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It was pouring as Roy ran through the rain towards the house. He had to hurry. He had to be there for her. His feet pounded against the pavement of the road, splashing water everywhere. Thunder rolled across the sky and lightning occasionally lit it up. He ran faster than he ever had in his life, so that he could reach this one girl.

He burst through the door of the house with the key had given him at the beginning of his apprenticeship. He ran down the narrow hallways he knew so well towards her bedroom by the backyard.

He reached her door and almost pulled it off it's hinges. Inside, Riza, startled by his entrance, leaped from her seat on the bed. Her eyes, red from lack of sleep, found his with her intense gaze. Her eyes told him everything, as they always did. She was trying to be strong but she no longer could. Her father had died and she needed him to be there for her.

Roy took two full strides and was across the room, wrapping his arms tightly around her. She hugged him back just as tight and cried into his chest. He stroked her short blond hair and kissed her forehead. This girl had been his strength through his alchemist training and never let him down. He would be there for her when she needed him.

They needed no words to convey their grief to each other, only each other's presence.

Still holding her tightly with one hand, he put the other under her knees and carried her towards the bed where he laid her down. He marvelled at her beautiful eyelashes that collected her tears. And when she opened her eyes and asked him to stay with her with her soft lips, he could not refuse. He discarded his shoes and now drenched coat and laid down next to her, turned to face her. He could see the millions of small goose bumps on her arms as she shivered from the cold air in the house so when she turned her back to him, he slide his arms around her waist and fit his head in the crook of her neck, breathing warm air on it.

He whispered softly, gently, in her ear, "I will protect you." and she made him promise that he always would.

They passed a few hours into the night locked in their warm embrace until Riza had stopped crying and Roy had felt more at ease. Then she turned to face him still in the circle of his arms and told him of the responsibility her father had left her with. The curse he had bestowed upon her back, not to be showed to anyone, but Roy. And he asked her to show him.

She got up and he helped her unbutton each small blue button on her shirt because her hands were shaking terribly too much. And he kissed the spots where her bra straps had been after he slide them off and unhooked the back. She showed to him the mystery etched on her back only for his eyes to see. And he relished in this mystery but felt the loss of this beautiful girl, forever scarred. And he leaned into her shoulder, hands landing lightly on her waist and he whispered, "You are not scarred. You are beautiful beyond compare."

In that moment, they both felt the scars that were carved deep in their hearts and they hoped they could heal them together.

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