Dean's pretty sure the last time the air during intermission was buzzing this much with excited energy was The Vessels' first ever show. The first act could not have gone better, and they all know it. Bobby keeps reminding them not to get cocky, they still have the whole second act to go, but there's no calming Benny down, for one. He's practically bouncing around the whole stage, and it's just lucky they close the curtains during intermission. Even Victor has a large smile on his face that he can't seem to wipe away. Charlie keeps going around to each of them, jumping up to wrap her arms around their necks in tight hugs. Sam gave up quickly on trying to act level headed and keeps throwing Dean huge grins that remind Dean of when Sam was a kid and would get excited about things like a new Batman comic.

Cas's fingers are wrapped between Dean's, occasionally squeezing in Cas's own way of letting out his elation. Dean feels like he's been almost constantly resisting the urge to kiss Cas stupid for the past two days, and the close to hysteria he's feeling right now is making it worse. Charlie's making her way around again, but this time to tell them two minutes to curtain. Cas lets go of Dean's hand as they make their way to the mic box and grab their mics. Lights start to dim and the crowd starts to quiet, and Dean finds Cas's eyes still glittering in the dark. He can't resist it any longer. He kisses Cas just as Bobby's voice starts announcing their return to the stage.

Victor's rolling his eyes, Benny's fake vomiting, and Sam is just grinning at the two of them as the curtains open. Dean ignores all of them in favor of staring back at Cas, both of them smiling broadly. All five friends bound out to the stage to wild screams and cheers. Dean glances back at Benny, who nods sharply with a single beat, before turning back to the audience and belting,

"Carry on my wayward son

"There'll be peace when you are done

"Lay your weary head to rest

"Don't you cry no more!"

A/N: Again, I want to thank Deanna and Chantelle for their support. Deanna, for one, was with me through this when I was still trying to decide what to write for this challenge and was extremely helpful and patient as I freaked out over every tiny little thing. Chantelle, I really appreciated getting to know and love, and, seriously, her art is the cutest, isn't it? I flailed every time she sent me an update.

Finally, I would like to give you guys a list of a few of my favorite a cappella groups. A cappella is something I grew up on, starting with groups like Rockapella and The Persuasions, and it has a very special place in my heart. (Also, if you guys want to rec me any a cappella groups, PLEASE DO.)

The Persuasions, Rockapella, Mint Juleps, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, The Cat's Pajamas, Pentatonix