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I know this isn't the best, but I thought it was funny. Thanks for reading.


Greg pulled up to the Lane's house at a quarter to 6 for dinner. He had been talking to Ed on the way, and the conversation continued as he got out of his car and walked up the steps. Ringing the doorbell and telling Ed he was here over the phone, he waited for his friend to open the door. He stepped in and took off his coat with his phone still up to his ear.

Ed: ''Are you gonna hang up.''

Greg: ''No, go ahead.''

Ed: ''No, you hang up first.''

Greg: ''You hang up first.''

Ed: ''No, you.''

Greg: ''Look, I always hang up last, that way I know the other person got off the phone safely.''

Ed: ''I'm right here.''

Greg: ''Eddie. We've know each other for twenty years, and in those twenty years I've always hung up first.''

Ed: ''Well maybe I wanna start hanging up first.''

Greg: ''So you're saying you wanna switch places?''

Ed: ''Yeah, sure.''

Greg: ''Absolutly not.''

Ed: ''Why?''

Greg: ''Because I'm not ready to be completely bald yet.''

Ed: ''What?''

Greg: ''I don't know, just hang up the phone.''

Ed: ''No. What are you doing?'' he looked over Greg's shoulder. ''Are you putting me on hold?''

Greg: He continued to give Ed the cold shoulder, instead waiting for the person he called to answer. ''Hi Soph, yeah it's me. Listen, can you come here and hang Ed's phone up please?''

Ed: ''Oh, you've got to be kidding me. Just hang up.'' he said exasperatedly.

Sophie walks in, grabs both of the phones and hangs them up at the same time. She hands them back to the bickering friends and then goes back into the kitchen.

Ed: ''None of this gets back to the team.''

Greg: ''Agreed.''

Clark: ''To late,'' he says from his position on the stairs, recording the scene with his phone. Seeing the looks on his dad and Greg's face, he turned tail back up the stairs.

Greg: ''Should we go after him?''

Ed: ''No, by now he's already sent it to everyone. Plus, Soph would kill me.''

Greg: ''Right. Oh well. At least Sophie hung my phone up first.''

Ed: ''She did not. It was my phone she hung up first.''

Greg: ''Was not."

Ed: ''Was too.''

Greg: ''Was.''

Ed: ''Wasn't."

Ed and Greg continued with the banter as they walked into the kitchen. Sophie stopped them with a look, and they both got quiet, quick. They glanced at each other out of the corner of their eyes and knew, this conversation was not over.