A/N: Apparently I really like to write about sleepy people and sleepy people doing weird things while sleepy. This takes place sometime after "Road Trips & Reunions." Please read and review :)

Eating an entire plate of Dez's extra spicy nachos while watching the new Zalien movie was one of the worst decisions Ally had made within a five-day whirl of wrong airports, twirling security guards around Sonic Boom, and an accidental bus swap with a girl scout. Because at three in the morning after her fifth day on the Full Moon Tour, Ally was positive a bulbous-headed monster was lurking around the Minneapolis rest stop, fully ready to slurp down her brain faster than Austin could devour a stack of pancakes.

Ally was aware if she'd told herself yesterday that a silly Zalien movie would spawn a terrifying nightmare and late night panic attack, she would have rolled her eyes even harder than when Dez asked if anyone wanted to join him in signing Wheels on the Bus for two hours straight. But the naïve yesterday version of Ally didn't know the Zalien movies had become so popular that a new director decided to reboot them, starting with a not-at-all campy origin story that had enough gurgling gore to fill her locker forty times over. The film also featured dozens of exploding skulls, several eyes ripped from blood sputtering sockets, and a scene with a pair of pliers and someone's opened mouth that made Ally never want to think about her dentist ever again.

Instead, she tried to focus on the securely locked tour bus door and her three best friends within earshot. Oh yeah, and there was that whole thing about zombie-alien hybrids definitely not existing.

Shifting the back of her head deeper into her pillow, she regretted decorating the bottom of Trish's bed with glow-in-the-dark star stickers. The green fluorescent tint only reminded her of gangly long fingers and maybe how at one part in her dream she had grabbed a pair of them and spun around a Zalien who had Austin's face below a pair of giant fly eyes. She pulled her covers closer to her chest and wished for sunlight.

Just when the idea of drifting off again seemed like a possibility, she heard footsteps. A soft whoosh felt like the clear announcement of some impending horrific dental work until she made out the shape of a groggy Austin opening the curtains and lumbering into her bunk. The thought of shooing Austin away didn't register until he'd slid underneath the blankets and plopped on top of her in a warm mass of flannel pajama pants and the faint smell of Axe Body Spray. Yes, having him so close after not seeing him for a month and a half was endearing, and cute, and a little hot in a way she didn't feel comfortable pondering. However, suffocating was kind of putting a damper on this whole embrace situation.

With her face squished against his collarbone, she desperately tried to wriggle around before freeing her left hand. She tapped his arm. When she didn't get a response, she gently pinched his bicep.

Austin shot up with a loud jagged inhale as his head slammed into her carefully constructed Big Dipper constellation. Groaning, he seemed to stare at her for a second. "Ally? Why are you in my bed? You are Ally, right? Please tell me you're Ally and we're still in North Dakota and I'm not in the middle of a misunderstood sex scandal after wandering into some random girl's bed. I mean, who is the interior designer making all of these identical tour bus bunk beds anyway?"

She smiled. "Austin, you're in my bed. We're actually in Minnesota. And, yes, I am Ally."

He sighed, though made no motion to move from his half-sitting, half-hovering posture. "When we get back to Miami I really need to spend like an hour looking at a map of the U.S. It's starting to get a little embarrassing. I'm like one slip away from one of those dumb American famous people quotes just ready to go viral."

"Like when Britney Spears said Japan was in Africa?" Ally laughed.

He chuckled. "Yeah, or when she thought London and England were two separate countries."

"I promise if you start walking into gas station bathrooms barefoot or attacking paparazzi with umbrellas, I'll let you know you're turning into Britney." She ruffled his hair playfully. "Also, I'll stop you from shaving your head."

"Thanks," he said.

Something about how heartfelt his voice sounded broke Ally into muffled hysteric giggles that only stopped when she heard one of the top bunks scrape with someone's weight. Her eyes had adjusted to the once inky darkness of the tour bus, and she could see Austin freeze with his jaw tight.

He leaned close enough to whisper in her ear, "Do you think Dez or Trish just woke up?"

"Well, considering I haven't acquired x-ray vision in the past four or so hours since we last talked, I honestly have no idea."

"But, what if they are?" He sounded panicked.

She was fairly preoccupied by how toasty he felt and how his shoulders were against her shoulders and how seeing his face on practically everyone's body for over a month should have signaled a lot more to her than just missing a friend.

He nudged her cheek with his nose. "Ally? Did you fall asleep?"

"No," she whispered.

She wasn't sure if it was on purpose, but they're faces seemed to get even closer. "I was going to go back to my bed. But, if one of them is awake, that would look really bad right now."

His body heat was seriously starting to melt her brain into a mere shell of Zalien goo, and in her peaceful sleepiness, she realized mid-pucker that she was kissing the side of his jaw. It took everything she had to make herself stop.

"Ally, am I hallucinating or were you just kissing me? Also, are your hands up my shirt?"

Her palms stilled against his chest as she gaped like an idiot. "No," she said. Although, she pronounced it by drawing the vowel out as awkwardly as possible.

"No, I wasn't hallucinating? Or, no, you're hands aren't currently feeling me up?"

With the intention of moving said hands to an appropriate place, she slid them down to remove them from underneath his v-neck, only to become distracted by the contours of his abs and the tiny, pleasant noise he made. "I'm going to go with 'no comment' for both of those questions."

"Cool," he said. His voice was strained. "Just to warn you, I'm not about to kiss you either."

Austin's mouth was on her neck, tentative at first until playing a sluggish game of hopscotch to the corner of her lips. He may have only shifted a fraction of inch, but it was practically as different as being in Washington, D.C. and Washington State. His tongue deepened their kiss, and she sighed against his mouth.

One of the overhead mattresses creaked again, and it split them apart. Breathing heavily, Austin slid down next to her as she rested her head against his t-shirt. Ally slightly adjusted so her neck didn't hurt as she felt him kiss the top of her head. Closing her eyes, she heard another faint swoosh of the curtains opening.

Trish in rumpled head-to-toe leopard print polyester pj's glared beneath a bejeweled eye mask. "Holy Crunchkins, can you two keep your love-making noises down to a minimum? Some of us are trying to sleep."

"Trish, we weren't. I mean," Ally said. She wasn't sure how she should explain this.

Trish waved her hand. "I don't care. At noon, I'll want a play-by-play that'll make Cosmo readers blush. Right now, I need to work on that 12 hours of sleep we all know I need." She yanked the curtains closed before climbing back into her bed.

Austin was shaking his head, looking both petrified and exhausted at the same time. He exhaled deeply from his nose and opened his mouth.

"Shut it," Trish said.

Ally shot him a resigned smile and offered him more of her blanket. When he seemed comfortable, she shut her eyes. The last thing Ally heard before knocking out was Dez's fond murmur of, "Mmm, Crunchkins."