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After Kushina had passed out, the person who used to be Minato rushed to her side and caught her. Everyone else rushed to her side except Giratina who kept off to the side and let them be. After making sure she was just ok, Naruto looked at the human form of Ho-oh.

"Umm, this is kind of awkward to ask, but who are you? Are you still Minato, or are you someone else now?" asked Naruto. While he knew there was a chance for his father to go through some drastic changes, he didn't think it would be anything like this!

The woman in elegant clothing tapped her chin in thought. "I'm not sure. I still posses the memories of Minato, but there are several holes. Though I think that was due to the fact that there wasn't much of Minato's soul that went through the process to begin with. Now that I think of it, most of Minato's soul was actually sealed elsewhere, that 'Shiki Fuin', correct?" she asked, getting a nod from Kyuubi, as she knew all too well that the jutsu required the users own soul as payment, and was actually surprised Minato managed to siphon enough of his own soul into Naruto's seal to repair it if needed.

"Then that means Minato still exists, along with your other self inside the stomach of that creature." She said.

"Really?" said Kushina, who had just woken up from fainting. The idea that Minato still existed sounded good. After all, she needed to give him a good ass whopping for his stupid choice in making Naruto Kyuubi's Jinchuriki like he did. As well as anyone else in the Leaf village who dared treat her son bad.

"Yes. Though the problem is actually getting him free of the Shiki Fuin, along with the half of Kyuubi he sealed inside of himself." She said.

"But what about you though? I mean, would the rest of his soul be absorbed into you? And what do we even call you, as you're not even a male now." Asked Kyuubi. She only asked because she hoped that Minato's soul would in fact be absorbed into her, as the only alternative was that he could once again be reincarnated into a Pokémon, only this time it would work like it did with Kushina and Naruto.

But to her dismay, she shook her head no. "No. the part of Minato that went into the seal, that is now a piece of me can no longer be joined together in anyway, as I am now a separate being from him altogether. As for what to call me, how about Akurai?" she said.

"Sunny and bright?" asked Naruto, and she nodded.

"That would make sense, as Ho-oh is the rainbow bird, and a Flying and Fire type as well." said Giratina, putting her two scents in.

The now named Akurai clapped her hands and had a smile on her face. "Then it's settled then, my name is Akurai."

While Naruto smiled at her, it quickly turned into a frown. "I just remembered, were forgetting one thing. Even though the rest of dad's soul is sealed away in the Shiki Fuin, how do we release him? Unless mom knows how to summon the thing that took his soul and try to get dad's soul along with Kyuubi's other half." He said, looking at his mother who shook her head no.

Scrunching her eyes in thought, something in the back of her mind was calling to her, like a forgotten memory. "I know the thing he summoned is familiar to me somehow, but how? The jutsu itself was a forbidden one in a scroll from…"her eyes widened in shock.

"The Mask Shrine!" Kushina suddenly yelled.

"What are you going on about?" asked Kyuubi.

"The jutsu Minato used was a technique discovered by a member of my clan, and given as a good will present to Hashirama when he married Mito. But Konoha also has a shrine of masks from my clan, and one of them is linked directly to the being summoned! While wearing it, one can summon it and control it directly, and forcibly make it release souls that it devoured…" she then grew a grim look on her face. "The only problem is that it follows the actions of the wearer and you must slice open its stomach to get the souls out, meaning your own stomach will be sliced open as well." finished Kushina. Everyone had a grim look on their face when hearing this. At first they thought it was all good news when Kushina told them of a way to summon the creature to get Minato's soul back, right up until she said exactly how you were supposed to get the soul back from it, and everyone rubbed their stomachs at the thought of slicing it open to get the soul back.

"Is there any way we can barter with the creature then? I mean, if it is able to be summoned, it has to have at least some intelligence, so we might be able to work out a deal with It." asked Akurai. Even from what few memories of Minato she did have, Minato knew very little of the creature summoned by the Shiki Fuin. Not knowing if the thing even understood human speech, let alone if it could be reasoned with for it to relinquish the soul of Minato and the other half of Kyuubi was quite the gamble.

"Ok, but where is the shrine exactly? I mean, the Gengar are going to need to know where it is so they can get it, or would that be a bad idea since their ghosts and this mask is connected to a soul eating summon?" wondered Naruto, and everyone blinked at that. He had a point. The creature devoured souls as payment for being summoned, and Ghost type Pokémon were basically souls themselves, so the either they would be fine, or they would be devoured by the creature.

"You have a point. Sending out Gengar, or any Ghost type Pokémon for that matter would be too risky in this case. But even as a Dragon type legendary as well as a Ghost, there are no Dragon Pokémon I could bring forth that would be able to get the mask unseen." Giratina said with irritation. Honestly, she had no idea that answering Kyuubi's distress call would lead to such a headache. While she was glad that it resulted in not just one legendary being brought back, but three, with the possibility of yet another if they were able to reclaim the soul of Minato, then it would all be well worth the headache.

"Is there no Pokémon you can call on? I mean, sure you're a Ghost and Dragon type, but as a legendary, shouldn't you have some leeway over all lesser Pokémon? Especially since your an important legendary?" asked Kyuubi.

Giratina let out a sigh. "While you are correct that I am one of the most important legendary Pokémon, the only one above me in the hierarchy being Arceus, but you have to understand that do to my position, many Pokémon are weary of associating with me. While Ghost types have no problem, as I am the only Ghost legendary there is, even Dragon type Pokémon sometimes hesitate to associate with me. And while there are a few Pokémon I can think of that would be able to get the job done, they are of a different types than I am, making it very difficult to get them to listen to me at all." Said Giratina. Honestly, if Darkrai were still alive, then Naruto would have been able to command it, as not only is Darkrai lower in the chain of command of legendaries, it is also a Dark type, same as Naruto, and these two factors would have allowed Naruto to have a greater chance of getting Naruto to command it. (1)

Everyone looked down trodden at this, but then Kyuubi snapped her fingers. "What if Naruto, Kushina, or Akurai asks it to do it?" everyone looks at her in confusion. "I mean their legendaries too now. So shouldn't they be able to call upon a Pokémon to do this for them? Well, maybe not Naruto, given that the aura he exudes in his Pokémon form would be frightening to lesser Pokémon, but Kushina or Akurai should be able to get them to do it for us."

Everyone turned to Giratina for confirmation. "Well, yes Naruto, Kushina and Akurai would be able to command Pokémon, it would only work if they're the same type. But of the three of you, only Naruto and Kushina would be able to summon a Pokémon that would be of any use." This made Akurai puff her cheeks out in indignation, making her look cute, Naruto thought for a moment. "But even then, you would have to call the right one on your own. Though it is my personal opinion that Naruto be the one to do this, as psychic type Pokémon that you could summon Kushina is weak to ghost types, and there are few fire type Pokémon that Akurai could summon that would be of use." Said Giratina, getting Akurai and Kushina to pout and Naruto to give them apologetic looks.

"But how do I even summon a Pokémon to begin with?" questioned Naruto.

"You must first be able to differentiate the new Pokémon energies in your body, the Flying and Dark energies. When you do, you must grasp the Dark type nature of your being, and use it to 'call out' so to speak to a Pokémon of the same type. With practice, you will be able to call upon exactly which Pokémon you desire, but for now you will only be able to randomly summon one and hope for the best." Said Giratina, with all of them giving her a deadpan expression. Really, they were just supposed to reach inside of themselves, try and grasp their new Pokémon energies, and just hope for the best? Well, it was worth giving it a shot, so Naruto sat down and meditated in the hopes he could.

Concentrating, he searched inside of himself like he would when trying to call upon his chakra when he was younger and starting the academy. He could feel something, but he couldn't quite reach it. It was like when you lost something, and you knew it was in the room you're looking in but couldn't find it. Then it hit him. While trying to call upon it like it was his chakra was somewhat successful, that was also the problem. It wasn't human chakra, or whatever the Pokémon equivalent of it was called. It was Pokémon energy, and therefore inherently different then what he was used to learning how to use in the academy. This meant he had to do things differently. He had to try and remember how it felt when he first became a legendary, when he first changed into Yveltal. How it felt with the energy flowing through him. How light and free he felt, yet at the same time how strangely malicious it felt.

Wait, that wasn't how chakra felt like when he was a human. This meant that he had found it! Letting out a smile in victory, he stood back up again. Raising his left arm, he concentrated on the part of his energy that felt malicious, and soon dark type energy to pool into his hand, and it was soon engulfed in a dark aura. The dark aura soon grew until it looked like a swirling mass of darkness had devoured his hand.

"Very good. Now, you need to call out to a Pokémon. And when you get better at controlling your power, you will be able to do all this instantly." Said Giratina.

Nodding to Giratina, Naruto brought his concentration back onto using his energy to summon a Pokémon. The Dark energy around his arm shot off, and hit the stone wall near them, but it did not destroy it, but instead turned into a large dark void, and grew in size until it was about 5 ft in diameter. Then, without warning, something jumped out of it and the void closed.

A large, brown bipedal Pokémon appeared. It has a long, shaggy, white mane that covers most of its face. It has long ears, a long pointed nose, and a large mouth with teeth that are usually gritted. Its eyes are opaque yellow with black sclera and pupils. It has three broad leaves with brown spokes on its hands. Its feet resemble a tengu-geta. It looks around confused, before its eyes settle on Naruto, and it suddenly takes a kneeling position in front of him, surprising him.

"Ok, what did I summon, and why is it doing that?" asked Naruto as he looked at the new Pokémon in front of him.

"That is a Shiftry, a Grass and Dark type Pokémon. This is surprising, as I did not expect you to summon a decent Pokémon on your first attempt, not to mention it will be useful in getting the mask." Said Giratina.

"But why is it kneeling to him like that? I mean, sure Naruto is a Dark type same as it is, but he is Flying type and it's a Grass, so shouldn't, I don't know, hate him because of that?" asked Kyuubi. Let it be known that while she knew of the Legendary Pokémon, she did not know of their 'types' and all the things relating to it, so this was new to her as well.

"Normally, in this case a Shiftry would be neutral to Naruto because of his type. But all Pokémon have a special ability, and the one Naruto has is called Dark Aura, which increases the power of his dark type moves. In this case, it also increases his ability to 'connect' with Dark type Pokémon, giving him greater leverage in controlling them. "Explained Giratina, making Naruto's eyes widen. So if he remembered from Giratina's earlier explanation about types, not only did he gain a boost for using Dark type moves because he was also a Dark type, but his ability as Yveltal made his Dark type moves stronger still? That was awesome! But he could test out his Dark Aura ability, as well as his Pokémon skill in general later, first he had a job for this Shiftry.

"Shiftry." Naruto said, and the Pokémon raised its head to look at him. "I have a mission for you. There is a special mask in a shrine in the human world that I need you to get. It is imperative that you are not seen or heard by the humans, so stealth is a mush. My mother will give you the location, and then you will be off. Understood?" Naruto said in an authoritative tone. The Shiftry nodded, and went through the same process as the Gengar's did and was shown the memories of where it was, and then left through a portal Giratina opened.

After it left, Kushina was rubbing her temples. "You all right mom?" asked a worried Naruto. Kushina had already had been through that twice in a rather short period of time, so he was worried it might have some kind of side effect.

Kushina gave him a smile, happy he cared about her well being, despite the fact they barely knew each other yet, which was something she was going to have to rectify. "Don't worry Naruto, I'm fine. Just a slight headache from that memory transfer. I'll be fine. So then." She said, turning her attention to Giratina. "What kind of ability do I have then? Since my son has that 'dark aura' of his, I would assume I have my own unique ability as well."

Giratina nodded. "You are right. Normally, most legendaries would have the ability called 'Pressure' where their opponent would use up more energy when fighting. But as you are a different color than a Lugia would normally be, you might have a different ability as well. I believe it was called 'Multiscale', where you were able to slightly reduce the damage taken from an attack. As do you Akurai. You have the ability Regenerator, which allows you to obviously regain health over time." She said, getting smiles from Kushina and Akurai.

Eventually, Giratina decided to teach them more about the Pokémon they now were, what they could do, and just about anything related to their new station. Then after that, Naruto was able to talk to his mother and Akurai. While the latter only had a portion of the memories of his father, she did retain all the memories of Ho-oh. So not only did he get to find out more about his mother, which as an orphan he always wondered about them, he also got to learn more about what the world was like when Pokémon still roamed the world. While the information given by Giratina was very helpful, she didn't really know much of the world before it changed, mostly due to the fact she stayed in the Distortion world, unless something required her to leave, which was almost never.

Though their talk was interrupted by the image of Shiftry appearing on the other side of the portal, holding the mask. Giratina opened up the portal, and allowed the Shiftry to enter. The Shiftry then kneeled before Naruto, and presented the mask to him. Everyone in the room could feel a deathly aura surrounding the mask, and knew Shiftry had gotten the correct one. Taking the mask, Naruto said "thank you for your assistance Shiftry. Now, how do I de-summon you?" he wondered aloud. As he did so, the Shiftry was engulfed in a dark aura, and then disappeared.

"As you have just witnessed, when you no longer require the assistance of a summoned Pokémon, you can simply will them away. But now, let's move on to more important matters…" said Giratina, and everyone nodded.

Kushina then took the mask from Naruto, and walked a few feet away from everyone else. Kushina placed the mask down, and slowly went through hand signs, as she drudged up the old memories of the seals required to summon it, as she didn't want to actually put on the mask herself. She eventually finished the seals required to summon it, and the mask glowed a sickly purple. Then, right before them, the ghoulish form of the creature that Minato had summoned to seal away half of Kyuubi into himself appeared.

"Now, I believe we have some talking to do…" said Kushina to the specter.


And done! So now they have the spectral, soul devouring summon creature summoned. I would have continued, but this chap is already at about 3,000 words in the actual story, so I decided to end it there. Also, I will be updating Reborn Habanera (the story that you all voted to either stay a one shot or become a real story).

Ok, about Naruto being able to control Darkrai. I'm basing this off of the same principal that Giratina is able to freely command any and all Ghost type Pokémon: Pokémon of the same type will stick together, and any legendary would be able to command a lesser Pokémon of the same type to do what they wanted. Meaning because Naruto is a Dark type, he would be able to command Dark type Pokémon, as Kushina with Psychic, Akurai with fire, and so on. Though with Legendaries who are of the same type, it boils down to who is higher in the hierarchy. Like say if Moltres and Entei commanded a Charizard to do something: it couldn't do anything, because their of equal standing. But say if it was Ho-oh that was telling them, then they wouldn't have any choice, as Ho-oh is above both of them. See what I mean?

while technically they could call on Pokémon of a different type to help them, there is a much less of a chance of the Pokémon actually doing it because of the different type. I did this mostly because it would be too easy if Naruto could simply have the ability to summon and control any and all regular Pokémon at will.

I know that Multiscale only works when the Pokémon's health is full, but that would make it rather hard for practical use in battle, so I changed it a little. Same with Ho-oh's hidden ability Regenerator. As these are not Pokémon battles, and Ho-oh cannot be switched out with another Pokémon, I had to change it as well. and besides, giving each legendary the Pressure ability is boring, and the only way I would be able to make it work from its video game counterpart would be that Ninja would have to use a bit more chakra when using their jutsu.