All righty, let's start this here crossover. A few things to mention...

1. This happens post-series Yu-Gi-Oh, mid-series Death Note. The Yu-Gi-Oh characters are all in their early twenties, and Atem has already passed on. For example, Seto is 23.

2. Also, Noa Kaiba is alive.

3. This will feature Trustshipping. There will also be implied Peachshipping.

4. There will not be any crossover romances.

Yep, I think that's it...any questions, comments, or whatever, let me know, and please enjoy Gods of Many Faces.

April 8th

12:20 pm

It was probably the third time the phone had rang in the past ten minutes. With a scowl and a roll of his eyes, Ukita picked it up.

"Kira investigation headquarters; how can I help you?" he said wearily.

He was expecting either: (a) someone claiming to be Kira, (b) someone claiming that they knew Kira, or (c) some hysterical person who thought they were in danger of being killed by Kira.

However, the answer was (d): none of the above.

"Is this really the Kira investigation headquarters?" a clipped, irritated tone said.

It was the tone more than anything that threw Ukita off guard. This voice sounded like it belonged in a conference room, pushing through corporation agendas.

"Y-yes, I just said so," he said.

"Really? Because I haven't picked up any transmissions entering the police headquarters in three weeks. L isn't contacting you anymore. Am I right?"

Ukita's eyes grew wider and wider as the surprisingly young voice continued.

"Or, more likely, L isn't transmitting. You are currently in direct contact with L, eliminating the need to transmit the signal. So am I right in saying that police headquarters in headquarters in name only?"

Ukita's jaw slowly dropped. He regained his composure quickly, a benefit from years of police work.

"Who are you, and what do you want?" he said.

There was a brief laugh on the other end, but there was no humor in it.

"I was right, wasn't I?" he said. "I have important information for L."

"And what is this important information?" Ukita said testily.

"I know how Kira kills."

And that caught Ukita by surprise. Again, he was speechless for a moment. When he regained his voice, he spoke carefully and guardedly.

"Really?" he said. "And how is that? Or can you tell me over the phone?"

"Unless you're one hundred percent sure that the line isn't bugged, which I doubt that it isn't. Besides, what I have here needs to be shown in person, or it will be impossible to believe."

"So, what's the point in calling here at all? Why not come directly to headquarters? In fact, I can schedule an appointment for you."

An idea struck him, and he rolled with it.

"Why don't I just pencil you in for a talk with the head of the investigation?" he said. "I'd need your name and phone number."

Another short laugh, more like a sharp breath through the nose.

"Good call: testing me," he said. "But no. I doubt Kira has overlooked bugging police phones, and once you know my name, my face isn't too hard to find."

He paused, giving Ukita a second to process what he had just heard. Whoever this was, they knew the secret: Kira needed a name and a face to kill. But the method itself...did he know more than that?

"And as to your second question," the voice continued. "I called here first because I suspected that the Kira investigation was located elsewhere. Coming straight to headquarters would attract unnecessary attention, and as I've said, I'm not exactly unknown. The fewer people that know who made this call, the better."

Ukita's mind was racing now. It had suddenly occurred to him that he might be talking to Kira himself. What if he was just trying to get in with the rest of the police force in order to find out who they were and kill all of them?

He decided not to cut corners.

"All right, Mr. Mysterious," he said. "What proof do I have that you're not Kira?"

A pause. Then, the voice spoke again, slowly and carefully, as though choosing his words with thought.

"I can't give you any hard evidence," he said. "All I ask is about ten minutes with a computer connected to L. I couldn't care less if I see your faces or know your names; in fact, I'd feel better interacting with as few people as possible."

This made Ukita feel only a little bit better.

"What if I didn't let you through?" he said.

A silence came through the phone. Finally,

"People are dying," the voice said. "Can you afford to pass a lead like this?"

For a moment, there was the barest trace of...what? There was something in that voice that made Ukita pause. Something like...


Ukita sighed.

"When do you want to talk to L?" he said.

The voice became tinged with a self-satisfied confidence that made Ukita feel like puking.

"Let him pick a date and place. I'll call back next Wednesday. And tell him not to bother tracing this call. There won't be anything left to find with a radar gun in five minutes and thirty seconds."

Then the line went dead, and Ukita was left staring at a buzzing telephone. He might have been there forever, except three other phones started ringing, and he was back to work.

April 8th

1:30 pm

L dug a strawberry from his cake and sucked on it for a moment. A mysterious caller who claimed to know how Kira was an intriguing idea. He wasn't sure how it would help locate Kira himself...but if they could predict the murders in any way...or connect a certain look or habit with the killer that would make him easier to spot...

He swallowed. After another moment's thought, he scraped all of the frosting off the top of the cake and ate it all at once. The sugar helped him think.

"You're going to get sick."

L's dark eyes shifted to the relaxed form of Light Yagami. The brown haired boy was watching L with almost a contemplative gaze. There was a slight smile on his face, as though he though L's eating habits were a joke. L swallowed the frosting, considered the statement, and decided it wasn't worth answering. He went at the rest of the cake.

"Light-kun, what do you think about our mystery friend?"

Light sighed, obviously exasperated at being ignored. Then he gave serious thought to the question. L watched him carefully, as though he could read the boy's mind by staring at his eyes. It was, of course, impossible. Light's eyes were so carefully guarded that it would have taken a battering ram to his chest to get any emotions from there.

After a moment, Light shrugged and leaned forward on his knees.

"I don't think he's Kira," he said. "He specifically said he would rather not see our faces. Would Kira do that? I considered it for a while, wondering if it could be a trick to throw us off guard...but what does he have to gain? Ten minutes talking to you on the computer is not something Kira needs for his plans. And why bother revealing how he kills, unless he's trying to throw us a false lead? Kira doesn't need to give us a false lead; we're completely lost anyway. It just doesn't feel like Kira's style."

Light paused, his eyes on the ceiling.

"And if he's not Kira, then a whole new series of avenues open up. He says he's 'not exactly unknown,' which means he has a lot to risk by coming to see us in person, whether he's Kira or not. He may even suspect the police force contains Kira himself. By presenting himself to only the police force, if he ends up dying, then Kira, or a snitch, is on the police force. Either way, he reveals something about Kira. It's fairly water-tight. And someone with this much to lose doesn't come to the police with a lead. If he's not Kira, and he's not crazy, he has something real to show us."

L nodded. The same thought process had gone through his own mind. For a moment, he considered how strangely similar his and Light's thought patterns were, and then the thought disappeared as he dug back into his cake.

"So, you think we should have a chat?" he said.

Light shrugged.

"If he knows anything, we might as well," he said. "We have to wait until he calls back, though..."

His voice trailed off; his eyes narrowed slightly. L thought he knew what the boy had just thought of. L had just thought of it, too.

"If he's so concerned about a bug, why decide on a date over the phone...?" L thought out loud. "Kira could listen to the call, wait for him there, see him, kill him...and the police force would suspect each other..."

Light nodded. L had been right; the boy had also thought of the same thing. L turned the thought over in his mind a few times. His fork moved for another bite of cake, but it hit the plate, and he realized that he had finished the slice. He blinked at the empty plate for a moment. Then he got up and shuffled to the desk, where there was a jar of sugar cubes. He popped two into his mouth and sucked on them, continuing to consider the problem.

By the time he had swallowed the mostly dissolved sugar, he had figured it out.

"Subliminal messaging," he said. "He told us exactly when and where to meet."

Light jerked up, surprise registering across his expression.

"What do you mean?"

"'Let him pick a date and place. I'll call back next Wednesday. And tell him not to bother tracing this call. There won't be anything left to find with a radar gun in five minutes and thirty seconds,'" L repeated.

"You memorized it?" Light asked incredulously.

"It sounded important, at the time when I was listening in," L said, although that wasn't really an answer. "'Wednesday.' 'Five minutes and thirty seconds.' 'Radar gun.'"

"So?" Light said.

"Light-kun, you don't use a radar gun to find small things, like the remains of cell phones."

L's fingers flew across the keyboard, and a page popped up. Light hurried over, a little annoyed about being left out of the deduction. His eyes widened when he saw the site's home page.

"Radar Duelist Cafe," he said incredulously.

"Wednesday, five thirty," L said, nodding.