This is a Klayley story. I do not own TO or TVD. I have written this myself and it isn't based on the Originals story line although the beginning is loosely based on the pilot episode. Enjoy!

"Kill her and the baby. What do I care?"

Horror struck my face. I was trembling as he marched out. I had to stay there, after all of this, and wait calmly until my faith was sealed by Klaus? I didn't think so. "Screw this, I'm out of here!" I said even though we all knew damn well no one was letting me go anytime soon. Blocked by the witches I gave an unhappy growl. Elijah warned them about my safety, gave me a little reassuring smile and went out to get to his brother.

It was too much, all of it. As if being pregnant with a lunatic's child wasn't enough, I was ordered to be killed by the same lunatic as well. I held my hand to my stomach and leaned against the wall. "Death" I whispered. "For both of us" I said as I rubbed my belly wondering if the little thing inside would feel my presence. "I'm so sorry you had to be given to me, I am so sorry I can't protect you" I was collapsing to the floor, tears streaming down my face. "Hayley, he will come around" Sophie said but she and I both knew it could as be the opposite. I just sat their crying. I didn't ask for this. He didn't either, but I don't know why I had to pay for it. For the "liquor fuelled one night stand" that he so proudly couldn't care less about. It wasn't like he refused to talk or flirt with other people, or thought about it every night like I did. I was dumb, dumb enough to not be able to forget about that stupid mistake, the way our bodies became one, the way he held on to me so rough yet so softly. "I can't breathe" I hissed.

"Want to take a walk?" Sophie suggested. "You wouldn't let me out" I snapped and she smiled and replied "I am aware that it has been a rough night Hayley. I will be with you and unless you decide to do something stupid, it'll be fine." I stood up holding on to the wall. "I prefer resting in my room a bit, at least till you kill me". "Hayley" she called out but I just went into the little room they had kept me in, made no eye contact with the guardian witches and sobbed my pillow wet.

Not long later I heard the witches walking around. They told me to follow them. I saw Elijah and I watched him speak, analysing every word he said to make sure I heard him correctly. He asked me to stay with them, at their house, with Klaus. Under the same roof with him, isn't it what you wanted since that night Hayley? I asked myself and nodded to Elijah. Elijah grinned. He started talking about how they'd make sure I had enough of everything but I didn't care nor did I listen that carefully. Klaus and I would be stay together. I would stay with the man who has been haunting my dreams, knowing that he wants me dead. I sighed and followed Elijah outside, he was still talking and trying to make me feel welcome. I smiled at him when I noticed how enthusiastic he was about making me feel happy. He smiled back with a mixture of sorrow and hopelessness in his eyes. He knew I wanted Klaus, not him by my side, acting like a father, but it wasn't that easy. We both were aware of it.


New Orleans looked magnificent from the window of this large mansion. Elijah came in smiling. "Sorry for the wait. Your room is ready". I beamed at him as I rushed to see what had taken him so long. I walked in, for the first time in a very long time, inside a room that belonged to me. Home I thought. I stroked the details of the room gently with my fingertips. I looked at the large closet and mumbled "I don't have much clothing". Elijah's smile widened "I told you, we got all of it". "We?" I asked, hoping to hear his name in return. "Well I did but…" he just stopped talking as I flung the closet doors open. I touched the different materials and breathed in the smell of new things.