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Ribbon Tie

Ren and Eight are busy having a bey-battle, while Kite is busy typing some data onto his computers. He can hear the shouts and commands from his kid brother and the fiery bey-bladeress. Kite lightly shakes his head from a silent thought to resume his force on his data collecting. There is an up-coming tournament that is sponsored by the WBBA.

"Big Brother, are you almost finished?" Eight calls from the finished bey-battle with his best friend, Ren. "I want to battle with you?"

"Not quite done yet, Eight." Kite said without looking away from his computers. "I'm in the middle of some preparation for the up-coming tournament."

Eight releases a deep sigh.

Ren looks at him with sad eyes. "Eight, let's battle again. I won't go easy on you this time." She said with reassurance in her eyes and comfort in her softhearted smile.

"All right." Eight said reluctantly as the two start another bey-battle.

Later on that evening, Ren is wearing a nice sleeveless lilac gown. She is inside the comfort of her own room. Ren is looking in a long mirror as she is combing her blond hair.

"Eight…" Ren frowns thinking of her best friend's depressed expression. "I have to help Eight. I want…" Ren trails off with a silent thought in her mind. She closes her eyes with a faint rosiness to her cheeks. "Kite is too obsessed with his data collecting to take any notice to me." She said releasing a deep sigh.

Ren opens her eyes to walk over towards her window. She rests her elbow on the windowsill and looks upwards at the sparkling stars - above the city - in silence. "Just like my bey-blade, Phoenix. I can overcome obstacles." She said in confidence. "I will make him acknowledge me. I will make him understand that not all things can be solved by collecting data."

Later on after midnight, Kite finally finishes his typing on his computers. He looks over his right shoulder to see that his kid brother is fast asleep on the sofa.

Kite stands up to take off his white doctor-like coat to cover Eight. He lightly brushes his fingertips to move the bangs from Eight's youthful face. Kite smiles warmly at his sleeping kid brother.

He walks over to his sofa chair to lean his head down on the armrest intending to fall asleep. "Ren… She is such a complex girl with a fiery personality. It is hard to figure her out with her scowl expression that she often gives me when Eight is frowning. If only I could collect some data on her. I can only collect data on her bey-blade, Phoenix." He whispers underneath his warm breath. There is a heartfelt smile on his handsome face.

"I will figure her out as soon as I can collect some data on her." Kite said with a light chuckle as he runs his fingers through his brunette hair. "I am a genius after all. I will figure her out. All I have to do is research to collect data."

AN: What do you think of my Kite x Ren pairing? I think I kept them in character. I like this pairing as much as I like Dynamis x Hikaru Hasama. I will get writing for D/HH soon though.