a/n: i'm obsessed with this pairing. And Robbie Kay. and so I decided to write their backstory. I hope you enjoy, and reviews/comments/feedback are always appreciated!

chapter 1

It's dark, and it's cold, and it's wet.

Very different from her house with its warm, inviting wooden floors, soft carpets, and cozy blankets on the beds.

She shivers; her nightgown does not do a great job of warming her. If she'd known that she would be whisked away in the dead of night, sure she'd have layered up. But that's the problem. She didn't know.

And she's still not sure where she is, anyway-some cave in the wilderness? Which makes absolutely no sense, because the last thing she'd been doing was arguing with her younger brothers about some fairy-tale book and whether they believed it or not, in front of their big window, and suddenly everything went dark, and before she knew it, she was in the cave. In the middle of nowhere, as far as she could tell.

She manages to stand up, dazed, and automatically pushes a lock of her hair behind her ear. Somehow it's still in a smooth ringlet.

What just happened?

She carefully starts walking towards the light source at the end of the cave. Maybe this is all a bad dream. Maybe she'll wake up and see her brothers and caring, loving mother and father and-

"Well, well, well," comes a slow, male drawl. Suddenly it doesn't seem like a dream anymore. Especially not when the voice turns out to be an actual person. A teenage boy. He has blonde hair and a smirk. "Pan will be so glad to see you."

"Lost boys for a reason, Felix," Pan says, rolling his eyes. "Tell me again why my shadow just happened to choose a girl? For the first time?"

"We didn't direct it to. It picked her up," pipes up one of the newer initiatives to the Lost Boys. Felix glances over at him and at the other boys who are gathered around Pan at their campsite, noting the truth to his words but deciding to keep quiet.

"I thought I was talking to Felix," Pan snaps, eyes glossing over as he turns back around to face Felix. "Is this true?"


"What's so special about her, then?" he demands. It's interesting; Felix has never seen him confused before. He tries to play it off, but here it's obvious-quite obvious-that he's as lost as the rest of them are. No pun intended.

"Not sure," Felix coughs, looking anywhere but Pan.

Another Lost Boy speaks up. "Probably just a fluke-"

Pan whips around to face him, his cape-like jacket flying around with him. "Nothing is a fluke on this island. My island." He narrows his icy blue eyes and faces Felix again. "Bring her to me. I'm sure this darling little girl will tell us everything."

Wendy opens her eyes to a wide-open night sky full of stars.

She swallows, trying not to think about how similar this view is to the one from her own house, when the silence around her is interrupted.

"This is the girl?" asks a spiteful voice. "Not very impressive."

There are a few titters from others. How many people are around her? She sits up, trying to adjust to the darkness that lacks the bright light from the stars above.

There. Right in front of her stands the boy who first picked her up, and must have drugged her, or something of that sort, because him talking about someone-Pan?-and how "glad" he'd be to see her.

She inhales shallowly and looks around more, but the rest is darkness. "Where am I?" she asks, trying to sound brave, or at the very least, not scared, but her voice comes out small.

"You really don't know, do you?" asks the teenage boy. "How can you possibly-?"

"Quiet, Felix."

Wendy spins around at the sound of another voice, one that speaks with shorter syllables and a richer accent. Out of the shadows steps yet another boy-shorter than Felix, and with a different air about him. His eyes wander over her, and all she can do is stare back at him.

Eventually his icy blue eyes flick back over to Felix. "And she's the only one?" He sounds like he couldn't care less.

"Yes. I-"

"You can go," says the boy carelessly. "Thank you, Felix."

Felix bows his head and turns away from them; as he walks away Wendy can hear more footsteps following behind him, but she still can't see anyone else.

She blinks as hard as she can-maybe this is still just a dream. A very, very bad dream. But when she opens her eyes, she's still there. There's soil underneath her feet instead of a warm hardwood floor. And there are blue eyes even closer to her now.

"Who are you?" she asks, her voice this time thankfully coming out stronger. "Who are you and what is this place and why-"

"So many questions," says the boy playfully, stepping back again and beginning to pace around. He pulls out a pointy stick from a few others that hang in a pouch from his back and runs his eyes up and down its length. Raising an eyebrow, he begins to speak again. "Did I forget to introduce myself? I'm Peter." He smiles smugly and widens his eyes. "Peter Pan."

Wendy narrows her eyebrows. "I'm Wendy Darling," she offers.

Pan half-smiles. "It's nice to meet you," he replies, looking over his shoulder at her and raising his eyebrows again. "Wendy," he repeats, trying the name out on his lips.