So I had a very interesting dream and I decided to write it in the fanfic! I was given a prompt that I will still write, but I'm very busy with other projects (school and leisure) at the moment. I will get it written!

This is basically about Jack and Elsa in some futuristic space-shippy AU and their ship is being overrun by attackers and the two are on the run to escape. Hope you like it!

-Ericaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa is bored

"Elsa run!" Jack yelled from the upper control unit. Lit-up malfunctioning buttons flashed, illuminated her face with a low-condensed shadow. It made her terrified expression look… Jack couldn't put his finger on it. Her light braided hair whipped around her shoulder as she ran down the ramp and out of the control room in a sprint. Her dark jumpsuit coincided with the darkness of the room.

He had to protect her. He had to.

Jack's thoughts were disrupted by a loud sound of the grinding of metal above his head. His chin flung up and his jaw lowered, taking in a shaky breath. A panel from the ceiling was coming towards him in slow motion. He grunted and jumped down the stairs, landing in a somersault. He did it with ease and dodged the panel. Everything was falling apart around them.

Without stopping for another moment, his feet carried him out of the control room. The light in the hall contrasted with the dark room they had just submerged from, the walls floors and ceilings designed a blinding white. His eyes locked on Elsa's dark legs making a quick left turn. He sprinted behind and caught up with her quickly; they soon ran side by side.

"Which way do we go?" she asked, out of breath.

He grabbed onto her arm and they halted to a stop. Dead end. The walls had caved in, blocking their path. A red light on the wall beeped loudly, and it ringed in Jacks mind.

"C-c'mon," he breathed. He pulled her the other way, and the two ran for their lives.

There was no one else in the halls. Under Jack's order, Elsa had to stay with him in the control room as he tried to see if there was a solution to the attack the army ship was under. Cameras, communication to base, communication to anyone. The attackers thought of it all.

"The left wing is demolished, that's where they hit first. Must of thought the command centre computers were in there," he informed Elsa. "We need to get to an escape pod-"

They came to a stop when enemy soldiers in heavy metal orange appeared into the hallway. Jack took out his pistol and aimed for their heads, standing in front of Elsa. He cussed and yelled at them as Elsa fumbled for her pistol. Their opponents didn't lift their weaponry; their colourful armour took every hit Jack gave them, no injuries.

The one closest to Jack's hard elbow came in contact with his face. Elsa called his name and pistol in hand, expertly shot the glass in the opponent's helmet. It shattered in his eyes and he yelled.

Elsa looked over her shoulder at the crouching Jack. His nose was gushing red. She grabbed the knife in her boot (it was sitting there uncomfortably, she sighed) and stabbed the stranger in front of her in the shoulder, where to pieces of metal were separated. She did this until he fell to her feet.

The two others behind her lifted their guns and she snarled. She ducked to the ground before they even began to fire.

This was always Elsa's favourite part of fighting, the rush. How everything seemed to slow down and the adrenaline in her lungs and muscles rabidly increased.

She took the knife and jabbed under his knee and pulled as hard as she could. The orange opponent screamed, he knife didn't make a clean cut; she sliced it out the side. It was still enough to get him to the ground. His hands went to his knee and he cried in pain.

The ship shifted abruptly and the lights flickered. Elsa had one last savage to face, but there was no time. She raised her gun, he raised his. A fire erupted into the air, piercing Elsa's hearing for a split second. The lights flickered back on.

Lucky for her, Jack had lifted his gun too.

Bam, bam, bam, bam! Dead man.

Elsa looked at Jack, and he was already running ahead. His white skin contrasted with the blood dripping onto his mouth. He could taste the metallic substance on his lips. "They know where we are, we need to move!"

Instead of going where their opponents came from, they went straight. Elsa's boots hit the floor hard. They made various turns, Elsa following Jack every step. They heard yelling behind them and beat on faster. The ship made the un-nerving grumble again, and tipped. Elsa tripped and fell onto her hands and knees. Jack hauled her up, looking over his shoulder at the sea of orange following them. "Hurry, before they shoot!"

They made a quick turn and Elsa pulled his arm into a supply closet. They jumped in over the fallen brooms and advanced cleaning machinery. He slammed the door behind them; the only light was from the small crack in the door. It was blocked as a loud stomping noise made its way by; soldier after soldier sending chills down the duo's spines. When they left, only their heavy breathing could be heard.

Jack reached to open the door, but she pulled his hand back. "What are you doing? We need to leave!"

She interrupted him with a hard passionate kiss. Her hands went under his lined jaw, her thumbs on his cheeks. He snaked his arm around her, he tasted like sweat and blood. Although it was quick, Jack got the message.

They parted and she put her arms around him, tight. "In case we don't make it."

He sighed when she let go, her arm reaching to open the door. They climbed out and looked left and right, decided which way to go.

Suddenly, a piece of the ceiling fell to their right, blocking off the other corridor. Jack put his arms around Elsa protectively and moved his back to face the collapse. Whoever was upstairs on top of the floor had fallen through, crushed by the heavy metal. Elsa lifted up on her toes and looked over Jack's shoulder. She saw blood spread over the floor. She gritted her teeth.

She began to take backward steps, but Jack held her in place, "Dead end this way," he whispered. He let her go and she turned to see that he was right, there was nothing left of the hallway.

A red box on the side of the wall caught Elsa's attention. She ran towards it to see it had breathing latches in it. She used her elbow and hit the glass. It shattered around her feet, and she took the portable latches out. Jack walked over and took one, and she helped him put it on. "I sound like Darth Vader," he chuckled.

Elsa rolled her eyes. Only Jack could make jokes in these situations.

He grabbed her arm and walked her back to the rubble. "We'll have to climb up."

Elsa grunted and began to make her way up the bloody metal. Jack helped her by hoisting up the bottom of her boot. He wasn't paying attention, he noticed the crushed remains of a fellow patroller of this sector. Jack remembered him. He had a good sense of humour, he was a good man- he didn't want Elsa to see him, or she'll become more panicked then she already is.

She positioned her elbows to help lift her up when she reached the level above them, and screamed. In the darker room were orange men everywhere. She ducked back down, letter her fall into Jack's arms. He helped her steady herself, then pushed her into the corner. He expertly took out his assault rifle and shot blindly into the opening in the ceiling. More fragments of the ground fell above him, and a few soldiers went down with it. Jack gritted his teeth, yelled, and kept shooting.

Elsa watched with her hands covering her mouth. Jack was going to get hurt, but she couldn't move. Her feet were planted on the floor watching the sight in front of her. A tear even leaked from her eyes and made its way down her cheek. She wiped it away fast, now was not a time to cry.

Jack cussed loudly and ran towards Elsa. She looked at him, then at the fallen rubble behind her. If there was a way out, this was the way to go. The staircase to the main level is ahead, they could escape that way.

She kicked the fallen remains of the ship, and Jack pushed. His hand got cut, but there was no time to kiss it better. They pushed it until it all fell over, and they jumped. The two sprinted down the familiar hallway to the stairwell.

They reached it, and found hope in their hearts. Elsa was smiling, but Jack was still focused and alert. They weren't off this ship yet, they weren't free.

He opened the door and found no soldiers. He sighed. "The escape pods are to the left. We can make it," he said.

Elsa smiled and nodded.

The rest happened in a blur for the both of them. Around them the ship collapsed. Yelling, hurrying, an explosion, screaming in pain, gunshots. Elsa was shot in the leg, and Jack had to carry her on his back. Now she was really crying. Her blood was gushing, Jack could feel it trickle down her darkly-clothed leg. Sobbing, she bit his shoulder. The pain was all too much. He felt her breathing unsteadily rise and fall against his back.

They reached the pods.

Jack bent down and put in the emergency code. When he did, the pod door opened. It was a tight space, it wasn't big enough for both of them.

His heart stopped, his breathing hitched.

A single tear rolling down his face, he placed the hysterical Elsa inside the pod.

She just saw his face, lights flashing behind him were blurred, the loud (and quite obnoxious sounds) around them fuzzed out into a dead ring. "J-jack…" she reached to touch his face, but his white hair ruffled and he looked behind them. She felt him begin to panic.

By the collar, she dragged him into the tight space. With the heel on her shoe, she grabbed the door handle and rammed it shut.

The pod went into countdown. Jack struggled to get out. The lights turned off, all Elsa could hear was "Ten…nine…" and the neutral voice continued.

"Elsa! Why would you do that? Why are you so stupid?!"

They were lying down beside each other in the tight space. "Mr. Hero man, you're not sacrificing yourself for me," she breathed.


He pulled her close to his body and kissed her head. "We'll be safe soon enough."


The pod catapulted into space at top speed, and the pair left their old sanctuary to fall apart.

Thirty minutes later, Elsa finally fell unconscious. Jack ripped out the bullet from her leg, and she was losing blood quickly. The ship they left behind was now ruins, Jack was surprised it didn't explode.

He didn't know where the pod was automatically taking them, but holding the trembling Elsa in his arms, he hoped they would get there soon.