Rock Out



AN: I named this chapter after a Motörhead song mostly due to this being the first chapter published since the death of Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister. It's not surprising that a man who lived his lifestyle died at age 70 (if anything, it's amazing he didn't die a decade ago) but since he was still actively making music and loved every minute of it, it is a damn shame that he's gone.

R.I.P Lemmy, R.I.P Motörhead. Your legacy will be forever remembered. It was a privilege to have seen you live.

Also I think I may be referencing the Senran Kagura series a bit to much for it to be amusing to people who are unfamiliar with it. If that is the case, then I apologise if you are just baffled instead of amused but I've written the references in and published the chapters, so we can't dig ourselves out of this hole, so let's just enjoy this clusterfuck! :)





Mio managed to relax for the rest of her school day without much more stress after being assured by Mugi that the scary green haired girl was just some sort of sort of guard hired by her father. With that put past her, and with Mugi offering to accompany her to rehearsal, she felt that she was all set for a normal day with a normal rehearsal with Fractured Reality (if you could call anything involving them 'normal.') Although as soon as Mio and Mugi placed their instruments and got into Phil's car, they were told by him that Daisuke wasn't answering his phone. "Do... Do you think he's alright?" Mio asked, her voice shaky with worry as panic rapidly returned.

"Jesus Mio, stop being so paranoid. You're as skittish as a schizophrenic rabbit!"

"Hmm... Bunnies are cute." Mugi mused.

"T-That's not the point! What if those thugs we saw last night got him?" Phil seemed to give it some thought before rolling his eyes.

"We'll go to his place and see if he's there... And drive him to rehearsal if he is." Phil sighed as he pulled out of the school parking lot.



As they arrived at Daisuke's apartment they found the door unlocked and slightly ajar, making Mio's stomach sink... Phil entered as though there was nothing amiss, but Mio and Mugi were frozen outside wondering if Daisuke was inside beaten, bloodied and broken. "This'll be my first time inside an apartment!" Mugi said, giddy with excitement.

...Ok, only Mio was worried that Daisuke had been assaulted.

"Daisuke!" Phil shouted from inside the apartment. At that instant, Mio and Mugi dashed into the apartment to face whatever disaster lay before them inside. "Daisuke! Wake up you moapy teenage sad act!" Phil shouted again at Daisuke... Who seemed to be sleeping peacefully. Mio let go of a breath that she didn't realise she was holding in as she saw that there was nothing to worry about.

"This is so cool!" Mugi said in awe as she looked around the small apartment. "How do people live in such small spaces!? Daisuke-kun must be amazing!... LOOK, the washing machine is in the same room as the cooker and the dishwasher! OMG!"

'What the hell is she doing?' Mio couldn't help but stare at Mugi during her outburst.

"Wow! Look, Masumi is naked!" Phil said loudly, causing Mio to turn around to see that he was just trying to coax Daisuke out of his sleep. "And so is Mio and her band mates, and they're all licking chocolate off each other!"

"Gyaaa! Knock it off Phil!" Mio shouted, her face beet red.

"Mmmm... I like chocolate." Mugi moaned as she slightly squirmed, rubbing her thighs together as a small trickle of blood came from her nose.

"Hmmm... This isn't working." Phil mused. "Daisuke! Wake up or stick my nuts on your chin!"

'I'm actually kinda scared he'll do that.' Mio thought to herself.

"You know... the boy on boy thing... isn't that bad either." Mugi said dreamily through ragged breaths, stars sparkling in her eyes. Mio had never seen Mugi get this excited before... It was starting to get slightly worrying.

"Mio, can you see a bucket anywhere?" Phil asked.

"...What the hell do you need a bucket for?"

"To fill with water to dump on his face."

"...I think that should be a last resort. Have you tried poking him?" Mio asked as she gave Daisuke a gentle poke on the nose, causing him to twitch his face a bit. "I think it worked!" Then Daisuke resumed his soft breaths of deep sleep. "Dammit."

"Uhhh..." Phil sighed irritably. "If this causes us to be late, and Hiroshi to be pissy then rehearsal is going to suck!"

"Is he not pleasant to be around while in a bad mood?" Mugi asked.

"Is anyone you know pleasant to be around while in a bad mood?" Phil retorted.

"Well you don't seem to be bothered when Daisuke is in a bad mood... Which seems to be most of the time." Mio pointed out.

"Touché." Speaking of which, Phil didn't seem in a particularly good mood right now. Was it because last chapter wasn't funny? "Fuck it." Phil said as he got out his phone and dialled a number.

"Hello?" Hiroshi's voice could be heard by Mio due to the powerful speaker on the smartphone.

"Hey man, sorry but I think we are going to be late for rehearsal."

"No worries." That response seemed to surprise Phil. "What's keeping you?"

"I'm at Daisuke's place and I can't wake him up! I've yelled at him, Mio poked him. I would dump water on him but I can't find a bucket, nor do I know where he keeps cups or bowls!"

"Turn on the TV and tune it to a channel showing anime."

"...what?" By the time Phil had said that Mugi had already done as instructed by Hiroshi. The TV played an episode of an anime that Mio recognised as one of Ritsu's favourites, Mio used to be unable to watch it due to some of the villains being too scary for her. After but a few seconds of the episode playing, Daisuke slowly rose into a seating position and, although very groggily, watched the TV intently.

"...There's something cute about that." Mugi giggled.

"...For Christ sake." Phil sighed.

"What are you guys doing here?" Daisuke asked through a yawn as the commercial break came on.

"Waiting for you to wake your ass up so we can get to rehearsal." Phil groaned.

"Alright... I'll get up." Daisuke yawned as he threw the covers off himself and stretched his muscles. As he threw the covers off, everyone in the room turned their attention to a particular part of Daisuke's anatomy.

"Mate, you got a pre breaky erecky." Phil said with his signature grin.

"What?" Daisuke replied to Phil's weird slang

"The private is standing at attention."

"What are you talking about?"

"The one-eyed milkman wants a good choking."

"Mio, do you know what he's talking abo..." Daisuke turned to the girls in the room and saw that Mio and Mugi were staring at Daisuke's crotch. Mio looked curious but afraid, while Mugi was breathing heavily with a lightly bleeding nose. Daisuke took a second to check what they were staring at... Then all colour drained from his face.

"You might want to loosen up a bit. I think it'd be hard to play drums properly if you're too stiff." Phil said, enjoying Daisuke's embarrassment. Daisuke said nothing, dashing into the bathroom leaving Phil and the girls in the living room/bedroom, only the sound of the shower accompanied the awkward silence.

"I was right... Daisuke really IS amazing!" Mugi said as she bought her hand to her cheek to cover her blush and wipe away some blood from her nose.



"Sorry I made us half an hour late for rehearsal." Daisuke said quietly after a long silence of him feeling the awkward glances on the back of his skull from the girls who'd witnessed his unflattering 'morning glory' (despite it being the early evening.)

"It's fine, I think we'll have time to get Mio used to a couple of new songs." Phil said as he parked the car at the rehearsal space. As they got out, they saw Hiroshi outside the building waiting for them.

"Hey guys! Oh, Mugi-chan! I didn't expect to see you today, this night just keeps getting better!" Hiroshi said as he gave his slightly lecherous grin.

"You seem in a good mood? Last time I was unexpectedly late for a rehearsal you were pissed off!" Phil said.

"I wasn't THAT annoyed."

"You were." Daisuke chimed in.

"Doesn't matter, it's fine this time." Hiroshi stated.

"How come?" Daisuke asked.

"Our room is double booked!" Hiroshi replied cheerfully.

"...What?" Phil sighed as his palm met his face.

"Why aren't you annoyed about that?... Is rehearsal free because of that?" Daisuke asked, confused.

"No, just three quarters of the price." Hiroshi replied.

"Despite the fact that we only get half the time, assuming we divide the time equally with the other band?"


"Again, why aren't you annoyed about this!?" Daisuke growled.

"Fuck sake! We only have an hour and a half left!" Phil grumbled as he marched into the studio and opened the rehearsal room door to confront the other band. "Hey!" Phil said as the band finished a song, startling the Guitarist/vocalist. "We've got a gig coming up next week, so would you mind..." He let the statement hang.

"They're all girls!" Mugi whispered to Mio excitedly. "Just like HTT!"

'I think I know why Hiroshi isn't annoyed now' Mio thought to herself. Observing the girls in the room Mio saw that the three girls that seemed to comprise the band were definitely the kind that Hiroshi, and likely Daisuke would consider the height of attractiveness.

"Sorry but we have a gig tomorrow!" The bassist replied sassily.

"We have a new member to train." Phil countered, pointing at Mio.

"Hmm... We'll consider finishing early if she wears this." The girl picked up a skimpy, frilly outfit from seemingly nowhere.

"Suzu?! Why do you have that?!" The guitarist squeaked in shock.

"I was going to make you wear it Nico, but it seemed a bit small when I got it... Even though it says it's your exact measurements."

"Why did you think I'd wear such a thing?! And why do you know my exact measurements again?!" The pink haired guitarist protested.

"So what do you think of the deal?" The girl apparently named Suzu said, ignoring the cries, and quite reasonable questions from the guitarist.

"I got no problem with it." Phil said nonchalantly.

"Sounds great!" said Hiroshi with utmost enthusiasm.

"NO WAY!" Mio practically shrieked.

"It seems like we're rehearsing until the time we agreed upon with Hiroshi-kun." Suzu said with a wink to Hiroshi.

"I could wear it?" Mugi suggested quietly and politely, causing Mio to be the only one to hear her. She ignored Mugi's suggestion.

"Well, if the studio's expecting me to pay for a double booked room, I'm not going to respect their wishes to not drink in here. I'll be back with beer." Phil sighed as he left.

"Could you grab me a pork bun? I'll pay you back." The drummer said after so long of remaining quiet.

"Sure." Phil managed to reply just before the door closed.

" I'm really sorry about this you guys." The Guitarist apologised to Daisuke, Mio and Mugi.

"It's ok." Daisuke sighed. "You should probably never take anything he says too seriously."

"That's rich coming from you Daisuke." Hiroshi teased.

"Or him." Daisuke scowled at Hiroshi. "Don't worry about it, miss?"

"Oh Right! I'm Super Sonico, and we're First Astronomical Velocity!" She cheered as she introduced the band.

"I'm Fujimi Suzu." Said the bassist.

'She seems so mature and cool.' Mio thought.

'She looks so good in that nurse cosplay outfit!' Mugi screamed internally.

"I'm Watanuki Fuuri." The drummer said as she opened up a pack of potato chips.

"Nice to meet you guys, I'm... How come you're the only one who introduced her self in a nick name?" Daisuke asked Sonico, confused.

"Wh..What? I didn't."

"What's your real name?"

"Super... Sonico..."

"...That's your actual name?.. That's what's written on your driving licence?"

"I don't have a driving licence."

"That's what's written on your passport? Your birth certificate?"

"...Yes." Sonico said, confused as to where this was going.

"Just call her Nico-chan, that's what I do." Fuuri said through a cheerful grin. Daisuke just shrugged in response.

"Ok, we've got two songs we've yet to practice. Put down the potato chips Fuuri." Suzu said. Fuuri obeyed and picked up her drum sticks.

"Shall we play Superorbital?" Sonico asked.

"Yeah, but when we're done with that and Passion Rocket, we need to decide which order to play our songs on the set list."

"We'll do that while these guys are playing." Fuuri suggested. "Plus, my meat bun is almost here." Not even two seconds after Fuuri said that, Phil came back with beer, the pork bun and a magazine that couldn't be identified through the opaque bag.

Sonico began strumming her guitar, leading the band into the song. First Astronomical Velocity was clearly talented, Mio couldn't help but have her gaze be glued to Suzu for most of the song due to being a fellow bassist but also took notice of a fair amount of technical proficiency in Sonico's guitar playing. Mio noticed that Hiroshi and Daisuke were focusing mostly on Fuuri. She wondered why, as although by all means a competent drummer, her drumming didn't seem as interesting as the guitar parts or the bass parts. Perhaps Fuuri was playing in a way that, to an inexperienced musician sounded basic or even fairly mundane, actually had subtle experimental parts to her beats and was actually quite sophisticated musically?.. Or perhaps it's more likely that they were staring at her chest, as a girl this busty playing drums tends to bounce a lot... 'Yeah, judging by the looks on their faces, they're not focusing on her playing.' Mio thought to herself. Mio was about to scold them for obvious perving, until she noticed Mugi was doing it too. Phil however seemed to not be interested in the girls' obvious sex appeal in the slightest and just sipped his beer seeming slightly bored... Or maybe there was something on his mind? He seemed different today.



After First Astronomical Velocity was finished, Daisuke set up his kit. Putting on his symbols and setting up his double pedal. During this, Hiroshi asked Mugi something he neglected to ask when he first met her. "Hey Mugi-chan, what instrument do you play in your band?"

"I play keyboard."

"Really?" Hiroshi seemed suddenly very excited. "How long have you been playing for?"

"About twelve years." Hiroshi immediately dove into his guitar bag and pulled out some sheet music.

"Do you think you'd be able to play this?"

"Hmm..." Mugi then hummed the tune as she looked over the sheet. "I'm sure I won't find it too difficult."

"AWESOME!" Hiroshi exclaimed. "Next time you come to rehearsal, could you bring your keyboard?"

"I have it with me now."

"Get it! Get it!" Hiroshi said, giddy as a schoolboy on a sugar rush.

"Dude, we don't have much time." Daisuke pointed out.

"PLEASE!" Hiroshi begged. "Just ONE Children of Bodom song! I'll make it up to you, I swear! I'll do any one thing both of you ask!"

"Fine..." Phil sighed. "I'll unlock my car so you can get your keyboard, Mugi."

All the while Mugi set up her keyboard, Hiroshi was fidgeting and giggling with excitement. Mio was concerned however, as she didn't know what song Hiroshi wanted to cover and likely didn't know how to play the song.

"Um... Hiroshi?"

"Here's your sheet, Mio." Without skipping a beat, Hiroshi handed Mio sheet music for the song.

"...You just carry around the sheet music for that song at all times?" Daisuke asked.

"You never know when an opportunity to use it could come along!"

"Like what?"

"Well...Like now."

Mio carefully looked through the sheet and found that it didn't seem too difficult.

"Ok! Let's do it!" Hiroshi jumped with joy when all were set up. Mugi played a fairly happy sounding melody before Hiroshi jumped up to the microphone an shouted. "Come on!" Mio saw Daisuke's sticks fly towards the kit and she began playing along when he and the rest of the band came in. The happy sounding melody Mugi played during the heavy guitar riffs and vicious drum grooves seemed quite strange to put together, but somehow they fit extremely well together. As Mio pondered this, another strange occurrence happened! Hiroshi took lead vocals. "Hey! Don't tell us what you want, cause we don't give a fuck about you or your kind!" Hiroshi's vocals were a higher pitch than Phil's guttural growls, they also sounded more punk than Phil. They would have sounded as aggressive if they weren't betrayed by the grin always on Hiroshi's face whenever he played a song with plentiful melody. The rest of the band were not as enthused as they usually were, until they saw that Mugi was head banging during the bars she didn't have a part to play! making Daisuke and Phil laugh and join in the head banging. The scene of Mugi and Phil standing next to each other and swinging their hair around almost in sync with each other Mio had to admit was really cute.

'Although it's not hard for Mugi to make something cute.' Mio thought to herself. '...You could dress her up as Hitler and she'd probably retain her cuteness.'

After two verses of the song, the chorus came and Hiroshi stopped the vocals... With Daisuke taking over! It was understandable that Hiroshi stopped singing due to the technicality of the lead parts on the chorus, but Daisuke on vocals was new... His vocals actually had notes to them rather than the tuneless growling and screaming from Phil and Hiroshi, but they were still harsh enough to not suit any genre but metal, Mio thought.

As the song came to an end with the guys shouting "Fuck You." Phil decided that they really needed to practice the songs that they are playing for the gig.

"You mind just sitting there while we practice, Mugi?" Mio asked. "We don't have much time left now."

"That's fine." Mugi said with a big grin and a slightly arching neck.

"Your neck ok?" Daisuke asked.

"A little sore but I'll be fine. I'm surprised that your neck isn't hurting, Phil-san."

"Practice makes perfect." Phil replies cheekily.

"...Hello." Sonico said as she creaked the door open and entered the room.

"Hey... Did you forget something?" Daisuke asked.

"No, I figured I'd stick around and watch you guys since you did that for us... Uhh if that's ok?"

"We don't mind!" Hiroshi replied excitedly before anyone could reply.

"Ok!" Sonico said as she sat down next to Mugi (who promptly smiled and blushed due to the close proximity to the gorgeous girl.) "I bet you guys are gonna rock HARD! Oh YEAH!" She said energetically as she punched the air infront of her.

"Well, get ready to hear our first song!" Phil said in a peppy high voice. "This first one's called 'Purity!'" Daisuke hit the snare four times as a count in and the blast beat, the shredding guitars and bass and the ferocious roars of Phil's vocals came out in one sudden violent burst. It was so sudden that Sonico jumped out of her seat and grabbed onto Mugi in some sort of instinctive response to seek protection from a monster.

'You chose to begin with this song on purpose Phil, didn't you?' Mio accused silently... Mugi seemed happy with the result, however. Aside from a few minor wrong notes here and there, Mio played the song with no problems. (It felt particularly good to get the slow ending note perfect.)

"YAY!" Phil said in a mock excited tone. "How do you like how our hard rockin', Sonico?" He asked, revelling in Sonico's shocked expression.

"...Yeah... You certainly rocked hard... Never doubted you." Sonico gave a nervous thumbs up. "Umm... Why would a song so angry be named Purity? Doesn't that word mean innocent and cute and fluffy and..."

"Not if you go by a Nazi's definition of the word." Daisuke chuckled.

"Oh!.. So the song was about..."

"Genocide, yes." Phil clarified with a grin.

"I... See..." Sonico laughed nervously. Mio couldn't help but gulp at that information, she knew that the lyrics written by Fractured Reality couldn't be anything happy but she managed to be blissfully ignorant to all the songs subject matter due to the lyrics being in English and Phil's growls made the words most likely harder to understand to even another native English speaker.

"Hey Daisuke, when Mio was off school I went over to teach her the songs she didn't know, and she had trouble learning Skull Fracturing Nightmare." Phil said, causing Daisuke's expression to sour.

"I-I had no problem learning that other song by that band though... Human... Dia...see...umm."

"Oh, Human Dissection? That's cool. I love that song too." He instantly brightened up again.

"See, I told you he wouldn't mind." Phil said patting Mio on the head. "Since you already learned the song, we'll just all go into it. Try to keep up." Daisuke clicked his sticks four times and began the song. Although Insane Messiah had a faster tempo than Human Dissection, Daisuke's drumming seemed to be even faster! The kick drum thundering relentlessly! For pretty much the entire song, the bass pedal was being worked constantly. This amazingly didn't seem to tire Daisuke out much, and he seemed eager to play another, what must have been, a tiring song.

"Alright!" Daisuke shouted excitedly. "That was great! I didn't notice you make a single mistake, Mio!"

"Oh... Thank you." Mio replied bashfully. 'They were definitely there.' She thought to herself.

The rest of the rehearsal went pretty well, little to no mistakes with most of the songs. Their song 'Consume and Defile' was really tricky however, and Mio messed it up both times running through it. Hiroshi suggested that they spend the next rehearsal working on that song in particular in order to get it right with no noticeable mistakes, but Mio feared that she may have to simplify it in order to play it live.

"Well, we best wrap it up." Phil sighed exhausted. "We're five minutes over our time and I'm tired as shit."

"Why?" Hiroshi asked. "Is teaching at Mio's school more tiring than your previous job?"

"Not particularly, I'm tired for... different reasons." Phil trailed off. "I feel like this day has been... About nine months long!"

"I'd say about ten." Mugi said tensely. "But that's not for lack of enjoyment!" She said giddily, looking at Sonico who was still clinging to her.

"You enjoying hugging Mugi?" Daisuke asked.

"Eh?.. OH! Sorry!" Sonico bounced away from Mugi and bowed in apology.

"Oh... No worries." Mugi said dejected... Though managing to throw Daisuke an irritated pout... Which caused his blood to drop several degrees.

"A-Anyway, I completely forgot to eat today so I'm hungry as hell!" Daisuke said

"Well that settles it, we're going to a maid cafe!"




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