Guardian: Love Explored

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Between Chapter 46 and 47

Staring off over the water, Danny took another long pull of his beer. The strong, capable fingers working firm against the tension in his shoulders felt wonderful.

When the fingers began to creep down to his side, slowly sneaking their way around to his chest, he barely suppressed a moan. When those same fingers stopped and began retreating, he frowned down at them.

"Hey, why'd you stop?" The detective questioned. He couldn't see his partner's face from where he sat, reclined against his chest, but he suddenly pictured the guilty expression residing there.

When McGarrett didn't answer, Danny leaned forward, turning around to face him, slipping his legs into the space on either side of McGarrett's frame.

"Hey goof, why'd you stop? That felt good." He poked at the Seal's chest before letting his hand rest there.

Steve's eyes remained fixed on the surf, refusing to meet his gaze. "I didn't… I wasn't…"

Sliding his hand up to Steve's jaw, Danny tried unsuccessfully to make him look to him instead of the water. "Come on babe, use your words." He adopted the familiar, teasing tone.

"I didn't mean to start something. Not after the day you had." The words came out in such a rush it took Danny a few seconds to process them.

"Did I give you any indication I wanted you to stop? Because quite honestly after a quiet evening on the beach with family and a couple of beers, I wouldn't mind taking advantage of our somewhat secluded location on this dark beach where no one else is awake." Danny's fingers caressed Steve's neck, reinforcing his message.

Steve's gaze immediately dropped to Danny's at those words, eyebrows shooting up in surprise.

"Maybe you and your superior self-control are okay with not having been like this," he scooted his body closer to Steve's, "in the last nearly 48 hours, but I'm not." He didn't care that he sounded a bit needy.

Danny tried not to smirk in the split second before Steve's lips claimed his. Mission accomplished now he could enjoy the ride. Getting lost in the Seal was just what he needed.

Steve's hand tanged in Danny's hair, holding him close as he slowly leaned back. Quickly catching on, Danny shifted his legs so he was on his knees, straddling the Seal's thighs.

Breaking the kiss, the detective leaned back just enough to pull his t-shirt over his head, tossing it aside. Steve immediately reclaimed is lips, wrapping an arm securely around his waist.

Seconds later, Danny's mind registered that he'd been flipped and was now on his back, McGarrett's lithe body hovering over him.

"Damned ninja." He murmured against his partner's lips just before they disappeared from his own.

Before Danny could complain about the loss, he realized Steve's chest was now bare above him and decided the temporary loss was worthwhile.

As the Seal leaned back over, bracing himself on one strong arm, Danny marveled at the muscles straining just beneath the tanned skin. He wasn't sure he'd ever stop being mesmerized by the power those muscles so often held in check.

Running his hands over Steve's chest, he watched the hard surface twitch underneath his touch. Brushing the pads of his thumbs across hardened nipples, he heard the Seal's breathe catch. It was a powerful feeling, knowing he elicited that response.

"Despite what you may think, Daniel, my self-control is far from perfect." Steve hissed as he pressed his lower body into his partner, letting his body emphasize the point.

Danny wrapped one hand around the back of Steve's neck. "Good." He growled before pulling him down so their lips met.

The Seal's free hand caressed the shorter man's bare side, sliding up to let a thumb rub over an erect nipple.

Breaking this kiss, Steve stifled a chuckle when Danny actually whimpered a bit. The Jersey native's tone quickly changed when Steve began nuzzling his neck and nibbling his year.

"Aaahhhh." Danny's hand wrapped tight around Steve's arm, fingers leaving white marks on tan skin.

Steve smiled against his lover's heated skin, he loved being able to excite him so quickly. Kissing his way down the exposed neck, across shoulders and collarbone, the Seal caught a nipple between his teeth.

"Steven. Please." Danny's breathe hitched as he choked out the plea.

Releasing the hardened nub, the Seal flicked his tongue over it before blowing a stream of cool air, making Danny squirm beneath him.

"Please what, Daniel?" He kissed his way across to the other nipple, making the blond moan. "Come on babe, use your words." He turned the Jersey native's words against him before repeating his treatment on the second side.

"More… fuck. Want you to make me…" the cold air from Steve's mouth hitting his puckered flesh chocked off his words. Frustrated and wanting more, he lifted his hips with what little room he had, pressing firmly against the Seal.

Not wanting to torture Danny too much, Steve continued to work his mouth down his partner's body, pushing his hips back against the ground before blindly unfastening the detective's shorts.

With very little encouragement, the Jersey native's erection sprang free, begging for attention. Sitting back on his haunches, Steve undid his own shorts, freeing his own throbbing dick.

Scooting back slightly, McGarrett leaned over his target. Running his tongue from base to head, before slowly swirling it around the swollen flesh, Steve let is warm breathe hit making Danny moan.

"Is this what you want?" He asked before slowly repeating the maneuver.

"Aaahh! Yes!" The detective fought to remain still, his breathing erratic.

McGarrett continued the teasing for a moment longer, reaching one hand up to tweak Danny's nipple as his other gripped is own erection. Taking his partner's entire length in his mouth, he could tell he was driving him to the brink.

Danny was becoming convinced the ability to render him speechless and shatter him with mind blowing orgasms was one of his Super Seal's super powers. He was sure he should be annoyed at another example of McGarrett's amazing capabilities, but as he moaned beneath his lover's skilled ministrations he couldn't find it within him to complain.

"Fuck, Steven!" So much of his stellar vocabulary.

Feeling his own orgasm building at Danny's lusty moans, Steve quickened his pace with both his hand and his mouth, sucking just a bit harder to force Danny closer to the brink.

When Danny moaned again, Steve's cock twitched, causing him to moan around his partner's length, pushing them both straight over the edge.

Spent from the combined effect of the earlier beers and recent orgasms, both men were feeling very relaxed and sleepy.

Steve barely managed to crawl back up his lover's body, curling around him and quickly fixing both their shorts, before his eyes closed.

After a few moments of silence, Danny finally regained his voice. "Think anyone would care if we just slept here? I might be too comfortable to move."

Steve's warm breathe ghosted over the detective's chest at his answering laugh. "Yes babe, you'd care in the morning when you woke up with sand in your hair or some other place you insist it doesn't belong."

Steve smiled as he felt the laugh from where his head rested on Danny. "Fine, you have me there. Guess that means we should start thinking about moving."

The Seal's answer was to wrap his arm more tightly around the shorter man's waist as he slid a leg across his lower body, pinning him to the ground.

"Okay, maybe in a few minutes." Danny conceded as he gently rubbed Steve's back, wrapping his other arm around his partner's forearm.

Half an hour later, McGarrett sat up, leaning over to give a sleepy Williams a kiss. "Come on Danno. Let's grab a shower and crawl in bed."

Pulling himself the rest of the way up, he reached down to help Danny to his feet. Grabbing the blanket and empty beer bottles, the pair headed to the house for the night.


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