Big Bird and Little Wing

Random one shot drabbles about Jason and Dick. Mostly brotherly fluff. Jason is nine and Dick is thirteen.

I do not own Batman or anything related (if I did Damian would not have died).

Chapter 1: Rain

Jason's POV

The rain was coming down. Hard. Not that I was scared or anything, it's just that I had a bad experience in the rain. My spacious room suddenly seemed to be growing larger and colder. I reached for my teddy bear that Dick had gotten for me when I first arrived here.

"Berry, I want Bruce," I whispered to my bear.

But Bruce wasn't here. He had to leave for some crisis thing with the Justice League, leaving Alfred in charge.

"Stupid rain! Stupid Justice League! Stupid Batman!" I ranted.

A bolt of lightning struck right outside my window. I couldn't help the scream that escaped my lips.

The next moment my door was thrown open. Another flash of lightning lit up my bedroom, illuminating a figure standing in my doorway.

Surprised, I yelped. And buried my head in my teddy bear. Tears were rolling down my face freely.

"Jay, it's okay. Don't cry it's only me." a voice said softly.

Dick. What was he doing up? The moron could sleep through anything.

"I'm….. nnnot…. cccrrryyinngg, I…..I-"

Before I could finish, Dick had already wrapped his arms around me drawing me close.

"Hush, Little Wing, everything's okay. Nothing's going to happen to you. I'm here. It's okay."

After I had calmed down a little, Dick started to detach my arms from his waist.

"What are you doing! You're not going to leave are you?"

He paused and looked down at me. "Jason, you're not scared, are you?"

"No! I… I…. It's cold in here. Do you want me to freeze to death?"

"Rolling his eyes, he said, "Do you want to sleep with me tonight?"

Embarrassed, I quickly said, "Of course not! I don't need you!"

"If that's how you feel, goodnight Jason."

"Dick, wait! Hold on I'm coming!"

I picked up Berry and dashed after him.

Bruce's POV

Stepping out of the zeta-tube, I lowered my cowl. Alfred was walking towards me.

"Welcome home, Master Bruce."

"Thank you, Alfred."

"I trust your mission was successful."

"It was," I said while changing into a T-shirt and sweats.

"How are the boys?"

"Both should be sleeping, as should you."

I nodded and headed up the stairs.

After climbing the stairs, I reached Jason's room first. Finding his bed empty, I panicked. He wasn't in the bathroom either!

I raced into Dick's room. My heart returned to its normal pace. Both boys were sleeping soundly, despite the storm. Jason's head was resting on Dick's chest while clutching his teddy bear. Dick held Jason in his protective arms.

I couldn't help but smile at the sight of my boys.