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Chapter 5:

Nico's POV

"Come on. Let's go ask Hades first." I tell Hazel.

She nods and we walk to Hades' palace. Sadly, Persephone is there when we arrive.

"What now Thanatos?" Persephone asks as we walk in.

"Oh…it's you." she finishes with a look of anger and pain in her eyes.

"Hello, children." Hades greets.

"Hi. Look, we just need to ask about something, and then we'll be on our way." I explain.

"What's your question?" Persephone asks.

"Thalia. Did she come here?" Hazel asks.

"Yes." Hades answers.

"Where? Why?" I ask urgently, countless possibilities running through my head.

"Currently? I don't think you want to know. She came here to ask for a favor." Persephone answers.

"Where is she?" Hazel asks.

"Nico, you should be able to answer this. Every hero needs to prove themselves before they get a favor." Persephone says, interrupting Hades.

I think and start pacing. Make it through the Labyrinth? No Percy and Annabeth destroyed that. Defeat a monster? Too easy… Then a thought hits me.

"No," I start, anger boiling inside me as I glare at Hades and Persephone, "why would you let, or better yet: make Thalia do that!?"

"Do what...?" Hazel asks cautiously.

"Melinoe. They sent her to see Melinoe." I say, my voice dark.

"Her idea, actually. She suggested it when I told her to think of something." Persephone answers.

"GODS! Hazel…just…come on." I say, walking away.

She follows me and asks, "So, where is Melinoe?"

"This way." I answer, walking towards Melinoe's lair.

"So, who exactly is Melanie?" Hazel asks.

"Melinoe. Ad you really don't want to know." I tell her.

She doesn't answer and we eventually get there.

"THALIA!" I shout.

I see her crying. That never happens. EVER.

"Stay here. Do not go past this spot. Do not make a sound. I'll be back." I tell her. She nods. I run over to Thalia.

"Thals…" I whisper, putting my hand on her arm.

She looks up and glares at me. "Torture me with memories and ways I went wrong all you want but I'm not leaving. Not until you give me something from this lair." she snaps.

"Thalia…it's me. It's Nico." I assure her.

"Prove it." she says, obviously angry.

"Prove it?" I ask.

"Yes. I've already seen 'Nico' three times. I'm not that stupid Melinoe."

I make a split second decision. Probably a really stupid one too.


My Roman half-sister runs over.

"Can you tell Thals I'm—" I start and cut myself off.

"Mom…?" Hazel and I ask in unison.

"Nico…it's actually you…oh my gods no do not play games with them. I don't care that you're appearing as Annabeth right now. I will kill you before you can hurt them." Thalia says, looking at my mother. No, it's Melinoe. I remind myself.

I hear voices in my head and scream. Immediately skeletons come from the ground and look at Melinoe.

Thalia starts yelling about how all the things Melinoe were saying weren't true. Somewhere in there I heard, "You told me I had no one. No one would look for me. And I almost started to believe you! But look: here they are. Not I think I'll take that necklace that you conveniently have on and leave. Before my friends sends gold and ghosts and skeletons at you." Thalia says, walking up to Melinoe.

Melinoe disappears, only her necklace is left where she was standing.

"Let's go…" Hazel mutters.

"You ok…?" I ask Thalia. She nods.


"Sorry, Death Breath. But we're leaving with one more person. C'mon. Let's see Hades and Persephone." she says. I agree and the three of us sprint to the exit.

"I have Melinoe's necklace. Now let me get him. Send Nico or Hazel if you'd rather. But we're not leaving without him." Thalia says confidently.

Persephone sighs and was about to protest but Hades interrupted. "My dear, don't you think that the girl-even if she's my brother's daughter-has done enough? Nico, lead her to the Elysium. Hazel, go with them."

We agree and I lead them to the Elysium.

"Thalia, who are we getting out?" I ask. She grins, her eyes shining.

She runs ahead without answering me. I shake my head and follow her. I see her run up to a boy with blond hair and jump on his back.

Thalia's POV

I ignore Nico's question when I see the reason I'm here. I grin and run behind him. I jump on his back.

"HEY!" he shouts, trying to look at who is hanging onto him.

"Hey." I greet, still smiling.

"Thalia?!" he asks, shocked. I jump off him and he turns around. He gives me a hug that I gladly return. Gods I missed him…

"Wait…you're not…dead, right? Please say you're not." Luke basically pleads. I roll my eyes.

"No. C'mon. If you want, you can…come back. Hades agreed." I tell him.



"You're hiding something." he states.

"Yup. And I'm not telling you what it is because it doesn't matter. Are you coming or not?" I ask, starting to turn. I just then notice a girl next to him. She has black hair and hazel eyes.

"I guess you two know each other?" the girl asks.

"Oh yeah! Thals, meet Aine. She's a daughter of Hecate. She was in the Titan War but changed sides. Aine, this is Thalia. Daughter of Zeus. Also known as my best friend since I can remember."

"So I've been replaced then? I see how it is." 'Aine' teases.

"No. I have three best friends. Annie, Thals, and you."

"Um…do you want to come with us? Assuming Luke wants to come." I ask awkwardly.

"I wouldn't mind." she slyly returns. I start walking away again and call, "You're choice! 3…2…" He picks me up and throws me over his shoulder, interrupting me. I laugh. Once we reach Death Breath and Hazel Luke puts me down.

"Hey, Luke. And you are…?" Nico greets, surprised.

"Aine." Aine answers.

They chat and we leave. It was…perfect. I'm a Hunter, I'm with my friends, about to see more, and with Luke. If only…I shouldn't think like that. It's not like it's going to happen anyways.

Annabeth's POV

We're walking towards where Hades sent us and hear talking.

"Thalia?" I call.

"Comin!" she answers. I hear running and Percy mutters, "Thank gods…I did not want to stay here much longer…we already had to deal with Sisyphus…" I laugh and kiss his cheek. He smiles.

Percy gives me a kiss that I happily return.

"Who's she?" Thalia asks.

"Who's she?!" I ask in return, motioning to a girl next to Luke. Luke is holding Thalia's hand though…ok then…

"I'm Rosalia! Pleasure to meet you." Rosalia says kindly, shaking all of their hands.

"Aine." the girl next to Luke says.

We all talk as we go back to the door and leave.

"Next stop?" Hazel asks.

"INCOMING!" Jason, who had previously insisted after we walked in to stay outside, shouted; crash-landing.

"Smooth, Jason." Leo says.

"Thalia!" Jason says, his voice full of joy, while getting up.


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