Lord Pugsy here. Once again, I am aware that many fanfiction stories have been written regarding Danny & Co being trapped or stranded somewhere, but I wanted to do my own take on it. I took inspiration for this from RedHeadsRock1010 "Stranded With My Class" (which I highly recommend you read), so I apologise profusely if the stories are similar in any shape or form. I would like to make it abundantly clear that I have no intent of plagiarising their work; they just inspired me to write my own version. Without further ado, I present A Phantom Marooned.

The night was clear and the moon was full, perfect conditions for the prowling panther as it stealthily peered through the undergrowth and into the survivor's camp; the campfire sent shadows dancing along the beach and the edge of the treeline. The large cat had been stalking the group of humans all day as they ventured in and out of the jungle, sizing up its prey and waiting for the opportune moment to pounce as it stuck to the shadows. Despite its level of patience, the panther was becoming agitated as it was not the only predator to notice the human's arrival. The black cat had already chased off several smaller animals that had become curious; snakes, large lizards and various birds of prey. Fortunately for the panther, the larger animals rarely ventured this far out of the jungle to hunt; it was determined to have the humans for itself. The stench of fear was thick in the air, especially among the bulk of the humans, in which it relished as it took in the sleeping group of prey, targeting those who would satisfy it the most; the larger male in the group was looking the most appetising to the jungle cat. The panther then turned its senses towards three humans who were lying next to each other a good distance away from the rest. They were at a far enough distance away from the others so that they wouldn't be overheard or disturbed, but close enough to monitor the large group around the campfire. The panther crept closer to the trio, using the treeline and bushes as cover; its eyes first fell upon the dark-skinned boy on the end, clutching something small desperately to his chest, murmuring as he slept. The panther could sense the fear radiating from the boy, but it wasn't as strong as those around the fire. Puzzled, the big cat's eyes then found the pale-skinned girl on the other end, who looked to be sleeping peacefully; she was emitting even less fear than the boy. However, what truly made the panther uneasy was the boy in the middle of these two. The fair-skinned boy was awake, his crystal-blue eyes penetrating the moonlit night and messy raven hair. The predator couldn't sense anything from this boy; it was almost as if he was dead, yet somehow alive at the same time. The feline had never come across anything like this boy in its life. The dead/alive boy, as if sensing being watched, flicked his head towards where the black cat was, making eye contact with the animal; neither moved a muscle as they took each other in, blue eyes locking with yellow ones. The big cat felt its hackles begin to rise, when the boy's eyes suddenly flashed neon green. Alarmed, the panther turned tail and ran away into the night, forgetting about its next meal for now. The now blue-eyed boy chuckled to himself as he looked down at the two beside him, before back over to his class, guarding them all as they slept. He knew the big cat wasn't the only creature to watch out for on this island. He couldn't put his finger on it, but he knew that sometime soon, he would be up against something far more dangerous than a panther.

I hope you enjoyed this first snippet of A Phantom Marooned. I have wanted to write this for quite a while, but I had to finish my other fanfiction first before starting this one. Until next time.

Lord Pugsy.