I'm really not sure how far I'm going to get into this. I find it really interesting and this could be either a hit or miss, but I'll have to see how popular it is. If you want me to continue, make your opinion heard in the review section. Of course I'm always looking for constructive criticism so lay it on me! Anyway… I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS OR FAKE CITIES IN THIS STORY. ALL THE CHARACTER'S AND CITIES BELONG TO ROCKSTAR!

The beautiful city of Los Santos! The city of dreams, fake celebrities, corrupt politicians and pollution. Luckily for us, none of this really matters! Well at least not for this story. We're here to talk about three men who will have to survive a very difficult challenge.

Through the will and determination of these three men, Franklin, Trevor and Michael plus a team of highly trained criminals, they managed to pull of the biggest heist in the history of the United States of America: The Union Depository. The job ended up with a total payout of about $201,600,000s worth in gold bars.

This is where it goes bad. Just when we they all thought it was over and they could finally retire and give up a life of crime and continue living a somewhat peaceful life, Franklin was given a task to kill either Michael or Trevor by Devin Weston and Steve Haines of the FIB respectively. If Franklin did that then the remaining two of his team would be left alone for the rest of their lives with the money they stole from the Union Depository. Of course there was a third Option: Try and play hero and have anyone their involved with massacred by the LSPD and the FIB as well as Merryweather private militia which Devin was a major Stock holder with.

You would think that this would be a no brainer for Frank. He's killed people before so what the big deal? Well it turns out that He couldn't kill Michael or Trevor after all they've gone through. So the three met up with Lester Crest, the brains behind the Union Depository, and came up with a plan to kill everyone that was after them. After all was decided on, Wei Cheng, Stretch, Steve Haines, and Devin Weston had to die in order for any of them to be able to rest.

After a very long fire fight, the listed men were all killed and after all three of our heroes(?) pushed Devin Weston off a cliff in his car and killed him, they went into hiding just in case someone else wanted to be brave and try to take them out. Trevor went into Sandy Shores, Michael went to Europe for about 5 months, while Franklin flew down to Vice City where he met a very influential man who had somehow found out about his tale and took him under his wing for a bit. Six months into their hiding, Dave Norton of the FIB called Michael to assure him that all is safe for the three to come out of hiding, he has covered for them one last time. With the assurance of safety from law enforcement, the three returned to Los Santos after seven months of hiding and decided it was time to meet up. So what better place to meet up at than your local "gentlemen's" club?

Franklin walked into the club dressed in his usual attire. It had been seven months since they completed their last job and to his own surprised, he was pretty excited to see his old team. "Hm… I wonder if T still owns this place." He thought to himself aloud. As he turned the final corner to the main floor, his question was answered in the only way that would make sense considering the company he was going to be keeping again. In the middle of the floor was a black man held in a finely executed headlock by none other than Trevor Philips. The man was easily four inches taller and built like a truck, yet he couldn't seem to do anything against Trevor. Franklin lightly sighed before speaking. "Typical…"

"I thought I said," Trevor threw the man on the floor and stood above him. "No!" Trevor delivered a devastating blow to the man's face and cocked his fist back again. "Touching!" Punch number two. "The girls!" Punch number three which knocked the man out cold. His body went completely numb and Franklin noticed but it didn't look like Trevor did as his fist was already cocked and ready for another round. Just as Trevor was bringing down his fist, a hand belonging to a very familiar face grabbed Trevor's hand and pulled him off the unconscious man.

"Alright T!" Michael said holding onto his best friend back from killing the guest. "I know this is your place and all, but you really don't have to kill every guest that doesn't follow rules!" He was obviously having a hard time holding Trevor back but he calmed down enough so Michael could release him without having to worry.

"…Fine!" Trevor said. He looked around the club while panting before putting a smile back on his face. "Now," He said dusting himself off. "Please continue, ladies." The dancers all responded with winks and smiles before walking back over to their area. One of them even went up to Trevor and kissed him on the cheek. Franklin figured that was the one who was getting harassed.

Finally deciding to walk through the gathered crowd to his companions, Franklin spoke when he was close enough to be heard. "Man, I ain't even surprised to see this shit when I see you dudes again." He said while shaking his head. "But," He flashed a quick smirk. "Can't say I ain't miss you guys." Michael and Trevor looked up and saw their third and final member.

"Frank!" They said at the same time. Trevor was the first to greet their youngest member with a big hug. "I missed ya buddy!"

Franklin laughed. "Missed you too, T." He patted his back before Trevor released him.

"Franklin," Michael walked up and gave him dap. "Nice to see you, man. You look good."

"Yeah, you too dude." Franklin responded.

"Woah woah woah! Wait a minute!" Trevor yelled out. "You didn't say that to me when you saw me."

"Oh… Right… "Michael began. "You, uh… Look good, T." He said with a chuckle while nudging Franklin a little.

Trevor smirked. "Why thank you, Dear Michael." He said sarcastically. "So do you, pal." He said patting Michael's stomach before walking past. "So do you." Franklin broke down in laughter and followed Trevor towards the bar.

"Damn, Mike! Can't say he ain't get you there."

"Yeah, whatever." Michael said rubbing his stomach while following close behind the other two.

"Don't worry bro." Franklin said patting his shoulder. "First rounds on me."