Helloooooo my peeps! This story is about Harry Potter and The Gallagher Girls, from the title which you noticed as you clicked on this link. sorry, being my cheesy self. Anyways! I SAW THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS THE OTHER DAY! anyways! enjoy!

Rachel Morgan POV

I put the phone to my ear as the ringing was droning on and on. Finally, he picked up.

"Aah, Rachel- you know I only use owls, my dear" he said into the phone about 3 million miles away.

"Sorry Proffessor- this is important" I said sheepishly.

"Go ahead- it's about the exchange isn't?" He asked.

Dang it, I thought

"Er..yes..yes it is Professor"

"Hmmm..alright, alright.. I'll let you choose out 20 students, please Rachel- no more than that, is on the line with Minerva begging for an exchange" He chuckled

"Ok, when should I send them?" I asked nervously.

"Right away- make it one of those..those…"

"Covert operations?" I asked

"Yes, yes, my dear. Covert operations missions" He said, chuckling once more.

"Alright, well I'll go round up the girls" I said into the line.

"Alrighty then, goodbye….oh! And Rachel…." My Professor said

"Yes?" I asked nervously.

"Bring your daughter, I would very much like to see the new generation of the Morgan family." He answered

"Yes, Professor Dumbeldore"

Cammie POV

"CAMERON ANNE MORGAN! GET UP RIGHT THIS INSTANT!" My best friend Rebecca Baxter shrieked at me.

Yeah, I know, best friend much?

I snuggled deeper into the covers of my bed.

"But BEEEEEXXX it's Sturdaaaayyy" I whined like a four year old.

"Mr. Solomon wants to see us RIGHT NOW in sublevel 3!"

I bolted out of bed and ran into the bathroom.

"BEX YOU BETTER NOT BE FRIGGIN LYING OR ELSE I WILL GET YOU!" I shrieked as I closed the door behind me, hoping this was important as I ran the water.

Me and Bex ran towards the Sublevel three, letting it scan my eyes as the elevator dinged.

We ran into class and took a seat just as came waltzing through the door.

"Ladies, pack your things-we're going on a trip" he said

That's all for today, my fellow friends, oh! And before I leve- never laugh while drinking coffee. I talk from experience…..