Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: Horcruxes, a Malfoy and a Potter

Notes: So this takes place in Book Seven when Harry goes to meet Dumbledore at King's Cross. It will be A/U from there, except the Final Battle scenes with Nagini and the Dark Lord's death, and we will have yaoi, possibly very hard yaoi, between Harry and Lucius Malfoy. This is another of my PWP with a lot of plot being laid down. Anywho, obviously we will have OOC characters in this fic. Enjoy Lovelies!

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It was mad and impossible since the man was married to a woman and had a son Harry's ago; a son that didn't possess all the stunning Malfoy looks. Yes, Draco looked too much like his mother for Harry to want him. But Lucius apparently looked just right and Harry wanted him, wanted to fuck him, own him and shackle him to a bed where he could never leave.

These thoughts made Harry freeze in his mental tracks; fuck him, own him...shackle him? What the fuck was going on with his head! Maybe the absorption of the Dark Lord's final soul shard affected him a little more that he thought it had. Taking a deep breath he banished any thought of his sexuality and gorgeously fuckable Malfoys into the back of thoughts and concentrated on getting some sleep.

Too much had gone on today for him to be thinking clearly. Tomorrow he would have to sort more thoroughly through the Dark Lord's memories. He would start with the child's since processing its past would probably be easier to deal with that its elder's. He should have known that it wouldn't have been as easy as absorbing the pieces of Voldemort's shattered soul and moving on as if nothing happened.

With one final soul deep sigh he closed his eyes and slipped into sleep.

~*~*~*Chapter 2~*~*~*

Harry woke the next morning feeling frustrated, horny and a little exasperated by the dreams he'd had last night. Truly he accepted that he was now gay and he grudingly conceeded he had a thing for Lucius Malfoy but really did his subconscious need to feed him raunchy dreams while he slept peacefully for the first time in well forever? Yup, apparently it did.

Sighing in annoyance he glanced down and grimaced at the sticky feeling radiating from his crotch. Fan-fucking-tastic! Wet dreams at seventeen; who knew?! Sighing again he pulled himself out of his familiar bed in Gryffindor's dorms and meandered towards the bathroom to take a nice hot shower. Merlin he would enjoy this; it seemed like years since he'd been allowed to savor the enjoyment of a simple shower.

It was amazing now that the war was done how much Harry realized he'd missed simple things when he was out hunting for Horcruxes; hot food, showers, clean clothes and a comfy bed to sleep in were things Harry would never again take for granted. Sure he lived without at the Dursleys but he did have a bed, albeit a hard one, and while the showers were rushed they were at least warm. Food while staying at his relatives was horrid but at least it was constant and well his clothes spoke for themselves; dreadful and ill-fitting but at least they were clean, most of the time at least.

The seventeen year old just pushed the slightly melancholy thoughts out of his mind and turned on the shower to the perfect setting and went about summoning his bath bag so he could brush his teeth. While he was scrubbing his molars his mind began to wander back to the delightful images his mind had supplied during his dreams. Lucius lay splayed out on his bed, looking sweaty and flushed as Harry placed light nips to his nipples and chest, savoring the salty yet sweet taste of the blonde's smooth pale skin.

The sound of his toothbrush hitting the counter broke Harry out his thoughts, shaking his head to clear it of all raunchy visions the raven rinsed his toothbrush and face before stepped into the shower. Breathing in deeply he began to wash himself, blatantly ignoring the semi-hard erection in-between his legs as he scrubbed his body.

Body now washed Harry reached for the shampoo in the stall and began to massage the gel into his tresses. As he went about tending to his hair the emerald eyed savior began to think about his plans for the day; first he would have a delicious breakfast before beginning to sort through the young Horcruxes memories then he would move onto the last piece of the Dark Lord's broken soul. He dreaded watching some of the things Voldemort did while alive but he needed to know what he could expect.

He'd already had an about-face in terms of his sexuality and a total shock when he realized who he was attracted to. Harry decided he needed to learn his newest addition's before anything else popped up out of the blue. He mostly liked who he was he before but he was not blind to his faults. Harry knew he was too noble for his own good and often times would put himself through hell to please the ones he cared for.

He had zero doubt that if he never inherited his two additions that he would have stayed with Ginny; if only to please the whole of the Weasely clan. True, he had loved Ginny but now that he was looking at it through somewhat jaded, detached eyes he could see that he was in love with the idea of Ginny, not Ginny herself. The red headed witch represented family, warmth and love.

Now Harry shuddered at the thought of settling for anything less than utter and complete adoration from his partner and on his part. He wanted to be completely besotted and in love with his chosen spouse. Only having lukewarm feelings of acceptance would not cut it for him. The person he ended up with, hopefully Lucius Malfoy, would need to look at Harry as if he was the air he breathed, the ground he walked on and the sun in the sky.

It may have sounded a little extreme but the raven wanted to be wanted for himself; faults and all. What those faults were now he didn't know. Harry knew he would no longer sacrifice himself for another's happiness nor would he hide who he was at the risk of offending another person. He was Harry James Potter-Black damn it and he was just fine the way he was now. The world could go hang for all he cared.

The sting of shampoo getting into his green eye let him know he'd sunk too deeply into his thoughts; something he seemed to be doing a lot lately. Rinsing himself one last time from head to toe Harry turned off the water and emerged from the stall and into the steamy washroom.

Grabbing a fluffy towel from the waiting towel rack he dried himself off and exited the room starkers only to freeze when he saw the man sitting regally on the bed. What the fuck! Fate really and truly loved to fuck with him. Why else would Lucius Abraxas bloody Malfoy be sitting on his bed, looking divine and simply edible.

Cursing his luck the emerald eyed teen took the time to compose himself and push down the spike of lust that shot through him. Now somewhat under control he met those silver eyes and cocked an eyebrow; "What can I do for you, Mr. Malfoy?" Those mercury eyes graced Harry's exposed body with a look of appreciation. Well that made his plan to seduce the elder Malfoy a lot more feasible.

The raven preened under the gaze before throwing out a cocky; "Like what you see my dear Lucius? Do you like the way this body looks? Mmmm yes you do my little serpent; would you like to have a taste of me?" Harry didn't quite know where the words were coming from, nor the confidence to utter them, but he knew what he wanted and he wanted the gorgeous man in front of him.

Lucius' luminous silver eyes were positively blown with lust and growing interest; Harry wondered if the blonde was this attracted to the Parseltongue when the now dead Dark Lord spoke it? Probably not as Harry knew when he spoke the serpent language his tone was soft, hypnotic and almost seductive whereas Voldemort's hissing sounded harsh, threatening and hostile; just one of the ways where they were so different yet the so much the same.

Smirking seductively the young raven sauntered forward and caught a strand of silky blonde hair in-between his fingers, twirling the silken strand idly as he watched the play of emotions flutter past those pretty grey eyes. After a bit Lucius seemed to come back to himself and moved away from Harry's nude body as he stood and placed a good amount of distance between them.

Cool mask firmly back in place, though sharp emerald eyes caught the still blown pupils of Lucius' eyes, the older man cleared his throat. "Mr. Potter, I've come to seek your assistance in helping my family. As you have no doubt guessed myself along with the rest of my family were not willing to serve our Lord in the end. We were forced to do what we had to so we could survive the war with all of our lives intact."

"I beseech you to help us, speak for us. I am a proud man, Potter. I do not beg but I will beg if not for me or my wife then for my son. My son was innocent and I will have to live for the rest of my life with the knowledge that my views and actions have tainted him, broken him and forced him to sully himself for no other reason than my own mistakes and pride."

"So please help Draco and if you see fit myself and Narcissa." Harry cocked his head to the side and looked at the blonde man. Yes, Lucius was proud, too damn bloody proud but it spoke volumes, and they both knew it, for the elder to plead with Harry for his family's safety and sanctuary. That the Malfoy Lord wanted Draco's freedom and safety before his own made Harry want to reach out and assist the Malfoys even more.

And help he would but it would come at a price. All that remained to be seen was if Lucius would be willing to pay it. "You want me to help Draco?" The blonde nodded but gave no verbal answer, not that Harry was waiting for one. "That is not an issue. I was planning on speaking for Draco at his trial anyway. I know he didn't do any of it willingly. Oh he is and always will be a prat with questionable views on blood and status but he is no murderer, of that I am sure."

"Draco is very much like me, you know. Both of us had unreasonable expectations thrust on us and did our best to survive them and we did; though not unscathed. He and I will bear the scars for all our lives but that is the cost of living through a war. Now I hope that can allay your fears for your son." Lucius seemed to deflate; the weight of his son's fate weighed heavy on the man and Harry was pleased to see him a little bit more at ease.

"As for you and your wife; if I speak on your behalf and Narcissa's what will happen if you are both set free?" Lucius stayed perfectly still, a blank look on his ace as he pondered his response, for a few moments before answering; "Truthfully, I do not expect Narcissa to remain in England or to stay by my side as my wife. Too much has happened between us for our marriage to have survived it. I am regretful for it but alas what will be will be."

Harry merely inclined his head, looking nonchalant whereas on the inside he was dancing in mirth and the thrill of the chase. With Narcissa out of the way the teen was free to pursue the stunning older man in front of him. It seemed Fate, the bitch that she could be, was finally looking favorably on him; it was about damn bloody time!

"Alright, I will speak for you and do my best to keep you all out of Azkaban. As you know a substantial amount of galleons will have to be exchanged to ensure the Wizengamot's cooperation, as much as it disgusts me they are still the same corrupt little parasites they have always been but at least now we can use it to our advantage." Lucius looked even more relieved when Harry was done talking; no doubt thinking that would be the end of it and he was free to go on his way.

Lucius could not be more wrong. Harry was just taking a moment to collect his thoughts. In the past the pre-absorption savior would have ended it there but this new Harry wanted more than that and he would have it. "As for what you can do for me sweet Lucius well I think you can figure it out for yourself; can't you?" Wide silver eyes flew to emeralds; shock and disbelief were shown on open display for Harry to see.

"Oh Lucius you look surprised; why? You must know I find you attractive and I know you like the way I look so tell me will it be so hard to give yourself to me in return for my assistance? Do not deny me sweet little Lucius. Do not lie to me and say you do not want this body. Do not lie to yourself my serpent. You know you still desire power, power I can give you."

The elder man was breathing a bit heavier as Harry spoke in Parseltongue and began to slowly move towards him, swaying his hips so Lucius' pretty eyes would focus in on his half-hard cock. Once those silver orbs were focused on his burgeoning erection Harry began to palm himself, running long calloused fingers over his now erect member.

When the two men were face to face Harry smirked and licked Lucius' slightly chapped lips; "So pretty Lucius what will you do? Turn away and forfeit all hope of you and Narcissa's freedom or submit to me. I promise you that you will not regret it. All my power, all the things that come with being the Man-Who-Conquered as I heard them refer to me as will be yours to command."

"You my pretty Lucius will finally have the power you so want and all I ask is for you to become mine. But do not fear Lucius I will not hurt you. You will be spoiled as is befitting for my consort. What do you say, beautiful? Do we have a deal?" The blonde man was now panting as his body moved on its own and began to press against Harry's naked toned flesh.

The raven smirked and moved away from man, removing the stroking fingers from his cock; "Think about it lovely. We could be great you know, me and you. You have a week to give me your answer and do not be fickle. Once you are mine it will be for keeps."

Lucius merely took a shuddering breath and composed himself before speaking in a husky tone; "I will have your answer by weeks end. Now I must go I slipped out of our rooms here and away from my guard to come here. Today my family and I will be taken to Malfoy Manor to await our trials. Good day, Mr. Potter."

Harry merely nodded and went about dressing himself. When the door closed he straightened out and slipped a shirt over his head. He felt good right now, very damned good. He'd made steps in attaining his blonde; maybe the means were a bit underhanded, maybe even evil, but Harry didn't give a fuck. He truly and desperately wanted something for the first time in his life and damn it he would get it, one way or another.

Besides he didn't want Lucius for some horrid reason. No, not at all. The raven was being totally honest when he said he would care for the blonde man; that was all he wanted to do. He wanted to care for all the other male's needs and indulge his wants. In Harry's eyes his solution, his price, was more than fair to both of them. Godric knew that Lucius was attracted to him, desired his body and craved his political and social clout, essentially Harry was too damn good to pass up.

The savior knew Lucius would agree even if he was hesitant and angry. Letting Harry spoil and bed him could not be worse than Azkaban which would be where the elder blonde would be going without Harry's testimony and support.

Now all he had to do was wait and hope to all that was magical that his friends would understand what the hell he was doing but then again he wouldn't let Lucius slip through his fingers; Ron and Hermione be damned!

True, he didn't want to lose his friends and surrogate family but he would if it got him Lucius. Maybe he was becoming obsessed with the fallen Malfoy Lord but at this point he wanted him too badly to care. Hadn't he done his part to end this war?! Shouldn't he get the man he wanted for once with nobody having an issue with it? Probably not but Harry was not backing down. He would push for this with the same ferocity and determination he used when hunting down Horcruxes or facing Voldemort.

Sure, he was a bit nervous and scared at what was to come for him and his friends when they found out about his desire to help the Malfoys and his want to make Lucius his own. The fact that he was gay would be a shock but he knew that would not be an issue as homosexuality was not seen as anything but normal in the wizarding world. It was the object of his desire that would cause many to anger and maybe even cut ties with Harry; some of them would come around but some would be gone from him for good.

For right now he would just tell everyone he was assisting Draco Malfoy; that would raise some eyebrows but many would be able to understand why Harry would want to help the other teen. But at the moment the raven needed to eat something and begin to sort through his newly begotten memories and knowledge.

Dressed and tummy rumbling the teen exited his dorm and made his way down the stairs and into the Common Room where Ron and Hermione were waiting for him. Ron looked angry whereas Hermione looked confused and anxious. Well this was not the way he wanted to start his day, not in the least.

With a deep fortifying breath he stepped in the red and gold room and hoped he would weather the storm that would no doubt come from his two best friends.

~*~*~*Time Skip~*~*~*

Harry slammed into his old dorm room and began to pack his things; the Elder wand was slashing through the air, responding to its master's wishes sublimely and without the need for verbal incantations. He was pissed and angry beyond words! Right now he wanted to get the hell out of here and away from the looks of anger and unjustified disappointment on the Weaselys' faces.

He knew Ron and the rest of the family would be let down that Harry would not be getting back with Ginny but he never believed they would treat him so coolly after he in no uncertain terms spelt out his newly begotten sexuality. He could have dealt with the disappointment somewhat but the anger they felt towards him due to his preferences was not acceptable.

Fuck them! Fuck them all! Why was it not okay for him to be gay but for anyone else it would be fine? He never promised Ginny or anyone anything aside from finishing this war and finish it he had! It was time for everyone to shove off and support his choices or get the hell out of his life. Yes, he would miss the Weasely family and he would lament the rift now growing between him, Ron and Hermione but this was how it was.

He'd thought after the Horcrux hunt and their short stay at Malfoy Manor that the three of them would be inseparable; it seemed he was wrong. Even after all these years it seemed that two thirds of the Golden Trio just couldn't not see Harry as their hero. That Hermione and Ron could still have these leftover delusions after they'd seen him breakdown, scream, brood and rant over the last seven years was remarkable.

While they never hero worshiped him Harry could see that through their years together they had expected a certain type of behavior from him; and Harry had all to willingly complied, giving them exactly what they wanted. The raven turned into everyone's favorite, broody hero. The way the Weaselys and Hermione acted you would think that he'd murdered Ginny instead of rejecting her.

Did Ron and Hermione think he would go through everything he'd had to go through and remain the same? Even without his taking on two of Riddle's soul shards Harry knew he would have changed somewhat. You didn't die and come back without changing a little bit. Would he have wanted to be back together with Ginny so soon before he absorbed Tom's soul?

He knew he continued to desire her during the Horcrux hunt but he wondered now if he was desperately trying to hold onto something, anything that wasn't tainted by Voldemort. Ginny was a welcome distraction during cold, lonely nights in the tent but was she the great love of his life? Was he just projecting his desire for normalcy and safety onto the image of her in his mind's eye?

Sure, he wanted to be married and a father but did he want to become all those things right after the war? Yes, he now lusted after Lucius Malfoy and when, not if, he got the man he would enjoy a long courtship while they enjoyed themselves, traveling and exploring their relationship. Ginny didn't seem the type to wait; no doubt she wanted them married immediately. This was something Harry did not want in the least.

Was that what Ron and the rest of them thought would happen? That he would settle down and marry Ginny right after the war? Even if he agreed to get back together they would not be getting married so soon. There was too much he needed to sort through now that he had some free time to do it in. He was not happy about the rift brewing between him, his friends and surrogate family but he was done living for others and their expectations.

That way of thinking and living was in the past; he was through jumping through hoops to please them. He just wanted to please himself now and a true friend would support that choice. That Ron and Hermione were siding with the rest of the Weasely family was a letdown. Yeah, Ron actively standing against his family was a bit to ask for but he could have easily stayed out of it, not picking a side at all.

Harry would have been okay with that course of action but Hermione...what was her excuse? Where was the steadfast girl who stood by him all these years? The emerald eyes teen didn't know but judging by the looks from the bushy haired girl gave Harry while the Molly railed on him he wasn't expecting any support from her quarter.

Never had Harry ever wanted someone, anyone, to worship him; contrary to Snape's misguided beliefs but some support from his best and closest friends would have been nice. He had hundreds of witches and wizards now willing to bow to him but his two closest friends couldn't even muster up a shred of solidarity towards him.

He was grateful for his new soul pieces for their contributions to his personality now more than ever. Before their absorption he was a little insecure and knew he could be swayed; maybe before he would have swallowed his hesitations to marry Ginny and gone through with it to satisfy the Weaselys; the people he looked at as the closest thing to a family he had.

Now he was strong in his convictions and his desires due to having Voldemort's last soul piece within him. He was gay and he desired Lucius Malfoy; Godric that was still a bit new for him, and there was nothing wrong with that in Harry's book. The world could hang for all he cared. He'd done his job; him an untrained seventeen year old wizard had freed the whole damn Wizarding world from the monster they all feared and he deserved some happiness and peace damn it!

With a huff he shrunk his bag and stormed out of the room, ignoring the gathered crowd of red heads and Hermione as he pushed the portrait covering the entrance to the Gryffindor Common Room, ignoring their raised voices for him to come back, and left them all behind. He wanted to go home; which for now was Grimmauld Place as he had nowhere else to go now that the Burrow was out of the question.

How did all this come to pass? Just yesterday he was on top of the world after defeating the man who'd hunted him since his birth and now he was down most of his friends. It was just the way Harry's life seemed to go; the good would come but the bad was always a step behind it. With a sigh he strode off Hogwarts' battle scarred grounds and called for Kreacher.

With a small pop the old elf was there and bowing to his master; "What is Master Harry needing?" Emerald eyes smiled at the little creature; "Take us home, Kreacher. I believe we both need a good meal." Bulbous slightly Rheumatic eyes gazed at him in adoration while a spindly long fingered hand clasped onto Harry's forearm; with another muffled pop man and elf were gone, leaving Harry's former life and dreams in the dust.

So we have another chapter! Harry is a bit...okay a lot OOC but he has two soul pieces in him now and Merlin knows Voldemort would not be swayed ftrom his choices so Harry has taken on a few traits. Also, he is unconsciously channeling the Dark Lord's acts of persuasion to get what he wants.

Some Harry's friends will stay by him; Luna, Neville and shockingly Andromeda along with baby Teddy will be there for him.

Anywho, hopefully I will be updating more frequently but who knows with the way my insane life goes...

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