Someone asked awhile ago if I could write another series with L/J and MWPP in it, while they were at school, and this was just a little idea that came to me so I thought I might as well write it. Oh, and I know this is the title of a movie- good movie, too- but it fits, and it'll make sense later on.

10 Things I Hate About You
Chapter 1

James Potter was sixteen, tall, clever, funny and very, very annoying. This was how Lily Evans described him. Sirius Black, his best friend of six years, said he was a bit odd, if not slightly messed up, and most of the female population at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry described him as gorgeous. One witch went as far as to say he was the most beautiful male specimen she had ever layed eyes on, after Sirius Black. He did have a certain charisma about him.
James, however, wasn't particularly worried about what anyone thought of him- least of all Lily Evans- and so, as he sat in detention folding little paper planes, which he would later put a spell on so they'd rocket into peoples heads, he was quite happy.
Sirius was scribbling down homework that was due the next day, chewing his quill, not noticing it was leaking up (Remus Lupin had charmed it in payback) and he was completely unaware that his tongue was turning a rather dark shade of blue.
Remus Lupin, a tall, very thin, and (in Lucinda Fawcett's opinion) very cute sixth year, was also present in the empty classroom. He had been experimenting with spiders, trying to make them tap dance. He then noticed that his own tongue had turned a brilliant maroon, as he had been sucking on the wrong end of quill.
Spitting out the ink, he placed down his quill, pulling a face of disgust and then turned to James, who was ignorant to the fact that both his friends were feeling rather ill.
James snapped out of his trance, and looked up from his fifth plane, on which was written a note in emerald green ink.
'Mmm?' He finished folding with a flourish, and grinned at Remus, who sighed. He was quite positive he knew who this note was addressed to, but he didn't say anything. Instead, he shook his head in mock sadness. 'To think I thought I knew you. Flying paper planes, indeed.'
James's eyes gleamed with mischief. 'Just wait till she reads this one!' He exclaimed, sounding for all the world like a young child at Christmas, who had just opened a present with a very big teddy bear inside. He was practically bouncing with joy.
'So what does it say, do enlighten us.' Sirius was now chewing on a chocolate frog, trying to rid the taste of ink from his mouth.
'Ah, that remains to be seen.' James was looking very smug.
'So we wait until a certain red head either gives you a black eye, or two, and then we find out?'
James sniffed. 'That was a one off incident. Besides, I got her back.'
Remus snorted with laughter. 'After she landed you in the hospital wing for a week.'
'Moony, you must not remember minor details.'
'Oh, goody!' Sirius said, jumping out of his seat after glancing at the clock. 'We can go! Prongs, I was thinking we could make a little sign that'll follow Snape around, saying 'beware of the monster' and an arrow pointing to him...'
Remus laughed, and followed them out the room, wondering how long the taste of ink lingered.

The next day, the students at Hogwarts were sitting at lunch, some eating innocently, others plotting revenge, others just very hungry. Peter Pettigrew, another of James's friends, was so hungry, in fact, that he almost missed the little performance that was provided.
It wasn't exactly a performance. At least, it hadn't been planned, but most of the school enjoyed it, and, as it was kind of hard to tell whether or not Lily Evans had researched all the things she yelled at James, they took it as a play, and clapped profoundly at the end of it all.
It started during transfiguration, when a little plane, made out of parchment, came flying in her direction. James Potter, of course, just smiled innocently at her when she sent him daggers, looking like an angel sent directly from heaven.
Lily was far smarter than the Hufflepuffs that swooned over him, and she narrowed her eyes and went back to trying to rip the blasted plane out of the air.
She succeeded well enough.
And while she managed to get a detention, she also managed to call James a number of things, which was the reason she got the detention. Lily sat fuming, planning to get even with him. For, on the plane that had so conveniently aimed itself directly at her head, a note had been written.
She slowly ripped it to shreds, imagining each piece was James Potter. Within a few minutes, only tiny pieces of parchment lay on her desk. She was fully aware that James was staring at her, and so she pointedly ignored him, but only after giving him her most venomous look possible, of course.
Unfortunately for James, she followed him to the Great Hall and, as soon as they entered the large room, broke loose.
'You have got some nerve,' she hissed, coming up behind him.
He looked at her, and blinked innocently. 'I do?'
Lily stood in front of him, hands on her hips. She stood so close to him that their noses were almost touching, her pretty green eyes flashing with anger.
'You are the most idiotic person I have ever met!' She said quietly, but she may as well have been shouting for all the anger that was present in her voice.
'You've never met Sirius?' James looked puzzled. 'I didn't know that.'
And then she launched into her speech, informing James that among other things he was also a slug, lower on the food chain that a beetle, and many other things that I will not write because they are just far too rude for your precious eyes to read.
After she slapped him furiously, she stormed out the room, applause and laughter ringing in her ears. James was quickly surrounded by many girls who were worried about him, but Sirius and Remus were both laughing too hard to do anything for their abused friend.

James, Sirius, Remus and Peter sat in their dorm, James nursing a sore cheek. He hadn't gone to Madame Pomfrey- he knew far too much of her 'cures' to be that stupid, and he now had a face that was stinging.
'I said she wouldn't be happy,' Sirius said, shaking his head with a knowing expression on his face.
'Since when did I ever listen to you?' James mumbled.
Peter looked up from the mess of parchment in front of him that was supposed to be his homework, looking interested. 'What did it say, anyway?'
'Oh, just a few um, things, you know.'
Remus rolled his eyes, and was about to suggest a few things that it might have said, when there was a knock on the door.
'It's open!' Sirius called, and then he grinned at his friends. 'I've always wanted to say that...' His grin faded away when he saw who was at the door. A tall figure leaned up against the doorframe, looking quite sullen.
Lily Evans glowered at all four of them, and then muttered something.
'What?' Remus asked.
'I have to talk to James.' She said, and it looked like it was an effort.
'Why?' Sirius said, wondering if she was going to hex them.
She didn't answer.
James shrugged at Sirius, and then got up and followed her down the stairs into the common room.
'McGonagall wants to see us,' she said, kicking a chair as she spoke.
'What for?'
'How the hell should I know? She just said for us to meet her in her office later tonight.'
James looked at her blankly. 'Why?'
She sighed, exasperated. 'I don't know, Potter. So are you coming or not?'
'I'm coming.' He grinned, and slung him arm playfully around her shoulders, singing 'hi ho' from snow white and the seven dwarfs. How he knew that song, Lily didn't ask, she only groaned and put her face in her hands.

'I'm going to sue McGonagall,' Lily announced upon entering her dorm.
'Sue her?'
'That is, if I don't kill myself first.'
'Have you eaten something weird?'
'Has James hexed you?'
Lily flopped down onto her bed. 'I have three weeks of detentions! With him! Every night for the next three weeks.'
'Oh, that's not that bad though, is it?'
Lily gaped at Jo, who shrank back. 'Have you not been listening to me for the last six years?'
'About what?"
She just shook her head and buried her face in her pillow.

James smiled at her sweetly as she approached him the next day.
'Get a life.' She snapped.
'Why do you hate me?' James asked curiously, following her outside.
'Because- well, I just do.'
'Well, ditto, but I would like an explanation.'
Lily threw her hands up in the air and turned to glare at him. 'Why the hell should I give you an explanation?'
James considered this. 'Good point.'
'What's a good point?' Sirius asked, walking in just in time to see Lily storm off.
'Oh, nothing. Hey, maybe we could turn her into an otter.'
Sirius blinked. 'Prongs, I'm getting worried about you. This is becoming an obsession.'
'Nah.' James dismissed this. 'I just like getting on her nerves.'
'Because you like her,' Sirius pointed out.
James choked. 'I don't like her! I hate her! Me, like that red haired freak? Are you out of your mind?'
Sirius smirked and went off to terrorise some Slytherins.

'Oh nooooo,' Lily moaned the next evening. 'Quick, hide me.'
'What?' Jo looked at Lily curiously, who had curled herself up in a ball.
Sirius came and sat next to them, his eyes on Lily. 'Evans, what are you doing?'
She looked up and tried to look dignified. 'Yoga?'
James looked confused. 'What's yoga?'
'Does it have something to do with yoghurt?' Sirius asked, rubbing his stomach.
'Bloody hell,' Lily muttered. To them she said 'do you only think of your stomachs?'
Sirius fluttered his eyelashes. 'We think of you as well, miss Evans.'
She rolled her eyes. 'I'm honoured. Trust me, I think of you too.'
'You do? Do you think of James?'
'I think I'd like to curse James.' She said.
'The feeling is mutual.' James assured her, and Sirius pulled a face.
'Well, if you don't like James, do you like me?'
'Yeah, sure, Sirius. I dream about you all the time.'
'I thought you dreamt about- ouch! What'd you do that for?' Jo rubbed her side, and Sirius leaned closer to Lily interestedly.
'Who do you dream about?'
'No one,' Lily muttered.
Don't go red, don't go red, don't go red. Damn you.
Sirius smiled evilly. 'Jamsie, eh?'
'No. I hate James.'
'Aw, why? He's very cute, don't you think?'
'You're disturbing me now, Padfoot.' James said, backing away from his friend.
'Hey, I'm trying to get lover girl here to admit that she likes you, you should be grateful.'
'Have you lost it completely?'
Sirius looked miffed. 'I haven't lost anything, thanks very much.'
Jo and Lily watched them, Jo with interest, Lily with disgust.
'It's like- like- you liking Snape!'
'Hey!' Lily said indignantly.
'Does Sirius like boys?' Jo asked. This was the most interesting time she'd had in quite awhile.
'No. And Lily's a girl Prongs, not a boy.'
'But it's the same principle.' James said, crossing his arms across his chest, his hair falling into his eyes. 'I mean, they are kind of alike.'
Lily opened her mouth, shut it, and then shook her head in disbelief.
'If anyone else ever says that, Potter, I swear, I'll kiss you.'
'Why?' Jo asked blankly.
'Because,' Lily retorted, staring at James with her emerald eyes, 'I'm just proving that I'll never, ever kiss him.'
'You and Snape are alike, Lil.' Sirius supplied helpfully.

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