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Emma glares up at her from the sofa murderously- a light sheen of perspiration decorating her temples and sternum- and Regina raises an eyebrow as she contemplates the irate young woman lazily.

"Well, don't look so confused, dear, I made myself quite clear as to the nature of our little game just now..."


The blonde growls, and the Mayor delights in the sporadic tensing of her stomach muscles as Emma's breathing remains laboured, and wide eyes glitter back at her all but black.

"Enough. Either come with me to my bedroom or show yourself out, Sheriff, but make up your mind swiftly; I myself am quite worn out following all of this..."

She smirks as she remains stood naked but for her heels and leaning gently against the door; her blood buzzing with seratonin and her need deliciously sated. Nodding when Emma pushes herself irritably from the sofa, she pays the younger woman's sullenness no mind when the latter trudges towards her as moodily as she can pull of with her core still fluttering painfully, and she simply beckons her to take the lead up the stairs.

Following on like a huntress stalking her prey, Regina's eyes glisten in the semi-darkness as she drinks in scarlet grazes and the tortured glitter gleaming between slender thighs that catches the moonlight streaming through the large windows lining the entrance hall.

When they enter her bedroom, she closes the door softly and eyes Emma up and down with a smile; the latter turning to face her with her brow furrowed childishly.

"You're seriously not gonna... I mean... Regina, I-"

"-Get into bed, Miss Swan."

"Okay, but then are you gonna-"

"- then, I'm going to go to sleep. I don't believe I could have made myself any clearer."

The brunette sniffs; hiding a grin as the younger woman growls angrily and stalks towards the bed. She rolls her eyes- the action hidden as she bends down to slip off her heels- at the irritable rustling of covers and angry turning of pale features to face the wall.

Licking her lips, she imagines her continual edging without reward has left the Sheriff feeling rather pent up and disappointed to say the least. Tweaking her own breast and closing her eyes as her sex responds pleasantly, she smiles, before tiptoeing gracefully over to the bed and slipping beneath the throws.

She ignores the younger woman's pointed irritable sighing with a smirk.

Just as she ignores her angry tossing and turning as the blonde strives to block out the hellish need thrumming between her legs.

She's not giving her what she wants that easily...


Instead, she waits.

And, eventually, the blonde's unhappy sniffing and fidgeting becomes a little less calculated, and her frustrated movements and noises of discomfort become irregular and interspersed by tellingly even breathing.

Smiling cattily in the darkness, Regina rolls over to study the blonde; sharp features illuminated by a full moon.

The Sheriff lies on her back with one hand fisted close to her cheek and the other guiltily resting across her left breast. Chuckling silently, the brunette lowers the covers carefully so that they lie exposed and bathed in indigo.

The blonde's legs are slightly parted, and Regina nips her lip as she ponders flushed flesh and swollen evidence of the younger woman's denied release from her cruel teasing.

Pondering sooty lashes, the brunette skims her fingers briskly down toned flesh before she presses down coyly on the younger woman's clit. Smirking as dusky midnight flutters, she draws a slow circle that has the Sheriff's mouth falling open to let out shuddering breath.

Slipping her hand lower, she dips two fingers easily into the blonde's slick entrance and chuckles darkly when the latter clenches her jaw and tilts her hips wantonly; Emma keeping her eyes firmly closed, but quite clearly awake by now.


Moving her fingers slowly as she rolls onto the blonde and tastes the sweet flesh at her throat hungrily, Regina smirks against strained tendons as the Sheriff's inner muscles clamp desperately around her fingers and the younger woman moans softly as she nods in encouragement.

Regina muses curiously on the fact that she can see the appeal of a vocal response to pleasure; Emma usually quiet but for husky cursing, and this new, panting, desperate version of the Sheriff exquisitely sensual to say the least.

Entering the blonde a little more roughly now, the brunette finds her own breathing becoming laboured as she watches skinny hips move and fists clenching down on virginally white sheets.

Sensing the Sheriff's extreme closeness to finally falling over the edge, Regina circles her thumb expertly, and dampens the latter's guttural cry with a passionate brushing of her lips; maintaining the brutal thrust of her ministrations as the blonde convulses beneath her.

Biting down cruelly as she trails her tongue down Emma's throat, Regina stills her hand as the younger woman's shaking becomes sporadic and violent; the latter clenching her jaw and whimpering softly.

Withdrawing her fingers, the brunette smiles as she watches the Sheriff curl up into a protective ball and strive to regulate her breathing. Stroking long hair gently, she shuffles her limbs to get a little more comfortable herself and studies sex-slick features illuminated by moonlight.

"Don't you ever complain about me ignoring you again, do you understand me?... Don't you ever go off and attempt to find a substitute... There is no substitute... Do you hear?"

"... I... fuck..."

Emma sighs blissfully; rolling onto her back and panting quietly with a small smile.

"Miss Swan..."

"... Huh?... Oh... Yes... Yeah, I hear."

The younger woman mutters, and Regina rolls her eyes, before leaning over and swiping at dried blood marring the former's pale cheek gently.

"... Good."

She purrs; finally taking a step back from the role she has fallen into tonight as she remembers- with more than a little regret- that she isn't the Evil Queen here in Storybrooke, but simply Regina.

As if on cue, Emma whispers quietly.

"Hey, Regina..."


"About tonight... I... I mean, it was... Heavy... You know?"


"... You don't think so? I mean... I... With the blood, and with the-"

"-Yes, I see what you mean... Are you... Does it hurt?"

"Not a lot... And as you said, it was an accident..."

"... Yes... But..."

"But what?"

"... The outcome was... Well..."

"... Hot?"


"... Yeah..."

"I hadn't realised you would be open to... Well..."

"No... me neither... But..."

"You are..."


"Miss Swan... I believe you should stop fretting as to my lack of interest and attention..."

"Right... I'll just start worrying about the alternative!"

"Don't get smart with me... You want it...And you want it how I give it..."

"... Right..."

"Good... Now... If you would please see to my second revelation..."


"I... Hmmm... Have seen the appeal you find in listening to how you affect me... That was quite a show you just put on, dear... And I-"

But she trails off and simply smiles and closes her eyes; Emma crawling obediently down the bed and spreading her legs gently with that unlikely sense of submission the Mayor decides she could get used to.

And such a lovely, hidden trait is just begging to be explored...