Guardian Extras

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Chapter 16

Not expecting the others to be awake yet, Danny and Steve decided to take a short walk before heading to the house. They didn't realize Mom had caught what they'd agreed would be their official first kiss.

Starting off hand in hand, it wasn't long before they'd gravitated closer. Steve's arm slung around Danny's shoulders as Danny's slipped around his waist.

The shorter man reveled in the feel of his partner's muscular back and side. Danny was fit, but he often thought the Seal more closely resembled a carefully sculpted piece of marble. Albeit, very hot marble that was starting to have a very noticeable effect on him.

Feeling Danny's hand caressing his side, Steve struggled to keep his breathing even. He'd imagined moments like this hundreds of times, but the actual feel was almost like a branding iron on his skin. He wondered if Danny would notice the erection straining against his trunks.

Reaching a small area of beach largely hidden by trees, the Seal finally turned on his partner. He was in no state to return to the house like this. He needed to feel Danny against him. Capturing his partner's lips again, he moaned as Danny opened his mouth to him, eagerly returning the kiss.

Steve quickly realized this was't just pent up sexual frustration; this was a much deeper need to connect with the man he'd love for months. The passion ignited between them was an expression of something much deeper.

Wrapping one hand in Danny's hair, Steve used the other to pull him firmly against his body. Their tongues seemed to battle for dominance as Danny's hands frantically caressed Steve's back, leaving a trail of fire along his exposed skin.

Breaking the kiss briefly in need of air, Steve spotted a tree only a few feet behind them. Carefully guiding Danny backwards as he continued kissing his jaw and neck, nibbling on his ear, the Seal managed to maneuver his partner so his back was against the tree.

Feeling the hard surface against his back, Danny gasped. He was about to be crushed between his rock of a partner and the hardness of the tree and he couldn't wait.

Capturing Danny's lips again, Steve nipped at his bottom lip as Danny's hands found their way to the front of his trunks. Feeling the hand grip his straining cock, he gasped. "Shit, Danny.

"Too much?" The detective's voice came out as a husky whisper. They were exploring entirely new territory here.

"Not enough!" The Seal involuntarily bucked his hips, forcing his himself further into his partner's grasp. It wasn't until he felt the breeze against the head of his cock that he realized Danny had freed his erection from his trunks. "Fuck! Danny, you keep that up and I'm going to make a mess."

Stroking his partner with a firm grip, the detective teased. "Wouldn't have thought you'd be so easy to get off."

Steve forced his eyes open, leaning his head up he shook his head. "Danny, the only thing that's touched me like that in months has been my hand and believe me, it doesn't feel that good." He choked the last few words out as the shorter man moved his hand again. His hips bucked again as the pressure increased.

Danny was surprised at this admission. The thought Cath had been keeping the Seal busy whenever she was in town. Wherever his mind was going with that train of thought, it quickly lost track with the feel of Steve's hand slipping past the waist of his shorts, the other quickly unzipping them.

As their lips met again, both men moaned at the incredible pleasure the feel of the other one gave. It had been to long for both of them and it took only moments of heated stroking before they both erupted. Fortunately, through the lust-filled haze, they managed to angle so the mess landed in the sand rather than on Danny's shirt. Neither man particularly wanted to explain that stain should Mom or Grace be around when they returned.

Vision finally starting to return to normal, trunks and shorts returned to their proper places, Steve placed one arm on the tree above Danny's head as the other gently caressed his partner's neck. He wasn't quite ready for their interlude to end.

Leaning down, he let his lips linger against Danny's before placing a trail of hot kisses down to the edge of his shirt.

"I love you, Danny." He whispered against his neck, smiling at the involuntary shiver that rippled through the Jersey native.

Head leaned back against the tree, barely able to form a coherent thought; Danny surprised himself with his ability to reply. "I love you too, Steven."

"Next time we should do this in the bedroom. Naked." Steve's voice held a hint of laughter.

"That, my Neanderthal Seal, sounds like an excellent idea." He captured Steve's lips for one last kiss, wondering how he was going to survive sex with his partner when a quick make out session on the beach was so intense. Of all the ways he though Steve might get him killed, mind-blowing orgasm had never made the list until now.

The pair finally stepped apart again. Looking up at the sun, Steve realized that by now there was a good chance Mom and Grace would be awake. Guiding Danny back toward the house, he relished this quiet time together. This new dynamic between them would take some getting used to, but they'd been so close for so long that it actually felt like a relatively easy transition.


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