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The podium was decorated with a big picture of Shepards face in the backround. Thousands gathered around the podium, as Hackett ascended the stairs to make his speach. The crowd grew silent as Hackett began to look around. "The War is over, and the Reapers are defeated. Against all odds, and in the face of certain extinction, we have survived. We have suffered many losses, but we won. This victory belongs to us, and every single race out there. Now as we take our first steps towards restoring what we lost, we must not forget what it took to win. It will take time, but we can rebuild everything that was destroyed. Ours homes, our worlds everything and more. Together we can build a future greater than any one of us imagined. A future paid for by the sacrifices of those who fought and died alongside us. A future many will never see. And we will honor those who fought to give us this future. Commander Shepard fought with every ounce of his being for this future. Join me in saluting Commander Shepard."

"Company order, arms!" yelled the honor guard. The honor guard performed the 21 gun salute to a lone man playing taps. The Normandy crew saluted as they held their tears back.

The ceremony ended as quickly as it started, Ashley, Liara,Samara,Javik,Garrus,Wrex,Jack,and Zaeed walked up to the casket marked N7. They all stared at the casket in silence, as they remembered the hero that had graced their presence three years ago.

Jack ran her hand along the ends of the casket, not knowing Hackett had made his way to the group. "Shepard was a good man, and soldier." He paused. "He never said things like, No sir thats not possible, or No sir I can't do that." Hackett looked around at the group."And looking at all you, a loyal friend. So what will you all do now?"

There was silence before someone chimed in

"Go into retirement, and live in a big god damned house." Zaeeed spoke in a raspy voice.

"Ive got a planet to run, no retirement for me." Wrex mumbled.

"Im going to continue my duties as a Justicar...after i see someone." Samara chimed

"I think ill help rebuild using my...connections." Liara spoke.

"I'll find something to through out the airlock." Javik joked unsure of what next.

"I'll command the Normandy, and make the Commander proud." Ashely said boldly

"I think i'll stay on the Normandy as well, im sure Ashley will keep me busy with something." Garrus chimed.

Jack did not respond, she did not want to. "Jack?" Garrus asked.

She shot him an angry look. "None of your fucking business!" She looked back down at the casket.

"Jack...We all know what your going through." Garrus said trying to be consoling.

"The hell you do!" she snapped.

Garrus paused before answering her. "You know Shepard he left me something he wanted you to see in case he didn't make it back." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box and sat it on the ground.
Jack looked at in confusion "What is it? Garrus examined her with a twinkle in his eye "Just wait..."

A bright blue dot appeard on top of the small box, then a small image of Shepard appeared.

"Jack, if your seeing this that means...well you know. I had Garrus give you this just in case. I want you to know i love you with all my heart, and that I will always be with you walking by your side watching you, protecting you." He paused "Jack i know you are going to push people away, and that's ok just know that the people standing around you feel the same way. Before i leave know that i trusted them with anything, and i mean anything. Please Jack look to them if you ever find yourself needing help, they are good people. If you can't know this,I asked Garrus to watch out for you. I love you, Jack..." the holo image faded out.

Tears streamed silently down her cheeks. Everyone had tears in there eyes. Seeing Shepard talk one more time, pulled a heart string close to everyones heart. "Thanks Garrus, I need to be alone for a bit." Garrus nodded at her as she turned, and disappeared from his sight forever.

Earth five years later...

The young boy playing on the swing giggled, as his mother pushed him.

"Higher, higher! I want to blast off into outerspace!" he giggled.

His mother smiled peacefully at his words.

An alliance cruiser flew over head.

"Mommy look!" the child cheered as he jumped off the swing, pointing towards the cruiser. "When i get older im going to have a ship just like it, and travel all over the galaxy! Just like dad did!"

His mother smiled to him as she picked him up.

"Mommy? What was dad like?" He asked looking at her smile.

Jack kissed the young boys forehead before responding...

The End