Bleach/RWBY: the Quincy Hunter

A/N: this will feature my OC's from the Emerald Knight. The pairings will mostly be the same, with the exception of Blake and Ruby. Blake will be paired with Ichigo, and I'm still trying to figure out what to do with Ruby. The artwork belongs to Ifragmentix on deviantArt.

October 10, 542 P.D.W (Post Dust War)

In the city of Vale, in front of a house, a set of Japanese rice doors opened, and out stepped two figures. One a man with short, dark hair and wearing a Haori with the kanji for 'ten' on it over a black kimono and the other a woman with long orange hair carrying a bundle. "I can't believe their making us do this, Isshin." The woman said.

"I know Masaki. Believe me, I'm as happy about this as you are, but unless we do this, they'll execute not only us, but Ryuken, Kisuke, Yoruichi, and the others. At least we know he'll be safe and able to have a life here, Masaki." Isshin said, and Masaki looked at the bundle in her arms, revealing a sleeping baby with orange hair.

"Little Ichigo, I'm sorry we won't get to see you grow up." Masaki said, tears welling in her eyes as she kissed the babies forehead. She set the baby on the doorstep, and pulled the bracelet with a silver cross on it off her wrist, placing it in the bundle. "So you can always have something to remember us by." She said, and knocked on the door, reading the name on the door. 'Ms. Goodwitch, please take care of my son.' She thought, and ran through the rice doors to join her husband, watching Ichigo as the doors closed, a tear falling down her face as the doors closed. The door of the house opened, and out stepped a blonde woman in her twenties.

"Who on earth could be knocking at this ungodly hour?" Glynda Goodwitch asked, looking around trying to spot the person who knocked on her door. "Probably just some kids." She mumbled, and was about to close the door when she noticed Ichigo on her doorstep. "Who the hell left a child here?" She said, and bent down to pick him up. "Come on, let's get you inside." She said, and noticed an envelope sticking out of the blanket. Pulling it out, she opened it and pulled out a letter.

To Glynda Goodwitch:

This is Ichigo Kurosaki. His name means 'one who protects' when written in our native language. His birthday is July 15th, and he is three months old. Circumstances beyond our control have forced us to give him up, and after very careful consideration, we have decided you are the best person to raise him. Believe us, there us nothing we want more than to keep him, but it's out of our hands. Either we give him up and allow him to have a life, or him, us, and our friends will all be killed.

He has tremendous potential, and the bracelet he has with him will enable him to use his abilities. If at any point he asks about anyone named Juha Bach, give him the bracelet, and tell him the answer lies within him. He will figure that out in time.

Please, all we ask is that you raise him and love him as if he was your own. Make sure he always knows he has a family that cares for and loves him very much.

Sincerely, Masaki Kurosaki and Isshin Shiba

Glynda read the letter at least a dozen times. These people choose HER to raise their son? She couldn't do this. Not only did she have her duties as a huntress, but she didn't have the slightest clue how to be a mom! But at the same time, she couldn't give him to the orphanages, as several of them were corrupt, selling children into slavery for a few Lien. The very idea sickened her to the core, and she was shaken out of her thoughts when Ichigo started to cry. "Oh dear." She said, and picked the baby up. All of a sudden, she remembered what her friend Summer Rose taught her when she babysat her adopted daughter Yang, and she started gently rocking Ichigo back and forth. "There there, it ok." She said, and she didn't know why, but standing here, the child in her arms, felt…right. Making up her mind then and there, she smiled at Ichigo. "Ichigo Kurosaki, huh?" She said, and Ichigo opened his brown eyes to look at her. "I guess I'm your new mommy."

Nine Years Later, July 15

"Ichigo, it's time to wake up." A voice said, rousing now nine-year old Ichigo Kurosaki from his sleep.

"5 more minutes mom." He said, rolling back onto his pillow. Glynda Goodwitch smirked, as she knew what would get him out of bed quickly.

"Are you sure? After all, today IS a special day after all Mr. 9-year old." She said, and suppressed a giggle as Ichigo sat straight up, the sleep completely gone from his eyes.

"Really? It's here already?" He said, and she nodded.

"Happy birthday Ichigo." She said, wrapping him in a hug. Even though she wasn't his birth mother, she loved him as if he were her own flesh and blood. "I hope your excited for the party this afternoon." She said, and Ichigo nodded as he got out of bed.

"You bet I am!" He said, stretching his legs as he walked to the kitchen, where a fresh plate of pancakes was calling his name.

'Ichigo.' Wait, did the pancakes ACTUALLY just call his name? He might be a kid, but that didn't mean he believed food could talk.

"Did you say something mom?" He asked, and Glynda looked at him in confusion.

"No. Why?" She asked.

"Never mind. I guess I'm still in dreamworld a little." He said, quickly dismissing the voice.

Later that day.

Ichigo was wiped. His birthday party had been a lot of fun, with games like Pin the Tail on the Beowolf and Hunters and Grimm, and he had gotten a lot of gifts too. But throughout the day, he'd had headaches at random moments. They went away quickly though, so he didn't te his mom about them."Ichigo, it's time for bed." Glynda said.

"But mom, I'm not even tired yet." He said, and promptly yawned, defeating his point.

"Yeah, and I'm the Queen of Vale." Glynda said. "Doesn't change the fact that it's past your bedtime." She said. "Now brush your teeth and get ready for bed." She said, and Ichigo complied. Soon enough, Ichigo was asleep in bed, quickly collapsing into Morpheus's sweet embrace.

He found himself sitting on the side of skyscraper. "Whoa!" He said, and expected to fall, but to his surprise, he stayed in place. Sitting up, he found that the skyscraper was sideways. "I've never had a dream like this before." He said.

"This is no dream." A voice said behind him, and Ichigo turned to see a man in a long brown coat with brown hair and a goatee on his face.

"Who are you? Why is everything all sideways?" Ichigo asked.

"My name is Juha Bach, and this is your inner world." The man said.

"My inner world? What's that?"

"Your inner world is the manifestation of your soul, and it changes depending on your mood. For example, when you're sad or depressed, it begins to rain, and when you are happy or excited, the sun becomes blindingly bright." Juha explained.

"Why am I here?" Ichigo asked, still a little confused on who this man was.

"Because, it is time for you to awaken your full potential." Juha said. "The potential to be one of the strongest warrior this planet has ever seen." Now Ichigo was even more confused. He had just turned nine for Dust's sakes, he wasn't any ultimate warrior or something.

"How are you going to do that?" Ichigo asked.

"Ask your mother about me. She will set you on the correct path, and I will give you training." Juha said.

"Why should I listen to you? My mom said never to trust strangers, even if they seem nice." Ichigo said, causing Juha to chuckle.

"Ichigo, I am no stranger to you. I have been with you your entire life, watching as you grew up." Juha said. "Now, it is time to awaken. Your mother is calling you." Juha said, and watched as Ichigo disappeared from the world.

"Ichigo, wake up. I want to be sure that you're up and fed before I have to leave for work." Glynda called. Ichigo rubbed the sleep from his eyes and got out of bed, walking to the kitchen.

"Mom, have you ever heard of anyone named Juha Bach?" He asked, and her eyes widened. She kept the bracelet and letter that were with Ichigo when he showed up on her doorstep, waiting for the day when she would give it to him. Looks like that day has finally arrived.

"Wait right here. I'll be right back." She said, and retrieved the bracelet from her jewelry box. She walked back into the kitchen handing Ichigo the bracelet. "This was with you when you showed up at my doorstep. With it was a letter from your birth parents, which you will get when you are older, saying that I should give this to you should you ever ask about that name." She explained and Ichigo looked at the bracelet. Somehow it felt…right. He felt power spread through his body, and he could hear Juha Bach in his head.

'Ichigo, this is the first of many steps we will take together.' The Ancient Quincy said.

"Now, Aunt Summer's going to come by with Yang and Ruby in a few minutes, and I'll be off. Be good, and be sure to say 'please' and 'thank you'." Glynda said, and the doorbell rang. Glynda answered it to reveal a woman with silver eyes, red hair, and a white cloak, with two girls, one a nine-year old blonde girl, and a seven-year old with red hair and silver eyes.

"Summer, thanks for coming!" Glynda said, giving her old friend a hug.

"It's no problem. I love watching him, and Ruby and Yang love playing with him." Summer said, and Yang went over to Ichigo, Ruby close behind her.

"Hey Ichigo!" She said, and noticed his bracelet. "Whoa, that's a cool bracelet. Where'd you get it?"

"My mom have it to me. She said it was something my birth parents left with me." He said. Ruby stared at the bracelet in awe.

"It's pretty." She said.

"Thank you." He said. In his Inner World, Juha Bach stood above a manhole, staring down into it. Inside it was a creature with a skeletal mask and two bullhorns.

'It seems that I was not the only part of Masaki's reiryoku that was transferred to Ichigo, and it seems to have mixed with his fathers. I hope Ichigo may use you not only as a sword to strike down his enemies, but as a shield to protect those precious to him one day, when he can no longer draw on my power. Farewell for now… Zangetsu.' He said, sliding the manhole cover on.

That night.

Summer checked the clock. Any minute now, Glynda would be back from work, and she and the girls could go home. "Mommy, I'm tired." Ruby said. Summer smiled at her biological daughter, Yang already fast asleep on her lap.

"We just have to wait for Auntie Glynda to come back, and then we can go home." She said, when the door opened, an exhausted Glynda walking in.

"A Beowolf, a Nevermore, a Kraken, even a Dust-damned Golem would have been better than that!" She said, lazily kicking her shoes off.

"So what opponent did the mighty Glynda Goidwitch face today?" Summer asked.

"Paperwork." Glynda said. "If Ozpin had told me about the paperwork, all the applications for new students, mission requests, junk mail, complaints, budget management, I wouldn't have taken the job at Beacon!" Glynda said. "Where's Ichigo?"

"I think he went into his room an hour and a half ago, saying he was going to bed. Well, bye Glynda. Me and the girls need to head home." Summer answered. Glynda bid her friend goodbye as Summer took her daughters and left, and walked up the stairs to Ichigo's room, when to her surprise she heard what sounded like pained grunts coming from Ichigo's room. Fearing the worst, she grabbed her wand and flung open the door, where to her surprise Ichigo was holding up his right arm, the bracelet on his wrist glowing, blood running down his arm.

"I'm trying Juha!" He grunted out.

'Ichigo, concentrate your spirit energy into the cross, then expand it. But don't be in a rush to do this so quickly. It's only been an hour, and it took me weeks to-' Juha started when Ichigo took a deep breath, and to both Glynda and Juha's surprise, a blue bow made out of energy appeared in his hand.

"I-Ichigo?" Glynda stuttered out, when the bow disappeared and he fell to the ground. "Ichigo! Are you alright? Say something!" She said.

"I did it." He mumbled out.

8 years later, Signal Academy.

A young man with orange hair walked the halls of Signal, for what was probably the last time. His clothing consisted mostly of white material, with a bit of blue. He wore white trousers, white and blue trench boots with a design that resembled a cross, a white, double-breasted trench coat with shoulder straps and a white button down bib. The coat was bound at the waist with a black belt that had a decorative buckle and a hood that Ichigo mainly kept down. Across his hips he wore a separate belt that contained several silver tubes, and on his left leg was a pouch containing more tools of his trade. (For a visual cue, go here fs71/PRE/i/2012/330/c/e/ichigo_quincy_by_ ) On his right wrist, he wore a five pointed cross, replacing the cross his birth parents had given him, although he still kept that on a necklace he wore around his neck, having created a more powerful version years ago.

This young man was Ichigo Kurosaki, adopted son of Glynda Goodwitch, and the only Quincy in Vytal. Soon, he would be going to Beacon Academy, where his mother worked, and begin training to be become an official Huntsman. "I'm gonna miss this place." He said.

'Yes, but think of all the new friends you will make at Beacon.' Juha said to his descendant.

"I know, but still, this place holds a lot of memories." Ichigo said, when a classroom door next to him opened, and out stepped a man with dusty blonde hair.

"Ah, Ichigo, perfect! Can you come in here for a second?" The man asked.

"Sure, Professor Crow. What do you need?" Ichigo asked.

"Well, today our lesson is about Giant Armors, and I was planning on demonstrating different methods of how to fight one, but I'm afraid I'm not as young as I would like to be, and pulled a hamstring this morning durning my warm up. Would you mind taking my place in the demonstration?" Crow asked.

"No problem." The orange-haired teen said, and entered the classroom. He walked into the center of an arena, where a group of students were in the stands.

"Students, due to an unforeseen injury, I'm afraid I will be unable to carry out the demonstration today." Crow said, earning a groan from the students. "Now normally I'd have to assign you all some bookwork, but as luck would have it, I've found a volunteer to feel in for me. Please welcome fourth-year student Ichigo Kurosaki." Ichigo walked into the center of the arena. "Ruby, if you'd please start the demonstration."

"Sure thing Uncle Crow!" Ruby said, now wearing her mothers cloak, only something had caused it to turn red after Summer died two years ago. She hit a button on a control panel, and the cage on the other side of the arena opened, out running four giant Armors. Ichigo used Hirenkyaku, a Quincy technique used for high speed movement, to dodge the swing of an armor with an axe, and channeled his aura into his blood vessels.

"Blut: Vene." He said, and used his arm to block the swing of an armor wielding a sword. He backed away and deactivated the Blut technique, and rolled underneath an armor with a spear's legs, drawing one of the tubes on his belt. "Seele Schneider." A blade of blue light erupted from the tube, and Ichigo bisected the spear-holding armor. "If you don't destroy a seal made of blood located in the interior of the armor, or if you don't damage it enough, you won't be able to destroy the armor." Ichigo said to the class, when the axe armor made him dodge, but he dropped his Seele Schneider. He recovered, and took four small capsules out of the pouch on his leg and tossed them near the sword-armor and the axe armor. "Feel the wrath of battle and accept this sacred chalice- Heizen!" He chanted, and four beams of light shot out of the capsule, slicing the Armors into pieces. All that was left was an armor wielding a mace, and Ichigo held out his right arm, the pentacle-shaped cross hanging loose. It glowed before blue energy spread out resembling a spiderweb. "Ginrei Kojaku." He picked the tube up, the blade springing back to life, and he nocked the tube onto the energy string, before letting it fly. It hit the armor straight in the chest, absorbing the magic used to power it. It thudded to the ground, before dissolving. The class all clapped for him.

"Excellent as always Mr. Kurosaki. Thank you, and best of luck at Beacon." Crow said, shaking Ichigo's hand.

"You're welcome, and thank you professor." Ichigo said, and the bell rang signifying the day was over.

"Ichigo!" Ruby said, and made her way to her old friend. "I can't believe that you and Yang are leaving for Beacon next semester." She said, sad at seeing her big sister and the guy she saw as a big brother leave for the school of her dreams.

"Hey, don't be so sad. Keep up the good work, and who knows? Maybe you'll be there with us this year." He said, making Ruby giggle.

"I doubt it." She said.

"I mean it. You're one of the best fighters I know, even better than a lot of the kids in my class, and it takes skill to wield a scythe like that. Keep it up, and you'll be with us at Beacon before you know it." He said.

"You really think so?" She asked, and Ichigo nodded, before ruffling her hair.

"I've gotta get home. Stay strong, Little Red." He said, before leaving Signal for what was probably the last time. He soon arrived at the Goodwitch household using Hirenkyaku. Now all he had to do was find something to keep him occupied for three months until the school year at Beacon started. "What to do…" He mumbled, when his phone went off. Pulling it out, he saw a picture of everyone's favorite blonde. "Hey Yang."

"Ichi my man! How's it hangin'? You bored yet?" His childhood friend asked.

"Do you even need to ask?" He said.

"That's what I thought. Me and a few of the others were getting together to celebrate the end of school, and we wanted to know if you were wanted in." Yang asked.

"Sure. Where are we meeting?" Ichigo asked.

"At the Blood Gulch Cafe." Yang replied.

"I'll be right over." The Quincy said.

"Awesome. Oh, and give the others some time to get there, so don't use that teleporting hing you do." The busty blonde said.

"Yang, Hirenkyaku isn't teleportation. I channel my aura to my feet and-" Ichigo tried explaining.

"Yeah yeah, spare me the lecture Professor Kurosaki." Yang cut him off. Ichigo had explained all his techniques to her a hundred times, but he knew she liked to mess with him some times.

"Alright. I'll be there in twenty minutes." He said, and opened the garage to reveal a white motorcycle. He pulled on his helmet, which was white with a blue Quincy cross on the back,and drove off down the street. Soon, he pulled up next to Yang's parked motorcycle, and saw his blonde best friend leaning against the side of their favorite cafe.

"Yo." Yang said, waving at him as he stepped off the bike. "York and Carolina had to cancel, and North said South punched yet ANOTHER cop."

"Sheesh, the twins I can under stand, but York and Carolina?" Ichigo asked. Those two were the graduating class's 'will they won't they' couple, and the two had been sending each other signals they liked each other all the way back in middle school.

"Turns out our favorite locksmith decided to ask her out, and so now their doing…something. I couldn't really understand what Carolina was saying with York's tongue being shoved down her throat." Yang said. "Wash, Maine, and CT are here though. So yeah, there's them."

"Wonderful." Ichigo said, his trademark scowl crossing his face.

"Loose the scowl strawberry. We're supposed to be celebrating, remember?" Yang said. Ever since a grade school project where they had to find out the meaning of their names where Ichigo found out his name meant 'strawberry' in a language called 'Japanese', Yang hadn't let him live it down.

"Shut up Blondie. Did you forget how accurate I am?" He growled, having shot off parts of Yang's precious mane on more than one occasion.

"Did you forget what happened the last time you did that?" Ichigo winced at the memory. Three broken ribs, first-degree burns all over his body…not even Blut: Vene protected him from the juggernaut that was Yang Xiao Long.

"Of course I remember. I spent a week in the hospital." He said.

"Damn right. Now, you excited about Beacon?" She asked.

"Of course. Beacon's been our goal since we were kids." Ichigo replied. The blonde brawler and the Quincy archer were among the first accepted into Beacon. Of course, a lot of Ichigo's enemies, like that Cardin guy he met when he travelled to Sanctum for an exhibition, thought he merely got into Beacon because his mother was the headmaster's assistant, but they quickly shut up when he showed them how he could put an arrow between a Beowolf's eyes from 5 miles away.

"Have you already picked out who your teammate is?" Yang asked, causing Ichigo to smirk.

"You know me. As long as they're not assholes, I don't care."

White Castle

Weiss Schnee walked the halls of her family's ancestral home, bored out of her mind. She had been accepted into Beacon, but that was no surprise to her. Considering how her teacher had literally beaten everything she needed to know into her, her skills meant she would no doubt be out in the advance class. When she had first said she wanted to be a huntress, her bastard of a grandfather tried to cut her off, but her father gave her his full support. Not surprising, considering how he had gone to Beacon mainly to say 'fuck you' to his father, and he saw that she truly wanted to be a huntress. She only wished HE was here, coming with her to the school of their dreams, walking by her side. It had been two years since she last saw him, and she prayed he was alright. "Ms Schnee?" Her butler, Walter, said. "You have a guest."

"If it's another reporter, tell them to piss off." She said.

"Actually, Ms Schnee, I believe this guest is one you don want to turn away." Walter said, and Weiss could practically hear the smile in his voice.

"Alright." She said, and followed her butler down to the main entrance of the castle, seeing someone behind a door. "I swear, if this is another 'marriage candidate', I'm stabbing that bastard through his-" she started, when she opened the door, seeing a face she had wanted to see for a while. "E-Ed?" She stuttered out, for standing there was her long absent boyfriend, Edward Gawain, a sword strapped to the back of a green hoodie with a black vest over it.

"What's this I hear about marriage candidates?" He asked, and she embraced him.

"I'm so happy to see you!" She sobbed out, unable to stop the tears of joy from pouring out as she kissed all over his face.

"I'm glad to see you too Weiss, but maybe we can do this when we DON'T have an audience." Ed said, and she looked behind them to see two dark haired teenagers, one wearing a blue leisure suit with a massive cross on his back, the other dressed in a black leather jacket over a Freelancer t-shirt, a quiver of arrows on his back.

"Don't mind us. Go on." The one with the arrows said, and Weiss blushed.

"Um, Ed, who are these guys?" She asked.

"The idiot with the cross is Damian Cross, and the jerk with the arrows is Allen Poe." Ed replied. "They're good friends of mine, saved my life more times than I can count."

"Yo." Damian said.

"Sup." Al said.

"So what are they doing here?" Weiss asked.

"They're coming to Beacon with us." Ed replied. Her mind took a moment to process what he said.

"Us? You mean-?"

"Yep. We've all been accepted into Beacon." Ed said. Weiss was happy beyond belief. The man she loved would now be attending the same school as her, but at the same time she was worried. What if the White Fang went after Ed because of his involvement with her?

"Don't worry about the White Fang, Weiss. I can more than handle myself now, as they've leaned more than a few times." Ed said, kissing her head. "Now, I believe we have some catching up to do."

Three months later.

Ichigo sat crossed legged in front of a mat containing his Quincy gear. 'Alright, let's go through the checklist.' Juha said.

"Alright." Ichigo said.

'30 Ginto.'


'20 Seele Schneider.'


'Ginrei Kojaku.'


'Well, that seems to be just about everything. I sense your mother is nearing here, and she seems stressed.' Juha said.

"Trust me Juha, I sensed her coming a mile away." Ichigo said. Soon enough, the car of Glynda Goodwitch pulled into the driveway. Soon, she slammed the door behind her and flopped face first on the couch. "Rough day at work?"

"Turn on the news." She muttered, and Ichigo did just that.

"A robbery at From Dust Til Dawn, one of Vales premier Dust Shops, by the infamous criminal Roman Torchwick and an unknown associate was thwarted by a young girl." The reporter said, and Ichigo sweat dropped as he saw Ruby fighting Torchwick.

"She didn't." He said.

"She did." Glynda mumbled.

"How much trouble is she in?" The young Quincy asked his mother.

"None actually. Ozpin talked to her and now she's going to Beacon." Glynda answered. Ichigo couldn't help but chuckle at that. "What?"

"Nothing. It's just that on my last day at Signal, I told Ruby that if she kept up the hard work maybe she'd be at Signal this year." He said.

"Well, starting tomorrow, she will be." She said.

"Something tells me that you're not upset about her being admitted into Beacon two years early." Ichigo said, and Glynda sat up.

"On the contrary, I couldn't be prouder. It's just…Summer was my best friend, and when she died I promised her I would look after Ruby. When I saw her fighting Roman, I was scared she was going to die." She said.

"Well, don't worry. I'll make sure she's alright while we're at Beacon. If Roman or his partner come after her for revenge-" he said, activating a Seele Schneider. "-I'll show them what I'm made of." Glynda smiled at her son.

"I know you will. Now get to bed. The airship leaves first thing tomorrow morning." She said, and he saluted her, a smirk on his face.

"Yes ma'am."

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