Oh my gosh. Yall like me u really do. Well some of u do. So what if it doesn't have rory or her mom in it. The Gilmore girls has many characters. I could write a story about Richard and Emily getting it on. How would u like that? Oh and leslie. If u cant tell who's talking maybe you're the ignorant one. Love it hate it I don't really care.


He sat there worried.

His head in his hands crying.

He sat there as he watched her.

He had received the news that she had ran off the road earlier that day in class. He had had to have someone drive him to the hospital because of his condition.

He had chosen Rory to come with him.

He remembered how full of life she had been the night before. Cussing over lost golf balls.

Now there she lay, him not really knowing if she was going to wake up.


"Tristan this will all work out for the best" Rory said to her friend

when he didn't answer she rubbed his back with her free hand.

Her other hand held his. She just wanted him to get through this fine.

No one knew but secretly she still had a crush on him. Even though she really did care for Jess.

It hurt her to see him this way.

Here they sat in her room. Full of flowers, balloons, stuffed animals, and cards from friends and relatives.

"Tristan maybe we should go get something to eat. You haven't ate all day."

"maybe your right"

"yeah so come on"

she took his hand a gently pulled him out of the room.


her eyes fluttered open

"Tristan?" slowly they closed again. **************************************************

a/n I wrote this chpt differently. Just for those of u who cant tell whos talking. So if u like this better, tell me.