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Remember when you were a kid and your parents would always say "Alright, we're gonna leave you." And that was it, that one sentence was the scariest thing in the world. The next thing you would know you'd be running out the house with your shoes in one hand and your coat in the other. Not caring that it was the middle of winter and there was snow on the ground, you got out there before they 'would leave'.

Well my parents would always take it to the next level knowing it took me forever to find my shoes. They would all get in the car and leave. Seriously. Before I could run out and see them turning the corner. I'd sit on the curb and cry, putting my shoes on knowing now I had to walk home. As I got my last shoe on they would pull up and my sisters would laugh, my mom would smile and say "Get in the car Rylee." So I'd wipe my tears and stand up, right as I would grab the handle my dad would start to pull away making me cry again. It was brutal.

Chandler ran out on the streets of New York and frantically looked both left and right but Cameron was nowhere to be seen.

He has been out all night and Monica was starting to get worried. She called his cell over and over again but it just went straight to voice mail.

Finally on the fourth ring he picked up. "I can't find him anywhere." Chandler said worried as he looked up and down the empty streets.

"Honey it's getting late. Why don't you come home and we'll call the police, maybe they could help us look for him. I'm sure Cam went back home or to another friends house."

Chandler sighed "You're probably right. I'll be home soon."

The weekend went by and Chandler hasn't seen nor heard from Cameron. He wasn't too worried then but once Monday came and Cameron didn't show for school, Chandler began to panic.

He went back to his apartment and got the phone book and phone out. He began to call all the foster homes in the city.

"I'm sorry we can't give you that information..."

"Sorry, I'm afraid we can't tell you..."

"No, and nor have I heard of a Cameron..."

Chandler kept calling but got nothing. He crossed off the ones he already called with a few left to go he did not give up "Hello, this is Chandler Bing speaking, do you have a Cameron Miller staying in your residents?" He asked hoping

The lady sighed "I'm sorry Sir, who are you?"

"I'm Mr. Bing, his math teacher. He wasn't at school today and I was wondering what the cause was?"

"Cameron Miller left earlier this morning." She informed him

"Do you know where I might find him?"

The lady speaking to Chandler felt that it was not a good idea giving out personal information to a practical stranger.

"Please," Chandler begged "I need to find him."

The lady excepted after a brief hesitation and gave Chandler the new address.

An hour later Chandler was standing in front of an old brick building with toys and bikes scattered outside on the lawn.

He walked up the stairs and knocked on the door.

A few minutes later an older women answered. "Can I help you?" She asked

"Um...yeah, I'm looking for Cameron Miller. I was told he arrived here earlier today."

"Yes he did. May I ask your relation?"

"I'm his teacher." Chandler responded

She moved aside allowing him to enter. "He is just up those stairs and first door on the left." She instructed

"Thank you." He walked up the squeaky stairs and to the old wooden door. He knocked before entering slowly.

Walking in he saw Cameron laying on his bed facing the wall.

"Cam?" He called out softly walking closer to him.

"Why did you come?" He asked quietly

"I came for you." Chandler replied

Cameron lied there without a motion to move "They took her away." He said barely above a whisper. When he didn't hear Mr. Bing respond he turned around and sat up.

Chandler saw the tears lined down his face.

"Mr. Bing, they split us up, they moved us apart." He shook his head as his bottom lip quivered "I can't see her again. She is probably scared and lonely and I'm not there to protect her." He continued to cry "And-and they won't-won't let me," He hicuped "See her..." He tried saying

Chandler looked over at him with sorry eyes. Still not saying anything. He didn't know what to say, he didn't know how to make him feel better or how to make this better.

"What are we going to do?" Cameron asked

Chandler went over to him and sat down on the bed next to him. He looked over at Cameron "I don't know." He said truthfully

"Chandler are you crazy?" Monica said later that afternoon once he arrived back home making room in his apartment "Are you sure this is what you want to do?" She asked watching him clear a space in his living room "What happens if this gets out of hand and you want your space back or want them gone?"

Chandler stopped and looked over at her "I know you think I'm nuts-"

"Just a little bit." Monica said sarcastically cutting him off.

Chandler continued "But I want to do this. I feel like I should do this. Yeah it will take some time getting use to but they have no family." He reminded her. Chandler shook her head as he remembered back to earlier that day "You should have seen his face. They took away his only family."

Monica walked over to him and grabbed his hands "Sweetie, what about us? What if you want to take this further or it ten years we have our own kids and you have these two still. Would you still love them or would it be mainly focused on your new family?" She asked him

"Look, I love you so much." Monica smiled "Nothing could change that. Nothing." He repeated "And maybe someday we will have kids but that won't change anything towards Cameron and Peyton. I will look after them. I will take them in and give them a real home. And hopefully. Someday. You will join us." He kissed her nose.

Monica gave a small smile "Okay, if this is what you want to do. I support you."

Chandler smiled and kissed her "I love you, you know that? You are so amazing."

"You really want to adopt me?" Cameron asked as Chandler stood in his room.

Chandler nodded

He broke into a huge grin.

"Grab your stuff. We got one more stop to make." Chandler told him.

As Chandler pulled up to the foster home Peyton was staying in he told Cameron to wait there. "I'll be right back." He left the car running as it was getting cold out and walked up to the door.

Knocking, he looked back at Cam one last time.

"Hello, can I help you?"

"Yes, I'd like to adopt." Chandler laughed to himself not really knowing how to approach the subject.

She nodded and opened the door wider as Chandler stepped in.

"Can I ask you what you are looking for?" She asked

Chandler looked around for Peyton. He spotted her in the kitchen moving around her dinner with her fork as all the kids around her ran through playing. "I'd like a girl, around seven, dark brown hair with blue eyes." Chandler told her describing Peyton exactly

She looked to the kitchen where she sat. "Why her?" She asked realizing who he wanted to adopt

Chandler looked over at her "Because she seems like a nice kid, good grades, well raised."

"She doesn't have the best grades." She sighed walking over to her messy desk in the corner of the room to find the forms he would be needing to fill out.

As Chandler waited for her to find the forms he walked over to Peyton.

"Hey," He smiled

Peyton looked up from her food and he could tell she had cried that day not that long ago.

She recognized him the moment she looked up. She didn't remember his name but she remembered her brother telling her he was a very nice guy and would treat her right. Not like her father.

Without showing emotion Chandler knew she was frightened without her brother around.

"You wanna come home with me?" Chandler asked friendly

Peyton nodded slowly. Anywhere was better than here. She enjoyed that Thanksgiving night that she was with him. He was kind and funny to her. It was the first time she laughed in ages when she met him.

Chandler reached out his hand for her to take.

"Alright, I'm going to need you to sign here, here and here." The lady brought the forms over to Chandler "I also need the three hundred now as a down payment. You don't like her, that's too bad, there are no refunds, no returns and no trades." She blabbered on "And one more thing-"

Chandler looked down at Peyton's hand in his and smiled "I don't think we'll have a problem." He cut her off.

She rolled her eyes and took the pen from him once he was finished signing off "That's what they all say and then when they come back trying to return the kid..." She mumbled on

Chandler walked outside with Peyton's things in one hand and her in the other "Hey..." He moved their arms trying to cheer her up "What do you want most in the world?"

Peyton looked up and her eyes went wide. She let go of Chandler's hand and ran to her brothers side.

Cameron scooped her up "I told you I won't leave you." He closed his eyes tight taking this all in. "They could never split us up. Remember? We're a pair, a team."

Peyton squeezed her arms around him tighter.

"Pey you're squishing me."

She eased up smiling she looked back at Chandler "Is Cam coming with?"

Chandler nodded "Yeah, you both are." He smiled and they all got in the car.

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