Come back! From Tai's point of view, in the Dark Master saga...

Come back!
by Leto

Did I do something wrong?
I'm sorry!
Please don't go!
I mean, I won't stop you...
if you think you have to, but...
I don't WANT you to go!
Where will we be if we all split up!
Please don't be mad at me!
If it WAS my fault...
and I guess it must have been,
or else you wouldn't have attacked me...
I'm sorry I fought back!
I'm sorry if I didn't listen!
It's just, I'm trying...
I have to try to be a good leader...
I have to try to help everyone!
Including you, especially you.
We're friends.
The best place to 'find yourself'
is with other people, right?

Come on, Matt!
You're trusting your brother to me?
That is serious!
But that means you trust me
with what's most important to you...
I won't let you down, you know.
I won't let myself down.
I won't let the world down.
We can win, we have to win.
If only you'd come back...
our combined strength
will knock any dumb ol' enemy flat!
Just don't walk away.
My courage comes from your courage too, you know...

You're not listening to me.
You never did listen to me...
I don't get you at all.
I never have.
I don't understand why you have to go,
so soon,
with such a determined step.
Does it have anything to do
with that shadow I sometimes see
in your eyes?
If you stay, I'll help you chase it away!
We all will, Matt...
Why won't you let us?
I'm sorry if I wasn't a good enough friend.
I'm sorry if I did something to make you mad.
I'm sorry if I was wrong.

And now you're gone.
Maybe it was my fault...
but you let me down.
You let us down.
You just walked out on us all!
What about the worlds?
What about your brother?
What about your friends?
What about ME?

You do what you have to do,
I guess...
Even if you let me down...
I know you'll come back.
I trust you not to do it again.
I still believe in you,
even if you walked out on me.
I'll trust my heart to you again...
and that's real courage.