I shut my eyes and rested. I knew it was the morning of my wedding day, but the peace I was in was too good to give up on. I had woken up very early that day and watched Klaus sleep. The rhythm of his chest going up and down in synch with his breathing was beautiful. No matter how deep in sleep he was, he always had a protective hand on me. I was with the man I loved, and I couldn't be happier. Now he'd waken up and went downstairs, yet I didn't want to leave this bed.

I stared at the bedroom ceiling as memories swirled around in my head. I remembered the day Klaus saved me, how he took me to his house, how we ate together. I remembered his painting that hung across the hall now, that reminded him of his deep wounded soul and made me see bis true self. I remembered our passionate kiss, him slamming me on the table, the love we made.

The memories weren't all great. I remembered the morning after our first fight since we moved into this house, how he told me "this is too much for me love" regarding my pregnancy. I remembered how I first met Rebekah and she took me out. How we met Marcel and how afraid I was. I had blacked out that day and Klaus had gone mad with worry. Not long later the hallucinations had taken over and I had bashed Rebekah's car, thinking Klaus was making out with Caroline in it. Ah, Caroline. She had come to New Orleans and gotten close to Klaus again, only to help her boyfriend Tyler.

The things we had been through. The birth of Regina and death of Jake, the discovery of my new power, killing Marcel and being judged for it. Finding out about my parents and wanting to kill Klaus, only to end up actually dating him. Jackson's friendship and his death. Scott's return to life and his death in my hands. Sophie kidnapping me and getting killed. Sebastian. Sebastian was probably the most impactful person in my life. His love for me was something I only wish I could feel back. He was the one who destroyed my life yet he was the one I ended up caring about as a friend. A good man with a big mistake.

Isaac. Finding Isaac and Klaus' support for me throughout it all. In general, Klaus choosing to hold my hand at the end no matter what happens, was more than enough to make my life beautiful. Now with our second child on the way everything seemed more settled. Klaus had proposed to me solely on his own desire. I hadn't even mentioned the word to him. This made it even more special.

The door slowly cracked open. Klaus walked in with a tray in his hand and Regina in the second. I smiled and sat up at the sight of them. Klaus slowly put the tray on my legs. It got slowly pushed away by my huge bump. Klaus sat by me with Regina on his lap. "Good morning love" he whispered as he placed a kiss on my lips. Regina started off early on the breakfast. As we broke apart she started chewing on a piece of bread. I laughed and helped her out. Klaus spread some crunchy peanut butter on two slices of bread and gave us each one. He helped Regina eat it and watched me as I took a bite.

The morning went by beautifully. "Mommy I want to wear my dress" Regina exclaimed. Klaus started laughing. As I opened my mouth to reply a sudden bolt of pain went across my body. My eyebrows furrowed. Klaus noticed this. What is it? He asked as he pulled a protective hand over Regina's ears, making sure his daughter didn't sense the fear. I placed my hand on his. "I'm find dear. But maybe we should get up and start preparing? Its getting to 12 o'clock" "Hayley are you-" "I'm fine honey"

I washed my face and looked at my reflection. "Please Regis, not tonight" I whispered to my baby boy. I shut my eyes and took a deep breath. "Tonight's supposed to be beautiful little boy. Lets work together for it to actually be so"

As hours passed by the excitement grew. Rebekah buttoned up my dress and walked me to the mirror. "You are breathtaking little wolf" she whispered, impersonating Klaus. I smiled and stroked my baby bump. "Lets start with the hair" I proposed. Rebekah nodded and we slowly walked up to the table. Suddenly the white door of the church room creaked open and Klaus stared at me with aw. "No Niklaus you can't see her now! Its bad luck" Rebekah exclaimed. Klaus laughed and slowly pushed her sister aside. I walked to him and placed a kiss. "Promise me this won't cause any bad luck and ruin the wedding" I whispered and he smiled "I promise you, everything will be fine"

My hair done, my make up applied, I was finally ready. The door creaked open once again and father Kieran stepped in. "Its time" he announced. As he disappeared behind the door a face I didn't expect to see anytime soon appeared. "Katherine?!" I exclaimed. She stepped in and I flung my arms around her. "You look beautiful" "Thanks" I replied "Its true i mean the hair and dress-" "I meant thanks for coming Katherine. It means a lot"

Everything seemed in place. I was so happy. As I showered Katherine with questions Elijah walked in. Placing a bouquet on my table he walked in with a shameful expression. "I wish you a beautiful wedding day" He whispered. I nodded. "Elijah stay. This is a family day. You are family no matter what" I muttered. His expression lightened up. Suddenly Isaac came in. "Come in little sister, I'm gonna walk you down the isle before Klaus goes mad with nerves. Honestly he's so nervous" I nodded with a smile and joined in his arm.

With each step the aisle seemed longer. Seeing Klaus at the end put a huge smile on my face. When I finally got to him and held his hand, the excitement in his eyes reflected to his smile. "I want to say screw waiting and kiss you right now" he whispered. I eyed him warningly and he nodded. "Wait till we're married, got it". I smiled and looked around at Regina who stood by her aunt behind me. Isaac stood behind Klaus. I took a deep breath. Father Kieran started speaking.

I felt my head spin but tried to keep focused. I shut my eyes and breathed in again. I couldn't hear them. I felt the squeeze on my hand tighten. "Hayley?" klaus asked as I opened my eyes. "Umm, I, what did you ask?" I asked with a blurry head. "Do you take Niklaus Mikaelson-" "I do" I interrupted. Klaus eyed me suspiciously. "Niklaus Mikaelson..."

I pulled one hand back and slightly massaged my lower back. I felt my bones get tense. I felt as if a lightning bolt struck me. Klaus said something and Father Kieran announced that he can "kiss the bride". Klaus leaned towards me but I backed away. "Klaus I-" "What is it Hayley? Do you regret this?" He asked in fear. I shook my head. "Dear Lord" Father Kieran exclaimed. Klaus stared at both of us in confusion, just like everyone else. "Her, her-" "Klaus my water just broke".

My screams filled in the halls of the church as Klaus carried me out to the car. "Where are we going?" I screeched. "To the hospital" "Klaus this baby-" "I know the doctor love, calm down"

"Take deep breaths love" Klaus whispered to my ear as he carried me to the hospital room on a wheelchair. "Shut up! This is all your fault! You promised it would be fi-" I finished to sentence in screams. "Ok Hayley. I'll be your doctor and we'll deliver this baby successfully" I shook my head "its too soon-" "Its premature birth Hayley. You're quite dilated. Its time" I let out another scream. "It'll be alright little wolf" "DONT TOUCH ME THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT IM DYING IT HURTS I DONT WANT YOU NEAR ME ANYMORE" "Hayley I-" "KEEP AWAY FROM ME"

It had been hours since I was in labour. My legs felt numb, my body crying in pain. Now that I had been settled, my anger faded. Soon enough I longed for klaus. "Call him. Please bring him here I need him." Before anyone could call him he ran in at the sound of the word. I extended my hand to him. "I'm sorry" "Shh little wolf" He shushed me. I cried in pain. "It hurts so much Niklaus" I whimpered. "ok Hayley I can see the baby" The doctor announced. "Push Hayley" I did as I was told, breaking Klaus' bones as I did. Suddenly I felt as if it my body let go. A cry was heard in the distance. Klaus smiled as he stood up to look at his son. I shut my eyes and screamed with relief.

Klaus knelt by me, holding our son. I tilted my head up. "Regis" I whispered. "His timing was a bit-" "Perfect" I interrupted. "We're married, our son is here. Is there anything else we could wish for?" "Maybe for all your pain to go away" I shut my eyes and laughed. "You should have seen me giving birth to Regina"

Klaus unlocked the white house's door. I followed him, our son in my arms. Regina was holding his hand. He picked her up and we toured our house together. Finishing the tour, we stopped by the door and sighed in relief. "I'm so happy Klaus" I whispered. Regis squeezed my finger. "Someone seems to agree" Klaus noted. "I'm happy" Regina announced. We laughed together as one happy family. I kissed Klaus and leaned on his shoulder. "I love you Niklaus" "And I love you Hayley Mikaelson" And at that moment I knew, the love of the Little Wolf and The Hybrid would last for an eternity.

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