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Sebastian ran oil laden fingers slowly down Kurt's arm, watching the droplets break free and run along his skin. Kurt hummed happily, resting his head against Sebastian's chest and tracing patterns with his own fingers, spreading the citrus scented massage oil in delicate swoops and swirls over Sebastian's muscles.

Kurt's reunion with his father had been bittersweet; their conversation brief. There was so much Kurt wanted to tell his father, but it didn't seem like the sort of talk they should have over the phone. Kurt had waited three years to divulge the secrets of where he had run off to and what had happened to him. He decided he could wait just a little bit longer and tell his father face to face. So father and son just repeated over and over how much they loved and missed each other, that they were both fine, and that they couldn't wait to see one another again.

The events of the day drained Kurt, physically and emotionally. But after all was said and done he felt that he had accomplished everything that he set out to finish. Finally, the book of this life had a final chapter. He could close it, and start a new one.

Kurt and Sebastian drove back to the hotel in silence, preparing for a quiet evening in. Kurt packed up the last of his things, and Sebastian arranged to have everything Kurt didn't need put into storage. There was only one thing left for them to do, and then they could start on their journey.

Kurt and Sebastian had every intention of wrapping the evening up early. They ordered room service, climbed into a bath, and even wore pajamas to bed. But Kurt's hand started to cramp up, and Sebastian offered him a massage that started with his knuckles and his wrist, travelled up to his elbow, and then his shoulder. Shirts were removed when kisses became heated. Sebastian's hands kneaded Kurt's muscles, and Kurt smeared a dollop of oil over Sebastian's chest.

After days of talking and pleading, begging and explaining, confessing and promising, Kurt was done with words. He had nothing left to say. So when they came together, when the decision to stave of sleep in favor of making love was made, it was done quietly. For once, even the addition of the occasional 'I love you' wouldn't have enhanced the experience. There was something intimate to their communicating in silence. Sebastian took Kurt's chin in his cupped hand and Kurt kissed him. Kurt hooked his fingers beneath the elastic of Sebastian's pants and Sebastian moved to let Kurt pull them off him. Sebastian lay back on the bed and Kurt followed.

Sebastian needed Kurt, and Kurt needed Sebastian. Nothing needed to be said.

Kurt kissed Sebastian, savoring the heat of his lips while he quickly rolled a condom over Sebastian's length. He climbed over Sebastian's hips and slid down onto his cock with no hiss of pain, no burn, no discomfort. Kurt lay over him, his back pressed to Sebastian's chest, his head resting on Sebastian's shoulder. Lying so close together, they barely moved; Sebastian buried deep in Kurt's body, taking advantage of this position to glide his fingers over Kurt's skin, dance them gently in circles around Kurt's sensitive hips. He took Kurt's erection in his slick hand and stroked slowly. Moans stayed hush, like secrets neither man wanted anyone else to hear.

Sebastian closed his eyes and appreciated the whole of Kurt's body – his comfortable weight pressing against him, the cut of his trim muscles, the soft hair that covered his legs. Sebastian ran his hands up Kurt's thighs and felt him tremble. Sebastian loved Kurt trembling against him. He took long pauses, willing away his own orgasms. It didn't matter to him if he came, as long as he could spend the evening feeling Kurt's body react to his touch.

It became too much when Kurt started to move, started to writhe, started to moan, bucking his hips up into Sebastian's grip around his cock. Sebastian kissed his temple, wrapping his arm around his waist. Kurt gripped hard to Sebastian's legs, and that's how they came – not with a powerful, mind-blowing surge that ripped through their bodies and left them reeling; but with subtle explosions and gentle tremors. It left Sebastian more fulfilled than ravenous; complete instead of torn apart.

"I…I'm not going to move…if that's alright," Kurt whispered, hands still latched onto Sebastian's sides.

"So, basically nothing's going to change," Sebastian teased. Kurt tried to pinch Sebastian, but his slick fingers just fruitlessly slipped over Sebastian's skin. Sebastian squeezed Kurt tight and smiled, feeling Kurt drift away, his grip relaxing, his limbs heavy. Sebastian grabbed the pillowcase off one of the pillows on the bed and used it to clean Kurt, careful not to wake him. He rolled them onto their sides and covered them with a blanket.

"You don't have to move," Sebastian whispered. "You don't have to do anything…ever." Sebastian sighed, holding Kurt's sleeping body. "I don't know what exactly I'm going to do with you, Kurt Hummel, but I do know…I'm never letting you go."

"Yuck," Kurt groaned, stepping over feet and legs, and multitudes of people who refused to move an inch to let them pass. "It smells like blood and stale popcorn in here."

"You'll get used to it," Sebastian said. Kurt tripped, muttering something about uncultured Neanderthals and last season Louis Vuittons. A man stood to defend his trampled feet but Sebastian glared him back down into his seat.

"I can't believe you've known Justice how long and you haven't been to one of his fights?" Sebastian pointed past Kurt to a pair of vacant seats. Kurt made his way towards them and sat down, grimacing as he tried to get comfortable in the metal fold-down chairs.

"Well, it never really came up," Kurt said. "To be fair, I had no one to go with, and there's no way in hell I'm coming to a place like this by myself."

Sebastian took Kurt's hand, held it tight, and kissed it. Kurt looked over the heads in the crowded audience and spotted flaming red hair up front by the fighting cage, brown eyes searching up into the crowd for the two of them. Madeline spotted them and smiled wide, waving her arm wildly. Kurt pointed her out to Sebastian, and they waved back. Kurt blew her kisses and held up a hand with fingers crossed. She returned the gesture with both hands, clenching her teeth and looking nervous.

"Do you really think he won't ask her if he doesn't win?" Kurt asked as Madeline sat back down in her seat.

"I really don't know," Sebastian answered. "You know, Justice is a man of his word. He must have his reasons, but…"

Sebastian shrugged.

As much as they knew and loved their friend, Justice was still, in many ways, a mystery. Sebastian wasn't exactly clear on Justice's motives for waiting to win this one title before asking for Madeline's hand, but he didn't want to pry. After everything Justice had done for him and Kurt, he deserved the benefit of the doubt in the very least. All they could do was hope that Justice won the fight so Madeline could get her well-deserved happily ever after.

A roar of applause and cheering erupted when Justice and his opponent, an MMA fighter by the name of Paolo, came out into the arena. Sebastian whistled low as Justice entered the cage. He had accompanied Justice to the gym many times, but he had never seen him prepare for a fight. It frightened Sebastian to admit that his friend looked like a killer. Justice was shorter than his opponent, and older by a few years, but Justice's physique was vastly more developed. Sebastian wondered how the two men could even fight in the same division.

Sebastian could tell by the way the crowd went absolutely crazy every time Justice circled the ring that he was definitely the crowd favorite. His opponent knew it, too. There was more than a little bit of intimidation in the younger wrestler's eyes when he took in Justice's massive chest covered in tattoos, and the way Justice stood in his corner and pounded his chest hard to the delight of his cheering fans. Only once did Justice glance down at Madeline, but when he did he let a small smile slip and sent a wink her way.

Kurt watched the first round of Justice's fight through his fingers. As soon as the first hit connected and the blood started to flow, Kurt went pale. Sebastian thought for sure Kurt was going to be sick. A lot of people sitting around them thought so, too, and moved to empty seats elsewhere in the arena. But by the fourth round, Kurt was on his feet, yelling so loudly that Sebastian had no other option but to sit and enjoy the show.

"Pin him, Just!" Kurt screamed, leaping into the air as the two fighters scuttled around on the floor. "Break out of that arm bar and tap him out! My girl needs a diamond ring!"

Sebastian snickered at the confused stares of the remaining people around them, but he made no move to get Kurt to sit down.

Justice pulled out of the arm bar, delivering a painful kick to Paolo's side. Justice flipped him, snaking his arms under the younger man's armpits and locking his hands together behind Paolo's neck, forcing his head down. Paolo kicked his heels along the mat, trying to push his head back into Justice's nose, to stun him into letting go, but Justice was too strong. Kurt and Sebastian could see the look of fierce determination in their friend's eyes, his overwhelming hunger to win. Justice grunted, wrapping his legs around his opponent's thighs to stop his squirming.

Caught in his iron grasp, Paolo panicked, using all his energy to try and break free. The crowd rose to their feet, some cheering for Justice, some cheering for his opponent, but most cheering for Justice. Justice absorbed the man's struggles, letting the younger man tire himself out. Paolo's flailing arms started to weaken, reaching around him in vain for a way to escape. When it was obvious he wasn't just losing steam but oxygen as well, the referee ran over to the wrestlers and called the match.

Justice let go, laying his opponent out carefully on the mat. He took Paolo's hand in his and held it. Kurt and Sebastian could see Justice talking to Paolo, patting him on the arm when he didn't respond. The dazed wrestler finally opened his eyes and nodded while Justice spoke, his face lighting up with a dopey half smile. Justice and Paolo's coach helped Paolo to his feet. Justice made sure the man was steady on his feet, then the two fighters embraced. Paolo patted Justice on the back with his fist, congratulating him on his win.

The referee called to the crowd, announcing the new winner. The din in the arena was deafening. A scantily clad woman handed Justice a belt, and the referee held Justice's arm high in the air, but Justice seemed distracted. In a room full of people yelling for his attention and cheering him on, he searched the audience for one face. When he saw Madeline, he smiled, and the whole world around him – fans, titles, sponsors vying for his attention, fans waving their arms and jumping around the edge of the ring – disappeared. He pulled his arm away from the referee's grasp and waved Madeline to him. He grabbed her arm through the door of the cage and pulled her inside.

She wrapped her arms around him and held him, not caring at all about the catcalls and the screams, or the sweat and blood staining her blouse. Kurt saw Justice reach out and his coach, watching with a sly smile, put something in his hand. Kurt bounced excitedly, wrapping his arms around Sebastian's waist. Justice dropped slowly to one knee, and in the midst of thousands of screaming fans, Justice asked a teary eyed Madeline to marry him. Madeline nodded, raising a hand to cover her mouth as Justice slipped a ring on her finger. Justice stood and scooped his fiancée up into his arms. Sebastian felt Kurt's deep sigh when they kissed. Justice spun Madeline around and then held her up in the air.

"Well," Sebastian said, looking down at Kurt, who dabbed his eyes with a napkin, "it looks like they're getting their lives started."

"Yeah," Kurt said with a quivering voice. "Yeah, it does."

"Shall we get started with ours?"

Kurt looked up at Sebastian with tear stained cheeks and a lopsided grin. He nodded.

"Let's go."