From Silk to Net

Oola felt the sudden rush of nerves squeeze her insides. She always wanted to be a dancer, and Bib Fortuna promised a fulfillment of her dream if she went with him to a "beautiful palace" on Tatooine. Oola obliged because, hey, what could be better than a palace?!

As Oola followed the Twi'lek majordomo through the towering gate that led inside the palace, her nerves gradually reconstructed into fear of the creatures that lurked in the halls. Bib turned around and smirked, "Ignore them, girl. They are powerless." Oola nodded mutely and stayed close to the man.

Bib Fortuna and Oola walked quite a way through the tunnels until Bib suddenly ceased. He spun around and hissed, "You will stay. I will go and wake the master." Oola once again nodded and watched the robed majordomo scurry away down a corridor.

Oola found herself alone with her thoughts. Remember, it's a palace. You're going to be just fine. You'll live in style! She reassured herself. As Oola daydreamed what being a royal dancer would be like and the luxuries included, she realized she was not alone. Oola heard soft footsteps approaching her. She whirled around and found herself face-to-face with a hideous Gamorrean Guard. Oola yelped and stumbled backward as the pig swung at her, obviously entranced by her beauty.

Bib Fortuna came hastening in. Oola jumped behind the Twi'lek out of fear for her life. Bib warded off the excited Gamorrean, chanting spells and curses only known by ancient Huttese witches. Oola sighed heavily out of relief. Bib wasn't impressed with her lack of self-defense. He grabbed her by the shoulders and said in a hushed tone, "You're going to need to learn how to fight for yourself. The palace is dangerous… especially for a diamond like you." He shoved her in front of him and guided her through the dimly lit corridor.

Oola heard soft music from an organ gradually getting louder as she was pushed her way through the empty hall. The sweet scent of a roasting Bantha tongue on a spit wrapped around her nose and moistened her mouth. The only problem about the palace so far was the creatures near the entrance and the musky atmosphere of the place. But, that could take some getting used to.

After a little longer of being shoved, Oola found herself in a cozily lit throne room. Creatures from everywhere lingered around, either gossiping or chatting quietly. The main centerpiece was the engorged Jabba the Hutt seated on a dais, holding a chain in one hand and a drink in the other. The chain led to a captured slave girl, wearing a revealing and tattered getup.

The music ceased as the two made their way to the center of the room. Bib commanded Oola to stay and made his way to the Hutt. He whispered something, and the Hutt's eyes grew wide, staring at the Twi'lek girl in front of him. The slug moistened his lips which sent slippery drool everywhere on his body.

The Hutt chuckled and bellowed, "My majordomo! What a prize you have given me!" Jabba motioned that Oola was to be brought up to him. Two Gamorrean Guards jumped at the opportunity to touch her and hoisted her up on the dais, pressing her body up against the Hutt.

Jabba's slimy tongue stroked the quivering Twi'lek. This was a signal to everyone in the room that Oola was now his new personal slave. Oola trembled and tried to look away. Jabba swatted his hand to get her away. She was brought back down to the floor.

While Bib and Jabba discussed Oola's fate, Oola made eye contact with the slave chained to Jabba. The woman mouthed the word go and desperately tried to warn Oola, nonverbally, about the torture that might come with being a slave girl. Oola didn't understand and simply waited for Jabba to address her.

Finally, Jabba's voice thundered through the room, "My sweet, your clothes?! Those are much too protective of your delicate body! One of my guards will fetch you some more… fitting attire."

Oola sported a silk dress, embroidered with fine gold silks and encrusted with rubies. Her lekku were wrapped in gold and ruby ribbons. This was her ancient dancing outfit that was passed down from many generations of Twi'lek women in her family. It symbolized honor and value on her home planet of Ryloth.

As the room swarmed with laughter, the slave girl was yanked back towards Jabba and was being stroked. Oola suddenly realized that she would be that girl. She was a slave.

Author's Notes: Hi everybody! First of all, thank you for reading this! Second, this chapter I found rather difficult to write due to the fact that Oola's introduction to becoming a slave girl for Jabba may mirror Leia's… But, I tried my best! If you would leave a review on this chapter on what you would like to see happen, thoughts, or concerns please do! May the force be with you!