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For such a large castle, it was surprisingly easy for Mary to find those she pursued as of late. She had hardly been searching for 10 minutes when she heard heavy, somewhat rushed footsteps coming up behind her.

"Mary," called out an instantly recognizable voice, stopping the future Queen in her tracks.

She turned slowly to see that Tomas was still coming towards her, though the sound of his steps seemed to be less rushed. Mary could only guess that he had been roaming about the castle looking for her. Ever since this whole issue had begun Tomas had been allowing Mary little time on her own. There were some instances which had caused Mary to half expect him to show up behind her, or at her door with shackles to keep her on a tight leash.

"Tomas," Mary greeted, giving a small dip of her body in a polite bow. As much as Mary had come to resent that man she had agreed to marry, she knew that she would have to appeal to his pride in order to convince him to allow Bash time to heal. She couldn't afford to give him any reason to deny her wish, and neither could Bash.

"Where have you been? I've searched the whole castle for you," Tomas demanded. Mary had to resist the urge to roll her eyes and inform him that was not his pet, and therefore did not have to be by his side at every moment. She was fully free to roam about the castle as she pleased. Instead she decided to just give him the truth, or rather, a partial truth.

"I've been searching for you, My Lord," she told him, now moving forward herself in order to come closer to the man. She could not blame him for the expression of disbelief that clearly appeared on his face. As of late Mary had found herself attempting to avoid the man, not find him, but of course this was a special circumstance, and this was necessary.

"I've been given word that you are to fight Bash in the morning," Mary offered when Tomas said nothing to her previous comment. She determined that he was waiting for her to explain herself anyways. She was certain that Tomas was not a man who often had to ask for what he wanted, he was probably just given it without so much as having to open his mouth. Her newest statement however did garner a reaction from him, his face changing into a look of anger.

"He has challenged me. I would be a fool and a coward not to accept." Tomas informed her, straightening a little.

"I was not accusing you of challenging an injured man," Mary said, detecting a hint of defensiveness in Tomas' tone when he responded to her statement. "However, I have come to as you a favour. Sebastian is still not well, I wonder if perhaps you might delay this duel, only until he is more abled." Mary asked, keeping her eyes down as she spoke.

"The French Bastard as already agreed to the terms," Tomas stated, venom in his tone. Mary should have known that he would not take kindly to her asking a favour on Bash's behalf. Mary had to act quickly if she was going to manage to save this whole conversation, and ultimately, Bash's life.

"That is true, My Lord. However, I simply did not want my future husband to be accused of taking advantage of an injured opponent. Would it not be more honourable if you allowed him to heal? You would not have bested him if he was not at his best during the duel. Am I not correct in these assumptions?" Mary knew she had the Portuguese prince the moment she finished. She could see his hands clenching, and his face became tense while his whole body looked ridged. He was trapped and he knew it.

"The Bastard has three days. And after, we depart for Portugal," Tomas stated, then without a chance for Mary to argue he was marching off in the direction she had previously been walking.

Mary couldn't help but stand there stunned. She was glad she had managed to extend Bash's time to heal, however, she was by no means prepared to leave France with Tomas. She had hoped she would have a bit longer. All Mary could do now was hope that three days would be enough time to allow Bash to heal enough to survive.

Once the initial shock had worn off, Mary huffed and lifted her skirts, turning towards the opposite direction Tomas had gone. He felt like all she had been doing was searching for people and walking to Bash's rooms. At least with Bash in his current condition, she didn't really have to do very much searching. Somehow Mary had managed to come to Bash's rooms like she was in some sort of daze. She didn't really remember the walk, as she had been too busy running through the events of the last few minutes in her mind.

She raised her hand to knock as she came to the large wooden doors, though stopped as the door opened, exposing blonde curly hair. "Francis," Mary said in slight surprise, seeing as he had been about to run into her, and she had been about to rap her fist in the spot where his chest now resided.

"Mary?" Francis questioned, apparently in the same state of confusion as Mary herself.

Mary however was first to break herself of this confusion. "I'm glad to find you here. We three need to speak," Mary said motioning towards the room which stood behind Francis. He turned his head back, apparently asking Bash for permission, to which Mary can only assume was granted as seconds later Francis moved to the side, allowing Mary to enter.

"I've spoken with Tomas," she said immediately. There was no point in wasting time with pleasantries. She chose to stand in the middle of the room, rather than sitting in the chaise that stood to the side. She could better see Bash where he lay in his bed, and Francis where he had now moved to stand by his brother's side from her standing position.

"And…?" Francis asked, anxiously awaiting for the news. Bash merely laid there, his torso propped up by a pillow, his eyes focused on Mary's, though there was nothing in his face. It seemed to her as though he didn't really care if he fought tomorrow or in 5 years.

"He has agreed to give Bash three extra days. Then he has decided we will depart for Portugal," Mary was unsure as to her reasoning behind mentioning the fact that she would be leaving later that day, but it was out there in the open now. She wondered if somewhere in the back of her mind, in the bottom of her heart, these two brothers would be able to find a way to keep her there in France. "It was the best I could do," Mary offered, afraid that the silence between the two men before her was an indication of their disappointment.

"Well, that's three extra days we keep you here, safe from him," Bash offered, causing Francis to turn in his direction with a disapproving look.

"It's something. It gives him time to heal, and to get a little training in. It will have to do. Thank you Mary," Francis offered, his gaze still on his older brother.

"I'm sorry I couldn't give you more time," Mary stated as she looked at both boys before picking up her skirts and turning towards the door.

"You've given me more than enough," bash said as Mary was about to close the door behind her. She stood there frozen a moment, her heart trying to rip from her chest and settle in his own. Taking a deep breath Mary continued on her way out the door, without a word.