Title: Exciting Senior Year Trip - NOT!

Rating: T (Swearing)

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Chapter 4: The Decimo who has to pray a lot

"The jet is landing, all passengers please return to your seats and buckle your seatbelts. Please remain seated until further notice, if anything happens or had happened during this entire flight, I will not hold any responsibilities as it's not my fault if you did not listen to me."

Tsuna sweatdrop at the announcement clearly made by Spanner who's probably bored out of his mind since he's banned from dismantling anything and fixing it back on the jet. The last time he did it, the right engine of the jet failed due to Spanner falling asleep when he was fixing the main control panel after dismantling it. Tsuna had to carry the jet back to Italy all by himself in his HDW mode, thus the ban.

The jet arrived 5 hours earlier than the usual flight time with normal planes, but this is the Vongola Jet we are talking about! How would Giannini let Vongola lose to those commoners!

Tsuna returned to buckling his seatbelt (he was in the kitchen grabbing a light snack after his nap and currently seated on the lounge sofa enjoying a random soap drama on the television), heaving a sigh of relief internally that the jet did not crash due to whatever reasons.

You can never predict what those idiotic guardians of his would do even with the bans.

Once the jet landed, the students in the 'First Class' cabin broke out in cheers and their chattering was so loud that our resident blonde mechanic could hear them from his pilot cabin.

Another announcement came through the built-in speakers, "Warning to you people in the passenger cabin to keep your mouth shut before I send a Gola Mosca after you."

Despite not knowing what's a Gola Mosca, they sensed the threat spoken by the pilot and zipped their mouth shut.

Reborn stepped out of one of his hiding spot in the jet in his Reboyama-sensei outfit again, jumping and landed on a platform which seemed to appeared out of nowhere. Clicking his gun's safety off, a (evil) gleam shone in his eyes.

"Welcome to Sicily, Italy! Now get out of the jet before I shoot you!"

Not wanting a repeat of the previous incident (Chapter 2, A-san), all of them scrambled out of their seats, grabbing their bags, pushing and shoving each other to get out of the jet before Reborn decided to change his mind and shoot them straight away.

Back in the Guardians Quarters, the only remaining guardians in the jet was Tsuna, Gokudera and Yamamoto, Hibari alighted as soon as the jet landed, not wanting to 'crowd' with the rest of the guardians, Ryohei alighted immediately after Hibari to join Kyoko, while Lambo and Chrome alighted shortly after Ryohei did to wait outside for the Boss, knowing his dilemma.

The only reason why they remained was that Tsuna refused to leave the safety of the jet and face the whole class in his territory. To say Tsuna's panicking, it's only a simplified description. In fact, he's so close to hyperventilating, squatting at the corner of the lounge mumbling incoherent sentences "I don't want them to find out...", "What have I done wrong in my previous life to get myself in this situation...", "It's all that demon's fault...", "Why Primo, why...?", "Reborn is definitely Satan himself...", "Someone please help me..." or something along those lines.

As much as Gokudera does not want his precious Juudaime to left his comfort zone and face those idiots, he would much rather not risk his Juudaime to be on the receiving end of Reborn's shootings again for today. He cautiously approached Tsuna, using his best persuasive tone to attempt to coax the brunet out of the jet, "Juudaime, we have to alight the jet, Reborn-san will really shoot us if we don't get out of here soon. You wouldn't want to be shoot in front of our classmates right? If no, we have to alight the jet now to prevent that from happening, Juudaime."

It's not a surprise to see Gokudera calmer than he was during middle school, he matured far enough to become the Decimo's right-hand-man, knowing when to be aggressive, and when to be calm, and of'cos, give his Juudaime proper advices during in times of need.

Yamamoto, who had been standing by the side watching the two interact, figured he should give Tsuna the one last push.

"Tsuna, I heard from the baby that the Arcobalenos are having a bet on how long would it take for you to get out of the jet, the baby placed his bets on 3 minutes, and we are only left with... 40 seconds before he loses his bet-" He was not even done with his sentence, both him and Gokudera were out of the jet between 10 seconds thanks to the brunet who's scared shitless by his demon tutor's possible tortures if he were to lose his bet with the Arcobalenos.

Even though it seemed that they had appeared out of nowhere, their classmates took no notice of them and simply chatted on about what they could do during their stay... Little do they know they would definitely not be doing whatever they want...

The trio shifted through the small crowd that are their classmates and joined the rest of the gang, with a sleeping Lambo in Chrome's arms. They chatted among themselves, 90% of the topic is reassuring Tsuna everything would be fine, nothing would go wrong, they could get over this trip without being found out.

In the midst of the chattering, a gunshot was fired and everyone's attention were directed to Reborn straight away, feeling the need to stay alive during this trip even though it had only just began.

"Now that everyone is here, get on the cars stationed outside the airport, 7 per car."

Nobody moved for some reasons. But that led to another click, "Get moving!" and he shot at a spot near Tsuna's foot, causing him to glared (pouted) at Reborn, who smirked and ignored him and watched as the students scrambled out of the airport, away from him and his gun.

None of the students had boarded the cars as they were just standing there, drooling at the cars provided.

"Just HOW rich is Reboyama-sensei's friend! These are not cars, these are limos! 4 at it!"

Tsuna had the urge to suicide when he saw the four limos- 3 shiny black, 1 silver coated, with the Vongola Crest painted on the top of the limo roofs. He resigned to his fate, as much as he does not want to and headed straight for the silver limo, specially for Vongola Decimo and his guardians, only to be stopped by one of his bullies, Osamu.

"Oi, Dame-Tsuna! Where do you think you are going? You are not fit to sit in this special limo, wait, you are not even fit to sit in a limo, much less a taxi!" Osamu smugly shove Tsuna away from getting into the limo, hopping into the limo himself as he wants to be special because the limo looks special.

Well, he did became special. Special because he flew out of the limo through the window, landing at where Tsuna could had land if he had fell when he was shoved.

The only sign of living in the limo was the soft chirping of a puffy cute little birdie, singing the Namimori Anthem.

Sighing at his Cloud's antics, he signalled Ryohei to get Osamu to another limo and get him to the infirmary when they get back to the HQ, then entered his limo again, deflected the tonfa threw his way and finally seated down in his comfy limo. The rest of the guardians entered the limo, and waited for Ryohei to return then they can finally set off back to the HQ.

The limo is yet, another invention of the Vongola mechanics. It is armed Lightning flames to absorb the impact when enemies attack, Storm flames ever ready to be used to some permanent damage to them. The interior is of pure white and anti-stain proof, after all missions does get a little dirty some times. It can fit around 14 people, plus or minus, due to the huge crowd Tsuna always has around him but this time round, Kyoko went to ride another limo with Hana to not avoid any suspicions, so currently the occupants are Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamoto, Lambo, Chrome, Ryohei, Lambo and Hibari.

During the ride to the mansion, nothing out of the ordinary happened, Lambo woke up halfway and fought with Gokudera again, Yamamoto remained at the side half-heartedly trying to break up the fight, Ryohei doing his extreme exercises on the limo floor, Chrome was taking a short nap, probably because she spent the whole time on the jet taking care of Lambo (but it's a wonder how can she sleep through all these noises), Hibari being Hibari, isolating himself at the furthest end of the limo, doing his best to ignore the herbivores so he would not bite them to death and suffer at the hands of Tsuna who would kill him for trying to destroy the limo. Then we have Tsuna, who's just staring at his family, savouring the scene as it's not easy to remain carefree especially when they are preparing to step up onto their roles, further into the darkness of the Underworld.

The limos came to a stop right at the enormous gates of the mansion, the chauffeurs diligently opened the doors of the limos for their Boss's classmates, with a tall middle-aged man, dressed in butler uniform, standing in front of them as they all alighted from the limo.

Gasping at the straight-out-of-movies mansion in front of them, the teens couldn't believed they would be staying here during their stay. Huge would be an understatement to describe it. It's enormous, to the point that you would not be able to finish taking in the mansion at one glance.


Another gunshot sounded, followed by another threat, "Shut your mouths before you swallow a poor fly, and listen to your guide!"

Zipping their mouth shut, not realising the butler was there in the first place, the teens jumped.

"Welcome to the Vongola Mansion, I am Ross, the Head Butler of this Mansion. I am here on the request of Vongola Decimo to guide and help you when needed."

As they don't know how to react to him, they stared at the butler dumbly before nodding their heads uncertainly.

The butler then directed the group of students into the mansion and lead them straight to the dining room as it's already lunchtime. And while the students filled into the dining room, taking up seats available leaving only the head seat and the few seats after it as told by the butler.

Heading straight towards the empty seats which were meant to be for them in the first place, Osamu tried once again to humiliate the brunet, and sneered at him.

"Dame-Tsuna, those seats are not for a no-good person like you to sit on! You are not fit to even sit on these chair, much less afford it! So where do you think you belong to, huh? The floor, isn't it guys!"

The rest of the class broke out in laughter whilst the said brunet ignored them and simply sat down on his seat, silently praying that his cloud would not snap and kill someone in their mansion again. Bloodstains are a pain to clean, especially on the carpets.

Lunch were brought out by several servants, each placed in front of the students, which of cos, the food are of Vongola Quality.

Just went the servants finished placing the last plate, the doors opened, revealing another middle-aged man who strangely (italics) looks like Ross.

The only thought that went through their mind was 'Ross has a twin?'

"Vongola Nono will be arriving in 5 minutes, and Signor Nebbia, I would deeply appreciate it if you would not pretend to be me next time again."

The butler did not show any signs of annoyed, but simply giving him that (italics) look not do it again.

"Kufufufu... Ross, you are of no fun at all. I was hoping for this to last awhile more, right, Tsunayoshi-kun?"

The image of the butler, Ross slowly dissipated, revealing a teen with blue hair (possibly spiked up to look like a pineapple), a red and blue eyes, dressed in an tight-fitting black long coat, indigo inner shirt with a loose black tie around his neck, skinny black leather pants and combat boots to finish off. In his hand held a trident which definitely can kill any of the teens in the class easily, as he watched the teens on verge of flipping out but they couldn't even move in shock at all.

"No, those of us who knows it's you had just been waiting for you to stop playing around and join us for lunch, seeing that you had just return from a mission in the morning just now, Mukuro. Now sit down so we can begin our lunch."

The said pineapple head pouted slightly and joined Chrome, sitting next to her while everyone (maybe not Hibari) understood why he act so childishly some times. After all, he did not get to have a normal childhood, thus with him showing this childish side of him to them, it shows how much he trusted them as much as he refused to admit it. (Gokudera refuses to admit that he understood him because of his own experience even until now)

Before any of the people in the room could say anything, an elderly man stood at the entrance of the room with a cane in his hand, smiling warmly at his guests. He stepped into the room with Reboyama-sensei next to him, Tsuna and his guardians immediately stood up to greet him, which was followed by the rest of the class who guessed that man is Reboyama-sensei's friend and did not want to leave a bad first impression on him as he could after all provide them a good future if they perform well enough during their stay here.

"Ah, take a seat everyone, there's no need of standing for an old man like me. Come on now, seat please." he gestured for them to take their seats as he sat at the head seat next to Tsuna while Reborn placed himself in the seat opposite Tsuna.

"I'm Timoteo, Vongola Nono or Ninth, the owner of this mansion, soon-to-be inherited by my grandson, Vongola Decimo or Tenth. Make yourself home and enjoy your stay here in Vongola Mansion."

With that, the meal began and chattering started while the Tenth Generation nodded at Timoteo, and chatted silently among themselves, with Tsuna thanking his grandfather over and over in his mind for not exposing he is his grandson from the start of the trip.

Well, poor Tsuna, he would have to pray a whole lot harder if he didn't want to be exposed soon.



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