Chapter 3

Jeff and Garfield just made it back to their camp. Garfield was still picking pieces of glass out of his hair, same with Jeff but more glass was in his beard.

"You grabbed me..and made me jump out of a window...20 stories of the ground" Garfield had no emotion in his voice, he wasn't surprised that it happened. He's known Jeff for at least two days now and come to conclusion that the guy is completely insane.

"Stop being a bitch, it's not like we broke our necks"

"I almost did! If it wasn't for you kicking me in midair I would have landed on my head and not my ass, which by the way still has no feeling in the left butt cheek"

Jeff sat down on the couch to watch the sunset "So in other words I saved you're life...and this is the thanks I get?"

Garfield's eyes went wide with anger and disbelief and started chewing on his knuckles to stop himself from hitting this guy

"Ever since I met life has been a living hell!" Garfield sat down on his couch

"Oh and your life was all peaches and cream before wasn't it If it wasn't for me you'd be dead now!"

Garfield remained silent. Jeff was right, he would be dead.

Jeff sighed "Look, I know the last couple of days hasn't been to best for you, I get that. I've been there but you can't just keep basking in your own self-pity and be constantly afraid of the world all the time! You need to learn to not give a fuck because you know what" Jeff pointed at the city which Garfield then stared at "The people out there and the people all over this state, all the way down to my brothers in Mexico, all across the country, all over the fucking world! does not care about people like us"

"People like us?"

Jeff looked at the sunset again "The outcasts...they have no idea who we are or what we're capable of. I proved to you that I have powers today didn't I? and it's safe to say I've been lucky enough in life to be able to train myself not to use them and you know what I don't need them...but I know I do."

Garfield remained silent and let Jeff carry on with his speech, truthfully he was really interested about what Jeff had to say

"The first time you saw me, playing away on my guitar watching you battle that cement thing, you thought I was just some weak bum didn't you?"

Jeff watched as Garfield nodded his head

"You didn't realise that you were in more danger than me, even your so-called 'team' has no idea how well people can hide away their true self" he started pacing back and forth slowly "I was there you know? When the monster you were battling carried the redhead out of the building by her neck...when all of you thought she was dead and the first thing that happened was you getting the blame by your all-powerful leader"

"All powerful asshole more like" Garfield mumbled to himself

""When your team left you there, all bloody and nowhere to go" He looked at Garfield "I was going to leave you...I was going to walk of the top of the building down the fire escape...and head back here"

Garfield just stared at him "He was what?"

"But I didn't. I remember stopping half way down that fire escape and I remembered the time I was sent to do Africa. I ran straight back up that escape and luckily you were still there, on your knees, staring and the damages caused by that battle and I followed you around all day. You reminded me so much of myself when I was your age..back when I was a complete idiot"


Jeff smirked and laughed a little "Sorry, anyway hours past and then we made it to the bridge. I climbed up the side of the bridge and just watched were giving off a very suicidal vibe and then those thugs came along and I had to make a decision, let the thugs have their way with you and I walk away and never think about the day again..or take you on as my pupil"

They started at each other

"I'm more than confident that you'll prove that I made the right decision" Jeff smiled at Garfield who smiled back

"Thanks...I won't let you down" Garfield then yawned

"Oh don't tell me my ramblings almost drove you to sleep?" They both laughed

"No it's just been a long day"

"Sure has, setting banks on fire, running through a city, hitting people over the head with a wine bottle, healing someone and jumping out of a window and not even having lunch...really takes it out of you, and it was all for a ring..which you haven't even put on yet!"

Garfield raised his hands in defence "Well sorry but I was busy jumping out of a fucking window!" he then sighed and put the ring on.

Garfield was wearing the civilian clothes he picked out but was not green anymore. His skin had a slight tan but wasn't that noticable, no elf ears or fangs and his hair was now blonde, he still had emerald eyes though, Jeff didn't want to admit it by the kid could attract any girl if he actually tried now. He could even give Jeff a run for his money. He was a little shocked at the difference, no one will actually know it's Beastboy. Jeff felt he could rest easy now, if you haven't guess he isn't really a man who doesn't have a lot of trust in the world and he doesn't want any fan girls for Beastboy on his patch of land.

" you only look slightly ugly"

"Oh fuck you"


Starfire was walking down the tower hallway that lead to the common room, she couldn't remember anything that happened after or even during the battle, she had no idea why she was in the medical room in her PJ's.

The common room doors opened and she was shocked at what she saw

"Cyborg!?" She ran over to check on her knocked out friend, she started shaking him slightly "Friend Cyborg why are you not awake?" she then noticed the smell of the wine on him "Have you been drinking the happy new year liquid we drank last year?" she asked sternly, casually forgetting he was out cold

"Hm what would friend Raven do? Oh I know!" Starfire raised her arm slightly and with more force then she planned she smacked Cyborg across his face, to which he awoke straight after

"OW! What the? Where am I?..Ow why does my head hurt?" he started rubbing his head not even noticing Starfire

"Friend Cyborg, have you been drinking because I have been injured?" Starfire playing her mother role as per usual

"Drinking? man I haven't been drin-" Cyborg stopped his sentence when he finally noticed Starfire sitting right next to him "Starfire you're awake?! and..completely..okay?"

"Yes I fell most well, why should I not be?" Starfire now felt really confused and Cyborg can guess why

"Star do you remember anything from that battle with Cinderblock?" Starfire gasped

"Huh! Cinderblock?! Is our friends okay?!" she went into a complete panic and Cyborg tried to calm her down

"Star Star Star calm down, that battle was 2 days ago, you got badly injured and have been in a coma, now let me do a quick scan" Cyborg scanned Starfire's body to see if there was still any temporary or permanent damage, the results shocked him"

"Star does your race heal quicker than humans or something?"

"Hm we are more resistant to damage but our healing speed is the same equivalent to your race"

"I hope that's not a black joke" Cyborg thought to himself "Well..either you're gifted or Raven's healing powers have become more powerful because my scanners say you're completely healed with no permanent damage which is remarkable seems that you were pretty banged up"

Starfire beamed with happiness "Oh this is most joyess, I bet our friends will be most pleased, I shall make my homelands feast of healing for us to celebrate"

Cyborg didn't like that idea very much "Hold up Star, I know you're healed and everything but you should still take it easy for a day or two, just to be safe" Cyborg was hoping that reason will work

Starfire nodded in response "Okay friend Cyborg but am I well enough to celebrate?" Starfire asked with a hint of sadness

"Of course we can get some pizza later"

They smiled at each other

"Oh wonderful! Our friends will be most pleased, tell me Cyborg where are our friends?"

Cyborg tried to remember "Hm I think there was trouble so Robin and Raven went to check it out and Beastboy" Cyborg stopped and looked at Starfire "Shit..she has no idea about.." Cyborg didn't know what to do. Starfire was never someone he would want to lie to but...he just couldn't tell her the truth about Beastboy. As much as it pained him, he had to do it

"Umm and Beastboy..uhh..has gone to visit the tribe he grew up with in Africa! He's going to be gone a while sadly" Yeah that's it...Africa.."

Starfire looked really upset "Oh no..I wished I could've said goodbye..and made him the cake of best wishes"

Cyborg gagged at the thought of the cake "I'm..sure he that Start but he'll be back" "..Maybe"

They both turned around to the sound of the elevator doors opening. Robin and Raven both walked out looking very satisfied but satisfaction turned into shock when they noticed Starfire standing in front of them with a smile

"Starfire?'re awake!" Robin ran over and hugged his girlfriend not even noticing the anger and jealousy coming of Raven, luckily she had her hood up to hide her face

While they were hugging Starfire noticed a smell coming off Robin which seemed a little familiar to her "Robin, why do you smell of sweat?"

Robin froze and noticed Cyborg's face which seemed a mixture of smug and confusion

"Raven you look a little sweaty too? You both run a marathon while checking out the bank?" Cyborg asked while he opened the fridge and grabbed some ingredients for a sandwich

Robin and Raven remained silent and looked at each other for a couple of seconds, the silence was getting very dangerous so Raven took charge

"If you must know...while we were at the bank we noticed some suspicious movement coming from an alleyway and ended up chasing what seemed to be the arsonist!" Raven replied but sounded nothing like her normal self

Cyborg noticed this "Ah..the arsonist? Did you catch him?"

"No he managed to give us the slip in the sewers" Robin joined in, his face full off annoyance

Cyborg looked back at him with anger, challenging his leader "The sewers huh? You don't smell like you've been in the sewers"

They carried on staring at each other until Raven spoke up

"You're one to talk! Have you been drinking again? You stink of wine"

"No I haven't, I woke up like this..I don't even know where the bottle is" Cyborg raised his hands in defence "They seem to be teaming up"

Starfire put her hand on Robin's shoulder "Boyfriend Robin...I found Cyborg unconscious before you and friend Raven arrived"

"Oooohhh well then it's all better now isn't it?" Robin said sarcastically "It's fine because Cyborg was unconscious, that's the perfect example for someone who's suppose to be protecting the city!"

Cyborg had enough of this and walked straight up to Robin and toward him but Robin wasn't intimidated at all

"You wanna go?" Cyborg asked with no emotion in his face

Robin returned to favour "...come on" and then pushed Cyborg into the kitchen counter. Cyborg didn't seemed fussed as he went to charge at Robin but Starfire and Raven got in the way of them

"Friends why are we fighting each other?!" Starfire shouted making everyone stop and look at her "We shouldn't be acting like this, we should be happy because we are all together and Cyborg said I am unharmed from the battle with Cinderblock"

Robin sighed "She's right we shouldn't be acting like this" he didn't apologise to Cyborg but did walk over the couch and turn on the T.V.

"Oh god Cyborg the couch is all wet!"

Cyborg just shook his head "Whatever, if you guys need me I'll be in the garage" he walked out of the common room glaring at Raven the whole time. As soon as he made it to the garage he just got into the T-car and drove off

"I need a break from that place, ok where's a place that a guy can finally get some peace" Cyborg then smiled and knew exactly where to go


Garfield was keeping warm by the fire and Jeff was looking in his hollowed tree for some stored food

"...shit" Jeff sighed and sat down on his couch

"What's wrong?" Garfield asked

"We're out of food" he leaned back on the couch and looked at the stars "Looks like we have to hunt tonight" he then looked at Garfield who was looking nervous "So what shall we have Fish our squirrel?"

Garfield remained quiet, he remember about what Jeff said, he can't be a vegetarian anymore

"Well seems that my personal views don't matter...I'll go hungry"

"The hell you will, we've got training tomorrow and you need your strength" Jeff walked back over to the hollowed out tree and grabbed a fishing rod

"Do I really have to do this? Why can't I just be a vegetarian?" Garfield whined

Jeff looked at him "Because that life is over, this one has what do you want to do, fishing or hunting the squirrels?" Jeff then grabbed his machete from his trench coat and held out both in front of Garfield waiting for an answer

Garfield sighed and grabbed the fishing rod, hunting squirrels with a machete sounds a little hard for the unexperienced former titan

Jeff smiled "Good choice, you think I'll let you use my machete?" he started swinging it around skillfully "Ok there's a nice place for fishing down by the river east of here, about a half mile away, have fun" Jeff then left the camp to go hunt some squirrels

"Well...if I'm going to have to eat animals..might aswell deal with it" Garfield then started walking to the stream

About 20 minutes later Garfield finally made it to the stream, it was beautiful. The moonlight shined over the water and trees all around as far as the eye can see

"Would have been a good idea to mention I've never fished before...oh well how hard can it be"

Garfield found as nice big rock to stand on so he could get a nice angle and he could just about make out some fish shapes swimming in the water

"Ok, here's the plan, hook fish, pull it up, hit it on the rock to instantly kill it and take it back to the camp and eat it...I'm a monster"

Garfield took one big breath and flung the fish line into the water and waited. Everybody knew patience is key with fishing, something Garfield was not good at

"Come on...come on just bite the hook...come on"

15 minutes past and Garfield still hadn't caught anything but he still managed to stay patient

30 minutes past and a very angry Garfield was still standing on the rock watching a fish body slowly swimming towards the hook with bait, it took Garfield 10 minutes to realise he forgot to put bait on the end of the hook

Garfield was still staring at the fish, not blinking "That's it..just a little closer" the fish started swimming closer to the hook "Cooommmee ooonn" Garfield was gripping the fishing rod very tightly

As soon as the fish got really close it swam off in the other direction leaving a very angry Garfield "Motherfucker!" in anger Garfield grabbed a small stone that was by his foot and threw it in the air. To his amazement he heard a noise from a bird that was flying above him and then started falling down into the forest.

Garfield realised that the stone he threw hit the bird and something confused him, he never would have thought he would be so happy about killing an animal "Yes!" he ran toward the landing point of the dead bird and when he got close he stopped in his track...he was not alone. Standing right in front of him was someone he never thought he'll see again



Cyborg was walking through a forest that was on the outskirt of Jump City, it was a place he would come regularly when he just wanted a break away from the team. He found it nice to spend some time with nature, it was something Garfield taught him back when he was Beastboy. Sometimes they would just go somewhere and spend some time getting to know the original world.

"This is nice" he said while walking in between the many trees taking in as much as the fresh air could give him

"Motherfucker!" Cyborg face turned in the direction of the voice

"What the?" the voice sounded very familer, he then jump when a bird landing right in front of him "Ah! the fuck?!"

He then noticed the sound of footsteps running toward him "Maybe it's the person who killed the bird?" he backed away from hit just to show that he's not planning on stealing it

The person then made it and just stopped running and started staring at Cyborg with a shocked face

"What's up with this guy?" Cyborg then started waving his hand up and down "Hello? you alright man?"


Garfield noticed Cyborg waving his hand and asking him if he was alright, Garfield didn't know why he did it..maybe in a slight panic but he started speaking in a british accent

"Oh sorry me old boy but me 'ead was acting like a pork pie" Garfield replied, he tried not to laugh at the face Cyborg pulled

"Either this guy is Mad mods grandson or not right in the head" Cyborg wasn't buying it

"Dude..that is the worst british accent I've ever heard" he started laughing

"Yeah whatever, anyway...arn't you Cyborg?" Garfield needed to pretend to be a civilian to not arouse suspicion

"Did the half metal body give it away?"

Garfield sighed at the response "Ha ha ha" he went and picked up the bird that was still beside Cyborg's feet

"If only there were two birds here? Then I could say I killed two birds with one stone..literally" he laughed slightly at the joke

"Yeah funny anyway I'm gonna go now it's getting late..uhh..enjoy your..meal?" Cyborg then walked off quickly

"Strange..if I was green and said that he wouldn't off been freaked out" Garfield then watched him disappear into the night "If only I knew what ironing ment"

"That's irony moron" Garfield turned around to see Jeff leaning on a tree in the dark holding three dead squirrels "Oh yeah, three dead squirrels and a nice..crow? never eat one of them before but a first for everything" Jeff then put his arm over Garfield's shoulder "Come on kid, lets head back to camp and have a bbq"

They started walking back to the camp "Oh by the way...that was the worst accent my ears have ever had the unpleasantness to hear" They both started laughing and disappeared into the night


Cyborg made it back to the T-car and got in

"That was the weirdest experience in my life" he started the car and began his journey back to the tower

"He seemed familier though, small kid, short blonde messy hair, green eyes and that crappy joke he mentioned and found it funny and had the most familiar voice" Cyborg's eyes went wide and he stopped the car

" it's not him...he wasn't green" Cyborg remained sitting in the car in the middle of the empty road just thinking. He sat there for a good 10 minutes before he made his way back home to the tower

He still wasn't sure about the kid...maybe it's because it's late, dark and he's really tired so his mind is just playing games with him...he just didn't know


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