Roxie fell onto her bed, wiped out. Chance and Jake were hard to keep up with on the training field and refused to let her lag behind. It had been two weeks since Chance had taken her to the training field in the back, and two weeks since she had seen her old tank. It had seemingly vanished and she seemed oddly alright with it. She rolled onto her back looking at the ceiling and played with the tips of her hair.

The training had helped with many things, the first being the nightmares. She was to exhausted to even bother dreaming most of the time. The second was to take her mind off things. It had felt like a punch to the gut when she saw what had happened to her baby but perhaps Jake hiding it was for the best. It also helped to distract her from the fact that she still hadn't told her father her removal from the Enforcers.

Sitting up she grabbed her towel from her gym bag and walked to the door. She glanced at her mirror which she had covered with a sheet as she walked out. She had seen those eyes looking back at her a few times and had enough to the point of just avoiding it.

She walked down to the second floor shower finding it still steamy from Chance and locked the door turning the hot water back on. They would be alone tonight. Jake had finally asked Callie out and Chance had been in a foul mood for the last few hours. They were getting along better but still had arguments over the stupidest things and knew tonight would be worse.

Resting her forehead against the wet tile she closed her eyes as the water ran down her back. She loved quiet moments like this focusing on nothing but the sound of running water, though she wished she had remembered her mp3 player.

Roxie stepped out of the shower a few minutes later and began to dry off, braiding her hair back and peeked out into the hall before going up to her room. She could hear the TV from further downstairs as well as Jake and Chance talking, though Chance sounded annoyed.

"And what if something happens while you're out." Rolling her eyes she went into her room and pulled on her yoga pants and a tank top before finally heading down stairs.

Jake looked over and smiled when Roxie walked in, knowing she would be able to distract Chance for the evening. He did feel guilty knowing Chance liked Callie as well, but he had had plenty of time to act on his feelings.

"Chance I'm sure you'll be fine here with Roxie. She'll squish any spiders you find." He inwardly chuckled seeing Chance pale slightly and glare.

"Funny Jake, real funny." He stalked into the living room, leaving Jake and Roxie alone. Jake sighed before grabbing his coat and the keys to the car, heading out. Roxie watched him go then looked in at Chance. Sighing softly she walked into the living room, finding him flipping through the channels.

"So, what do you feel like doing for dinner." She rested her arms on the back of the couch leaning forward a little. Chance gave a half shrug, still channel surfing, ignoring her. "Come on, we can order out, get that pizza Jake hates." She poked his shoulder gently, trying to get a response and felt like she was poking the bear.

Change growled gently and threw the remote down turning to her. "What the hell do you want? We aren't friends, we never will be and I don't know why you act like we are. Just leave me alone." He stood walking past a stunned Roxie and disappeared out the back door. She heard a faint slamming of a door, assuming he went out to one of the sheds. She chewed her lip and tugged the tip of her braid before walking back up to her room and closed the door. Sitting on her bed, she heard the light bleeping of her phone, signaling a missed call, seeing her father had finally called her back and scrolled through the contacts to found her his number.

Sighing, she hit the dial button, knowing she had to have this conversion sooner or later and listened to the fainting ringing as it connected. Her chest tightened when he finally picked up, his gruff voice coming though on the other end. "Hi Daddy."

"Roxanna, do you have any idea what time it is? I could have been in the middle of something. And its Sir during working hours." She refrained from rolling her eyes, hearing him drum his fingers on his desk, forgetting she was upset at Chance.

"Yes Sir, sorry Sir. I just haven't talked to you since Lily got engaged six months ago and thought I should update you on some things." She played with the tie on her pants, suddenly finding it much more interesting then her current conversation.

"We can catch up at her wedding in two months, why she picked it on the eclipse I'll never know. I expect that Feral has given you leave for those days? Or will you somehow manage to miss those days as well."

"I'll be there Sir, don't worry getting leave for those days will be no problem. And that's what I wanted to talk to you about."

"Can it wait Roxanna? I have a meeting soon. If its a female thing then call your mother. She also expects you to bring a date. If not I'm sure I can find an escort for you here among the cadets."

"No! I have a date, do not bring an escort for me, goodbye." She hung up, burying her head in her pillows and screamed.


Chance slammed the door to the back shed and went down one of the escape hatches into the hanger, the lights coming on. Walking past the jet he flopped onto the couch in the corner, turning on the TV there. He flipped through a few before leaving it on the news, not really paying attention and ran his claws up the arm of the couch a few times before resting his head back.

"Crud." He hit the couch arm gently, pissed off. He was pissed at Jake for asking Callie out, at himself for not asking her first and for going off on Roxie. After an hour or so he went up the hatch in the kitchen carefully, looking for aforementioned female and went up to her room. Looking in it found her pillows shredded, a few things thrown to the other side of the room and her looking out the window, her tail moving slowly behind her.

Chance cleared his throat, ear pressing to his head as she turned to look at him, her eyes puffy from crying and glaring at him.

"What do you want."

"I came to say sorry. I shouldn't have said all that. I didn't mean it." He walked over to her slowly, not wanting to receive a well deserved slap and leaned on the windowsill next to her, looking out to the yard. They were silent for a few moments, Chance watching the gears in her head turn.

"You owe me." Chance raised an eyebrow as she said this, worried as she turned to face him again. "My sister is getting married in two months, you're taking me. Suit, nice car, dancing, whole thing." Roxie smirked slightly as Chance began to fidget.

"Formal events aren't really my thing." He flinched when she crossed her arms, expecting a hit and opened one eye slightly, wishing he was fighting in the Turbo Kat then standing here.

"What you said was way out of line. You had your shot at Callie and you missed it. Jake asked her out, deal with it, do not take it out on me. If its any consolation, it probably wouldn't go anywhere between them."

"And whys that."

"She's a workaholic and he's not. You guys fix cars and are on Feral's shit list. She would spend late hours at work and it would strain them to the point where they fight. And lets face it, she wants to be Mayor someday. Being romantically linked to one of the guys who flew into the new Enforcer tower wouldn't win her points in the polls."

Chance looked down as she talked, imagining it in his mind. "Not to mention us being the Swat Kat's." He ran a hand through his hair before changing his train of thought. "I still owe you dinner. Come on, I know a good burger place." He turned, walking out of her room down to the kitchen.

Roxie came down a few minutes late surprised when she saw him pulling on a leather jacket and caught the helmet he tossed to her. Tossing her purse onto the kitchen table she pocketed her wallet and followed him outside seeing him uncovering a cycle and walked over as he climbed on. "You own a bike. Learn something new everyday."

Chance smirked as he felt her climb on behind him. "This is a scrap yard. Everything with an engine comes here, military or civilian. You'd be amazed what we find and fix." He pulled his own helmet on, turning the bike on and took off once he felt her arms around his waist. He chuckled when he felt her grip tighten as he sped up once they hit the paved road, heading to his favorite burger place.


Jake sighed, playing with his salad as Callie balanced her phone on her shoulder, writing on a small note pad. He smiled when she glanced up and mouthed sorry for the third time in the last twenty minutes then signaled for a refill of his drink. He glanced over, seeing Callie finally putting her phone away.

"Sorry about that, the Mayor wanted to make a few changes to his speech. So, what were we talking about?" She gave a weak smile, feeling bad for forgetting what they had been discussing before Manx had called.

"We were looking over the menu and you asked how I liked my steak." Callie blushed slightly, about to ask what he ordered when her phone went off again. Groaning softly she looked at the caller id before answering.

Jake sighed, going back to his meal and slipped out his mini tablet, looking over the design for the new Thunder Tank. The main course came soon after, Callie ignoring it as she talked to the Mayor, Jake enjoying his steak and wondering what Chance was up to and if they killed one another yet.

He glanced up as Callie stood picking up her purse. "Sorry Jake. I have to get to the office and finish the changes to his speech." She didn't have the heart to look up at him, as he nodded slowly and walked to the front to the valet for her car. This wasn't the first time the Mayor had ruined a date and she was sure it wouldn't be the last one. She could picture her wedding now, about to recite their vows and the Mayor walking over with paper work to push off on her.

She glanced back in at Jake, seeing him on his phone as they pulled her car around. He had a look of annoyance mixed with hurt and she couldn't blame him. Driving off she wished for not the first time that Manx had lost reelection.

Jake sighed as he signaled for the check, getting Chances voice mail. He figured he probably either killed Roxie and was hiding her body in the desert or had taken her to the burger on the outside of the city. And if they went there it meant he had used the prototype of the new cycles they were building. Jake looked up as the waiter came over with the to go bag and informed him the bill had been taken care of.

Groaning silently he took the bag and left, hoping she had at least put it on Manx's card and walked out to where he had parked down the street. "Wonder if they would mind if I crashed dinner." He chuckled before driving off, heading to the Mac's.

He arrived a half hour later, looking over the steel walled building. it didn't look like much but on the inside was a different story. Mac was an old army cat that understood food and loved having people around. There were photos everywhere of Mac, his friends, and people that had been there. He parked, looking around for the sleek black bike among the many there and found it near the front.

Walking inside, his ears were assaulted by the music blaring and looked around for Chance and Roxie. He spotted them after a few moments by a pool table, watching them hit the balls around before heading over. Chance spotted him first, raising an eyebrow.

"Strike out?" He handed Jake a bottle as he reached them.

"She left me for work. Paid for dinner too."

"Could have been worse. She could be kicking you tail in pool and being smug about it." Chance looked back over to Roxie as she hit the 8 ball into the corner pocket and walked over smirking.

"Hey Jake. Just showing Chance here how a few tricks." She picked up her glass, sipping it as Chance rolled his eyes before going to set the table back up. Roxie offered Jake her stick as a waitress brought their food over and sat on one of the stools eating as they began playing.

"Hey Chance, one more thing, you lost the bet. Hope you have a tux." She chuckled when he scratched the felt, sending his ball off the table.


Hello all, I have given you a nice long chapter in hopes you forgive the absence. A bit of writers block and spending time with the boyfriend. Its a bit slow in this chapter but it will pick up in the next one :)