Title: Exciting Senior Year Trip - NOT!

Rating: T (Swearing)

Pairings: -

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Chapter 1: WE ARE WHAT?!

"I swear to all Vongola Bosses," the brunet huffed, stuffing his clothes into his luggage, "I will murder whoever allowed Reborn to make decisions for my class!"

Sawada Tsunayoshi is his name. The current heir to Vongola Famiglia, in other words, Vongola Decimo, who's currently 18 years old, having his third and final year in Namimori High School, before claiming his throne as Vongola Decimo officially.

Why is he swearing to our dear Vongola Bosses, which ironically includes himself, about what our favorite hitman baby had done? Well, let us go back in time to see what had actually happened...

-Around an hour ago-

The class of 3A was bustling with noises as the oh-so-lovely students' chatter excitedly about their Senior Year Trip, which they would be discussing about today in homeroom. Except our favorite Tuna-fish, Sawada 'Tsuna' Tsunayoshi, who only simply wants to enjoy his last school trip as an ordinary teenager, before graduating and having to succeed Vongola (as much as he didn't want to).

His two best friends/guardians, both seated on either of his sides, argued among themselves about the place where the trip should be— Gokudera insisted on Sicily, Italy, where Vongola HQ is, wanting to prove to the class that his Jyuudaime should not be looked down upon, while Yamamoto laughed as he suggested a trip to Hoboken, New Jersey, being the birthplace of baseball, wanting to visit the country which his favorite sports was born.

Tsuna continued staring off into blank spaces, giving up on stopping the argument occurring with him being in the middle of the two. That is until then classroom's sliding door slammed opened, revealing a ever-grumpy Nezu. Yes, he actually had the guts to apply for Namimori High School after being fired from Namimori Middle School (Tsuna: psh! From what I have known, that baldy begged the principal of Namimori High into letting have a position, promising to never lie again but his 'elite-ness'), stalk— I mean following Tsuna's class up to high school.

Mr Grumpy slammed his attendance book onto the table in front, catching the attention of the students who had not realised that he had walked in. Scrambling to their seats, Nezu-sensei flipped open the attendance book and called out all of the names listed, with the usual snarl at the trio's names. When he was finally done, he cleared his throat, as if preparing to give them a 'wonderful' speech to the class.

"As you all know, we will be discussing about the Senior Year Trip, in short, FT. So—"

A hand rose up, interrupting his oh-so-fabulous speech, grunting at the student, who happens to be Yamamoto, to ask his question.

"Why is it call FT when it's our Senior Year Trip? Shouldn't it be called SYT? Or at least FYT?"

Nezu grumbled under his breath, giving the class his irritated look, answering the question reluctantly, "FT means Final Trip. All we did is removing the Y, get it? It means it's your final trip as a class. So stop asking me this type of questions!"

"Ahaha! I see! Nee, Tsuna! Did you know about it too?" the baseball star turned to look at his best friend, who's currently on the receiving end of Nezu-sensei's death glare.

"A-ah…! I-I didn't know u-until Nezu-sensei explained i-it…"

Tsuna tried his best to ignore the piercing glare, hoping that Yamamoto would just drop the subject, but unfortunately, Yamamoto went ahead and asked the other guardian the exact same question, only to start off another one-sided argument between the two, with Tsuna in the middle of them.

This was just like usual, with Gokudera the only one being fired up, and Yamamoto was just laughing away, giving more remarks to make Gokudera more agitated (unintentionally). The brunet simply ignored them (including Nezu-sensei's glare), and stared into the air, blocking all noises out of his mind.

Nezu-sensei was beyond furious, he couldn't believe that that trio (Tsuna: I'M INNOCENT THIS TIME!) who caused him to lose his job at NamiChuu, was actually shouting away (Tsuna: I'M STARING OF INTO BLANK SPACE, DAMN IT!) without a care in his class. Just as he was about to scream at them (Tsuna: SERIOUSLY. I'M NOT EVEN UTTERING A SINGLE WORD RIGHT NOW!), the door slammed open, and there walks in a baby, who's probably Reborn.


Yeap. Definitely Reborn.

Nezu-sensei quickly straightened his clothes, giving Reborn his best smile, hoping to impress the baby, who in turn ignored him. "Ah! Reboyama-sensei! I see that you are here to discuss with the class about the FT!"

Hopping onto the teacher's table, Rebor— I mean Reboyama-sensei spoke. "This year would be special for this class, as a good friend of mine offered his centuries-old mansion as our hostel and covered all of our expenses. Our trip will be heading to Sicily, Italy, as our Senior Year Trip!"

The class went silent for a moment, and then the students all burst out into cheers, for they were so lucky to visit Italy, for free! Though our sweet, little Tuna-fish was dead frozen, like he was hit by a Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition.

He did not expect this to happen. He did not want this to happen. He did not want to ruin his last year as a normal civilian. He did not want Reborn to purposely ruin his last year as a normal civilian. And he most utterly DID NOT want his Dame-Tsuna facade to be destroyed before he graduates!

But fates (or is it Reborn. I'm pretty sure it's just Reborn) seems to another idea. Reborn just have to disguise as Reboyama, and comes into his class to announce that they will be staying at Vongola Mansion (like duh), with all expenses covered by Ninth. Reborn just had to ensure his favorite student suff— enjoy his last chance as a normal civilian.

Among the groups of students, one of them shouted, "Reboyama-sensei! When will we be leaving?"

"Tomorrow 7AM. Passports and parent's signature are already obtained, so just bring yourself and your luggage. Gather at the school gate by 6AM, or the bus will leave you behind." with that, Reboyama-sensei left the class without another word, leaving the class speechless at the fact that he had already gotten their passports and parent's consent without them knowing.

The trio, being used to Reborn's usual Have-Fun-Thinking-Though-I-Doubt-You-Understand actions, return back to their own world, ignoring Nezu-sensei and the class...

Though Gokudera and Yamamoto still doesn't know Reboyama is Reborn ^_^|||

-Back to Present-

... And that's why Tsuna ended up cussing at himself too.

Anyway, he packed to the minimum, since majority of his belongings are already at the Mansion when he went over during the break for more tor— training.

Letting out a long and deep sigh, Tsuna collapsed onto his bed, surrendering to his fate.

He just hopes that he would be able to at the very least, keep his inheritance a secret.

Which is 2000% impossible.

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