Blue eyes peered down at the dark water excitedly; their owner stripped down to only a pair of blue swim trunks. Jack could feel his heart speed up as adrenaline started to tingle from his chest to the tip of his fingers and toes. With hair as white as the full moon behind him, the 17 year old elbowed the trembling brunette beside him playfully.

"You sure you can handle this? Not too late to back out now, Haddock," Jack teased as Hiccup shook his head nervously.

"And miss all of this...excitement?" Hiccup asked back in a less than confident tone before waving nervously to the obviously excited group of teens down far below.

"That's the spirit, Haddock. Just ignore them down there, they're just jealous that I'm the lucky one that got to do the jump this time." Hiccup nodded back hesitantly as his hazel eyes shifted from the water to the group below.

"So, this is a normal thing for you guys?" Hiccup finally responded, now comitted to do the jump from the old tower.

"Oh yeah, we've all done it. Think of it as a sort of initiation. Something for us to see if you really have the guts to hang with us," Jack shrugged casually, "Alright, you ready?"

After a few moments of silence, Hiccup nodded.

"As ready as I'll ever be," the brown haired teen mumbled, waiting for Jack's countdown.

"Then here we go, in 3, 2, 1!" Jack shouted before they both jumped off the tall tower. Already use to the height, Jack maneuvered his body into a sort of cannonball before breaking the water's surface. Hearing his friends' cheers, Jack gave a sort of fist pump in the air as he cheered along with his group while waiting for their newest member to break the surface and cheer along with them.

Soon the cheers started to die down as worry began to fill the group. Now frantic, Jack clenched and unclenched his fists in worry as he tried to reassure himself that Hiccup was just fine; that he just simply dived down deeper than Jack did. Feeling the tension grow even more intense, the group of five started to feel a sort of dread when the young classmate still didn't swim up for air.

"Guys, I think somethings wrong," Toothiana, usually nicknamed Tooth by her friends, said frantically. With bright purple eyes shifting across the water and her small body gravitating towards the water, Tooth fell to her knees and brought shaky hands to her lips. "Jack! Over there!" Without a moments hesitation, the blue eyed male was already swimming towards a slowly drowning Hiccup. Ready to help Jack out, Aster and Flynn started to tug at the hem of their shirts before a wave of light made the two freeze almost instantly.

"What are you kids doing there! Don't move!" Grabbing hold of Tooth's hand, Aster started running towards his car with Sanderson, known more as Sandy, not too far behind.

"Common Sheila, Frost can handle h'mself. One look at all us and we'd be caught for sure," the dark haired Aster tried to reason in his thick Australian accent. Sandy nodded almost automatically with the Australian's words, his fingers flying around in quick hand gestures that Tooth couldn't quite pick up at the moment. With his arms reaching Tooth's mid back, the short blond mute hastily pushed at the hesitant girl's form.

"But Aster, Sandy, we can't just leave them here," Tooth pleaded, her eyes still searching the water for Jack and Hiccup. Seeing Tooth still hesitant to leave, the dark haired teen said the only thing he could think of that would have convinced the small female to agree.

"Tooth, if yah oldies find out 'bout this, they won't let ya' out of their sights ever again. Those pranks were kids stuff compared to this," Aster tried to reason, his tugging growing more and more persistent as his vibrant green eyes practically pleaded with the girl's own bright purple. Seeing time almost running out, Flynn blurted out the only thing that would have made Tooth agree to leave the two behind.

"I'll look for them."

Sending the tall brown haired teen an uneasy smile, Tooth finally nodded in agreement before following Aster and Sandy into the large gray colored jeep. With a quick glance at Flynn, the deeply tanned Australian gave a small salute and shifted the jeep into drive before speeding out of the area.

Letting out an exasperated sigh, the brown eyed teen raced over towards the strangely calm waters. With his shoes already kicked off, Flynn raced towards the wooden platform that connected to the water, only to stop in his tracks when he caught the sight of silver hair slowly approaching the edge of the dock with a slip of brown bobbing above the water. Wide eyed, Flynn squatted down and slipped his hands under the unconscious Hiccup's armpits as Jack scrambled out of the water.

"Just go, man. Hurry before the guard gets here," Jack said in a firm hushed tone, waving off the older teen in hopes that Flynn would get the hint and leave before they both were caught. Hearing the shouts from the guard growing louder and louder, Flynn gave Jack a nod and raced towards his own beaten up dark blue Subaru and drove off, the fear of being caught his driving force. Seeing his friend already moving, Jack wasted no time trying to get Hiccup to wake up. Feeling panic already creeping up his spine, Jack smacked Hiccup across the face none too lightly, hoping the force would wake the wiry teen. Seeing eyelids flutter open and water fly from the freckled boy's mouth, Jack gave a small sigh of relief before scurrying to his feet and rushing towards his silver BMW with his bundle of clothes pressed to his wet chest. With his keys swinging from the ignition, Jack automatically pulled out and drove forward, speeding out of the area as fast as his car could take him.

"Shit," Jack shouted as his eyes caught the bright flashes of red and blue. Thinking he could have made it out of there without being caught, Jack swerved his vehicle into a sharp U-turn. Looking in his rear-view mirror, Jack let out a small chuckle as the police car got smaller and smaller once Jack sped up. Looking back towards the lot he was currently driving in, the pale skinned teen slammed his bare foot against the breaks. Screeching to a halt, Jack felt his body pick up from his seat. With a wet squishy sound, soaked swim trunks slapped against the seat as Jack's head slammed backwards against his headrest. With a slight groan, blue eyes slowly peeled open only to blink shut once more.

"Step out of the car, Jack. We already know it's you," the voice of the town's head police echoed. Letting his forehead fall to his steering wheel, Jack tried to come up with some excuse to give to the police officers. After a few moments had passed, Jack released a deep sigh before slowly stepping out of his car. With his arms held up in a mock surrender pose, Jack leisurely walked into the well lighted area.

"Officers," Jack nodded with a devilish smirk on his pale lips, "nice night for a drive, isn't it?"

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