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Secret love

Jessie exit her room. She is wearing a sexy black dress that is so tight and short that it show more than it hide and she has dark-red lipstick on as well.

"Where are you going in that outfit, Jessica?" says Bertram as he walk through the hallway and sees Jessie.

"Dang, why does the old dork have to walk by here now? Shit!" mumbles Jessie to herself.

"Uh, just...just to Luke's room." says Jessie, unable to come up with a good excuse.

"Luke? Why would you go to his room, looking like you're ready for...let's call it 'intimate activity'...?" says Bertram confused.

"Bertram, ya see...Luke and I are in a secret relationship together. It's been goin' on for like a month or so and I beg ya, please don't tell Mr and Mrs Ross, okay? I really can't lose my job." says Jessie.

"Jessica Prescott, you never fail to surprise. You're really a southern woman if you don't feel bad about being with a boy whose younger than yourself." says Bertram. "Guess I could keep your secret, but...what do I get from it...?"

"Hey, old guy! Don't use this thing to your advantage to make me do something I don't wanna do." says Jessie.

"Easy, Jessica. I didn't mean it that way. Just tell me a bit about what you and Luke have done and your secret's safe with me." says Bertram.

"Okay, he's fucked me in the pussy and between my boobs. He's also given me his cum inside me. Luke is an awesome guy. He has a big dick for someone his age." says Jessie.

"I understand. Now, go to Luke. Have fun." says Bertram as he walk away.

Jessie head to Luke's room and knock on the door.

"Who's there?" says Luke.

"It's Jessie." says Jessie.

"Oh, come in, Jes. I'm here and all ready for some fun." says Luke.

Jessie enter Luke's room and close the door.

"Wow, Jessie! You look very sexy." says Luke.

"Awww, thanks!" says Jessie. "It's all for you, Luke. You're my man."

"I do my best to be a real man for you, Jes my babe." says Luke.

Luke pull off his pants.

Jessie shows Luke that she wear no panties under her dress.

Luke place himself on his back on the bed.

"I want ya to ride my dick. Leave the dress on, my sexy thing." says Luke, trying to speak with southern twang, just like Jessie always does.

"OMG, where did ya learn to speak in my native accent, Luke-boy?" says Jessie with a smile, happy that Luke wanna give her accent a try.

"From you, babe. I've been working on it for some time and I felt ready to try it now." says Luke.

"Cool. Nice. Sexy." says Jessie as she get on top of Luke and starts to ride his dick nice and slow.

"Ya really are doin' that so sexy, Jes." says Luke, once again speaking in a southern accent.

"Thanks, Luke! You know that I really love fuckin' with ya." says Jessie with a sexy tone.

Jessie begin to ride much faster on Luke's hard dick.

"Aaaahhhh, yes! That feels soo nice, babe." moans Luke.

"Mmmm, yeah! Feels good for me too. You have a nice big dick, like a real man." moans Jessie.

"I know...most guys my age have a small dick. I'm lucky to have a man's dick." says Luke with a smile.

"Mmmm, yeah and I'm really lucky too who get to feel it in my pussy." says Jessie.

"Jessica, I'm gonna cum now." says Luke.

"Okay, cum in me, boy. I still use pills so it's free-shot for ya." says Jessie.

That's all Luke need to hear.

"Holy shit, yes!" says Luke out loud as he cum deep inside Jessie.

Feeling Luke cum in her make Jessie get her orgasm too.

"YES! OMG, I love it, Luke." screams Jessie in pure pleasure.

The End.