A/N: This week went to hell in a hand-basket and I didn't have time to work on my next chapter of A Very Good Team, but this little thing came to mind. This is not a Team story. Its based on the trailer for "Captain America: The Winter Soldier." That Cap seems to be keeping people at a distance, unwilling to get close. And he has a new, less colorful uniform.

The New Suit

"Of course, we still have the red, white and blue version, if you want it for parades or personal appearances, like a children's hospital, that sort of stuff," the tailor said. "But this is more practical, more stealthy …" He waggled his eyebrows in a way that reminded Steve Rogers of Groucho Marx — did anyone remember Groucho these days? "… and muy macho, yes? So, do you like it?" the tailor asked.

Steve studied the new version of Captain America — Cap 2013. The colors were severely muted until the blue was a dull navy that would look gray in dim light and the white star on his chest was a leaden silver.

Steve reminded himself that he'd never chosen to wear the stars and stripes. That had been Senator Brant in the 1940s and Agent Phil Coulson in the 2010s, God rest their souls.

Steve had always felt a little uncomfortable, like a gaudy showgirl, so he was surprised to feel a pang of loss at seeing this new SHIELD issued combat suit. This was just one more thing he had to let go of, one more nail in the coffin he should have had 70 years ago.

Even his shield had been covered with a grayish coating, so it wouldn't catch the light. He hefted his shield, taking comfort in the accustomed weight and the faint hum of the vibranium that only his serum-enhanced hearing could pick up — as if it was a greeting just for him. At least something still felt familiar.

"So, what do you think?" The tailor prompted. He was getting nervous.

Steve turned away from the unfamiliar Captain America in the mirror and answered, "I think Stark won't call it 'spangly' again."