Hey y'all, I'm back with another story! (Again, haha!) I found this one all typed up, so I decided to go ahead and edit and post it. And as I was reading it, I got an idea to build on it a little more, so this will more than likely be a two-shot! (First multi-chapter story, heck yeah!) So.. yeah. I'm sure you guys have heard enough from me, so with this simple disclaimer, I'll be off! I don't own any ninja turtles, though I'd like too, of course. Who wouldn't?! XD

Delivery, Anyone?

"Yo, Leo?" Leo didn't even bat an eye at Mikey; he was completely focused on his breathing and meditation. The turtle in blue could feel a pudgy finger poke his bicep, again and again. "Leo? Leo. Leo. Leo. Leo. Leo. Leo. Leo. Leo. Leo. Leo. Leo. Leo. Leo. Leo. Leo. Leo. Leo. Leo. Leo. Leo. Leooooooo-"

"WHAT?!" Leo hissed, taking a single deep breath to try to calm himself; the last thing he needed was to get annoyed. "What, Mikey?" He calmed his tone, seemingly peaceful enough to put up with whatever antics Mikey had in mind this time.

Leo opened his eyes and looked tiredly at his baby brother. Mikey was flopped upside down on the couch, tail in the air, and he was flipping his comic book pages absently. Blue eyes were focused on his eldest brother, serious for once.

"Have ya ever realized that..." Mikey trailed off dramatically, trying to increase the tension. He grinned deviously as his older brother huffed in agitation.

"That what?" Leo was getting kind of concerned now; how big was Mikey's 'idea.' "Mikey, tell me!"

The orange clad turtle smirked a bit before flipping backwards to land on his feet. He whipped around, striking a 'thinking' pose; his comic book lay forgotten on the couch. Blue eyes twinkled with newfound knowledge, and he opened his mouth to say:

"There are never pizza delivery girls..."

Okay, so I'm sure that there are of course pizza delivery girls out there, but one of my friends brought it up to my attention that she'd never actually seen one, and for that matter, neither have I! Or at least if I have, I don't remember it! Hahaha anyway, hope you enjoyed this! Leave a review letting me know what you thought, or if you have any constructive criticism! And keep an eye out for chapter 2, which should be up in a day or few! Have a good week!