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We're moving.

Now I know you think that I'm overreacting when I say that this sucks. But, just let me explain. Not only are we moving, but we're moving all the way from the east to the west coast, New Jersey to Washington. Yippie. Oh no, I'm not finished yet there's more! We're going to La Push a Native American reservation. Now I'm not only going to be judged by the fact that I'm "goth", or "emo", or "punk"; no I'm also going to be judged by the color of my skin! Where is Martin Luther King Jr. when I need him? I mean who would have thought that after African and Colored Americans got their right that it would be white Americans being discriminated against?! And now I've worked myself up. Great job EJ, you should pat yourself on the back. Oh God now I'm talking to myself time to shut my brain off. Perfect timing too because we just pulled into a fairly long dirt driveway; yes my twin sister and I drove across America and I'll admit it was fun. We made an entire summer out of it, but now it's the end of August and school will be starting again, and this whole new school thing isn't like one year and we're done, it's junior year. Luckily the roof of the house came into view before I could start another mental rant. I know you're so disappointed, well get used to it.

Although this summer was fun I miss my parents. They flew here to set up the house so that we won't have to juggle that with school and work. All that's left are Kylie and my carry-ons and laundry from the trip. As we pull up to the house, I don't know what to look at first. The house itself is an old Victorian, with a stone spire where new bedroom is; the spire has white flowering ivy crawling up it, it was beautiful. Our parents were sitting in Adirondack chairs on the wrap around porch. Their cars visible by the open garage doors, Kylie pulled the Jeep around the front, and just as she killed the engine Mom and Dad came down the front steps to greet us. And what a sight to greet we were. Did you catch that? Yeah, sarcasm. I was in black Aero sweatpants and an Evanescence tank top, with my hair up in a loose bun, so that you could see where the black that starts from the hair that grows level with tops of my ears down, along with the deep red of the rest of my hair. Of course it was all dyed. What do you I'm some kind of freak with naturally multi-colored hair? Thanks for the faith. Kylie wore similar sweatpants and a plain turquoise tank top that made her currently blue eyes pop. Her eyes change from blue to green and in between, you thought I was the weird one. She had her dirty blonde hair up in a loose bun as well. Kylie and I grabbed our backpacks and walked up to our parents in a zombie like manner, said something along the lines of 'Hi. I love you. I'm tired.' So Mom suggested that we go to our bedrooms to sleep, while Dad brought the rest of the bags in. The last thing I remember was telling my new bed that I loved it.

God! What is that noise?! Hours in the car to finally get some sleep, and I was woken up by… What? I swung my legs over the side of the bed to go to the white double door push out French casement window to open it and listen. What, my Dad is in the window business I'm bound to learn something. I grabbed the gold handles and pulled them from their downward facing position to a sideways one, unlocking the window, and pushed outward to open it. Immediately, I was bombarded by the sound of deep and mournful howls that made my heart ache. Well, I'm not going to get anymore sleep now. Sighing heavily to expel these sad feelings, I pulled the windows to a close once again. Suddenly I realized how dry my throat was and I really needed to get that disgusting taste of sleep out of my mouth. Now that sleep has completely evaded me, I guess I should out of the clothes I slept in and get some water. I threw on a black InuYasha graphic tee, and elastic booty shorts, black of course. You seeing a pattern yet? Then I quickly ran a brush through my, thankfully, still straightened waist length hair, and put it into a high ponytail so that the end was now reaching mid-back; my side sweeping bangs covering my left eye. With that I was out the tower door and down the cold stone stairs. The first couple of steps down there's a landing with a door that leads to my own bathroom, and then halfway down is a landing and another door leading to the second floor. Finally at the bottom the final door to the main floor, facing away from the main door but adjacent to it.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

"HOLY CRACKERS!" I shouted. It's a completely normal reaction to a person turned jackhammer who tries to pound your front door in, really. But of course since I'm the only person this has happened to you're all probably looking at me funny right now. Yeah, well you can keep your normal people opinions to yourselves, because I've got problems to deal with, mainly the destruction of my front door.

"Yo, Jackhammer what do you want?!" I growl as I open the door. Let me help you picture this, here I stand in all my five foot eight glory fuming and death glaring at a monster of a man-boy with no shirt or shoes, standing somewhere easily over six feet. Of course with my sarcastic mind the first thing I say to a half-naked guy that's not shy in the gorgeous face department is, "Sorry buddy, no shirt, no shoes, no service."

As I'm closing the door he has the audacity to jam his foot in the way. Now I'm not one to let this kind of thing stop me, and had every intention of continuing to shut the door, but the steroid taking giant had to have a foot made of rocks! And then it speaks.

"So I think we got off on the wrong, ehem, foot," he said while yanking his foot from the door jam. Oh well, sorry buddy you're the one that put it there. "Let me formally introduce myself, I'm Jared Cameron, one of your neighbors."

Is this guy serious?! The house is surrounded by woods. I made a show of looking from side to side out the door, then looked at this Jared with raised eyebrows, "I highly doubt that."

And with that I closed the door. But noo EJ can't possibly bask in the triumphant glow of being a wise gal. Nope.

"What's this talk about blessed snacks?"

Kylie. She always has to ruin my moments. She stood at the top of the grand staircase directly across from the front door, wearing a purple tee shirt that said in white lettering 'I hate your smile', and black elastic booty shorts. And the world must really hate me because just then… Bang! Bang! Bang!

"I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! You deal with him!" I shouted at Kylie and marched off to the kitchen. As I left I faintly heard her say something along the lines of 'What's her problem?', yeah well she was about to find out if she actually dealt with the jackhammer at the door.