Ok, here is a new story. The basic inspiration came from my Naruto/Pokémon challenge, but with a twist. Now I know some of you are going to complain about me not working on my first story. The reason I'm not is because I'm taking a bit of a break from it. And besides, work starts so early in the morning that when I do get home I just go back to sleep, leaving me with little time left in the day to do much of anything.

And so, my first Naruto and Pokémon story, the Queen of the Distortion. Here we go!


-Konoha, late at night-

It was late at night, and several ninja were abuzz with what had happened a few hours ago: the stealing, and just now retrieval of the Forbidden scroll of seals. It was stolen because one Naruto Uzumaki had failed his gennin exam, and had been tricked by Mizuki into stealing it, thinking it was a makeup exam to pass. Several hours had passed, giving Naruto enough time to actually learn a jutsu from the scroll. And not only that, he had managed to surprise and defeat the traitor Mizuki when he had revealed his plans, using the Shadow Clone Jutsu. He also managed to graduate, thanks to his other teacher Iruka. Now someone would think that someone like Naruto would be absolutely ecstatic about not just passing his exam after the last few failures, but also learning a high level jutsu and aiding in the capture of a traitor. You would be wrong. If one were to look at Naruto, they would not find him with his large smile and eyes bright with happiness. Oh no. Even though his face was down making hard to see his face, if one were to look they would see a disturbing blank look on his face. The only way to tell what he was feeling was to look into his eyes which had lost some of their brightness, to be replaced with a broken and haunted look.

Why you ask? Well, it was because he was a Jinchuriki, a literal human sacrifice. He had heard the term before from the villagers spoken in whispers, but he did not fully understand what it had meant, until today that is. Mizuki had revealed that little secret, kept so because of a law the Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen had made preventing people from speaking of it, though it did little to actually stop them from doing so. But the secret of what him being a Jinchuriki meant that he was actually the living prison for a massive creature known as a Bijuu. And not just any Bijuu, the one that had attacked 15 years ago, the very day he was born, the nine tailed fox, Kyuubi.

And when Naruto heard this, everything finally made sense to him. When he was younger, there were times when the villagers would group up and would attack him, only to be stopped by ninja. Only now did he realize they were not protecting him from them, they were protecting the villagers from him. "After all, they probably didn't want me to access the power of the demon by accident, and go on a rampage." Naruto thought bitterly. "And the old ma-no, the Sandaime didn't spend time me, some random orphan out of the goodness of his heart, oh no. he probably did it to keep a check on his precious Jinchuriki." He thought with a sneer. It made sense. The Hokage was a busy man, and what other reason would he have for spending time with someone like him when he had a village to run?

It did not take him long to reach the lake within one of the training grounds in order to try and clear his head. He had asked Iruka if there was somewhere he could go to think. This of course worried Iruka, after everything that had happened, but Naruto said that there was nothing to worry about, putting on his mask of foolish happiness, which served to fool Iruka. Walking up the still water, he then looks at his reflection. He takes notice that he resembles a picture of a man he had seen in the Hokage's office hanging on the wall. He had the same eyes and hair, and briefly wonders if he was somehow perhaps related to him. But then his eyes narrow on his whisker marks. The very same marks, marking him as Kyuubi's Jinchuriki. He couldn't believe that the Hokage would not tell him something like this. Well, he supposed that his mask of idiocy and happiness would have dissuaded the Hokage from telling him, but damm it; you just don't hide something like this from someone! "Wait, if the Hokage was lying to me about why the villagers didn't like me, what else was he lying to me about?" thought Naruto, the realization of the Hokage's betrayal stinging deeply.

"Damn it all!" he yells out into the night, no longer able to hold in his emotions. "Damn those worthless bastards! I'm not the fox! The hell cant they see that? I didn't ask for this! I never wanted this! Damn villagers too stupid to see me and not the fox! Damn bastard Hokage, pretending to be kind to me, when he just wants to make sure the villages weapon doesn't go berserk!" Letting out another yell, he falls to his knees and begins punching the ground in frustration, anger, bitterness and loneliness coming up, no longer being able to repress them any longer. Had he looked in his reflection on the water's surface in front of him, he would have noticed his eyes shifting between blue and red with a slit pupil, and his features turn more beastly the more his emotions spiraled out of control.


-Inside of the seal-

For little over 12 years, the nine tailed fox Kyuubi had been stuck inside of the seal. Only waking a few times, having been woken up when sensing her hosts extreme despair several years ago. At the time, the fox couldn't believe that a child could hold such sadness and anger. Though the Uzumaki were a rather emotional people, as they were ones that did put family above all else unlike most of the shinobi world. Didn't these fools know how dangerous an Uzumaki was when they were angry? How else would her previous host, the boy's mother Kushina have gained such a title as Red Death? You didn't get it for being nice, that's for damn sure.

But for as much as she, the Kyuubi hated and having her pride as the strongest Bijuu to be sealed, she could not fault Naruto. The boy did not ask to be her Jinchuriki. Unlike most, which would have jumped at the chance to have such power, he did not even want it. And she couldn't blame him.

One time she had been watching through Naruto's eyes when he was at the library, having snuck in as the librarian did not allow him entrance, she was surprised at what he was reading, and it made her blood boil. It was about Hashirama, and his many deeds, but Naruto was at the part where he attempted peace with the other nations, by giving her brethren away like prizes at a fair. It was not something taught in the academy, as the entire subject related to Bijuu was something that Sarutobi had put a lid on, not wanting the next generation to know about it. (This was stupid in her opinion.) But she was honestly surprised at how Naruto reacted when he had read that part. He has called Hashirama a fool! Not only that, but he believed it was stupid to give away sentient creatures as peace offerings, when they were in turn going to be sealed away and used for war. Not only that, but he said that for all of Hashirama's kindness and compassion, that what he was doing was in reality cruel and inhumane, trapping them and giving them away to be used as tools of war. It sickened him.

Kyuubi was surprised, and touched that Naruto felt that way. Never before had a human sympethized with them. Hell, her previous Jinchuriki Mito and Kushina never even bothered to befriend her. They believed if that they themselves were filled with love, that they could counteract her hatred for humanity. And yet they never bothered to even try and fix the source of the problem: her hatred for humanity. They did nothing, but simply leave her in their seals and never communicating with her, treating her like some kind of animal and criminal. It wasn't her fault! It was humanity, and the desire for more power that lead to things being the way they are! And yet for a human to take her side, to see that it was in fact humans who were to blame for their destruction (which was caused only because they wanted to get away from humans and be free) made her incredibly happy.

And so, knowing how Naruto felt about things, tried to help him as best she could. Naturally this was difficult, as her influence was small, but she did what she could. She tried to help his growth as best she could; even going so far as to make sure he didn't die from malnutrition due to his constant diet of ramen. Outside of that, there wasn't much she could do, as she could not affect his mind. (If she could, she would have gotten him to eat better, even if it meant stealing.)

But now she was faced with a problem: with Mizuki telling Naruto his status of a Jinchuriki, it did not take long for his emotional facade of happiness to shatter like glass, and all his pent up emotions to boil to the surface. It would not be long before her power would be brought up as well, and she feared what would happen to the boy in his current state. He would most likely go berserk, and the more hateful ninja would be more inclined to simply kill him, especially after he had been tricked into stealing the scroll.

She had to think fast. Her options were limited, stuck inside of the seal as she was. With Naruto soon to draw on her power, and the humans more than likely would be out for blood, she had to do something, and fast! She needed to get someone, anyone to help Naruto, but who? There was no one in the village who would be able to, and Naruto was alone in the middle of a clearing with a large, clear lake in front- wait, a clear lake? Yes, in front of Naruto was a crystal clear lake. And the only reason it was relevant, was because there was one being who could use any clear surface to pear into the human world. But could she really call upon the Renegade ruler of the distortion itself to help Naruto? After a moment, she sighed in defeat. There truly was no other way. While there were others she could call upon that would be more inclined to help Naruto, none would get here fast enough to do so.

"I'm sorry Naruto, but I'm going to have to take my chances, as this accursed village is more than likely to kill you when you tap into my power. At least with that Renegade, you'll have a chance at survival. I'll have to act fast." said Kyuubi. And with that, she brought forth her power, and had it latch onto Naruto's spiraling emotions, making it easy to bypass the seal and have her power come out.


-Back with Naruto in the clearing-

While Naruto remained ignorant of his tenant's plans, he continued to let his emotions run rampant. He soon stood up, a crimson aura now enveloping his body. He then threw his head back, and let out a beastly roar that could be heard all throughout the village. The crimson aura enveloping him soon turned into a fox shaped shroud with a single tail. and while Naruto loosing himself to his rage, Kyuubi took the chance to control her Youkai as best she could through the seal, and began writing her message on the water's surface. Normally this wouldn't be possible, but then again she was trying to communicate with a being in a whole different dimension, and she wasn't even human anyway, so she could bend the rules of reality a little bit.

And as expected, it did not take long for the ninja to arrive. After all, it wasn't too long ago that they had been searching for Naruto and the forbidden scroll. And it was not surprising to see anger and fear in their eyes as they saw Naruto in a one tailed-no, make that two tailed chakra cloak, as the second tail had just formed. Though this increased her ability to write her message (as those damn letters 'they' used were so strange, not to mention having to write it backwards) made it easier. The ninja seemed ready to attack, before the Hokage; Sarutobi Hiruzen himself had arrived in full battle gear, though upon seeing Naruto in a two tailed state, the look on his face had a melancholy expression on his face.

"Naruto…" the old Hokage said. "How could this have happened? I thought that everything had been resolved when we learned Mizuki had tricked Naruto into stealing the scroll. So how did this happen? Does Iruka know anything? I wanted to question him, but he had to be taken to the hospital immediately due to his injuries, and Mizuki….! Could he have told Naruto about the fox!? That has to be it! Mizuki must have told Naruto before trying to kill him! Damn it! Damn you to hell you stupid bastard Mizuki!" thought a now angry Sarutobi at his revelation.

Coming out of his thoughts, he looks on at Naruto covered in Kyuubi's chakra, his two chakra tails flailing behind him, not knowing of what the fox was really doing with them. But before Sarutobi could say anything, the lake behind Naruto glows and a giant black tentacle with a bright red spike on the end appears. Naruto, seeing their reactions, turns around only to see the tentacle wrap around him, lift him into the air, and then sink down into the clear lake and vanishing.

"NARUTO! NO!" yelled Sarutobi, as he and ran toward the lake in a vain attempt at trying to stop the tentacle from taking away Naruto. As the tentacle disappeared with Naruto, he could only look on in helplessly. When he got to the lake, all he could see was his reflection, and no sign of Naruto or the strange tentacle that had taken him. "No. this can't be happening! I promised myself that I would take care of Minato and Kushina's son! How could I have failed this badly? I should have done more for the boy…" Thought Sarutobi in sadness.


-A few moments ago. Location:? -

In a dark place with platforms floating at many different angles. This world disobeys the normal laws of physics: as there were several small floating islands scattered about. Trees and rocks were simply growing out of the ground, and then disappeared. Water was flowing at impossible angels, and some even flowing upward in a defiance of gravity. But in this strange place, only one being actually lived here.

A creature with six black, ghostly streamers on its back that each has a bright red spike at the end. Its mouth is hidden by the head plates, which swing open sideways when the mouth is opening. Where legs would be, it has instead six spike like protrusions. There are four more golden spikes near the edge of the tail. There are three gold half-rings on its neck that can grip objects. This large creature is none other than Giratina, ruler of the Distortion world. It had been sent here by Arceus itself and unlike the stories of it being banished, it was sent there to keep it stable in the event something would happen to it. (Like Palkia and Dialga fighting each other, causing ruptures in time in space that could damage the distortion world.)

To Giratina, while it was a lonely existence, it would rather have at least some company. Though the list of being that that could even get here were small, and there weren't many legendaries even alive any more. But while it was making its usual routine around the distortion world making sure there were no problems, it noticed something strange. It was an ominous orange/red glow shining into the distortion world. Now normally Giratina wouldn't care about this, but it seemed as though someone was actually trying to get Giratina's attention, like when you hear an animal pawing at the door. Deciding to investigate, it came upon a strange sight. Giratina had the ability to use any clear surface to gaze into the real world, and upon seeing a human covered in a strange cloak of energy with two energy tails was certainly strange. What was stranger still was that the 'tails' appeared to be trying to write something. Looking closer, it looked as though it was a crude imitation of Unknown. When the tails finished, Giratina looked at the finished message:

"Giratina help boy! I beg you!" –Kyuubi decision

Giratina's eyes widened at this. Sure the message was choppy, and the writing bad, but Giratina now understood what was going on. The boy had the Kyuubi sealed inside of him, having heard about it though the other legendaries. But what was surprising was that Kyuubi was actually begging of all things! To Giratina for help! And looking onward, it could certainly see why: several other humans who looked ready to kill the poor boy. Now normally Giratina would not interfere with such things, but the Kyuubi was personally asking her for help. So making up its mind, Giratina opened up a portal, and put a tentacle through the hole to get the boy.


-Back with Naruto -

He didn't know what had happened. He remembered he was in the clearing in front of the lake. He then got angry at the truth of what he was being exposed. He vaguely remembered people in the clearing in his anger clouded mind. But before anyone could do anything, a giant tentacle had grabbed him pulling him to god knows where. Wherever he had ended up had apparently brought him out of his anger educed state, cancelling the flow of the Kyuubi's chakra he felt. Upon feeling the tentacle let him go and falling on solid ground, he looked around and saw he was in a strange place. It was like gravity, nay reality itself was thrown out of whack! But he had little time to marvel at this new place, when he heard a deep rumbling noise behind him. Slowly turning his head, he was met with a strange looking and massive creature. It lowered its head so he could look straight into its red eye. And then, to his surprise, instead of eating him like he first thought, it spoke in a strange and distorted voice.

"Now then, care to tell me what was going on exactly? And why the Kyuubi sealed inside of you called upon me to help you?" said the creature.

This floored Naruto. The Kyuubi actually called for help, and this creature answered!? How did the fox do that, where he and what was the hell was this thing!? Slowly, he began to speak. "W-who, and what are you?" he asked timidly.

Giratina looked at him for a second. "I suppose that's a fair question. I am Giratina, protector of this world, the Distortion, and one of the Creation Trio. Now, who are you?"


And that's it folks! Let me know what you think.