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The endless pounding of the rain against his back.

It burned. The very cold and harsh fall of it burned him. It burned like the fires of the building of his old village. Grimm and humans all lay around, making the ground lumpy. He got up and began to numbly walk, ignoring the claw marks on his face and gash across his chest and up his neck, ignoring he was still gripping a sword and shield. He tripped over something and saw it was a leg. A severed leg. He whimpered quietly and walked towards his old home.

He hadn't noticed his body glowing with a soft white light, and feeling himself heal.


He ignored that his orphanage on fire and pushed the creaky door open.

They were all dead.


Except him.

The old nanny…


His playmates…


The enemy…


His villagers…






Blood soaked hands trembled as he began to realize he was alone. He began to shake, unable to hold his weapons as they shook. The sword and shield clattered to the soaked earth. His hands shakily lifted in front of his eyes. A disgusting red stained them. HE began to gasp and hyperventilate. Oh Lord in heaven, he was still alive…

He didn't want to be the one to be saved. He was too young, HE WAS BARELY 9. Others had lives, wives, kids, families. He didn't have that, he was an orphan. Picked up to fight because he was a child with a good arm. He didn't have anyone to survive for, so why? WHY HIM?
Then he began to scream.

And scream.

And scream.

They were all dead.

Except him.

That's how the army found him. On his knees in the burning building, bleeding, staring at the sky. Gasping out small screams, inaudible to the world. They tried to rouse him, but he wouldn't respond other than a single sentence.

"Let me sleep too, I don't want to be alone…"

Jaune woke up gasping. A sweaty hand pressed against his forehead. He let out a choked whimper and buried his head in his arms. He was okay. It was the past he was older now. He was 14, he didn't need to think about that. He buried his head in his arms and pushed back the burning in his eyes. He wouldn't remember. Despite his chant he was able to think about what happened right after.

The silver-haired man with the cane pulled a blanket around his shoulders and simply placed a hand on his shoulder. Jaune didn't move, at least he didn't think he did, but somehow he toppled into the man's side like someone shoved him. The man looked at him and rubbed his back.

Something in the gesture…the warmth of the hand, the gentle calming it pushed on him, made him start to sob.

"Shhhh…Shh…cry, it's okay to cry. Let it go…" the man said.

Jaune didn't know how long it had taken for his sobs to become soft quiet gasps. He was tired. He wanted some milk and his bed. He wanted the nanny to come in and whisper good night and give all the kids a special good knight kiss on the cheek, all their own. The man rubbing his back ran a gentle hand through his hair. He sighed at the sensation and fell asleep.

When he woke up the sun was streaming in through the windows. Jaune sighed and rolled over. The nanny could wake him up a bit later, besides he had a terrible nightmare. He wanted a little more time. The he realized something was beeping, a slow rhythmic beep. He squished his eyes shut a bit more, did they get an alarm clock?

Jaune sighed and rubbed his cheek, why did he have a bandage on? Had he fallen?

He got up and saw himself in a mirror.

He was dressed in shorts and a hospital dress. He had an angry red scar on his neck and face, not to mention he had an IV in his arm. Wire were attached to his chest and he was a lot skinnier. His hair was wild and had grown out to be shoulder length. He had grown a lot taller. What the heck happened? Where was he?

Right then the door slid open and he saw the man from his nightmare, looking at him with wide eyes.

His nightmare. That means…

That wasn't a nightmare. That was real. THIS IS REAL.

The floor rushed up to meet him very suddenly.

Jaune got up and slapped himself, really hard. The loud sound echoed around like he was in a cave. He began to shuffle out of his bed.

Enough nightmares. He was about to rub the blurriness of sleep from his eyes when a sound caught his attention.

Just then his door creaked open and Ozpin walked in. He took one glance and Jaune and knelt down.

"You had a nightmare." Ozpin said, wrapping his arms around Jaune in a hug.

"I did?" Jaune said.

He looked in the mirror and saw tears trickling down his expressionless face.

That explained the blurriness.

"Oh sorry, Dad." He murmured.

Ozpin had decided to adopt him, 9 or 10. One year wouldn't make too much of a difference to Ozpin. The nightmares had been happening a lot, much more than what would be healthy for Jaune. But no matter what happened, even on sleep medication - which one doctor had tried - nightmares would creep into Jaune's mindscape and tear him inside a little more.

"You don't need to apologize." Ozpin said softly.

"Why can't it stop? I want it to stop, I try not to think about it, but it keeps coming back to me." He murmured miserably.

"Something like that Jaune… it might never go away. You have to make yourself strong so the pain becomes bearable."


Ozpin sighed as he got up, "Come on, it's your first day of school. You need to get dressed."

"Yes, Dad."

Ozpin walked down the hall of the small house he had bought for Jaune. It was a bit difficult working away from beacon but somehow adopting Jaune had made it worth it. For all the brave fronts and attempts to smile though, Jaune was not okay. Four years since a relative of his old teammate had called the police from his village to help. Ozpin was called to help lead, since he had been there a few times. He never expected a quiet town like that to suddenly be attacked by Grimm. That was the reason John had settled there with his wife.

They had a son, but the wife died of child birth. Ozpin rushed over and saw the blonde boy laying in his crib, staring at everything with eyes a hue of blue that made the sky and ocean jealous of their purity. John was dying, no one had any physical reason, but they all knew it was a broken heart killing him.

"My son's name is Jaune…" the blond man had said.

"Really, a little narcissistic, don't you think?" Ozpin said, vainly trying to thin the tension.

"I wanted to ask you to be his godfather." John said, his grey eyes gleaming with determination.

"I have a school to lead, John, besides, you'll be fine! This boy needs his father and I can-"


Ozpin's throat closed up.

"Please. I can't live without her, the only reason I am hanging on is him. He is all I have left of her." He pleaded, "I won't be long before I go too. I need you to watch him. Take him in, teach him. I know I have no right, but you are my best friend Ozpin… my own family doesn't want him." He spat.

Ozpin's eyes narrowed at this, their own flesh and blood would be alone, and they wouldn't help him? Disgusting.

"You don't need to take him in right now, when he is 10…then do it. Give him this." John gestured to a large bag in the corner of the room, "It has everything he will need. I want you to tell him I am sorry…"

John's breath hitched and he fought back tears as he looked at his innocent and young son, "Oh Lord, Ozpin, why can't I live for him? He needs me, I can't do this to him!"

Ozpin watched as one of his oldest and toughest friends broke down and wept. Ozpin had his friend transferred to a hospital, but nothing could be done.

He died a week later.

Ozpin had attended his funeral alone except for a single baby boy, who seemed to stare at him with those solemn blue eyes.

"Ohgahbababa." Jaune mumbled in baby talk.

Ozpin didn't have it in him to respond.

Ozpin sighed, Jaune had fully grasped what the situation had meant and at all times had a locket of his parents hung around his neck. He never talked about it, and most of the time he didn't speak at all. He had such a dead look in his eyes that at times Ozpin wanted to scream. He was failing Jaune and John. Jaune had seen child specialists, and they had all said the same thing. The boy was beyond help, he had shut off his emotions. Only something big could help him.

Social Interaction it was.

Jaune came down the stairs in jeans and a t-shirt, and Ozpin saw so much of john in him that he would wonder whether someone was trying to make him feel like a terrible person. Those ocean blue eyes seemed to be the only thing keeping him from looking just like John. Jaune had a special interest in weapons and vowed he would kill all the Grimm he came across. It wasn't long after he got his father's bag that Ozpin saw him practice with the sword and shield that John had left him. Ozpin helped him and was fairly certain he was already a top swordsman, but that paled in comparison to his natural affinity to his family's shield.

He had fought Ozpin when he decided to fight with the shield. He rolled and danced, moving around with an inhuman grace. He blocked and when Ozpin had finally tired him out, he would sit quietly down for a minute and get up again. His shield would definitely be his greatest asset. His father had left him a book on how to use it and his sword, as well as the qualities his shield had possessed.

Jaune had a pure white aura, tinged with the barest hit of dark blue. His soul was good, almost all good. He would never be able to have tapped into it unless he hadn't tapped into his aura unconsciously as a child due to the trauma of his past. He used it in his shield, and his shield would grow into a massive gauntlet and other weapons, halberds, swords, spears, practically anything. Ozpin knew that he would

become a great hunter, no matter what.

"It's time to go, dad."

Jaune stared at the school for a moment. Ozpin nodded at him and Jaune walked inside, sword and shield strapped to his back and an over-the-shoulder bag already on. He saw several people look at him as he approached the office.

"Is that the kid Ozpin took in?"

"Yeah, I think so. They say something happened to him and now he doesn't like to talk to other people."

"Do you see those scars on his face and neck? What did that to him?"

"Why the heck is he carrying a sword and shield?"

"Lucky guy, Ozpin must be pampering him…"

Jaune almost chuckled at that but kept walking.

The teachers were sizing up the students and trying to gauge where they would be.

"Okay kids who here uses a sword?"

Jaune raised his hand, much to everyone's amusement, they were also considered an older type of weapon.

"Okay and how about spears?"

Jaune kept his hand raised and several people also raised their hands too.

"Um Jaune?"

"Yes?" he said, everybody looked at him.

"Don't you use a sword?"

"Yeah…what's your point?"

"Well most people only specialize in one type of weapon." The teacher said.

"I am not stupid enough to think that's what's most convenient will be on hand, besides, some weapons will be better suited for fighting a certain type of enemies than others." Jaune responded calmly, "I admit I am most comfortable with a sword, but I am able to use several other weapons with plenty of versatility."

The teacher blinked before shrugging, "Don't let it go to your head Jaune."

He frowned, "I wish I had that luxury…"

Jaune held a wooden sword and took his stance across from a boy wielding a wooden halberd. Jaune calmly waited for the other boy to make the first move. He sidled and began to maneuver around Jaune. Jaune turned slowly, and without warning the boy charged. Jaune blocked the sloppy overhead swing with a lough 'CLACK'. The boy saw Jaune was only using one hand to block the attack.

"I suppose training with dad all those times really paid off." Jaune said absentmindedly.

The boy twisted and swung another time, Jaune ducked under the wide swing and stepped in before the boy had a chance to recover. He calmly grabbed the boy's wrist and yanked him out of his stance, making him stumble forward. He hit his sword over the boy's arm, making his arm go numb. He dropped his weapon and fell grasping his now numb arm.

"Hey! My arm fell asleep!" he grumbled.

"So I win." Jaune said, pressing his wooden sword against his opponent's forehead with a teasing smirk.

It had been a week since his first day.

Jaune was leaning against the fence during lunch break when a ball rolled over to him. He saw a Faunus kid run over to get it, and stop when he saw Jaune pick it up. He looked down. Jaune walked over and tapped his shoulder. The kid looked up and saw Jaune holding out the ball.

"You dropped this." Jaune said.

"Oh…Thank you! I didn't think you would give it back…" the boy said, Jaune noticed he had cat ears that flattened against his skull in embarrassment.

"Why not?"

"People don't really like faunus."

"Then they are idiots." Jaune responded shrugging.

"W-wha..?" The boy replied flabbergasted.

Jaune smiled, it felt…nice, "I think faunus are pretty cool. You have night-vision and a whole bunch of other stuff, if anything people should be jealous."

The boy blinked and grinned, "You want to participate in some sports with me and my friends? We need another player. My name's Tucker!"

Jaune blinked, he was feeling…happy. He nodded and the boy dragged him over to the field, "By the way my name is Jaune."

Ozpin smiled when he saw, for the first time in four years, Jaune was smiling. Ozpin had planned to check on Jaune to see if social interaction would help him. Ozpin was beyond pleased to see how much. Jaune kicked the ball and the other teens scrambled after it. Ozpin took a sip of the coffee he just bought.

"He finally started healing."

[Three Years Later]

He finished his application to Beacon and slid it in the application box, the teacher had signed it and Ozpin himself had given the stamp of acceptance. Jaune head rested on his forearms as he stared out the window, completely bored. He absent mindedly twirled a pencil in his hand and gently sang under his breath.

"Okay this is your final class with me…I wanted to say that it was a pleasure teaching all of you, and I wish you good luck in whatever goal you wish to pursue from here on in." The teacher said.

A bird landed on the window and cocked its head at Jaune's bored expression. The kids started to pack up and say their goodbyes. Jaune got up and rolled his shoulders and he threw some books in his bag. He was about to go when Velvet and Tucker walked up.

"So you both also applied to Beacon right?" Jaune asked as he slung his bag on his shoulder.

"Yeah, I'll definitely get in!" Tucker cheered as they made their way to the stairs.

Jaune began to walk down when he saw Ozpin waiting at the bottom of the stairs. Jaune sighed and slid down the railing.

"You shouldn't do that." Ozpin reprimanded gently, though Jaune knew he was quietly amused.

"I know but you always complain that I don't walk down fast enough, so I chose a quicker and easier option." He said resting his hands behind his head.

Ozpin chuckled as he ruffled Jaune's hair, "This is exactly why you fail the physical course. You never listen to what they say and do whatever's quickest."

"Heh," Jaune grinned, "It's not my fault they aren't open to alternatives."

Jaune groaned in misery.

Stupid motion sickness.

Stupid dustplane.

Stupid school being so far away.

Jaune closed his eyes and leaned against the seat he was sitting on and gripped the cold metal tightly. The chills seemed to help him steady his heaving stomach. He pulled back his hood slightly, pressed his forehead against the cold metal, and breathed in deep even breaths, just like dad had taught him. When he felt like he wasn't going to hurl up his insides he opened his eyes and stared at the school his dad ran.

Jaune was leaning against the glass and stared at the massive academy. They really didn't do it justice with the photo on the brochure. Jaune slung his pack over his shoulder and made his way to the doors and he passed by two girls; one had black hair with red ends and a red cloak with a long haired…well-endowed blond. He walked past them while the girls talked about bee's knees, which in his opinion wasn't really a normal conversational topic. Just then Glynda Goodwitch appeared on the screens and began to tell the students about Beacon.

Jaune smiled, he had met with Glynda on a few occasions, she was a bit uptight but overall a good person, and not to mention she taught him a lot about dust and its applications when he was younger. He grinned just before he felt his stomach heave, and he fell to his knees retching. His hood slid of his head but he was in too much pain to notice. He used his hood to keep people from seeing his face, he didn't want to show his scars.

"Gack! Dammit! Ugh… Stupid motion sickness…" he choked out, cringing.

"You okay?" said a small voice.

He turned his head and saw the red and black haired girl leaning over him with worry on her face. The expression changed to shock when she saw his scars, he looked away and pulled his hood down.

"Sorry." He murmured and quickly went towards the back of the dustplane.

"Wait!" she called.

He didn't stop and pushed into the throng of people gathering in the exits. He pulled his hood a bit lower and waited. His stomach was in knots for a completely different reason now. He knew people would react like that, then they would either try not to stare or just stare. He hated it. He hated it a lot. He hated his scars.

He brushed past a boy with dark hair and fuchsia eyes, a black haired girl with a bow, a orange-haired hulking guy with a mace. He quickly made his way to the back of the crowd and leaned against the wall. The ship had stopped and docked, but Jaune was still feeling queasy and weak. He slid down against the wall breathing like he had run for miles without using his aura.

A hand patted his shoulder. He looked up and saw a Velvet lightly tapping his shoulder, Tucker leaned over him, concerned.

"Your scars?"

Jaune nodded mutely.

"Come on, Jaune, everyone will look at first, it's only natural. Don't worry, I am sure you don't want ot be late." He said lifting Jaune to his feet.

"Yeah… Lets go." Jaune said.

With that the trio walked off the ship towards the academy.