Dance Away the Pain

In the early morning, Oola crawled out from the private quarters and onto the dais. She held herself and tasted the salty tears that dripped from her eyes. Soon after her, Jabba slithered back on his dais, clutched Oola's leash, and snapped the leash. Oola's head was sent jerking back and she wailed out in pain.

Luckily, most of the palace buffoons were knocked out cold from the party before, so this sheer torture Oola was being put through didn't have an audience. Jabba bellowed, "There's more where that came from, girl."

Oola felt a jolt of chills spread through her body. She tried as best she could to crawl as far away from the slimy slug, but realized her leash was significantly shorter than when she first began this toy of a career.

Jabba took pleasure in witnessing his slaves attempt to hide. It shows his power over people, and warns any predators in the room how intimidating the Hutt really was. His chuckle echoed through the room as he watched Oola squirm away.

Once mostly everyone had awoken, the Max Rebo Band started to play a lullaby tune for the palace creatures. Jabba was pleased as he feasted on his breakfast. Jabba glanced down at Oola and sinisterly snapped back the leash, resulting in the sore Twi'lek crashing into him. His breath reeked as he commanded, "Dance."

Oola craned her head to the side. Jabba, displeased with the defiance, shoved her onto the floor. Oola tumbled on the cold ground. Sy Snootles saw this and desperately wanted to rush in and help, but held her tongue.

Jabba bounced up and down on his dais as he roared, "Dance!"

Oola found her legs and wearily stood up. She waited for the band to start their song. Once the beat began, Oola found her dance. She gave a splendid performance considering her condition.

The song ended and the creatures gave a roaring applause. Jabba snapped the leash and yelled, "Again! Again!" Oola, who was suffering excruciating pain from the previous night and the morning, rolled her eyes and made her way back to the dais, ignoring her master.

Jabba saw this and cracked her chain on the ground. He roared, "Again!" Shaking her head, Oola finally spoke, "No more, please."

Jabba was not satisfied with the response and yanked her up to him. Oola was now face to face, once again, with the stench of Jabba's breath, "I don't believe I heard you. Dance."

Oola spit in his face, and the crowd gasped. Jabba, finding her dishonor rather amusing, evilly grinned. He grabbed one of her lekku and tugged, crippling Oola. Her shriek rang through the whole palace. Oola fell on the dais and felt the overwhelming pain surge through her body.

When a Twi'lek's lekku is pulled, a crippling pain is sent through their whole body. When both lekku are tugged, the Twi'lek becomes paralyzed. Lekku house much of the brain fat found in a Twi'lek. Jabba, since he has worked with many Twi'leks, knew how to "teach a lesson" and at the same time not paralyze or cripple the thing.

Oola wailed in pain. The Hutt gently pulled at her leash and whispered, "Dance."

Sy Snootles shook her head in disgust as the wounded Twi'lek slid off the dais and wobbly stood on two legs. The music started again as did Oola.

Bib Fortuna muttered to Jabba, "Master, are you sure she'll be alright?"

Jabba chuckled and replied, "I've worked with many Twi'leks. She's learned her lesson."

Bib Fortuna rolled his eyes and watched helplessly as the green girl shakily danced for her life, her right lekku throbbing.

As Oola danced, she wondered if she'd ever make it out of this prison. She often made eye contact with Bib, the one who tricked her into ever coming here. Oola knew she had to escape… dead or alive.

Author's Notes: Hey! Thanks for continuing the read! When writing this, I tried to lay off the graphics of Jabba's Palace… Although, I wanted to portray his wrath towards creatures… Thank you for reading! Please, leave a review on what you think! May the force be with you!