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Chapter 9 - Doesn't Need Saying

Clara woke up to the persistent beeping of an alarm clock. Back to real life, she thought to herself. She opened her eyes to the sight of pink walls. Okay, so not quite real life, then. Beside her Rose stirred, she muttered something, although whether it was a 'good morning' or an apology, Clara couldn't discern. She reached across Clara to hit the snooze button, and as she did her breasts pressed against Clara's back. They were both completely naked and had cast the duvet off at some point in the night. With the sound now vanquished Rose wrapped her arms around Clara. Clara rolled over so they were facing each other, their lips only a few centimetres apart. "Good morning," Clara said, glancing between Rose's eyes and lips.

"Wish it wasn't." Clara raised an eyebrow. "Morning. I wish we had more time," Rose frowned, but Clara quickly covered it with a kiss. They drew each other closer. Roaming hands; bodies entwined. The alarm called them back to reality and all of the responsibilities that came with it. "Better get up. It's not much of a job, but I still need to keep it."

Rose hopped into the shower. Clara decided she'd wash up when she got back to the TARDIS. There wouldn't be time for them to go one after the other (and there really wasn't time for them to go together). Instead, Clara put on her cotton dress from the first day and tossed the multiple pieces of clothing she had borrowed from Rose into the hamper. She was halfway through making the bed when Rose returned. "You don't have to do that."

"I'm nearly done," Clara was smoothing out the sheets and tucking in the far side.

Rose fixed the side closest to her and stared at their work. She never made her bed. She sort of liked the idea, but never really felt the need. She didn't like the look of it now. It looked like an ending. "I was thinking, if you haven't found that part by midday you could stop by the shop and we could grab lunch."

Clara bit her lip, "Actually I was just talking to my friend and apparently he found it. He's just finishing the repairs now." Rose's eyes fell. It made Clara feel dreadful.

"So you'll be leaving then. Today?" Clara nodded and even though Rose wasn't looking, she seemed to understand. "Will I ever see you again?" Rose looked up hesitantly from the bed.

"I don't know. I'm sorry," and she was. In a different time and a different life, things between them would have gone... well differently. Rose was amazing. It pained Clara that this was the only time they would get together.

Rose was lost in thought. She knew from the start that this was how it would end, but until this moment she hadn't quite believed it, "When you said before that I should be with the one who comes back... I thought maybe you were... talking about you."

Clara shook her head slightly, but she held Rose's gaze, "There is someone out there for you. Someone mad, and wonderful, who actually deserves you," a smile had crept onto her face, "someone completely... fantastic."

Clara took the bus with Rose to Henrik's Department Store. They didn't talk much during the trip, but held hands and let their knees rest against each other. They exchanged a long, lingering embrace outside of the shop. Few words were spoken. Clara watched from the outside as Rose disappeared into the store.

Clara almost wished the bus ride to the south bank was longer. She had to figure out what to say to the Doctor, a task complicated by the fact that her mind was still full of Rose. It was hard for Clara to believe she had been on the TARDIS three days ago. The TARDIS seemed like a distant memory as she walked up to it; somewhere between a sight for sore eyes and a bad omen. She hesitated a moment as she reached for the doors. Waiting won't make this any easier.

She walked into the TARDIS and found the Doctor exactly where she expected to, at the console, trying to look busy. He had his back to the door and didn't look up as she walked in. Clara walked a few paces towards him before she started speaking, "We're a lot alike you know. Both screaming geniuses who can be a little thick sometimes. It took me awhile, but I did figure it out. I should have known the moment she could see the Trevokes. But I just figured you'd got that wrong. And then your reaction... I guess I should have known then, but it was the temporal flux converter that sealed it. Some place safe. All of London and it chose her flat."

"The TARDIS always liked Rose."

"I'm sorry." He tried to dismiss this, but he still wasn't looking at her. "You could have given me some warning, though."

"What'd you want me to say, 'Don't shag Rose Tyler'? I didn't really think... I mean, she's barely 19."

"Oh no, you do not get to make me feel like a cradle robber. You're 1200 years older than her."

"I wasn't then. I was only 900 at the time."

Clara rolled her eyes theatrically and for a moment, the Doctor smirked. Clara's expression turned serious, "What happened to her?"

His whole face fell, "She got lost," he turned back to the controls, pushing buttons and turning dials, trying to make himself look busy, although Clara knew enough to know he wasn't actually doing anything.

Clara looked away, lost to her thoughts. The hardest thing to accept about time travel was how finite everything was. They could go between the start of someone's life and then end of it in a single moment. Outside of time everyone really was just a ghost. "Is she... is she dead?"

"No. She's happy. At least I hope she is. That was the deal. A happily ever after. Just not with me," he'd stopped his unnecessary movements and stood eerily still, "she's long out of reach now."

"You loved her."

"I didn't say that."

"You didn't have too." The Doctor turned around at her comment, wearing an expression of both surprise and nostalgia. "I know you."

A tight lipped smile spread slowly across his face, "I suppose you do."

"And I am sorry. I never would have if I had known." He nodded, almost gravely. "But it still wasn't right for you to be 'listening' in."

"No. No it wasn't at all," he looked tongue tied, as if an apology wasn't enough, but knowing it had to be said.

Clara, as always, came to his rescue: she changed the subject, "It's funny isn't it, that we seem to have the same taste in women."

"Well, it's just one woman so far. It's not exactly a pattern yet."

"River Song is hot."

"Oi, stop it!"

"Don't worry, I know she's your wife. Although if we run into her before you get married is it still infidelity?" Clara asked with an all too innocent grin.

"What... well, I mean... shut up," in utter confusion the Doctor's flailing arms reached up to fix his bow tie.

"Cheer up, Chin Boy. Once you fix your snog box we'll be on our way."

"I did fix her. And she is not a snog box! Besides, you've done quite enough of that lately."

"You would know." The Doctor looked scandalized. His mouth hung open, but he was completely lost for words. "Come along, Doctor. The twelve moons of Pacify await. A once (maybe twice) in a lifetime opportunity. Wouldn't want to miss it." She smiled at him and he smiled back. They forgave each other. It didn't need saying. The Doctor had the coordinates ready all morning. With a flip of a switch they were off.

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