School Dayz

Back to a New School & Catching Up on New Times

Inside a comfortable stone dining room sat a young woman with short blond hair and commanding gray eyes, and a middle aged man with salt and pepper hair, reading a mews paper. The two sat in a peaceful silence enjoying their morning meal, a peace that is suddenly interrupted.

"Please Daddy, please please please can I?" entered a young girl that had burst into the room with arms filled with papers

"Tetra, what is it that your sister is going on about this time?" The girl's father said without looking up

Tetra responded after finishing a bite of oatmeal, "Well Dad, it seems to me that Zelda wants to convince you into letting her go to a different high school for the next couple of years."

"What!?" He exclaimed, dropping his paper before continuing, "Why does a Princess of Hyrule wish to leave her friends and classmates, and go to another school?"

"Not to be rude, but most of the kids that I go to school with are jerks and snobs. All the cool kids graduated with Tetra, leaving the ones who are looking down on everybody else that isn't of the same social class as them. Half of the guys are hitting on me thinking that I have some influence in raising their own station in the kingdom."

Zelda had dirty blond hair that hung lose half way down her back, and on either side of her face were locks of hair tied up in multicolor ribbons.

"There has to be a better reason to change schools than to get away from your noblemen peers?"

"Actually, father, there is." Zelda started to hand him the sheets of papers that she carried in. On them were charts, reports, and pictures, "Next year Tetra will be going to Hyrule University and she will most likely have a degree of social awkwardness due to the fact that she wont know how to interact with the common people."


"Sorry sis. Now to help avoid the same situation for me, and to show that the royal family is making the attempt to connect with the citizens of Hyrule. So I propose that my enrolment at a public school would be the best way to achieve the desired goal."

The king looked over the documents that were handed to him and his younger daughter, "I assume that you have a school in mind, otherwise you wouldn't be bringing this up."

Zelda handed him a pamphlet with the words "Skyloft Academy" written on the top, "This school has a strong academic record, and it is open to the many races and cultures in the kingdom. Making this school is one of the best for me to go to for this experience."

"Skyloft? Tetra isn't that the school that was doing extremely well in sports for the past year?" He said thoughtfully

Tetra sat up, "That sounds right. Their teams seemed to have come out of nowhere this past year."

"You're missing the point. At Skyloft I can better connect with our people and use that to be a better princess councilor to Tetra when she becomes queen"

"It's not that bad of an idea, Dad. Zel is already a well beloved member of the royal family in the eyes of the people, and by having her go to a public school will improve that view for many of our citizens."

"The two of you are making some very good points, but I do have a few concerns about you going to a whole other providence. The first being is where are you going to stay during your time out there?"

Zelda flipped through her papers and pulled out a map of the school grounds and showed her father, "As you can see Skyloft Academy offers on campus dorms for students to live in. The school hosts a number of foreign students that may be performing the same task as me."

"Alright. What about the local people and the town hosting the school?"

"Good question. The host town is called Kokiri, which has a very high safety record where the only really problem that they ever have is the occasional drunk. Also the student council is more or less their own government, modeled after our parliament, which includes a disciplinary committee called the Bombers."

The king looked at the papers that were being handed to him. As Zelda spoke he read over them and was impressed at how well done his daughters research was on this school.

"Impressive Zelda, you've certainly done your homework and obviously put a lot of thought into this. However I still have one final concern about this whole idea. I don't exactly feel comfortable with the idea of having one of my daughters moving so far away on her own. So I need to know that there are people in the area that I can trust to look out for you."

Zelda couldn't hold back the grin that spread across her face. "I'm glad that you brought that up. You see for over a year now the Princess of Twilight and the son of the Goron Chief have been going to Skyloft. Also Ruto is speaking to her father about attending Skyloft with me."

"King Zora is such a push over when it comes to that girl. It'll take about ten seconds for her to convince him into letting her go." Tetra pointed out

The king sat back in his chair letting out a long sigh, "Princess Midna, Princess Ruto, and Darunia will also be attending Skyloft with you. You've certainly thought this out and been making plans based off of going there. And since my main worries have been put to rest," he says waving his hand at the pile of documents, "I will have to start making the appropriate arrangements now wont I."

The younger princess could hardly contain her excitement as she leaps onto her fathers lap and gives him a hug and a kiss, "Oh thank you so much Daddy."

"Remember to come home every now and then and send me up dates on how you're doing out there."

"I will." Zelda said as she got off of him and moved out of the room, "I need to call Ru and let her know."


The summer months passed and the student body president found herself standing outside the main gates of the school waiting for two special guests. At first glance you can easily tell that her favorite color was green, from her hair to her forest camo caprees was all green. From her vantage point she saw a caravan of black vehicles approaching from the highway.

They soon stopped in front of her and about a dozen men, ranging from zora's to hylians, stepped out and scanned the area. Then a goron opened a door to the middle car, allowing two young girls to step out. The first one, a zora, wore a dark purple summer dress and a simple head dress that moved down the length of her dolphin like head tail. The other, Zelda, had a white skirt with the tri-force embroidered in gold and a light blue tee.

"Good afternoon princesses, and welcome to Skyloft Academe. I am Saria Forester, the student body president." She said with slight bow

"It's a pleasure to meet you Saria. I'm Ruto and this is Zelda."

"Greatings." Zelda said as she shook Saria's hand

"It was smart of the two of you to come a day early, this way I can show you around the campus without having to have to rush through the large groups of people. Will your entourage be joining us?"

"No, they will not." Ruto said firmly and calmly

"But Princess Ruto…"

"No buts. You guys won't be needed to stay and watch over us during the school year, so you all might as well start getting used to it right now. Understand?"

"Ye…yes princess." The guards responded somberly

Saria stepped up to the gorgon, who she figured was the unit leader, and placed her hand on his shoulder, "Buck up boys, their highnesses are in good hands here at Skyloft. The bombers have an outstanding record for keeping the student body safe and secure."

"Very well princesses, we'll make our way to your dorm and drop off your things." said the gorgon

The group of guards returned to their respective vehicles and drove away to the student housing. Leaving the trio of girls alone.

"Now that your chaperones are gone, how about I give the two of you a tour of the school. I know just about every inch of this place, and if we're lucky we might still be able to see the men's track team practicing."


Ruto collapsed on her bed after a long tour of the grounds and said, "I knew that Skyloft was big, but that was ridiculous. It's going to take more than a while to get used to this place."

Zelda laid down next to her friend, "I agree completely with you on that point. That Saria girl was fun and all, however she could've arranged for a ride if we were going to walk all over the campus. Of course seeing all of those guys in the track team doing their runs was worth it."

"Oh yeah. Some of those boys made that walk well worth taking." Ruto sighed

The two of them laid in a comfortable silence for a while before Ruto spoke again, "You do realize that you're not sharing my bed."

The two laughed for a moment, "It'll be interesting living together, I hope you know? We're bound to get into a few fights." Commented Zelda

"I think that we'll be fine, just as long as you don't cook us dinner."

"Come on, it only happened once. And Tetra did get better."

"Yeah, after a week of bed rest."

The two glared at each other before another laughing fit started up.


"Alright Aryll, where would you like to go for diner?" said a dirty blond hylain boy as he walked through a side door leading from the drive way to the kitchen

"What's the occasion, little brother Link." Came a sultry female voice

Link looked over at the kitchen counter where a very good looking gerudo girl sat snacking. She wore a pair of mini-shorts and tank top, she left her long crimson hair hang lose down her back. The way she was sitting made it look as though she was trying to seduce the young man.

Aveil, what are you doing here?" Link said in an unimpressed and annoyed voice. He stepped further into the open kitchen in his cargo pants and light hoodie.

"She just stopped by to talk." A young teen with short blond hair said as she popped out from behind the counter

"Tis true, somebody must keep a watchful eye over our darling Aryll while you are out doing whatever it is that you do." Aveil said as she rustled the little girls hair, "But I am curious as to what would prompt brother Link to take us out for dinner."

"Link is asking Aryll where she wants to eat, what's the occasion?" Saira called from the same door that Link entered from.

"Saria, what are you doing here?" asked a giddy Aryll

With a smug expression on her face, "Well I just finished giving the two newest students of our school a tour around the campus."

"Why would the student body president give a tour to a couple of new kids?"

"Simple my fire haired friend, the pair in question were Princess Ruto and Princess Zelda."

"Are you serious? The two most famous princesses in all of Hyrule are coming to Skyloft for School?!" Aryll asked excitedly

Squinting at his sisters sudden high pitch voice, Link asked, "Why are they coming here?"

Aveil slugged his arm at the question, "Why would they not want to come here, brother Link? Shyloft is a fine institution; everyone should want to come here for their schooling."

Saria gestured for the trio to calm down, "I'll tell you everything once our precious Aryll decides on where we're going for dinner."

"Whoa there, I didn't invite you two to eat." Link exclaimed

"Oh please Link, I know the best place to go to eat." Aryll said with a pair of forest green eyes, which looked like they were getting bigger

"Fine, but only if she puts on a pair of pants first." Link said as he pointed towards Aveil


Bites was a local place that Link and the gang enjoyed eating at, and it was also Aryll's favorite place to eat. She liked it due to a great part that it served miniaturized food that most people would think were appetizers. Link liked it mostly because it was a place that gave you plenty to eat in an affordable budget.

They sat in the both, that over time became their usual place, and Link turned to the two older teen girls, "I hope that the two of you understand that I'm not paying for your dinner."

"Link, you know us." Saria said in a fake offended voice

"You're right, I do know you two." He says sternly

"So tell us, Saria, why are the princesses coming to Skyloft?" Aryll asked in a very noticeable eagerness

"That's right I was going to tell you guys about that. IT turns out that they're coming here because of the fact that there is a wide variety of people and cultures that attend our fair school. We have exchange students from all over the country and from other kingdoms, a multitude of different races, multiple social classes, and a wide mix of beliefs here.

"It's a good place for aspiring princess councilors to learn more about the people in the kingdom for the benefit of our future Queen Tetra."

"I don't know, it kind of sounds like some sort of a publicity stunt to make the royal family more relatable."

"Brother Link, that is very unlike of you. I'm rather surprised that you'd honestly think that our beloved princesses are just coming to our school just to look good."

Feeling the girls gaze burning holes in him, "Well I could be wrong, it's been known to happen."

Much to his relief, the food had arrived and Link started to put some in his mouth.

As they started to eat Aveil suddenly recalled a question that she never got answered, "So, brother Link, why did you invite us out to eat? What's the occasion?"

"I don't recall inviting you two, you just tagged along."

"I don't mind." Aryll said, "They're practically family."

"Thank you sweetie, that's so kind of you to say about us." Saria awed

"Since the two of you are officially members of the gerudos, to me you are family." Aveil added

Suddenly Saria slapped Link's arm, "Stop changing the subject and tell us what's going on."

Link put his hands up defensively, "Okay, I'll tell you guys. The occasion is that I've finished negotiating this year's sports contacts."

"Really, which teams are you going with this year?" Aryll asked eagerly

Link knew why she was so excited; it was because whenever he went to another school he brought her along. Aryll loved to travel to the different providence of the kingdom and see what it was like there. She would always return with a bag full of treats and nick knacks for her friends. Not to mention the teams that he went with spoiled her with gifts for being so cute.

"That's great, brother Link. Your skills are being well honed by joining those different teams."

"What teams did you sign up with?" Aryll asked more firmly

Link started to count out the teams on his fingers, "Let's see; there's the fencing, rugby, swimming, wrestling, and archery. And the best part is that they are paying me more this year than last thanks to all of the success that we had last year. Not to mention that the schedules don't over lap as much as they did last year, so I can get a little time off."

"It sounds to me that Darunia and Pipit will be happy to have you on their side." said Saria

"I wouldn't say that Pipit was happy that I was joining, it was more like he was looking forward to dueling me again."

"You did give him a rather good whack on the head the last time the two of you guys fought." Aryll pointed out

"I was there when they were dueling, and it was Pipit's fault for not keeping his elbow up when he should have." Aveil commented

"From the mouth of a professional swordsmen." Saria said as she poked Aveil

Aveil chuckled to herself as she sat up straighter with a proud look on her face, "Of course I'm a professional, I'm a gerudo after all. We defend the kingdom from attack along the desert path."

"Just wait a couple of years and I'll be out there with you in protecting the kingdom." Link said as he struck a heroic pose

The trio of girls couldn't help but laugh at link

"Well since we're making announcements to our little group, I suppose should make mine as well. Prince Hogarth has given has given me his permission to leave the gerudo dorms and move in with brother Link and sister Aryll." Aveil said in an official manner

Link started to cough on his drink as Aveil made her announcement, "You're joking, right? I don't ever recall saying that it was okay for you to move in."

"Sister Aryll and I discussed it earlier and she gave me her consent."

"No way. There's nothing you can say that can make me agree to this."

Aveil leaned in close with her hands on the table and a serious look on her face, "Tampons."

Link stiffened, "What?"

"Aryll is almost a young woman, Lin. She will need another, more mature, woman there to guide her through these delicate years." Saria said as she held Aryll's hand

"Saria you live like ten minutes away, you can come over anytime to help her out." Link exclaimed

"Sorry big bro, but I'm gonna someone there all the time. Saria can't do it because she has student council duties and her grand ma to help with. Aveil on the other hand doesn't have anything going on, and like I said earlier she's practically family."

Link hung his head, knowing that that in a matter of seconds all three girls will start to gang up on him and do their best to convince him into letting Aveil move in. He also knew that his sister will use her "big teary eye" expression to finish the job.

"Fine, you can move in. But you will have to agree to some terms when we get home."

There was a round of cheers and high fives from the girls.

Link continued, "Was that the reason why you were trying to seduce me earlier when I got home? I think the joke would've been on you since I wouldn't fall for your womanly wilds"

Aveil smiled mischievously, "Oh really."

She leans forward slightly and moved her arms together in a way that it squeezes and lifts her chest up. And spoke in a low, seductive, manner, "I know how good I look, and how to use those looks, little brother Link. If I really wanted you to fall for me then I would."

Link, like almost any teenage boy, looked at the display and couldn't help but turn crimson as the other two girls laughed at his experience.