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Roxie moved under her blankets, her tail hanging over the side as she dreamed. The light thumping was getting louder, disturbing her sleep. Just as it stopped and she was drifting back into a deeper sleep came a loud banging on her door.

"Roxie, wake up call. Up or I'm getting the hose." Jake called through the door, chuckling quietly as he heard a thud and a moan, imagining the younger cat falling out of bed again. Turning he walked away from the door and down the stairs to his partner as the hatch door closed on the hanger.

"She up?" Chance glanced up as he finished wiping sweat off his face.

"Nope, just woke her up, never even knew we were gone. I do feel kinda bad having to drug her every night, then pounding on the door to wake her up."

"You rather she finds out what we do almost every night?" Jake rolled his eyes and finished zipping up his junk man suit as he opened the main shop. Behind them they heard Roxanna walking down to the office, putting her hair up.

Roxie looked over seeing them talking quietly to each other and rolled her eyes. They were always together, working, watching TV, cooking. It was like a 2 man club. And she understood as it had been just them till she had been shipped over on Ferals' orders.

She thought momentarily about the court house building explosion then shook her head and sat at the desk looking at work order slips, parts sheets and invoices. She looked though a few papers before glancing up at Chance as he was tapping his claws on her desk and gave a small smile. No matter what she did, he never seemed happy to see her.

"I gave you a parts order last week and it hasn't come in. The car was suppose to be finished today."

"You never gave me an order slip last week." She smiled tightly as her nails dug into the under side of the desk. Jake watched the two as another argument was about to start. He wasn't happy either about Feral suddenly throwing someone else into the garage but they didn't have any say in the matter. She was in the same boat as they were in that aspect.

It had started a month an a half back. Viper had taken over the court house with most of the people inside slowly turning into mutations. The SWAT Kats had been trying to get inside, arguing with Feral. He had a new tank he wanted to use. The rounds could be changed as needed, a way to match the Turbo Kat Jake had found out later. But something had gone wrong and the tank suddenly rammed the court house exploding as an Enforcer climbed out.

It turned out that the Enforcer that escaped had been Roxie. And after a few weeks in the hospital Feral had discharged her and sent her to the Yard much the same way he did Chance and himself. Looking up he saw the two yelling at each other. Jake glanced over at Chances work table and spied a few papers on it, one most likely the order he had needed.

"Hey, I got an idea. Why doesn't Roxie take the truck and just pick up the parts down town. It'll save time and you can still finish Miss. Brigg's car before she gets back." He almost winced at the look his partner gave him as Roxie walked past grabbing the keys off the wall and stormed out to the tow truck.

"The hell are you doing buddy? Taking sides now?"

"I'm not taking sides." He reached out picking up the papers from the table and held them up seeing Chance had the decency to look a little embarrassed. "She's not the enemy pal, she's been given the same treatment as us. Feral stuck her here."

Chance ran his fingers through his hair a little. "I know. It's just nerve racking. She could find out about us, run and tell Feral to get her position back. Or worse, sell us out to one of the Omega's."

"She wouldn't do that. We just have to keep an eye on her for now and see how things go. For all we know Feral will transfer her out to be a meter maid or something." Chance sighed running his fingers through his hair before nodding slightly and took the pages from Jake to fax over.


Roxie wiped her eyes angrily as she waited for the light to turn green and wished for the millionth time the radio worked. She hated being at the garage. She was a tank gunner not a secretary. Pulling away from the light she pulled into parking lot for the part dealer and sat for a few minutes, knowing Jake would be faxing the order over.

Out of this whole mess Jake had tried to make everything run smoothly. She knew she was ruining their "boy's club" but it wasn't like she had a choice. Turning off the engine she leaned back in the seat calming down before climbing out and going inside. The old cat behind the counter smiled at her telling her the order would be ready in a hour or so and told her about a diner around the corner she could relax at.

Walking outside she looked around before hearing a jet roar overhead. The Turbo Kat flew past kicking up dust and leaves as it went past toward the city. She always envied those she worked with that flew. She always got sick flying which lead to her choosing the tank corp. She missed her baby. It had been an older model but she knew it inside and out. Walking to the diner she closed her eyes allowing the memories to fill her mind again.

The day of the accident she had been covering for her friend in the gunner position. The tank was a new model, still a prototype. Feral had pushed for it to be ready, calling for it when Viper had stormed the court complex. The tank had smelled clean, not like what she was use to but she was excited for the chance to try the new guns and artillery. She had never met the driver before but thought little of it.

As they neared the building she could hear Feral barking orders, both at his troops and the SWAT Kats. She could see the strange growths all over the outside of the building that pulsed and moved, thinking of the people inside. It was then the driver suddenly began convulsing, a strange needle hitting the floor.

"Hey, you ok?" She reached forward as the driver turned, his skin melting and mutating slashing out at her.

"The Doctor was right, this is amazing and I will share it with you!" He grabbed for her again as she tried to unstrap cutting ehr a few times with his deformed claws and kicked the control stick the tank suddenly jerked, moving forward quickly. Roxie saw the impact coming and began hitting buttons, overloading the systems and managed to climb out as the tank slammed into the building, exploding and throwing her forward. Looking up she saw people running around as rubble fell around them and the larger of the SWAT Kats running toward her as she slipped into darkness.

Looking into her now cold coffee she sighed, playing with the handle on the cup. She hadn't even been piloting it yet it was still all blamed on her by Feral. She had hopped the duo she had heard about in the scrap yard would at least understand her position but she instead had been met with anger from Chance and pity from Jake.

After over an hour and a half she finally had the parts loaded in the back on the truck and started back to the shop as the jet from earlier thundered over head causing her swerve in surprise.

Razor looked down. "She's gonna be pissed buddy. Did you have to go so low?" T-Bone shrugged a little.

"It was that or have her there when we open the hanger. Explain that to her, then how the jet never wakes her up at night." He glanced slightly over his shoulder at Razor who slumped a little in his seat.

They landed as the hanger door closed. The outside cameras showed the tow truck pulling in twenty minutes later as they got back to their work stations. Jake groaned softly, both from the headache he felt forming and seeing Chance was wasting no time in pissing off Roxie.

"What took you so long, Runt."

"They were still pulling the order and I had to wait then the SWAT Kats almost ran me over." She growled at him, her nails biting into her palms as he called her one of her most hated nick names that he had invented for her.

"Did you scratch my truck?" Chance went outside, Roxie closely following. Jake couldn't make out what they were saying but could hear the raised voices before hearing them unload the parts and bring them in. It was silent for the rest of the day, save for the noise of machines running and the phone ringing every so often.


That night Jake noticed all had settled for the most part. Chance was watching Scary Cat with Roxie in the same room. He looked down at the drink Roxie had asked for, adding a few drops to it. When had it come to this, Razor of the SWAT Kats drugging people to keep their secret. He finished stirring the drink and walked in handing Roxie her glass of sour milk before flipping down next to Chance sipping his own.

An hour later Chance was lifting her up, going up to what use to be the attic that was now her bedroom and setting her down. He sighed, brushing hair away from her face.

"Sorry about this kid, but it's for as much your safety as it is ours." He turned leaving, hoping for one quiet night to just relax.


well there you have it, my first swat kats story up and going. Putting it at T but might change later.