dropped the body and the knife "Come on, let's see you find someone your own size" he then got into a fighting stance which was unfamiliar to the thugs and to Beastboy who was just able to fight the dizziness and watch

"Let's get him!" One of the thugs shouted and they all charged at the hobo

Beastboy didn't know what happened next, it was so fast. One second all the thugs are charging at that hobo then next thing you know they're all dead..in a matter of seconds.

He was then helped up by the Hobo and held on to the walkway rails, he then noticed the hobo laughing

"That's twice today I've seen you break the advice I gave you and get the shit beaten out of you because of it" He then lit what seemed to be a joint

Beastboy looked at him funny "Yeah hilarious..I also got kicked out of my team aswell if you didn't know?"

The hobo looked at the Tower "No I know you got kicked out..the answer now is What to do now?"

Beastboy looked at the tower with him "Fuck if I know" he then looked at the hobo "Who are you?"

The hobo looked at him back "Hm..I don't think you've earned the ability to know who I truly am...so let's just say my name is..Jeff" Jeff then held out his hand which Beastboy shook "My name is Beastboy"

Jeff then looked at him funny "Well not anymore seems that you're no longer a Titan, so what's your name?" he asked seriously

Beastboy looked at him "...Garfield Logan" Jeff then smiled "Garfield?..nice name" Beastboy then looked back at the tower "Pfft yeah right, it's a shitty name"

"Well you better start liking it because that's what I'm calling you" Jeff then picked up his guitar and started walking "Well hurry up! We got to get back to camp before we get hypothermia from this bastared cold"

Beastboy didn't follow him "What do you mean we?"

Jeff then sighed and looked at him "Well you're homeless, injured and from what I can tell, you don't know how to take responsibility, fight, survive, know what to do or where to go and you don' know how to protect people" Jeff then walked over to Garfield "But I do, you're no longer Beastboy of the Teen Titan's that life is over"

Garfield looked down at the floor "You are now Garfield the hobo..and my new student" Jeff then started to walk away with Garfield close behind

"What do you mean a student?!"

They carried on walking with Jeff in front "You have the ability to be a hero but you don't know how to use it, so you are going to start a new life as I train you as I was trained, you remember what I did to those thugs?" he looked back at Garfield as they carried on walking

Garfield nodded "Yes I remember"

"And that was without any powers, which is something you need to get use too because power are a last resort"

"Last resort? but all I've got is my powers!"

"You won't need them after I'm through with you" he then stopped and looked at Garfield "We also need to sort out your appearance, Beastboy's identity is dead and so is his body"

Garfield was shocked at what Jeff just said "Well dude, unless you can hack into the Tower's systems and grab my holograph ring you're stuck with little green me"

Jeff nodded "We'll grab that ring tomorrow and a set of clothes, just the one set and something of complete value to you"

"Just one set of clothes, well I better start getting use to being homeless" Beastboy thought to himself as they made it to the end of the bridge and started walking toward the Jump City outskirt forests

"So how does this training work?" Garfield said as he used the tree to climb up a steep hill in the middle of the forests

"You do what I say, train when I say, sleep when I say, wake up when I say and eat what I say" Jeff said as he helped Garfield to the stop of the hill

"Well with the eating thing, I'm a vegetarian so I can't eat meat"

Jeff turned around and looked at him seriously "Like I said..you'll eat what I say!" he then started walking again

"But Dude that's not fai-" he was cut off by a slap in the face

"You will also speak like an adult"

Garfield rubbed his cheek "Understood" Garfield would admit that this guy scared him and thought he was being unfair but..what else has he got left, nothing at all, he accepts that fact that things need to change

"Garfield I need to ask you a serious question" Jeff spoke up

"Ok what is it?"

"...Have you ever taken a life for a good cause?"

Garfield looked at Jeff "No I haven't, Robin said that it makes us no better than the criminals we fight" Garfield then stopped walking "But I have killed someone"

Jeff stopped walking and looked at him "..the redhead?"

Garfield looked at him "...yeah..and her name is Starfire!"

"Was* Starfire" Jeff walked up to him "You need to use that death as a strength, that's the secret, this Robin character doesn't know what he's talking about" Jeff then looked at the stars "Like that Batman, never killed any of the criminals and just kept sending them to jail where they would just break out and hurt more civilians but that's okay because he's not like them because he's never killed someone!" Jeff then spat on the floor "Fucking idiot, he would've saved 1000 of people by just killing those criminals but didn't because he doesn't know how to take responsibility"

Garfield was shocked, Batman was the greatest hero that ever lived in his eyes

"You'll understand to take a life to protect the people one day kid"

"I thought strength came for knowing when to spare a life then take one?" Garfield asked

"What asshole told you that?" Jeff said with a smirk

They then both carried on walking though the forest heading to Jeff's camp.

15 minutes past and they finally reached Jeff's camp, it seemed to have wood attached to the surrounding trees making a roof with no walls, a big fire pit, 2 couches, an amazing view of the ocean and Jump City and the tower and a metal fence with barbed wire surrounding the camp but stopped at the view-point leaving a giant space with nothing in the way of the view. It was still safe, no animals or people would be able to get it unless they can climb rocky side of the mountain where the fence gap was or climb through barbed wire.

Jeff pulled out a key from his pocket and opened the padlock that was keeping the fence door shut and they walked in

"It looks like a zombie apocalypse shelter" Garfield said to himself

"If you're wondering where you sleep" Jeff pointing to the dark blue couch and then went to sit on the black couch

"Do you have any blankets? ooor?"

Jeff looked at him and walked over to a tree, he then pulled a giant piece of bark from the tree which scared Garfield at first but then realised that it's a homemade safe with valuables that could get stolen hidden in there

Jeff then pulled out 2 thick blankets and 2 tins of mashed corn

"People are to stupid the look inside tree's for my things" Jeff said as he passed a blanket to Garfield and stomped his foot on the ground making the fire pit burst into flames creating a nice, big, warm fire. Jeff then put the tins of corn on a grill from a bbq and warmed them up for about 3 minutes

"I have a couple of questions"

Jeff looked at Garfield "Understandable" was his reply

Garfield sat down on his couch "Well first, how are you going to open those tins? and second..how did you cause that fire?!"

Jeff laughed in response "As for your first question" Out of nowhere Jeff slice the top of the cans off with a machete that must've been hiding in his coat the whole time "and second" he passed a can to Garfield "I'll tell you when you're ready"

They both just sat there eating their food looking at the amazing view of Jump City

"Maybe starting a new life won't be so bad" Garfield said to himself

"Oh before I forget, we also got to get some school books, I'm not spending all my time with someone who struggles to count to ten"

Garfield sighed "Shit" was all he said


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