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Chapter 1

"From the moment I first saw you, I knew you'd be mine… I knew that I'd always protect you." – Aomine Daiki

In the age of man, mermaids were the highest commodity. The more exotic the mermaid looked, the more colors and accents their scales had, the more power their male owners seemed to have. For years mermaids had eluded history, remaining nothing but a myth told to children at night, until about fifty years ago when a man from the Republic of Chochoga stumbled across a mythical creature, claiming her for his own. Mermaids, nowadays, were imported into the Chochoga from waters all over the world, coming in all shapes and sizes, auctioned off to the highest bidder. Once purchased and tagged, owners had the right to do whatever they wanted to their merperson, wherever they pleased. Some people saw the treatment of mermaids as wrong and inhumane, for all the ones who weren't sold were released to the middle and lower classes to breed (for it was against the law for men take a merwoman to his bed, where the penalty was death), and those purchased would forever be claimed by the male owner who stripped them of whatever humanity hadn't taken from them. Mermaid shipments were normally held a couple times a week, seeing as though a demand for them had shot up a good sixty percent within the last few months. Auctions were almost always held, at least the legal ones, were held in the Chochoga town square as a public event. Anyone who was anyone, pets in tow, came to witness the newest cargo of beautiful merchandise from seas away. Crowds of thousands gathered on the marble stone, the clutter of chains filling the lively air, the stench of excitement filled the air as eager eyes awaited to be entertained.

"Oh smile, Mr. Aomine. You look as if you're having a horrible time."

Businessmen were among the common crowd of watchers and owners at the auctions, and this particular time around, the infamous Aomine Daiki was attending on the behalf of one of his assistant. Known to be a well respected and powerful crime boss, Aomine didn't see the need to be an owner. He didn't have the patience it took to deal with pets, he was a very busy man with little time to spare towards anyone other than himself. But that particular day, for some reason unbeknownst to him, he allowed himself to be talked into attending the biweekly auction with an all too familiar Takahiko Okizaku.

Considering he had lost his first pet, a beautiful golden haired, green eyed mermaid with scales just as golden the early morning sun, to a rival, the nostalgia of being at the auction was overwhelming though he didn't show it. He stood silently at his associate's side, his emotions hidden, as he looked onto the stage the same as everyone else did. Only he wasn't acting as if it was a speculator's sport like so many others portrayed it to be. The president of Chochoga, a stocky middle aged man (his pet knowingly at his side), took to the center stage, the crowd erupting in cheers, praises, and applauses for the most brilliant man to have ever lived. Aomine himself had to stifle an all too annoyed eye roll; the man's ego was even more obnoxious than his own.

"Welcome all," Said the president. "You know, mermaids never cease to amaze me. Their beauty no longer something to read about in books, but something to behold right before us! And my dear owners, I think this newest shipment may be the finest one yet." As the president went on to tell the tale of how handlers and catchers explored new, uncharted seas, finding mermaids like they've never seen, with scales in colors in shades that put the finest jewels to shame. Chochoga handlers began to unload the cargo onto the stage; the crowd of thousands marveled as deeply olive skinned merfolk were hoarded onto the platform, shackles around their necks and wrists. Their dark wild hair and shifting dark eyes drove the non-owners (and some owners too) wild, some of them shooting bids with numbers well on into the millions. Aomine looked on uninterested, true enough they looked different, but he could've honestly cared less. "And this beauty," The president said. "Was found in the depths of the Nile itself, truly a rare find indeed."

Pushed roughly from the cargo hold, was a beautiful dark skinned girl. She bore markings similar to cirrostratus clouds along her arms, legs, and torso. Her dark, almost blue tresses fell down her back in thick curls, her deep amber eyes glared at the mass of strange faces that stared back at her. The handler tugged on her bounds, which she visibly tugged back on, hissing angrily.

"She's a feisty one!" Someone murmured.

"It's nothing a little house training won't fix," Murmured another.

"The things I'd love to do to her."

"You know that's illegal."

"There's nothing I love more than breaking a strong pet down to the worthless bitch she is."

The way owners and non-owners talked about the mermaids made Aomine sick to his stomach. Having seen enough, he turned away, announcing that he would be waiting in the car whenever Takahiko was done entertaining the general public. When he returned empty handed, his driver casted him a silent but bewildered look. No businessman went to an auction and left empty handed, unless there wasn't a pet there that he wanted. Seeing the look the older man gave him, Aomine simply scoffed, lighting up a cigarette. He didn't have the time to waste like this, if anything he would've preferred to be back at his home with a nice bottle of whisky to blur his evening. But soon enough, when Takahiko was making his return to the sleek black town car, it was then when Aomine realized he wasn't alone. Draped limply over his shoulder was the feisty mermaid with the markings, out cold.

"What is this?" Asked Aomine, indifferently.

"Your new pet," Said Takahiko eagerly. "You haven't had one since Eiri was taken from you."

"And since when did I give you the permission to start deciding things for me?"

"You didn't… I was just making a suggestion I suppose. The handlers had to tranquilize her for fighting. They recommended you keeping the chains on before having her free." Explained the younger man.

Aomine stared at the mermaid in both awe and disgust, wondering where he allowed himself to be swayed into such a situation. His pet was still out of it, her limbs chained to each of the four bedposts. And for a brief moment Aomine wondered if all of this was a big mistake, but as he contemplated his next move, the girl gave a groan, opening her golden eyes. She stirred for a moment before realizing she was indeed chained to a bed. Aomine watched as she gave the chains a tug or two before frantically trying to get free, calling out something that had to be 'Help Me!' or 'Let Me Go' in what he was guessing was Egyptian. The man rose to his feet coolly, he didn't want to startle the already panicked girl, but his actions only made her fight more.

"Stop your fighting before you hurt yourself," Demanded the man calmly. The girl only seemed to call louder, unaware that he lived alone and no one could hear her cries. "I will release you if you calm down and promise to behave." Golden eyes snapped up at him, wide with wonder and doubt, but she calmed down. "Do you swear you'll behave?" Saying nothing, the girl simply nodded.

Aomine removed a small key from his pants pocket, cautiously going about removing the girl's shackles. For a moment, after sitting up and rubbing the raw marks the metal had left behind, the mermaid sat there. Her nimble palms exploring her legs like she'd never seen them before, which Aomine guessed had to be true. She must have spent her entire life in the depths of the Nile River just to end up chained and owned in his apartment. But in a split second, with the speed of a cheetah out for the hunt, the girl took off.